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10 OKT 2019

Neu Liga Neu Festung

2019-2020 Season is coming After the Summer Break, the Editors of Ohne Block are back. This year the new Issues will be publicate every 2 weeks. The Herren Team has started the training a couple of weeks ago meanwhile the Damen started in the end of August. New season new «problem» regarding where to have the training. The Landesliga category needs a different gym size and the old festung

Winkelwiese is not suitable for this needs. So, the Staff of SSC rearrange to manage the situation and, in the end, for the next season, the training will be in the Festung meanwhile the Heimspiel will be in Albertstrasse, next to the University of Sport of Tübingen, IFS. For the Damen, by the logistic, nothing change. The Heimspiel will be in the Festung as the training. As the logistic part is fixed, also the

organic of both teams had to fix the players and trainers. Both Herren and Damen confirmed the Coaches. Coach Schneider signed the contract for another year, ready to taste and paste the new category after the good result of the previous one. But the team had some lost. Dennis, important player for the receive and attack, left the team, moving to Stuttgart for personal reason. Julian,


mittleblocker, as Dennis, moved to Karlshrue. The Team and the Staff thanks both players, Friends!, for their fantastic support and their effort to participate to the previous seasons and to share their experiences and effort. Coach Hubert, for the Damen, is determined and ready to meet the new season with new prospective. A new adventure is starting and new experiences will be shared.

Winkelwiese is still the Festung A new Halle for the Heimspiel of Herren A new season in a new category is approaching. The Landesliga will be a new challenge for the Team. What do you expect from this new adventure and what is your plan about it? “This is the first time any volleyball team from the SSC is playing in the Landesliga, so we'll definitely learn a lot. The first new aspect is the digital scoring sheet, which we have to compile in parallel to the old paper version. The second (and more important) aspect is the level of play in the new league.” The President Knut Niemann replied. “In the last season we already had a few opportunities to play against teams from the Landes- and Oberliga (Pokal against Esslingen (LL) and Neckar-Teck (OL)) and test matches against Eningen and TSG Tübingen (both OL). Except for NeckarTeck, in all of those games we were good competitors and even won against Esslingen in the cup. The difference to the last season is that now all teams will play on this high level, so there are no "easy" games anymore.” The Landesliga rules expect to have a bigger Halle.The city of Tübingen has many

place to have training. Where are you going to have training and the Heimspiel this year?. “For practice we'll stay at the beloved Winkelwiese and Uhland-Halle. We'll play one of the home games at the GSS and the other ones at the IFS (Albertstraße)” The President, with the Staff, is checking and managing the Halle situation, not easy to find in Tübingen due of its high request of sport gym from many different sports. “Sascha spent a lot time looking

for a nice gym to play in and I think the IFS is a great choice. It's closer to the city center, there is more room and a good music system, so I hope we can transfer the great atmosphere from the Winkelwiese to the IFS.” The new Halle could give to the SSC a good opportunity to find new talents for its teams and to give the opportunity to many students to join it, where they can improve their skill or to learn new one, challenging theirself.

For the Spikers


When the spikes don’t go where you want, the best attack are the block and service.

Herren Team renewal Aufwiedersehen Dennis und Julian As known, SSC is full of students from University of Tübingen, but also many employee. “We played well last season because our starting six or eight consisted of players that played together for a long time. Now Dennis and Julian moved due to a new job.” Their effort in the last years was fundamental. Many match were saved by Julian’s skill as blocker. His growing was «evident» time by time. Important his performance in the

Verbandspokal against SV Esslingen, heimspiel in Winkelwiese. His performance let the SSC to conquest the victory and let them pass to the next turn. Notable Dennis for his effort, his skills, his availability given to the team, giving always his experience in the court and outside of it. Important his performance in receive, always gave the confidence to the other teammeate. “Riccardo is going abroad to Brazil for half the season so

half of the original starting squad is gone, which leaves holes, not just on the court but also outside.Dennis prevented the demotion to A-Klasse a few years ago by driving his brothers to our youth games.Julians efforts made sure that our female team didnt have to worry about a youth team for the last years.Riccardo was the main coach for our youth team, that reached the seventh place in the regional championship.But these holes are also room for other

and new players to establish themselves.Since our entire team is as large as it has ever been, I'm confident that we can fill them. This will also be the first job of the season: putting together the new team and developing the stability that lead us through the last season.” Niemann concludes, leaving the feeling that the next season will be an interesting championship.

