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My first practice In the coming days Monday and Tuesday 28 and 29 October I go to a classroom and this time will be different, when I get to school things will change now I will be the one to have that arrive early, whoever gets happy and motivated to give it to my students and encourage them to do things and the more important, be the one who gets this huge satisfaction to be the teacher. I really feel very nervous and excited at the same time for the first practice, I have said and seen that my students are way too naughty and I'm nervous because be a teacher is not easy task as it has a great responsibility for guiding students, not only for learning but for life. Be a teacher was not always my dream but by a twist of fate I am here and every day since my observations of schools I realized that's what I want it is an excellent and very noble profecion which needs much pasiencia, love, commitment, dedication and love for education. I do not know what will happen that day but I'm sure it will be a very important day for me, a day in which I start a new phase in this way for where no matter the mistakes but learn from them to improve and become not only a teacher but a true teacher.

My first practice gabriel