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Corporate Citizenship Report


Building Community is in Our Nature

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Sustainable Community


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A Message from Our CEO

Building community is at the core of what we do. Gables associates come to work every day with the heart and passion to create a welcoming environment for the thousands of people that call a Gables community home, the retail tenants and shoppers that frequent our stores and restaurants and our fellow associates. They are motivated by the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with contributing to a larger cause. Through their daily actions, large and small, Gables associates are shaping communities that are so much more than just beautiful buildings. They are crafting places that support individual needs and interests while engendering a sense of belonging and cooperation that enhances the broader neighborhood. At Gables, we build a community character using a combination of People, Product and Place. Through the locations that we select, to the product that we design and the people we employ, our mission is to produce exceptional experiences for our residents, guests and associates. We believe that a community atmosphere is critical to creating an impactful experience.


A community is the confluence of individuals coming together through shared interests, differing ideas, multi-faceted backgrounds and experiences to produce a home, a job, and a village that cares for the well-being of the individual members, as well as the betterment of the group as a whole. The way we set about trying to create a community within our apartment homes starts with our location. Important to our residents and tenants is a well situated, walkable, live-work-play setting that is a part of the greater neighborhood. The programming, amenities and offerings are complementary to our residents’ needs and desires and reflective of the local setting. Each of these components combine to create a desirable Place. The next aspect of our efforts revolves around the Product. This includes the development of a thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly, healthy and carefully constructed building. Our development, design and construction teams thoroughly consider ethnographic trends, efficient building techniques and evolving usage conventions to create a flexible, resilient and functional building. Our People are the foundation of achieving our mission. Our team sets the standard for a warm, welcome, and professional environment in a location to live, work and play. They operate in a system organized to provide strong corporate governance and compassionate social interaction. A great example of the impact of our people occurred when two of our largest regions suffered through devastation wrought by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. I could not be more proud of the way our associates worked together to protect and comfort our residents, our tenants and support each other in times of need. Their determination and commitment to “Taking Care” is unparalleled and inspirational. In the following pages you will see the many ways in which Gables supports each of these efforts, measures and benchmarks those results to identify best practices while seeking inspiration and ideas for continued improvement. All of our accomplishments are the result of the dedication and commitment of our approximately 1,000 Gables associates. Please join me in celebrating them and their achievements by reading about our successes in our 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Susan M. Ansel, President & CEO


GABLES OVERVIEW Gables’ commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen is deeply embedded in the culture of the organization. For the past 36 years, Gables Residential has a history of Taking Care, which includes our residents, our communities, our investors, our environment, our associates, and our clients. Our story is possible because of our associates who are committed to this mission. Established in 1982, Gables Residential is an award winning, vertically integrated, real estate company specializing in the development, construction and ownership, acquisition, financing and management of multifamily and mixed-use communities. We own, develop and manage communities in high-growth U.S. markets such as Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Houston, North Florida, Phoenix, South Florida, Southern California and metropolitan Washington D.C. Gables is committed to being a responsible developer, owner and manager of real estate by contributing to the well-being of the broader community in which we operate. Dedicated to seeking innovative approaches to improve the environmental impact of our daily actions, products and services at each community, we continue our long tradition of leaving a lasting quality product for future generations. Our Core Values are our rock solid and unchanging beliefs, regardless of trends or market conditions, and are based on delivering extraordinary quality and service for our residents, utmost integrity and value for our investors and customers, unparalleled employment experiences for our associates, and enduring contributions to our local communities. As a natural extension of our mission, Taking Care of the Way You Live ™, Gables is dedicated to strong environmental, social and governance practices. Gables' sustainability strategy is reflected in the daily practices of the investment, operations and corporate services teams. We are committed to excellence in reducing the impact of our communities on the environment through responsible use of resources in our high-performing new developments and increasing the operational performance of our existing communities. Our efforts throughout development and operations are focused on promoting alternative transportation and walkability, conservative energy and water use, greenhouse emissions reductions, sustainable material selection, indoor environmental quality and waste reduction and diversion. We are committed to reducing our footprint and have set standards and procedures to support and benchmark these goals. We actively measure the progress towards achieving our goals to reduce energy, greenhouse emissions, water and waste by 10% by 2020, compared to 2015 levels. In addition to our utility benchmarking and waste tracking efforts, Gables participates in Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). To accomplish our goals, we are evaluating new ways to track and communicate our metrics across the organization. We have developed programs to increase associates’ knowledge of energy and water end-uses and sustainability features at Gables communities. Performance guidelines are being created for use by our teams for the procurement of building fixtures and equipment to ensure consistency of approach and performance. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and strategies in new developments and existing assets to reduce resource usage and achieve higher levels of sustainability. We are developing tools to increase associate awareness of Gables' sustainability initiatives during the new associate onboarding process. Gables' achievements and continued work in these areas are described throughout this report. Gables Residential is proud to present the fifth edition of our Corporate Citizenship Report summarizing our commitment to sustainable development and mission-driven management practice as illustrated by our actions and impact for the year ended December 31, 2017. Performance data includes Gables owned and joint venture assets, unless noted otherwise.



