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day 1 on our trip to mexico city passed different places visited incredible things that worked for our learning history. visited the museum of the main temple , where we explained how the ancient Aztecs lived inhabitants of Tenochtitlan , later visited the national Palacion to see an exhibition about the culture of the Maya. later that same day we visited the facilities of the UPN for a brief conference Belinda Master Arteaga who explained to us the importance of teaching history and the different historiographical paradigms world. day 2 this day visited the national historical archive for where are built all documents the history of our country , hence we are transported to the SEP to be in a talk with the Master Creator Sidarta curriculum in normal branch of history . then we went to meet chapultepec Castle is a historic emblem of our country. dia3 this day only visited the archaeological site of Teotihuacan where lived thousands of years ago a number of tribes called Teotihuacan , climb the pyramid of the sun and conocimo on the lives of our ancestors to walk on the road of the dead.

Trip to mexico city