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An Introduction Where We Come From UMO ENTERPRISES - a joint-venture of Experts Group and UMO SERV SRL Formerly UMO ENTERPRISES Buildings and Infrastructure Launched at the market as UE in June 2010 Who We Are Facts & figures What We Want to Do for You Portfolio Know-how Strengths Where You Can Find Us


Where We Come From March 2009

UMO SERV SRL launched Bucharest branch

July 2010

Integration of Portfolio Security Services in a new holistic brand UE

Our commitment

We bring engineering and security solution with the same energy as 20 years ago but with more experience!



a joint-venture to UMO SERV SRL

Employees: approx. 138 (including apprentices and temporary staff) Business volume: approx. â‚Ź 1,250,000 Markets: Home market Romania Import to selected suitable manufactures BUSINESS DIVISIONS Contracting division Low voltage & Integrated security systems division Audiovisual systems division


Do for You - Portfolio As a full service provider, we offer in cooperation with partners services in the following areas: Electrical engineering Process control and und building management systems Communication, safety and security systems In cooperation with partner companies, all mechanical systems. (in particular HVAC and sprinkler systems)


Value Creation

hub's for efficient technical solution

Design and engineering of execution Material and component procurement Project management Installation Documentation Commissioning and training Maintenance and system service + Design-to-budget processes Value engineering General technical contractor


Empowered to do - Sector Expertise Whether building or modernizing – we have extensive knowledge of our markets and all pertinent development trends. Thanks to countless completed projects, our experts have excellent know-how in the following fields:

Shopping centers

Municipal infrastructures

Hotels and wellness facilities

Data processing

Educational and cultural facilities

Marine oil platforms



Office properties Gas station Commercial facilities

Underground transportations Plant industry Solar and wind farms

As the gap between the costs for construction and skilled crafts services on the one hand and those for building equipment and services on the other hand closes, we strive to ensure low operating costs, sustainability and stability as a lifecycle partner with new technologies and affordability.


Empowered to do - contracting expertise By providing comprehensive design, implementation and support solutions for advanced requirements, we balance the needs of your network physical infrastructure. Site plans, develops and operates high-availability data centers whose infrastructures provide the highest level of physical security and operational reliability. Our technical experience in a wide range of sectors and the use of scenario-specific products and systems qualify to base our solutions on the concrete. UMO EnterCONTRACTING DIVISION TELECOMMUNICATION NETWORKS

Telecommunications Activities

OSP & ISP Fiber Optic Cable Works Splicing and Testing of F.O.C Internal Telephone Systems Telecommunications Services


Our technical team are specializes in the construction of data center and computer room upgrades. Site provides its clients with a wide variety of solutions: UPS and Power Distribution Systems Emergency Diesel Generators Computer Room Precision Air Conditioning Raised Access Flooring Systems Building Automation and Management Systems

Excavation, Duct and M/H Installation for Fiber Optic Cables Laying

Safety Systems (Fire Alarm and Suppression)

Installation of Towers or Monopoles up to 33 meters high

Security Systems

Testing & Commissioning

Networking Blast-Resistant Structures


Empowered to do Communication, Safety and Security Systems

Modern communication, security and safety systems connect, control, manage and protect people, data, equipment and facilities. We offer overall and partial solutions in collaboration with high-tech product and/or system partners.

Perimeter protection and burglar alarm systems

Telecommunication systems

Security and safety management systems

Equipment for electro-acoustic

Access control and time recording

IT networks

Fire protection and fire alarm systems

Nurse calling & public address

Fire suppression systems( gaseous & aerosol)

Video surveillance & IVS

Video Conferencing Systems

Lighting and emergency lighting The investor sets the objectives

KIEBACK & PETER (GERMANY) - Building Management Systems TUTENDO (ITALY ) – Public Address Systems BPT (ITALY ) – Audio / Video Intercom Systems PELCO (USA) - IP CCTV / CCTV SENSTAR STELLAR (USA) - Security Fence & Perimeter Systems GUNNEBO (SWEDEN) - Entrance Control Systems

GE-EDWARDS SYSTEMS TECHNOLOG Y (CANADA) - Fire Alarm Systems WESTERSTRAND (SWEDEN) - Master Clock Systems JERON (USA) - Nurse Call Systems GE SECURITY (USA) - IP CCTV / CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection MAGNETIC AUTOCONTROL (GERMANY) – Gate Control Systems PLANAR (USA) – Video Display and Control Systems


Working for you installing low voltage systems Umo Enterprises has many years of experience in building infrastructure communication, security and data systems deploying of the first deal reliable solutions, from the planning and run executions. Thanks to countless completed projects, our experts have excellent know-how in the following fields:

3G and Wi-Max telecommunication

Holistic secure for stores

CCTV surveillance


RFID, keypad and biometric access

Hybrid optical/electrical assemblies

Retail process monitoring

Point to point links


System integration


Performances In this brochure, you will find figures, data and facts, which clearly indicate the high level of optimization potential offered by using our UE intelligent security solutions.

Various concepts and approaches are possible in the optimization of life safety criteria in buildings. In this context, the use of intelligent building security control provides a proven and interesting alternative or addition that is clearly set apart by its convincing costbenefit ratio.






customers satisfaction

We offer you modular solutions - as general technical contractor or as specialist for individual systems. We see ourselves as an independent solution provider that focuses on customer benefits. For this reason, our principle is follow the customer!

CERTIFICATION & CLASSIFICATION We have developed and implemented a Quality Management System to consistently satisfy the needs of our customers and improve the overall quality of the company. The Quality Management System complies with the international ISO 14001 & 18001, and covers quality and safety related activities of the concerned departments of the company. Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2000 Reg. No. 80056 ICS Registrars Ltd. Permits / Certificate (design and works) SR EN 60079-10-1:2009 IECEx Reg. No. Q.2013.(38).12.1153 GANEx - electrical equipment used in explosive environments

SR CEI 364-7 Reg. No. 8742 ANRE - electric installation in buildings Law 333/2003 Reg. No. 0212/T IGPR - physical security against the intrusion





monitored and evaluated through a vigorous grading system that deals with employee qualifications in terms of experience, education and skills. Moreover, we aim to continuously improve performance by means of in-house and factory training in order to remain at the forefront of the industry and its continuous development.


Information Technology is a fundamental aspect of the decision making process, and hence we have invested in a fully integrated state of the art in-house IT system to provide reports on the complete life cycle of projects.

Umo enterprises reactive to those who want performance  
Umo enterprises reactive to those who want performance