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Gabriel Andromeda Portfolio - 2018 andromedasauruss@gmailcom

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Portfolio - 2018

Born and raised in Jakarta, Pursued his passion as a Graphic Designer in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore and still learning to be a better designer than he was yesterday to achieve his goal “to be the very best like no one ever wasâ€? (sorry for the pop-culture reference). He believes that the best teacher is lessons you get from trial and error. We all learn from it throughout our lifetime, and learning is not strictly limited to institutional academy. Inuenced by popular culture and his loves for movie and music, he was able to turns it into his artworks combined with broad range of design based skills such as illustration, branding, graphic, and typography.



Education Background Primary

High School



Junior High





Working Experience



SD Tarakanita 5 Rawamangun

SMA PL Van Lith Muntilan

SMP Tarakanita 4 Rawamangun

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Graphic Design major)


Reebonz Singapore (Intern) Graphic Designer/DI

First Language

Responsible in designing Reebonz digital


& social media post.

campaign, such as web banner, email blast


2015-Jan 2018


In house designer for Masterindo Multiguna

Professional Skills

design related project such as Client Print Ad, Brand Identity, & Merchandise/Gimmick.

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography UI/Basic Web, Typography, Creative Thinking, Layout, Publication/Editorial, Illustration,

Masterindo Multiguna Marketing Communication/Designer

- Present Day

Freelance Graphic Designer Such as Illustration, Identity Design, Logo, Website, Print Ad, T-Shirt Design, etc.

Design Skills Illustrator








Contact Gabriel Andromeda Jl. Gunung Kelud Blok A727, Komplek Masnaga Bintara Jaya Bekasi Barat, 17136 @androsauruss +62812 1032 5993


Portfolio - 2018


BRANDING Reuni 30th SMP St. Fransiskus Asisi Logo and Identity Design for Reuni 30th SMP. Fransiskus Asisi I did few years back in 2015. The logo design is straight to the point, mixing all the information elements of the event and combined it with a touch of ray of sunshine so they could become a person who bring happiness into the live of other.

Ray of Sunshine as an key element for the identity design

The decision to choose yellow as key colour has a purpose of starting something fresh on SMP St. Fransiskus Asisi 30th reunion. Though they might not be the same age anymore, with yellow they becoming brighter, ďŹ lled with youthful soul, and become a great person for others. Yellow as a Key Colour


30th Reuni SMP St. Fransiskus Asisi Year - 2015


Logo & Identity Design Branding


Portfolio - 2018

Where local meets western



Gettern Food Truck 2014 to 2015 was a great era for F&B business to stand out from their competitors following the western trend of food truck across US and Europe that already started long before it was a thing in Indonesia. Gettern was one of new comer F&B business in Jakarta that serve food right from food truck. The name Gettern itself came from a combination of Warteg (local dish consisting of rice served alongside home cooked side dish with super affordable price) and Western Food. The whole idea of Gettern is to mix that in one place, so customer can get either the Warteg Menu or Western Menu.

The VW Combi in the logo as a trademark for Gettern and vehicle used in business

Colours used in Gettern identity are yellow and black. Yellow has purpose to give an eye-cathy identity suited for client’s target market as well as colour use mostly in F&B business mixed with black. The identity design for Gettern also making use the variety of patterns and other design elements.

Key Colour


Gettern Food Truck Year - 2014


Logo & Social Media Branding


Portfolio - 2018



Lestari Cakrawala Indonesia Lestari Cakrawala Indonesia is a marketing company based in Jakarta with clients ranging from Banks, Insurance Company to App. They help their client in creating marketing program such as Loyalty Benefit, Privillege/Promotional Program, etc. for customers. The idea behind the logo based on company goals to become one of the largest company who can dominate the Indonesian market as well as their future plan to expand their penetration into the worldwide market. To visualised the idea, the logo crafted by combining the appropriate use of hands grasping the globe in between as symbol of domination. The logo crafted by combining the appropriate use of hands grasping the globe in between

Main Logo

The key colours used ranging from shades of green and shades of blue. Shades of green associated with life, renewal as well as reflecting one of company’s main business involving financial services and banking. Besides, the alternative use of shades of blue associated with harmony, trust, and loyalty.

Key Colour

Alternative Logo Client

Lestari Cakrawala Indonesia Year - 2017


Logo & Stationery Branding


Portfolio - 2018



Dapur Coet Sundanese Restaurant Dapur Coet is a traditional Sundanese restaurant, located in the heart of Cikarang Barat. The renowned Sundanese restaurant decided to go on a new direction as a whole brand so they could attract new customer especially in digital era market beside maintaining current target market. As a family owned restaurant, they always emphasizing on servicing their customer to the fullest and maintaining their family recipe. Mrs. Siti Nur Laila, as the owner of the restaurant doesn’t hesitate to step into the process of preparation such as choosing the best ingredient from the market, and preparation before cooking. With their tagline “Pas di Rasa, Pas di Harga�, meaning they serve their customer an appetizing and distictive menu with affordable price. Basic batik pattern used in identity design to bring their traditional ambience As a Sundanese restaurant that still emphasizes on traditionalism in every aspects of their brand, the uses of brown shades has a purpose to accentuate the essence of earthy and traditionalism in their brand.

