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HolcimAwards 2013/14 | Submission PDF | Mar 30, 2014

Living heritage - The way of the Light [Project title]

HA14-CILUR [Project ID]



Landscape, urban design, transportation infrastructure and public utilities

Competition region







Helikon Festetics Castle Museum of Keszthely


New construction

Status of permission

Application in preparation

Project background

Public commission


17掳 14'

Other competition


Status of planning

Contract awarded

Planned start

May '15


46掳 46'



Gabor SANTA - Mater of Architecture, Urbanist - CELL PHONE: +36 30 3187203


Mr. Gabor SANTA 路 1960 路 male


Senior architect, Urbanist


Petofi street No.1






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HA14-CILUR [Project ID]

HolcimAwards 2013/14 | Submission PDF | Mar 30, 2014

Living heritage - The way of the Light [Project title]



Development of Keszthely town started in the late XVIIIth XIXth century, when the aristocrats, Earl Festetics family settled there. Built up their castle, to live and found their manor. Living heritage project is about to create a Solar Energy plant for the Helikon Museum of Festetics Castle and a solar energy based public light system for a new touristic attraction, the revitalisation of the ancient pine alley and road as a bicycle and nordic walking path between of the Castle and Lake Hévíz.

PROJECT DETAILS Construction costs

1200000 USD

Footprint area

1400 sq m

Site occupancy ratio


Site area

24024 sq m

Floor area ratio



MATERIALS Solar Plant - Solar Umbrella roof: New kind of polymer solar cell (PSC) produces energy by absorbing near-infrared light but is less sensitive to visible light, making the cells nearly 70% transparent

The Helikon Festetics Castle Museum is under the preparing process to be a candidate site for the World Heritage title. The Living Heritage Project is a part of it. The Earl of Festetics family had a really progressive vision in the XVIIIth century about their concept. We have the same attitude, to follow their path in our time accordingly. Keep all of their values and add, what is neccessary now. The main problem in the early XXIth century is the energy. I concerned to it as an independent urbanist expert, working for the Castle. Progress: Using transparent Solar Cell technology in a different way, using by multifunctional way. Integrating the natural heritage into an architectural high-tech project, what is light and almost invisible. The Solar Cell Canopy Plant and the Solar Umbrella is shy and professional. Community: The number of the inhabitants in Keszthely are 20.000 people, in Hévíz is even less 4.700 people. There are 200.000 visitors of the twin cities yearly, so the involved community is around 230.000 people. The engine of the local economy is the tourism and the quality of the countryside lifestyle. Part of the project is a new network of alternative paths between the significant attractions of the city. The new path is free for the inhabitants and tourists as well. Planet: The more than 6 km long baroque pine tree alley is the Living Heritage. To take care about the tree is not just a question of moral. We need to have a clear vision, why do we need it? Trees gives many things for us, shadow, shelter, oxigen and not at least spiritual balance. Creating sustainable energy sources as the Solar Plant and Solar Umbrella for public lights is a sort of a synergy with the trees. The concept is in close analogy between architecture and nature. Prosperity: Our world is in a permanent changing. What was good enough 20 years ago, now it is outdated. However the project is non-profit, the actual trend in tourism is to give more for receiving more benefits. The bicycle road around of the lake Balaton completed in 2000. It has generated a complete changing of lifestyle in the region. The new network of the Living heritage path will induce the same for the next decade. Proficiency: The project is a mixture of industrial public service and soft landscape architecture in a stong cultural heritage context. The structures will be up to date modern, metal trustees and transparent canopy. The cages in the Birds Garden designed as a part of the canopy system.

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HA14-CILUR [Project ID]

HolcimAwards 2013/14 | Submission PDF | Mar 30, 2014

Living heritage - The way of the Light [Project title] PROJECT VISUALIZATION

Keszthely is a fairy little town in Hungary on the west bank of the Lake Balaton. It is a touristic center without any pollution surrounded by mountainous forests near natural thermal lake of Hévíz. Development of Keszthely started in the late XVIIIth – XIXth century, when the aristocrats, the Earl of Festetics family settled here. Built up their castle, to live here and founded a University of Agricultural Science. They were created a completely new urban life-style and network in the town.

The caste had a direct road connection to the agricultural centers of the manor and the thermal lake of Hévíz. The double pine tree alley was the part of the landscape architect’s concept. This way still exist and the vegetation is the original. My question was, how to use the ancient way according to the actual lifestyle? How it can be the useful again? The answer in a nutshell: the way of the Light.

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HA14-CILUR [Project ID]

HolcimAwards 2013/14 | Submission PDF | Mar 30, 2014

The Solar Plant site is the part of the castles's park, the Birds garden and Butterfly collection.

Its a fortune, that the town preserved its original scale. Model of the suggested interventions.

Setup a Solar Plant of 125 kWpeak nominant power into the Birds Garden.

The Solar plant is a new alley, protecting the visitors under the transparent canopy.

Partnership is a key word of the Living Heritage project

Partnership between the City of Keszthely and the World Heritage nominee Helikon Festetics Castle

Network of the Living Heritage path - the Main square of the City completed in 2012

Network of the Living Heritage path - the regional archeological Museum

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Ha14 cilur 635317770919514637 holcimawards  

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