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The missional future of Edina & Gabor Gresz

KINGDOM CITIZENS ADVANCING THE MISSION OF JESUS FOR THE WELL BEING OF THE CITY OUR ACTION REFLECTS OUR VISION. OUR VISION REFLECTS OUR VIEW OF GOD. Our vision Kingdom citizens advancing the mission of Jesus for the well-being of the city. As a result we want to see the following: 1 The Gospel spreads, disciples are developed and gospel communities thrive 2 Leaders awaken to their purpose 3 Deed of love and justice flourish Our mission Building Spiritual Movements Everywhere.  We exist to glorify God by helping to "expand the borders" of the Body of Christ around the World through wining people to Christ, building them in their faith and sending them out to do the same. The need we feel compelled by: In a migrating, multicultural, innovative, fast-changing, urbanized, global environment where the world is facing never seen mega problems, the church is a static, mono-cultural, rigid, slow-changing, suburban, closed entity driven by small, narrow visions focusing on shamefully ridiculous issues and on micro problems, not even dreaming about helping and collaborating to ease the pain of the mega sufferings of the world and pretty much unable to effectively communicate the gospel to the lost world with credibility. The church got paralyzed by these gigantic problems, instead of getting empowered by our magnificent God who is bigger than these problems are. We talk about a big letter GOD, but our action, vision and life reflects a small letter god.  The 1st century church was a multicultural, migrating, moving, fast-changing, city-centered, innovative, radical, Spirit-filled community of believers who turned the world upside down led by 12 + 1 Spirit-filled, apostolic, radical and empowering leaders who took it seriously who Jesus is and their calling to go to the whole world. Their view of God was reflected in their actions. Such is ours. The difference is embarrassing. The greatest challenge of the 21st century church is urbanization: • • •

cities are the 21st century's missional space 5 million people move into cities / month 40 city regions represents 2/3 of global economy and innovation Page 1 of 3

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Gresz vision mission future  

Gresz vision mission future