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Gabriel Vallecillo Mรกrquez_

Portfolio_Video art_ 2007-2010

:::.My work begins to take shape from a concept, a phenomenon, a

word or a poem that is transformed into research material which paves the way for the symbolic, aesthetic, structural and material discourse for the art work to be produced. I am interested in generating aesthetic content whith solid foundations through research and relational art practices, exploring notions of becoming in the conext of lost historic references and the neutralization of sensiblity in our society.

Artist Statement ::.

::..My creative process is dialectical and personal, rhizomatic and

multidisciplinary, always looking for ruptures to discover unexpected critical connections.

::.:.I am a poet and video artist, and this is the source of my work

process which has led me to experiment with materials, resources and spaces. I work with video sculpture, video installation, live cinema and live video poetry. I am interested in exploring and generating dialogues with the phisical materials of my installations and the video contents and compositions in the space and ambience I create through and for my works.

:::.: I beleive that a work of art materializes itself before us only if it has

poetic power and ability to go beyond itself and ourselves.

::..::. Memory 0100100111000100

Video Installation ::.

So, that sad machine which repeats the image of what we no longer are is what we call memory?

:::.Livio RamĂ­rez

.::.: Memory 0010100011001 is a series of video installations and video sculptures which explore the relationship between memory and body, landscape, violence, childhood, temporality and space. Memory must have an object. What happens when the object of memory disapears?

:.:.: Memory 0010100011001 video installation series characterizes itself by a simultaneous bombardment of visual non linear narratives through geometric video “screens� which set out to give the spectator a lot information, but at the same time create the conditions for its oblivion. ::.:..Data overload, the inability to differentiate reality from virtuality, simulacra, human desensitization and loss of historic references and identity of self are common subjects emphasized through these video installation works, which are also created for live cinema installation performances.

::.Memory 01010010101, 2008 Video installation, 5 videos, color, sound, 13´20� Variable dimensions

_Women in the Arts, Center for Contemporary Visual Arts, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

::.Memory 011001001101001, 2009 Video sculpture, 5 videos, color, sound, 11´47” Variable dimensions

_X Cuenca Biennial, Museum of Modern Art, Cuenca, Ecuador

:::.Memory, Refraction and Time, 2010 Video installation, 6 videos, color, sound, water, glass, metal, 8´47�

_3Honduras Biennial, National Gallery of Art, September 2010

_VII Central American Isthmus Visual Arts Biennial Nicaragua 2010

Video Stills:.:.

::.. Screenlicker is an ongoing art project (2006-present) that combines the techniques of live video (VJ or Video Jockey) with poetry. The work is done and executed at events and concerts of electronic music, where the unsuspecting crowd is fed visual text poetry. The aesthetics and composition of the poetry is based on electronic audiovisual pop culture.


:::.. Convinced that printed text has lost its privileged status in our moving image culture, the project Screenlicker seeks out to represent and generate hypertextuality through a “bit poetry” inspired on 8 bit binary code. The bit poetics is created through cut-up techniques, live typing with mixed and manipulated live visuals. :::.. Screenlicker is actually a poetry book written for video, which is mixed, modified, subverted, re-constructed live on the screens.

::.:Rizoma Sessions is an experimental live audiovisual collective

created by Gabriel Vallecillo with the collaboration of artists and musicians.

::.:. Rizoma Sessions are a combination of live video and spoken poetry, analogue and digital sound textures with live video.

::.:In each Rizoma Sessions different artists are invited to experiment, inuence and interrupt and modify the creative work ows (rhizomes) generating an interactive and everchanging performance between the artists, the creative live production and the audience.

Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez Tegucigalpa, Honduras February 6, 1976 ID: 0801-1976-07519

_Education Master in Humanities, major in Philosophy, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM). Honorable Mention for the thesis: “Civil Society in the arts”, Monterrey, México. OAS 2004 and Fullbright 2010 Scholar . _Solo Exhibits Women in the Arts (MUA),Center for Contemporary Visual Arts, Memory 0100110101”, 12´30”, Video installation, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2008


Email: Telephone: +504-33910272 / +504-2235-9961 Web: Vimeo: Flickr:

_Collective Exhibits *Dancing with Tegucigalpa, Artistic Residency with artist and choreographer Nejla Yatkin (USA), Moving the Map, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2011 *VII Central American Isthmus Visual Arts Biennial, “Memory, Refraction and Time”, video installation, water, glass, metal, 6 videos, color, sound, 8´47”. Nicaragua, November 2010. *3Honduras Biennial 2010“Memory, Refraction and Time”, video installation, water, glass, metal, 6 videos, color, sound, 8´47”. Curatorial Comitee: Alma Ruiz (MOCA MUSEUM), Edith Medina (Ex-teresa Arte Actual-Mexico), Gustavo Larach (New Mexico University). Tegucigalpa, October, 2010. * “Resonant Bodies”, 7´40”, The Critic, exhibit witrh artist RIFH (Iván Fiallos), Galería Molino Rojo, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2010 * X Cuenca Biennial, “Memory 0010010110100101”, 11´47”, Video sculpture, General Curator: José Manuel Noceda (Cuba), Cuenca, Ecuador, 2009 * (id) art_fest, “Memory 0100110101”, 12´30”, Video art/poetry, Curated by Alfonso Caputo (Italy), Belforte del Chienti , Italy, 2009

* Women in the Arts (MUA),Center for Contemporary Visual Arts, “Memory 0100110101”, Live Cinema performance, Tegucigalpa, Honduras. 2008 * LA240 Central American International Film and Video Festival, “Antena”, 7´10”, video-poetry San José, Costa Rica, 2008 * LA240 Central American International Film and Video Festival, The pressure cooker shortfilm competition: “Estación Quimera”, shortfilm, 17´10”, San José, Costa Rica, 2008 * Rizoma Sessions “Moskitia Route”, Live Cinema performance, Spanish Cultural Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras 2008 * World Youth Arts Festival Romerías de Mayo, “PreservaVIHvos” in collaboration with artist RIFH (Iván Fiallos), live audiovisual poetry performance, Holguín, Cuba, 2008 * Rizoma Sessions, live cinema + poetry performance, Spanish Cultural Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 2007 * Ars Latina Festival, “En blanco”, 3´26”, video-poetry, Mexico-USA, 2006 * “Screenlicker” (Lamepantallas), live audiovisual bit-poetry performance: Fiesta de la Cultura, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Digital Arts Festival, San Salvador, El Salvador; World Youth Arts Festival Romerías de Mayo, Holguín, Cuba (2006-2007). *“Screenlicker”, VJ + poetry with artists and Djs from Costa Rica, Brasil , United States, El Salvador, Italy, Serbia, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and Honduras, (2006-2011) _Publications * “Transits toward new encounters with con la X Cuenca Biennial: Gabriel Vallecillo Márquez, Gabriel Galeano”, Honduran Artist Catalogue for the X Cuenca Biennial, Bayardo Blandino, Curator and Artistic Director CAVC/MUA, 2009 * “New Media Arts”, Exhibit Catalogue “Memory 010011010”, Gabriel Vallecillo M., Bayardo Blandino, Curator and Artistic Director CAVC/MUA, 2007


Artist Portfolio Gabriel Vallecillo