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Do You Need a Social Security Lawyer? A Social Security lawyer is a professional that is an expert in helping clients that have trouble with their Social Security disability claims. If you have been denied of Social Security benefits even if you have been working for a very long time and cannot work due to an illness or a disability, then you absolutely need a Social Security Lawyer. If you are thinking of filing for disability and you need expert help, you can increase your chances of getting your claim by hiring a Social Security lawyer. Research shows that if you consult a lawyer before you file your Social Security disability claim there is a better chance that your claim will be processed right away. Why is this so? Here are several reasons why a Social Service lawyer can help: Because federal laws are complex for an average citizen and making sure that you know everything about the law can help you make the best choices when filing for a disability. You don’t have to worry about not being able to recover after your disability, illness or accident, Social Service attorneys will guarantee that you get your claim to help you fully recover and be able to work right away. You will get expert advice if you are eligible not for a disability. No need to waste your time waiting for a claim that will never be approved. You will also get expert advice on what type of Social Security claims you are entitled to. Best of all, an expert lawyer on Social Security can help educate you about how Social Security Disability works. Initially you will be screened whether you are qualified for a Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits program (SSDI) that provides benefits for disabled workers, dependents and for surviving spouses or if you qualify for a Supplemental Security Income program (SSI) that provides benefits to individuals who have been disabled whose income and assets fall below a standard or specified level. Knowing these initially can speed up your Social Security Disability claims. Your lawyer can help you secure the appropriate credentials for each program and to get to know the filing procedures for each one to further increase your chances of being approved. Apart from learning the different requirements for each program, you will also be assisted on what constitutes a disability; here are the five steps in determining a person’s disability under the SSA: Substantial gainful activities – when the individual is engaged in substantial gainful activity, there is no disability, regardless of medical condition, age and even work experience. Severe impairment – currently the individual is not engaged in substantial gainful activity, the SSA will determine if he has suffered a severe impairment that limits his physical or mental activity. Listing of impairments of the individual Past relevant work – a medical assessment is performed on the individual if he was able to perform in his past relevant work. Other work that the individual can perform even with his condition. When you have expert help by your side, you will get answers to any questions and help clear up any items in your disability claim.

Do You Need a Social Security Lawyer  

A Social Security lawyer is a professional that is an expert in helping clients that have trouble with their Social Security disability clai...