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Secure Your Future Many people do not think about disabilities, as it is only natural not to think about the worst. However, accidents do happen and no one can be sure of the future. The chances of having an accident leading to a disability are much greater than most people realize. Studies have shown that a worker, 20 years of age has a chance of about 3 out of 10 to become disabled before he reaches the age of retirement. That’s why it is better to secure your future now, as we all have more than ourselves to take care of (i.e. a family too old or too young to take care of themselves). If something unexpected should happen, it’s better to have a backup plan right now rather than to fret about that later. Social security disability benefits are meant for those people who are unable to work due to an unfortunate incident leading to disability. The U.S. Social Security Administration pays benefits for people who are unable to work due to medical conditions that are likely to persist for at least a year or may result in death. This definition is very strict, so you should make sure that you fit the criteria laid down by the U.S. Social Security Administration. There are two tests that include a “recent work” test, where your age is checked at the time of disability and a “duration” test to check how longed you worked under Social Security. For example, if you got disabled before the age of 28, you need work duration of 1.5 years. If you are wondering whether a family member can get disability benefits than the answer yes, he/she can qualify on the basis of your work. After you have received two years of disability benefits, you will automatically get Medicare coverage. Medicare is a program designed to help with the costs of health for people above the age of 65 years, but is also applicable to younger people with a disability. Also under this program, disability beneficiaries of the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income can receive help and training in order to work again, free of cost. For further information and understanding you can hire a disability attorney. A disability lawyer is an experienced professional who can help you understand the tests better and will tell you if you or any family member is eligible for the Social Security.

Secure Your Future