Annual Energy Use* 180,000



Energy Use (MMBtu)







Energy 171,748

Reduce Energy Use by 10% by 2020


Like-for-Like (MMBtu)




Compared to Baseline







Reduce CO2 Emissions by 10% by 2020


Like-for-Like (metric tons)

110,000 100,000 0 2015 (Baseline)


2017 Target Use

*Like-for-like Portfolio

Actual Use

Scope 1 CO2 Emissions




Scope 2 CO2 Emissions



21,214 22,695

Total CO2 Emissions



Compared to Baseline



Water Reduce Water Use by 10% by 2020

Annual Water Use * 500,000 450,000


Water Use (KGAL)



451,182 429,841


Like-for-Like (kgal)



Compared to Baseline




Waste Reduce Waste by Increasing our Recycling Rate 10% by 2020

350,000 300,000 250,000 200,000

Total Waste (tons)




Recycling Rate




Total Community/Apartment Count




(Stabilized & Lease-Up)

0 2015 (Baseline) *Like-for-like Portfolio


2017 Target Use

Apartment Homes







(Stabilized & Lease-Up)

Actual Use

Performance data represents Gables owned and joint venture assets under our operational control, unless noted otherwise. Energy, water and waste metrics are reported for properties stabilized for the 2015, 2016 and 2017 period. Energy consumption is reported as weather-normalized site energy use. CO2 Emissions data is calculated using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and is consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development and is compatible with the accounting, inventory and reporting requirements of the Center for Corporate Climate Leadership.

Construction Count Communities




Apartment Homes





Gables Cherry Creek I (Denver, CO)

2017 GRESB Benchmark Results Overall 2017 GRESB Score



63 62

GRESB Average Peer Average


Peer Average



78 74

GRESB Average Peer Average



Gables GRESB Average


55 53



Gables GRESB Average Peer Average



ESG PERFORMANCE Gables has received top rankings in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment within the United States Residential Sector since its first year of participation in 2012. GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) assesses sustainability performance of real estate companies, funds and assets worldwide. The data collected from the assessment is widely used by institutional investors in Europe and a growing number of U.S. investors are using GRESB to evaluate risk and long-term returns inherent to their real estate investments. Performance is defined in three topic areas- environmental, social and governance (ESG) and is presented in the form of rankings, scorecards and indicator-specific analytics. Gables’ most recent sustainability performance is reflected in the 2017 GRESB Assessment score of 77. This is an increase of 12 points compared to 2016 and compares very favorably to the peer average of 62. Gables continues to be a sustainability leader with this year’s score ranking 6th out of the 26 U.S. nonlisted residential funds that participated in the survey.

