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Two for Tuesday

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Domino’s Pizza is an iconic US brand that launched in the UK in 1985. Known for delivering tasty, fresh, handmade pizzas at great value wherever, whenever, and however you want it. Domino’s UK has grown into the number one pizza delivery brand in the UK, with over 750 stores. As the market leader, Domino’s has been first to market with various industry defining offers and technological advancements. Domino’s was the first to introduce web ordering, and an iPhone app. The Domino’s Heat Wave hot box ensured customers received their pizza piping hot, and Domino’s pushed new frontiers delivering pizza via an unmanned drone. In 2009 Domino’s Pizza launched Two For Tuesday – buy one pizza get one free every Tuesday. The launch proved a major success, doubling average sales on a Tuesday. In July 2010 Pizza Hut launched Two’sday Tuesdays, and in August 2010 Papa Johns also launched Two For Tuesday.

The Creative Challenge

Two For Tuesday is no longer able to differentiate Domino’s from our competitors, and as such Tuesday ownership has been relinquished. We would like to reinvigorate and recharge the Two For Tuesday offer, not reinvent it. We want Domino’s to be to Tuesdays what Orange is to Wednesdays. The creative challenge is to develop an attention grabbing campaign that achieves this.


Increasing Tuesday penetration is key to any proposal. Excluding the offer and the day, nothing else is sacred - including the name. Your response must reflect the Domino’s tone of voice - cheeky, surprising, honest and reliable. Consider how would you re-launch Two For Tuesday back into the bellies of pizza eaters across the UK. Also, how would you amplify this locally? What’s the best name for the promotion and your campaign? Is there a great idea for a deal mechanic? Are there seasonal opportunities that can be exploited, such as Pancake Day or other iconic times?

Target Audience

18 -34 year olds of both sexes, many of whom will be students.


Feel free to explore digital, press and outdoor, experiential ideas or any other formats, contexts and media that you think will grab the attention of the right audience.

THE TARGET ANALYSIS Target Audience Profile • 18-34 years old of both sexes • many of whom will be students • Lives in urban or suburban area • Smartphone or tablet owners • Use Social Network frequently • Independent and Individualistic

Target Audience characteristic and behavior Our Target Audience is aware of Domino’s pizza and mostly holds positive or neutral attitudes towards the brand due to its well-established brand equity. 97% of our target audience owns cell phones and 80% of those are smart phones. This indicates that these groups of peo- ple are highly exposed to media all the time. Their perceived benefit from ordering delivery food is saving time and it offers them the convenience of not having to make a phone call order that requires more effort and time. They appreciate the quick and easy process of ordering food that minimizes interruptions during their personal time. They also appreciate the convenience of ordering their dinner on the way home or outside of home.

The Strategy




Handmade Fast Delivery Organization Traditional Social Tecnological Design Red and Blue

Make Adv



Two for Tuesday. Two time same time.


Two for Tuesday. Two time same time.


Two for Tuesday. Two tim

Two for Tuesday. Two time same time.


Two for Tuesday. Two time same time.

Strategy I’ve decided to use print developed in an innovative form, because young people are the related target. Technique description The idea will be refined on double page, with a translucent page between them. As turning the page, an image representing an empty dish will turn into a full dish. A writing says from “Everyday” to “Tuesday”.


Strategy Pizza’s box. The first approach to client. Tecnique description On the pizza’s box, will figurate a pizza as if it was attached using an adhesive, and a headline: two for Tuesday return’s. Concept To communicate the benefit in a creative and direct way, trying to entertain and surprise, making new the known “Two for Tuesday”. Text “Two for Tuesday return’s”.


TFT domino’s App Strategy

Due to accurates researches and studies on the target, I chose to work on a new application. Basing on studies, it has emerged important actions: Shoot. Modify. Interact.

App’s name

TFT Domino’s Pizza TFT Domino’s Pizza

TFT Domino’s Pizza

Technique description

Anyone by the app can have a direct relation with Domino’s pizza. On the main interface it’s possible to order pizza’s on tuesday ( on the app a timer shows the missing minutes to the delivery). During the waiting time, the client can take pictures with special effects. The main effect will be the mirror, based on its duplicity, is a reference to the service offered by Domino’s. On the pictures will appear a writing saying “ 2time same time” as an identification sign along with the logo. These pictures will be automatically published on Social Networks, where other users can download the app and to notice the Domino’s pizza’s service’s advantages.Besides the mirror effect, there will be other icons to modify the pictures. Best shots will be published on Facebook, Twitter Domino’s Pizza TFT’s page.

Abbey Cicle Hi, I just used a new App TFT domino’s Pizza Today is “Two for Tuesday” day https://m.appstoreTFTDPcom/events/568896873189277 2time same time @Domino’sPizza

2 time same time. Two For Tuesday 14


Abbey Cicle Hi, I just used a new App TFT domino’s Pizza Today is “Two for Tuesday” day https://m.appstoreTFTDPcom/events/568896873189277 2time same time @Domino’sPizza

2 time same time. Two For Tuesday 14

Thank you

Domino's Pizza  

Two For Tuesday: Ordini una pizza a casa il martedì e te ne portano una in omaggio. Two For Tuesday non è tanto diverso dall’altre offerte d...

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