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Isaac’s Redemption by Gabriel Chi President JFK was in the car and waving to all his citizens as he drove down Elms Street, He felt something hit the car he ignored the noise as the he felt something hit the car again. As he was waving as he felt a sharp pain in his neck, as he looked down and saw that the shirt that was once white had been stained blood red. He felt numb everywhere as he faded to black, A broadcast spread the nation the president been killed. He was apparently shot in the neck and the bullet shot was fatal. As Isaac heard the broadcast on the radio he thought another day of failure. He was the contract killer that failed the two shots at JFK; Lee Harvey Oswald had fired the last bullet that killed the president. 2 months earlier, the mafia knew that Isaac needed money to support his sick mother and was looking for a job, so they offered him a big job killing the president. Isaac knew it was a risk but he needed money for the health insurance for his sick mother. The mafia gave him enough money and he went to the hospital to pay the insurance. But that was two months earlier now the mafia was coming for him, two days ago when he was about to visit his mother in the hospital but he was in shock. One of the mafia tailed Isaac’s mom and brutally killed her in front of Isaac’s eyes, he burst out in rage. Isaac grabbed out a revolver and shot him. As Isaac mourned of the death of his mother he thought he was such a fool he should have never taken up the job. He remembered when he took a shot at the president, but missed the shot and the second one just hit a bodyguard near the president. He wondered who the bodyguard was that he shot, so he went to the police station looked at the files did some research. The bodyguards name was Theodore Thaddeus and had only child Lucas and the wife had been killed in a car accident with her daughter. He felt so horrible killing the last member of a kid’s family, he felt like the mafia that killed his mom guilty. The child Lucas was sent to Arizona Orphanage, said the information. As Isaac drove to the orphanage, Isaac saw Lucas. Lucas was running out of the orphanage crying and accidentally bumped into me. He looked at me as he wiped his tears and I looked at the sheet of paper “Are you? I shuffled through the pieces of paper “Lucas Thaddeus?” “Yes?” the orphan asked. “I’m here to adopt you.” Isaac told Lucas, “I can’t be an orphan my mom is still alive!” Lucas said with a confused look on his face. “I’m so sorry all of your family is dead.” There was a long silence in the street as Isaac broke the silence, he told Lucas that they were moving back to his old house in Arizona and they were going to the old school that Lucas was going to. Everything was fine but one day

when Isaac was coming home from work he found that the door to his house was open and Lucas wasn’t home from school yet. He pulled his revolver and walked into the house he heard clattering and talking in the kitchen, he caught the glimpse of two men in dark suits and fedoras and they were both armed. He thought should I shoot them or call the authorities? While he was thinking he saw Lucas on the ground knocked out cold. He shot one of the men but the other man shot Isaac in the arm, He looked down to his left arm there was some blood on his shirt. There was only one man left, when he turned around Isaac grabbed the man in chokehold “WHO ARE YOU?” Isaac yelled in the man’s ear, “Jack Ruby” said the stranger. Isaac loosened his grip “I was sent here by Lee Harvey Oswald” “Why?” asked Isaac “He thought you knew too much and you were going to tell the authorities, so he sent me here with the other guy to shut you up.” Jack coughed out. “I’ll pay you triple bonus if you kill Lee Harvey Oswald.” said Isaac. In the morning while Lucas and Isaac was eating breakfast, on the newspaper the head lines were “Jack Ruby kills Lee Harvey Oswald!” Isaac couldn’t believe his eyes he had actually killed him! After the day in the middle of work he had a sharp pain in his arm and he could not see ver

well and he felt like he was slowly fading away and after a few minutes he fell to the ground unconscious. He heard the ambulance and nothing more. When he woke up he saw Lucas sleeping in the chair next to him and his arm had almost healed, as he slowly stood up on the bed he realized that they had taken him to a hospital. “Lucas did you find out about.” asked Isaac “The doctor told me about you, that you killed my father.” Mumbled Lucas “That bullet was not meant for your dad it was meant for the president.” replied Isaac. “It’s ok I know it wasn’t meant for him, anyways are you ok?” Asked Luke “I want you to live a normal life so set you with a new family.” “What!” exclaimed Luke “Why we can just live together?” “I’m too dangerous and you can be in danger without me knowing, Bye...” as Isaac said that he lay down his eyes seeing Luke sobbing and he looked up and closed his eyes.

Isaac's Redemption  

Isaac's quest of redemption

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