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Mist is tasty

by Gabriele Daminaityte

Concept description The concept is to reach a wider audience for AIAYU products, hence more fashion conscious consumers. It should be done without compromising fundamental sustainability areas: social, environmental and economic. For this purpose the order in current AIAYU aesthetics is slightly challenged and new material as silk is added to assortiment. Inspiration for the collection comes from unclear, fluid, misty views in momentum of dusk and dawn. The vision is temporary and fragile because its presence is counted in minutes and seconds. As fast as quicksilver it fades into clear daylight or dark night. Capturing it is not easy but if you by any chance get into the core of it be ready to experience its pure beauty and sublimity as you blend into this shivery pehomenon of nature. Contrast between beautiful and sublime is playing the role creating balance in the collection. Loose knits, glossy silk fabrics, classic shapes, clear cuts, toned-down colors and slightly chaotic prints embody the mood of inspiration. The collection is called ‘Mist is tasty’ and consist of 12 pieces which are cardigans, dresses, blouses, trousers, shorts, skirt, waistcoat and pullover. Quality materials creates an additional value for money as well, therefore the products are aimed to compete on quality and not on price.

moodboard of inspiration

moodboard of receiver

Slow food maniac Life between city and


Higher than

average income

Blending into urban

or suburban scenery

Natural beauty Quality & durability

over the price

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Mist is tasty  
Mist is tasty  

SS14 clothing collection for AIAYU by Gabriele Daminaityte