Overall GRESB Results Over Time 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2013

2014 Peer Group Average

2015 GRESB Average


2016 Gables



We develop lasting landmarks. Using a thoughtful approach, we develop communities that complement and contribute to an established neighborhood with the mix of apartment homes, amenities and retail. Live-work-play communities provide the walkable lifestyle that’s in demand and become a destination for the local community. We build and develop communities with a long-term vision. We invest in constructing quality, durable communities that will stand the test of time. Our new developments are built and certified to green building standards. Our investment to build it right results in efficient management and reduced operating expenses. We prioritize preventative maintenance to maintain our communities at the levels our residents and neighbors expect. Gables’ reputation as a leader in apartment living was established through years of adhering to these principles and a developing portfolio with landmark communities. ENVIRONMENT The business’ impact on the environment is a driving factor in the management and operations of all Gables’ communities. We are tracking operational efficiency and environmental performance through a process of evaluating results, identifying savings opportunities, refining operational procedures and delivering training and education to increase associate awareness. Gables launched corporate green initiatives ten years ago to reduce our impact on the environment during daily operations, apartment turns and major renovations. These initiatives include installing type 6 nylon recyclable carpet that is recycled at the end of useful life through the manufacturer’s reclamation program. Gables' carpet cleaning program includes the use of green cleaning solutions, water conservation and proper discharge of used water. We control indoor air quality by managing indoor air pollutants. Gables uses low VOC paint products and environmentally friendly cleaning products in our green cleaning program. GHG EMISSIONS Gables is tracking and reducing the portfolio’s carbon footprint to do its part to participate in global efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions and the associated risks to the environment and human health. Gables' carbon footprint is measured in emissions as a result of the energy used by our communities. In 2017, total CO2 emissions were reduced by 1,250 metric tons or 5.51% compared to 2015 levels. This is equal to CO2 emissions from 135 homes’ energy use for one year. Gables Park Tower (Austin, TX)


ENERGY In 2017, Gables reduced energy use by 6.62% compared to 2015 levels and improved eďŹƒciency 2.71% over the prior year. We are ahead of our annual 2% target goals towards reducing our energy use by 10% by 2020. The progress so far was achieved by the summation of measures across the portfolio including operational improvement, replacing appliances and equipment upgrades with more efficient models and high-efficiency lighting retrofits. Examples of this include retrofitting parking deck lighting systems in two Atlanta Communities, Gables Sheridan and Gables Century Center. LED fixtures (40W) replaced metal halide (175W) fixtures increasing the efficiency of the lighting system by 77%. The reduced energy use is estimated to lower electricity costs to operate the system by more than $19,000 per year. This measure will reduce the total common area energy use for each community by more than 30%. In addition to the cost and energy savings, the longer lamp life of the LED fixtures will reduce the service teams' time spent on changing light bulbs. Residents have provided positive feedback as to the improvement in the quality of light. Gables Oak Creek participated in Southern California Edison’s energy efficiency incentive program and received light bulbs and labor to replace 1840 indoor LED light bulbs in units and common areas and 445 outdoor light bulbs installed at no cost. In addition to the lighting retrofit, the pool pump was upgraded to a variable speed pump through the rebate program. Within a few months energy use in the common areas alone dropped by 3.70%. Energy efficiency projects like these create a greater sense of community by improving the places our residents call home, and improving the local economy by supporting green jobs and suppliers. WATER USE Gables is prioritizing water efficiency and conservation measures to reduce water use to achieve our 10% reduction goal. This past year, Gables saved 2,790,000 gallons of water compared to 2016. This amount of savings is equivalent to more than four Olympic size swimming pools. The savings are attributed to managing leaks and our conservation methods which include plumbing fixture upgrades, rain and soil moisture sensors on irrigation systems and native and drought tolerant vegetation. While we have made positive progress this past year, we have more work to do. Gables has implemented the Gables Greater Green Community Challenge, an energy and water challenge where Gables communities will compete for reward and recognition while targeting a 2% annual reduction in energy and water use with no-cost and low-cost measures.

In 2017, Gables became the first multifamily organization to join the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance.


Gables Brookhaven (Atlanta, GA)

RECYCLING MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Gables is focusing on our 2020 waste reduction goal, beginning with benchmarking and reporting efforts and two pilot projects. Our recycling rate in 2017 was 21.24%, an improvement of 3.56% compared to the prior year. One of the largest opportunities for improvement is managing the increased amount of corrugated cardboard from ecommerce shipments and returning it back into the loop as recycled material. Our recycling benchmarks include:

23% 14,436

98% Owned and Joint-Venture Recycling Participation Rate

Average Community Recycling Rate (Percent of total waste diverted from landfill)

