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Do Violent FantasiesEqual a Violent Reality? How much violence doesone game hold? by Gabriel Chi

One Day Jae Won a Fifth grader at the American School in Japan (ASIJ) borrowed a violent video game from a friend and after he played it he felt an aggressive behavior coming out of him, “I felt like I wanted to punch something.” Jae won isn’t the only one that feels aggressive after playing violent video games. According to CNN, “90 percent of U.S kids 8-16 years old play almost 13 hours a week on violent video games, but boys tend to play more hours of the violent video games.” When kids finish playing violent video game? They can show aggressive behavior or start to hit people for no reason at all. Why do children act that way after playing the violent video game? Parent Brian Chi says, “They first mix up the virtual world and reality.” This is true for some kids. Why do companies even make violent video games? Lucy Chi a seventh grader from ASIJ says, “When companies create a game, they know that the game is a violent game but they know the more the violence in the game the more people will buy it.”Sometimes the gamesare rated T or M and some underage kids still play the T rated or M rated games just becauseit is a violent game. I think that after the kid plays the video game they will start to think they are now the character in the game. They also start to pretend they are in the game. The kids try to escape reality and go to the virtual world.

So why don’t people stop playing violent video games? The players of the game get addicted and cannot stop playing the game. If you are playing a video game here are some tips, you should never act out any violent behaviors shown in the violent video game, never download/buy any video game you know is not suitable for you to play, And always ask an adult what the rating of the game so it is suitable for you. People should stop playing violent video gamesand do something else like football and running outside. To stop addiction people should go out daily and play sports instead of being couch potatoes. To stop video game obsession also stop playing the video game. Maybe one day instead of staying in your room playing violent video games you will have the courage to turn off the game and go outside and play.

I thought it really proved a point to the people that you should stop playing. K.H. the second paragraph didn’t make sense, good opinions J1. You should say JaeWon’s last name. And I think that you should explain what T and M is. I really liked reading your article becausethere was a good mix of quotes and facts. Anika You say a little bit more facts but overall it was good. P-Dizzle I think you should more opinion. I liked how you put your opinion clearly. QArvid

You should not put I in your article but so far so good. N.C Its good but put some more interviews in it H.A

It’s a great idea. Your lead is really good. I think the ending is a bit unsatisfying for the reader. Try adding something else to the ending. Also, there aren’t enough interviews in it. Try interviewing more people. M.B.

A.H you cant put I in the article becauseit is wrighten bty you so you have to see how other people feel bout that topic and how they respond in the posishion but I do agree with you thet vilent videos are bad and can make you want to be a little violent.  :P     QLClear lead and stance but lacking of opinion U have to admit some are pretty fun…but great description. Try convincing us. max

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Article of the violence of videogames

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