Key Colour


Dapur Coet Year - 2016


Brand Identity Branding


Portfolio - 2018


ILUSTRATION Personal Project Every illustration I did has been personal project so far and made it into a series of illustrations for killing time purpose as well as a platform to enchance myself in design skill other than graphics and such. I have been doing this for the longest time I can remember and keep training myself in order to find my own style. Most of my illustration style gain a lot of inspirations from other artists such as Curt Montgomery (Tattoo Artist), Ricardo Cavolo, Alaina Varrone, Ghica Popa, Carla Fuentes, Chris (Simpsons Artist), Polly Nor, Jeremyville, Molg H., and the list still goes on of artists that inspired my illustration style. My style is based on line drawn illustrations with brush or pencil tool in Ai and combinations of vibrant and colourfull tone rather than vector graphic. It gives more space for personal touch like raw hand-drawn illustration and honest ambience. It might not be a perfect drawn lines like if you do it with pen tool but that’s the beauty of it. Flawed but has its own personal touch and beauty. I love to interject an element of unexpected things in my illustration with everyday life experience and something fun, so perhaps people can absorb and enjoy my artwork or maybe able to relate it with their life. I take advantage of what’s popular in present pop culture and try to illustrate it whether it’s public figures, events, or bands (I love to draw my favorite bands so much by the way).


Series of Illustration Illustration


Portfolio - 2018




Portfolio - 2018




Portfolio - 2018


PRINT DESIGN Nike Cortez Forrest Gump For all my entire live, Nike has been one of my favorite shoes of all time with wide range variety of shoes they produced like running shoes, football, basketball, etc. Most of their design simply brilliant and a matter of utmost important that it’s comfortable and the design itself is timeless. Take example here for Nike Cortez. It was produced in 1972 and it is still in the market nowadays. I fell in love with this shoes when I ďŹ rst watched Forrest Gump (one of my favorite movie) with my parents and it strucked me that I love this shoes and I want it so bad. Nike has succesfully placed their product in one of all time iconic movie and it became one of Nike iconic product. A simple combination of regular Cortez, with a touch of iconic red and blue, classic indeed. My personal project here is a tribute to Cortez and one of my favorite movie combined.


Nike Cortez Forrest Gump Print Design


Portfolio - 2018


Print Design

KEB Hana Bank & BNI Credit Card Previous company I worked for has various kind of clients ranging from Telecommunication Companys, Apps, and the majority of Bank (Private & Goverment). Seeing the opportunity to expand the businesses, design service became one of the additional service provided by Masterindo Multiguna to answer client’s needs. As we all may know, nowadays Bank always has the needs to gain awareness from their partnership program with merchants for their credit card promotion. I helped them in designing some of their marketing tools such as posters, cashier sign, placemat, banner, etc.


KEB Hana Bank & BNI Credit Card Year - 2015/2018


POP / Collateral & Billing Statement Print Design


Portfolio - 2018


RADIO KARANG TARUNA Personal Project Besides designing and making art, in my spare time I was involved in independent radio. The idea behind it came out when me and a friend of mine Ryan trolling around omegle sometimes in 2015 as we tried to be a so called quiz presenters throwing questions around with the password. After awhile we got bored and Ryan had an interesting idea to chanel what we did in omegle into radio broadcast. We decided to go with Radio Karang Taruna because we think our radio show should be different and spontaneous, give a local name as it was picked from Karang Taruna which came from Youth Organization in administrative village in Indonesia. Radio Karang Taruna tagline is “Temporary Contemporary Radio” because our radio is a non-profit, temporary, and contemporer radio broadcast talks about daily life as an Indonesian millenials with their ups and downs, and threw it with cheap jokes (and often explicit jokes) and of course good quality tunes curated as a mixtape they can find it in our instagram posts after broadcast.


Radio Karang Taruna


Portfolio - 2018


WEB DESIGN Masterindo Multiguna Masterindo Multiguna is a marketing company established in 2012, with services Marketing Program, EDC Acquisition, Direct Selling / Telesales, Loyalty Program, Collateral Design, and Merchandise for renowned client such as T-Cash, BNI, BRI, Mega, Mandiri, Grab Kudo, and many more. Masterindo Multiguna website design interface emphasize on simplicity and tidiness suited for client’s needs to stand out as a company engaging in such services. Single page web give the practical and modern impression but not departed from company’s brand image.


Masterindo Multiguna Year - 2016


Single Page Web Interface Web Design


Thank You

Book. Portfolio 2018_ Gabriel Andromeda  

This is a compilation of personal work 2014 - present. Portfolio + Resume. Gabriel Andromeda - 2018

Book. Portfolio 2018_ Gabriel Andromeda  

This is a compilation of personal work 2014 - present. Portfolio + Resume. Gabriel Andromeda - 2018