Total Apartment Homes Recycling

Two pilot projects were implemented in 2017 and are still underway specific to corrugated cardboard. A pilot at Gables Cherry Creek in Denver promotes reuse of cardboard boxes. The program is collecting and storing boxes in excellent condition in a central area where residents can retrieve and reuse boxes for their own use. A signage program in the package room reminds residents to save their boxes for reuse. Boxes no longer in excellent condition for reuse are recycled by the service team. A second pilot project being conducted at Gables West Ave in Houston is not only contributing to our recycling efforts, but it also helping to solve an existing maintenance challenge. The maintenance teams were spending several hours a week clearing boxes that would get lodged in the trash chutes. The new program provides residents carts on move-in day for their boxes which are then baled and recycled for them. This provides a welcome convenience for the residents and provides the maintenance team an opportunity to engage with their new residents! CONSTRUCTION WASTE Gables implements construction techniques to right-size materials to generate less construction waste during the development process. Waste that is generated is diverted to the highest extent possible. These materials include cardboard, wood, metal, tires, concrete and plastic. Projects tracking construction waste combined diverted over 750 tons from landfill, at a rate of 48%. The average diversion rate of these projects is 54%.


INVESTMENT – DEVELOPMENT Gables is mindful of its impact on the local community and is committed to sustainable development. Building and operating quality, high-performing, healthy homes allows us to deliver exceptional quality and service to our residents. In addition, our efforts support smart growth in local communities and provide value to our investors. Gables has built a nationally recognized brand for the development of best-in-class, mixed-use sustainable residential communities. As of December 2017, ten Gables communities with 2,735 apartment homes were under active development and lease-up in Denver, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Austin, Washington D.C. and South Florida. Gables' investment strategy begins with selecting major metropolitan markets where there is a high demand for homes based on the population growth, job growth, and city expansions. Gables selects sites in Established Premium Neighborhoods™ (EPNs) which are driven by highly desirable submarkets, excellent livability in walkable neighborhoods with proximity to employment centers, retail and entertainment districts, transit and quality education systems. Gables has been certifying apartment communities to green building new construction standards for over 10 years. This commitment to energy and water efficient communities has proven to have an exceptional return on investment with increased building durability, lower operating expenses and responsible use of natural resources. APARTMENT HOME FEATURES SUPPORTING WELLNESS Gables apartment homes are state-of-the-art and in conjunction with their purposeful amenities that promote the health and well-being of its residents. Apartment homes are constructed and operated to give our residents a quiet, comfortable home with good indoor air quality, light control for better sleep and responsive air handling systems to control temperature. The location of Gables communities encourage walking and biking and amenities such as our fitness centers and pools provide places to relax and recharge. Community events build a sense of community with programs to encourage residents to meet their onsite teams and neighbors. LOCATION & ACCESS TO TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES Promoting transportation alternatives encourages active lifestyles, reduces dependence on cars and improves the quality of the air in our local communities. Gables selects sites with close proximity to public transit where errands can be accomplished on foot or by bike. Some Gables communities offer onsite bike storage, bike repair stations, bikes and electric bikes. Electric vehicle charging for residents and retail customers is available at several communities. Through a partnership with Zipcar, a growing number of communities offer a car sharing program to residents choosing to live without owning a car. Walk, bike and transit scores are published on the community pages at Many communities are close to parks, trails and paths to help promote options for exercising in the great outdoors.


Gables Cherry Creek (Denver, CO)

“What makes Gables unique is that we build communities in the best walkable neighborhoods where people want to live, offering our residents an excellent quality of life right outside their own door step.� -John Akin, EVP - CIO 12