Julian Finkbeiner

Dennis Gebhart


First match in Sindelfingen Still need training Saturday 5 th Oktober, Sindelfingen First match of the season, first match of the day. The SSC, not full yet, joined the field with Jonas Zuspieler – Alex Diagonal, Consti – Gabbo Ausser, Knut – Gabi Mittleblocker, Daniel as Libero, Mo as Coach and ready outside of the field Gabriel as second Zuspieler and David as Ausser/Diagonal. The first match started with a good chemistry in SSC side. Good receives and good pass gave the opportunity to win the first set with a good feeling for the match, 19-25. Other way round for the second set, where Sindelfingen, playing a good scheme, set up the block/defense, could make it game and win the set, 25-18. Niemann and Co. did not lose the faith and tried to give the best in the third part, alternating good receive but not enough in the block, where Sindelfingen could stop the good sequence of the opponents and conquered the points. In this constant negative way, the SSC lost the third set for few points, 28-26. Sindelfingen, galvanized of this positive result, gave more effort while SSC seemed bit tired making mistakes where the other team take advantage and conquest the fourth set and win the match 3-1, 25-23. An interesting match with an some flash of good moment alternate with a some others Schwarzer Moment.


Damen: Work in progress Coach Hubert believes in a new prospective We asked some questions to Coach Hubert about his team and the new season. - How is your approach to this new season? “My expectations for next season are primarily a good teamwork and the willingness to get the most out of all the games and training sessions ahead. Our preparation has started in July and we have already participated successfully in a

tournament in Laupheim. The next preparation tournament will be taking place next week and afterwards we will certainly be well-set-up for our first games of the season.” - Are there any differences to last year? – “Yes, there are differences. The training sessions are going to be more goal-oriented this season and changes are going to be made as far as our tactical and technical

performance is concerned. Furthermore and besides the actual preparation on the court, the team has at the same time been getting in shape with a variety of strength and conditioning workouts.” - Some teams from the previous season are still in the same round and they have probably acquired new players. Do you have any new entries or people leaving? “We do have two new members in our

team - an additional middle-blocker and an opposite hitter both with promising potential. I am pretty sure that, within the next few weeks, they are both going to easily integrate themselves into the team. Unfortunately, we have also lost a valuable player. In the next season, Fulvia Scarioni is going to be playing for ‘Tübinger Modell 1’ in the Regionalliga.”


First match, Derby! Sunday 6th Tübingen



Die Volleyballsaison 2019/20 startete für die SSC-Damen gleich mit einem Derby gegen das altbekannte Tübinger Modell 2! Leider verschliefen die Damen den Beginn des ersten Satzes und hinkten bereits bei einem Punktestand von 6:12 einem deutlichen Rückstand hinterher. Starke Angriffsschläge des Gegners, Probleme in der Annahme und in der Feldabwehr und zu wenig Druck im eigenen Angriff erschwerten die Situation. Die Damen fanden nicht ins eigene Spiel und konnten nur selten ihre eigentliche Leistung zeigen. So gewann TüMo den ersten Satz mit einem klaren 25:15. Auch der zweite Satz verlief ähnlich wie der erste und wurde leider erneut recht deutlich mit 25:16 verloren. Im dritten Satz zeigten die Damen eine konstantere Leistung über den kompletten Satz hinweg und wurden dafür mit einem 25:23 belohnt. Somit ging Satz Nr. 3 an den SSC und das Derby brauchte einen vierten Satz. Leider verfielen die Damen im vierten Satz

jedoch wieder in ihr altes Muster aus den ersten beiden Sätzen und so musste man schlussendlich auch diesen Satz mit 18:25 an TüMo abgeben. Dadurch verlor der SSC das erste Saisonspiel mit 1:3. Das nächste Spiel lässt jedoch nicht lange auf sich warten und wird auch wieder ein altbekanntes Derby: Am Sa, 19.10. richten die SSC Damen ihr erstes Heimspiel in der Winkelwiese ab 16 Uhr aus! Gespielt wird gegen unseren Nachbarn, den SV Pfrondorf, sowie den altbekannten VC Mönsheim!

The Jugend are the future of sport Die erste Trainingseinheit der Jugendmannschaft des SSC Tübingen verlief überaus erfreulich. Wir konnten seit letzter Saison einige Neuzugänge in unseren Reihen willkommen heißen und auch die Erfahreneren unter den Young Stars waren heiß darauf erneut ihr bestes zu geben. Das Ziel ist dieses Jahr klar. Man will genauso erfolgreich durch die Turnierlandschaft ziehen wie bisher. An der ein oder anderen Stelle will man eventuell sogar noch einen draufsetzen. Dass die Jungs das drauf haben sie nicht nur einmal unter Beweis gestellt.

For the player When your teammeate is in an hard moment, help me as you would be helped. You are helping yourself and your team.



Team Manager: Sascha Franz volleyball.ssctuebingen(@) Waldhäuser Straße 148, 72076 Tübingen Montag Winkelwiese 20:00 Donnerstag Uhlandhalle 20:00

Lange Gasse 8 72070 Tübingen 07071/9208148

Pfleghofstr.10 72070 Tübingen 0176 3454212 ebingen/ Edited By Gabriele (Gabbo) Di Napoli Reviewed by Alex Wunder Lisa Wiegand Riccardo (Ricky) Donà Fridel Knut Niemann Constantine (Consti) Hannenberg

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Issue 1920-01  

Issue 1920-01