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Message from the MCP Dear AIESECer, After 6 years, AIESEC in Brazil has decided to have regional conferences once more. It is an unprecedented event, we'll unite more than 1000 people, in 3 different places. That's 20% of our organization getting together to write its future. Congratulations for joining this crew. We hope this is as powerful to you as it's being special to us. And that, no matter what, you always think about the best AIESEC our country Brazil could have. You are the one who makes this real. You are leading the biggest changes in this year. You are the one who'll take care to make experiences not become a number, but a meaningful leadership development for every single person in Brazil, so we activate youth to build the change our country needs. On behalf of a proud MC Dare really excited to this conference, GAME ON! Leonardo Civinelli Tornel da Silveira President - AIESEC in Brazil 2012-2013

Message from the OCP Dear delegate, I'm very glad to launch the Growth Meeting's booklet. Here you can find all the necessary information about the conference. Make sure you read it carefully and, if you have any doubts, e-mail us! We wish all the delegates a lot of learning and reflection about what we are doing until now in 2013. We hope that you, on Monday the 4th, come back to your LC very motivated. The OC Tetris is working hard so you can have an amazing conference. We hope you never forget these days of GM. On behalf of OC Tetris, BĂĄrbara SaiĂŁo Organizing Committee President

About the conference The Growth Meeting is a National Conference of AIESEC in Brazil, divided into 3 regional conferences and aimed to empower leaders and develop ideas to deliver higher impact. It is the first Conference of the year, where delegates will have the opportunity to share and analyze the first experiences of 2013 and build positive strategies and innovative initiatives for the rest of the year. The sessions are mostly separated by tracks, which allows the leaders to have a chance to integrate more and be much more capacitated and motivated to increase the results. For 2013, our motto is GAME ON: All work and all play to get us to the next level!

The Hotel Solar dos Girassóis Hotel Mairiporã - São Paulo, Brazil. Fernão Dias Highway, saída km 57, Municipal Road Corumbá, 460 Terra Preta, Mairiporã . +55 11 4818 8777 / +55 11 4818 8866 (Google Map)

Transportation OC Service The OC will provide transportation to the Hotel from two spots: Rodoviária Tietê and Guarulhos International Airport. Day Available: March 1st. Departure: 07h00 Meeting Points: Bob’s Restaurant – 1st floor (@TIETÊ) Viena Bar – Wing A (Arrivals), Terminal 1 (@ GUARULHOS) Transportation Fee: R$ 35,00 each way The return bus will leave from the conference to Tietê and Guarulhos. What if I loose OC Transportation? 1st Step. These are the ways to get to Tietê Bus Station:

2nd STEP. From Rodoviária Tietê, go to the hotel by choosing between these options. First Option! Route: take a bus of “Viação Atibaia” and stop at “Terra Preta” (hotel district) bus stop, then take a taxi to the hotel. Schedule of the Bus: this bus passes through Tietê every half hour. Bus Fee: R$ 10,00. Taxi from Terra Preta to Hotel: Taxi driver’s cellphone: 11-9548-7031 (Carlinhos). Taxi Fee: R$ 15,00. Second Option! Route: Take the line 375 to Rodovia Fernão Dias or line 042 to Maripora . Then, get down at the Pietro Pierri Avenue (in front of the Ipanema Supermercados), in Terra Preta district. Fee: R$ 6,70 iu R$ 4,10 afterwards, take a taxi to the hotel. Taxi Fee: R$ 15,00. Third Option! Route: Take a Taxi from Tietê to the Hotel Taxi Fare: R$ 150,00 (4 passengers)


TCS – Travel Cost Share The less each one pays in their tickets, the lower is the TCS for everybody. Pay attention to the sales and discounts offered by the airlines companies. Are you going by car? Arrange some rides and go Carpooling. Talk to your university about getting a van for you delegation. Try to arrange a host in São Paulo before or after the conference. You can pay less on plane tickets by staying one or more days before or after the conference.

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*Debit and  credit  cards  accepted  during  the  conference  

Parties! Friday 01/March We know AIESECers have their future pretty much figured out and no problems finding a job, but what if the business world is not for you? Will you run away with the circus? Play guitar on the subway for some change? Maybe have a very different startup? Dress as your dream alternative career and let your costume speak for you!

Saturday 02/March Wanna look back to the good old days? Feel like in your favorite game all over again? We’re going to play the best of our list of nostalgic songs, fit in some others and arrange some really fun surprises for this party. Let the games begin! *LCPs who are not delegates and wish to attend the parties must pay R$25,00 at the entrance each night

Keep in Mind! •  No wireless internet will be provided •  It is expected that all delegates cover their own extra expenses, such as snacks, drinks and OC Shop products. •  Delegates are responsible for their personal belongings and should avoid packing high value objects. •  If you need a participation certificate from the OC, request it until the 28th of February with your complete name and position to It will be sent by e-mail right after the conference.

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Find us! YOUTUBE CHANNEL : All the videos related to the conference will be uploaded here. FACEBOOK : The Facebook Page is where we talk with the entire world. Like, comment and share everything you want about the first conference of the year! @BAZI CONFERENCES GROUP : Here you can talk with your friends about the commute, ask questions to the OC and MC and check our announcements and videos. Have you read it all? Do you still have doubts? Contact us!

Booklet Growth Meeting SP 2013  

Delegates Booklet Growth Meeting SP 2013 - AIESEC in Brazil

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