COMFORT Comfort is enhanced by good indoor air quality, thermal, acoustical and visual conditions and the ability to control those to one’s satisfaction. Gables develops communities to green building standards addressing four indoor air quality principles. • Eliminate sources of pollutants by sealing the ductwork and vents during construction, use of building materials such as paints, sealants and flooring adhesives with no or low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), installation of electric appliances and our green cleaning program. • Ventilate the buildings from operable windows, bathroom fans and mechanical systems that draw fresh air inside improving indoor air quality. • Clean the air with quality air filters used in mechanical systems. Our newest communities use MERV 8 filters which eliminate most major allergens and pollutants. • Prohibit smoking in all areas of our non-smoking communities. Each apartment home is designed to be energy-efficient and provide the highest levels of comfort. New homes are well insulated with energy-efficient windows to eliminate drafts and prevent unwanted heat loss and heat gain to maintain temperatures of conditioned air. High performance air handling systems are efficient and ductwork is sealed to improve efficiency and control air contaminants. We design and build our communities with acoustical comfort in mind. Solutions minimizing disruption from exterior noise and controlling privacy from within our apartment homes are being implemented in Gables communities. Our apartment homes have large windows to let the sunshine in and provide views to the outside. Most of our communities have homes with operable windows and several have blackout shades to darken rooms to help create ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep. ACTIVITY – INSIDE AND OUT Fitness Centers offer residents premium weight training and cardio equipment and free weights. Instructor-led exercise and yoga classes are available on-demand, and Gables fitness centers are open to accommodate the schedules of our busy residents. InBody body composition analyzers are now being installed in our new developments. InBody gives users an accurate analysis of body composition in fat, lean body mass, minerals and body water. When residents want to have a place to be active outdoors, several of our new communities have state-of-the-art infinity edge pools for recreation and relaxing. Many Gables communities are located close to parks, paths and trails for walking, running and biking. Restorative gardens are available at a select group of Gables communities. Designed for contemplation, these lush spaces are created to help restore the mind and body of our busy residents. Our pool settings include areas for lounging and entertaining, with outdoor kitchens and grills, refrigerators, and bar and table seating to entertain guests. Indoor demonstration kitchens featuring a suite of gourmet appliances are also available to reserve. Gables Columbus Center (Coral Gables, FL)


RETAIL Our mixed-use developments bring retail and restaurant options to our residents and the local neighborhood. These businesses enhance the community and improve the economy by creating jobs and gathering places for Gables residents to interact with business owners and customers who live nearby. Gables Urban drives retail services for Gables Communities providing a wide variety of retail development, management, leasing and consulting services for Gables and third-party clients. In 2017, Gables Urban managed over 500,000 square feet of retail space. Gables Urban is working with our retail tenants to help them make their spaces more sustainable with a new tenant green building fit-out incentive. Projects include: LED lighting and highefficiency HVAC systems.

El Famoso at Gables Water Street used reclaimed materials to create the feel of a southern California-Mexican inspired diner and bar. Reclaimed wood was used for the rustic exposed post and wood beam ceiling. Custom booths were made from old trolley car seats.

NEW DEVELOPMENT OPENED IN 2017 Gables Water Street is a 316 luxury apartment home community that wraps the shore of Lake Carolyn in Las Colinas, Texas. Approximately sixty percent of the apartment homes offer water views. This unique mixed-use development includes 60,000 square feet of retailers and restaurants. Amenities include a designer pool and sunning deck, two top-of-the-line fitness centers, yoga room, spin room and Wi-Fi lounge. Gables worked closely with the city business district to develop a vibrant waterside city center for the community. The central park area hosts events and a weekly farmer’s market. The onsite DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) rail station provides a relaxing commute to Dallas. Residents and visitors can also go for a bike ride or run on nearby Campion Trail at California Crossing Park. The community is pursing green building certification under the National Green Building Standard. NEW DEVELOPMENTS UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Ashley, Gables Buckhead (Atlanta, GA)

The Ashley, Gables Buckhead is a 325 apartment home community in a 14-story luxury high-rise tower with apartments, townhomes, and retail space. The community is located in Atlanta’s desirable Buckhead neighborhood convenient to shopping and entertainment. Amenities include an expansive fitness center, elevated pool courtyard, views in all directions, roof-top sky lounge and dog park. The roof top amenities will be powered by a solar canopy and energy storage system.


