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PROFILE GABRIELA NUĂ‘EZ-MELGAR MOLINARI/ With a background in Architecture, I am a self taught photographer and dancer and a creative and innovative person by conviction and obligation.


Architect License University of Applied Sciences [UPC] _Lima In Process

2013 - 2015]

Master in Architecture (MArch) in Sustainable Environmental Design Architectural Association School of Architecture _London Modules: Building examples and case studies, city microclimates, Comfort (behaviour studies), daylight, natural ventilation, environmental design principles, analysis (tools), materials and construction techniques, passive heating and cooling, theories of sustainability Thesis_Restoring Life: A new Tipology of Homeless Living_ResearchTopic_Homeless, Exposure and Space

2006 - 2013]

Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture University of Applied Sciences [UPC] _Lima Modules: Math 1, Architectural Representation1, Studio project 1, Architectural Representation 2, Physics & Calculus, Introduction to Architecture Theory, Studio project 2, Analysis and Topography, History of Art and Architecture from the Ancient times to Middle age, Structural Modeling 1, Studio project 3 (architecture and identity), Electrical & Plumbing Equipment of Buildings, Construction techniques 1, Construction techniques 2, History of art and architecture from the Middle ages to Renaissance, Structural Modeling 2, Studio project 4, Architectural hand drawing, History of Art and Architecture from Baroque to Art Nouveau, Construction techniques 3, Studio project 5, Peruvian Architecture, Construction techniques 4, Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture, Studio project 6, Urbanism 1, Marketing & professional services, Architectural Heritage & preservation, Environmental control: air conditioning, acoustics & lighting, Photography, Studio project 7, Housing design for the Mass Markets (Prof. Federico Mevius, Expert in Low cost housing design_ONU), Urbanism 2, Studio project 8, Real State Management, Urbanism Seminar, Studio project 9, Studio 10 Diploma Thesis_Urban regeneration: from congestion to void Tutor_Elsa Mazzarri [Architect participant at PREVI pp1_Experimental Housing project]


EXPANSIVE LAB, Lima-London Founder and Director Undergoing project House in Tiabaya_Arequipa


Photographer Photoshoot for Press release, London Client_CAO London based Music Composer & Performer Constanza Bizraelli Tracing a collaboration, London Client_CAO + Neofung Collaborative performances across scenarios in London


Architectural Association 167th Anniversary Party, London Creative Team, Production, Performance “Tales from the Woods”, an inmersive theatrical experience

TEAM_ Gabriela Nuñez-Melgar, Takako Hasegawa, Patricia de Souza Leao Muller, Stefan Jovanovic, Nikki Janovcova, Andreea Vasilcin, Gloria Pei, Laura Lim Sam, Yiota Goutsou, Patrick Morris, Yiehui Chen, Shahaf Blumer, AA First year students.


UASTUDIO, Lima -Peru Collaborator Pannels assemblage and installation: Ephemeral installation for the entrance to the Fair “El Tunel de la Ciencia” International Competition_Ideas for Huamanga Historic Centre, Lima -Peru Freelance Architect Ayacucho City Council, AECID, Ministery of Housing

TEAM_Gabriela Nuñez-Melgar, Lucas Aguilar, Claudia Ayros, Boris Barriga, Daniela Chang, Octavio Montestruque, Rodrigo Zamudio


SERPAR, Lima -Peru Collaborator 3D modelling & Images: Project Cahuide Park

2010 - 2012]

Freelance Architect RIVAS House Project_3 Bed House project Unbuild_Concept and First design stages

Team_Gabriela Nuñez-Melgar, Rodrigo Zamudio Reyes

International Competition_AIDS Memorial Park New York Team_Gabriela Nuñez-Melgar, Rodrigo Zamudio Reyes

EL HARAS Project_build _Gym _Refurbishment of Communal Space _Refurbishment of a Warehouse ISLAS ALEUTIANAS Project_ 3 Bathrooms Refurbishment Build_Concept, Design development, Detailing TORRES DE SAN BORJA Project_ 1 Bed Flat Refurbishment Build_Concept, Design development, Detailing MIDAS S.A. Headquarters Project_build _Refurbishment of Warehouse Space _Conversion of Warehouse space to Office Space

AWARDS/ 2012]

ALACERO 2012_Latinamerican Steel Association National Competition Theme_ An Educational Unit for Community Use TEAM_Gabriela Nuñez-Melgar, Daniela Chang, Rodrigo Zamudio

First Prize


5 Espacios Publicos en el Eje Jr. Ancash International Competition Lima City Council, AECID, Ministery of Housing, MINEDU TEAM_Gabriela Nuñez-Melgar, Daniela Chang, Rodrigo Zamudio, Beto Ishiyama, Jose Garcia Calderon, Karina Puente

First Prize

ORGANIZATIONS/ 2012 - 2013]

NGO_ Grupo SENTIR Member Sentir is a nonprofit organization that intervenes public spaces in order to reactivate and strengthen them; in the development of these we find a way to achieve growth, integration and empowerment of a community, culture and the city. We believe in participatory design as means to envolve communities actively in their own environments.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Overall score_8.0


AutoCAD Revit Architecture Sketchup Rhinoceros Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign

Advanced Advanced Intermediate Intermediate Advanced Advanced Advanced


Adobe Premiere



Ecotect Analysis Ecotect + Daysim Ecotect + Radiance Ecotect + Winair EDSL TAS

Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced

Microsoft Office


Spanish English German

Native Proficiency Full Professional Proficiency Basic Proficiency



Cv gnmm