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Being Unique is Imperative if you want to stand Out in The Crowd You have your list, you have built your relationship, and then you find a product that is a perfect match for your list. The company supplies you certain promotional details, and most affiliates will use that. Many will tell you that they won’t promote something unless the promotional details are given. But, the super affiliate thinks differently. They know that a number of people will be selling the product, and people don’t want to read the same email time and time again. If you want to become like the super affiliate you will need to do the same thing, you will need to review the product, and then do like them in writing your own promotional material from a position of strength. They’ll have found that little gem hidden inside that is perfect for their list. Nobody else will be telling people about it, but they know that will make the difference between a sale and no sale. Think about it for a moment, you are looking to book a hotel for a vacation. You don’t know the place, so you are looking for reviews. You find one person selling hotels, and there is a hotel in the place you are going to. You could book it, but you look further, and you find another person selling the same hotel. But, this person has stayed at the hotel; they tell you all about it. They make it personal, by telling you what the food and staff are like. You chose to buy from the person who did the review, why? Because they told you what you need to know about the hotel. They made it personal for you. The same is true with anything you sell online; if you want to become a super affiliate then you need to use this overlooked secret; that is to know that a personal review is needed to make the sale. When hundreds of people are promoting the same product, the super affiliate will take time to see how they can best advertise the product. It is simple to take the pre-written ads, but that doesn’t allow the super affiliate to be creative. They’ll know that people will read the same thing, but it won’t be telling them about that certain aspect of the product that people need to know. You really do need to take notice and pay attention to what the super affiliate does and knows. They know which the best promotions are around; they’ll have a team who has spent time creating their own promotional material. The super affiliate knows what to do and why they need to do the same thing. They will look

for an angle and then ensure that all their material lets people know why they should buy from them. Sincerely, Gabor Olah

Being Unique is Imperative if you want to stand Out in The Crowd  
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