The energy generating canopy is located over the dog park providing shade and shelter from the elements for residents and their dogs. The project is pursing green building certification under the EarthCraft Multifamily Program. This project is scheduled to open in the fall of 2018. Gables Residences is a 122 apartment home luxury apartment community located in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. Gables Residences is located next to Gables Cherry Creek, completed in 2016. Gables Residences is an 8-story community with apartment homes and six townhomes. Designed with the baby boomers’ needs in mind, homes offer larger floor plans. Concierge services are available to residents 24/7. Resort-style amenities include an elevated pool deck with panoramic views of downtown and the Rocky Mountains, fitness center, a business and mail center, and an internet lounge. The project is pursing green building certification under the National Green Building Standard. This project is scheduled to open early fall 2018. The third development in the exclusive Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver is Gables Vista, a 255 apartment home luxury 12 story high-rise and 8 story mid-rise apartment community located in the exclusive Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, two blocks from Gables Cherry Creek and Gables Residences. Gables Vista's unique roof-top amenities will have panoramic views of the Cherry Creek hike and bike trail, downtown and the Rocky Mountains. The amenities include a resort style pool, commercial quality fitness center, golf simulator and lounge. The 8th level amenities include a catering kitchen and deck with views of downtown. The community is pursing green building certification under the National Green Building Standard and is scheduled to open mid-year 2019. Gables Pointe 14 is a 368 apartment home and multistory townhome community located in the highly desirable Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. It is within walking Gables Residences - Cherry Creek (Denver, CO) distance to the Court House & Rosslyn Metro stations, dining and entertainment and is less than two miles from the Georgetown/West End area in Washington DC. Best-in-class resort-style amenities designed with young professionals in mind, include a roof-top dining area and pool, reception area and lounge with panoramic views of downtown DC, retail space and park. Gables Pointe 14 is registered to certify as USGBC LEED for Homes Gold and scheduled to be completed in early 2019. Gables Old Town North is a 232 apartment home and townhome community over top of 51,000 square feet of retail space. Amenities include a centralized courtyard with a pool, bike share stations and green space. The mixed-use development is a partnership between Gables and EDENS, a retail developer focused on sustainability that is concentrating on revitalizing a full square block in the Old Town North District of Alexandria, Virginia. The retailers will complement those already in the neighborhood and Old Town North is a short walk from the Potomac River waterfront and historic district. The project is registered to certify as USGBC LEED for Homes Silver and scheduled to be completed in early 2019.


GABLES FUTURE NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN 2017 Gables Vinings is a 295 apartment home mid-rise community, located in Vinings, Georgia, a premier scenic Atlanta bedroom community. This affluent area offers restaurants, boutique retail and professional office space including surrounding historic buildings within walking distance of the Vinings Village, a well-known Atlanta destination. This community is located close to Suntrust Park, the Atlanta Braves’ new $1.1 B sports and entertainment facility. Gables Vinings is pursuing EarthCraft certification and is scheduled to be completed in 2021. Gables Seaport is a 23-story high-rise with 307 apartment homes located in Boston’s Seaport District, now one of the most popular areas in Boston. This walkable work-live-play urban neighborhood has some of the City’s major employers, restaurants and entertainment. Gables Seaport is located next to a “T” stop, Boston’s public transportation system and close to two popular city parks and the Harborwalk. The community is pursing LEED BD+C, Silver and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2019. QUALITY Over the last 10 years, Gables has worked with six green building certification programs. Gables evaluates and selects the program that best fits the market and the community. In the last 10 years, Gables has certified more than 90% of its new developments.

QUALITY ASSURANCE Gables conducts an internal Quality Assurance process to review specifications and standards for development and construction, perform onsite inspections during construction, produce punch lists as well as project post mortem reviews ensuring the use of best practices based on lessons learned. Gables works with 3rd-party consultants during the design and construction process to oversee new developments. As part of the green building certification process, these consultants help facilitate the integrated design process with the project’s architectural and engineering teams to set forth the sustainability initiatives from the onset of the project. Energy models are developed to estimate performance and annual utility consumption of the proposed design. In addition, depending on the project’s specific green building program, a 3rd party may conduct building performance testing for duct leakage and envelope tightness or commissioning of the building energy systems.


SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Energy and Water Efficiency High-efficiency HVAC units use CFC-free refrigerant Programmable thermostats Energy efficient lighting systems ENERGY STAR® labeled bathroom exhaust fans ENERGY STAR® Whirlpool refrigerators, dishwashers and washer/dryers Reflective cool roof lowers building’s heating load and reduces urban heat island effect Building envelope is sealed and insulated, and combined with low-e glass windows, provides comfort, reduces solar heat gain and improves energy efficiency Water Efficiency High-efficiency faucets, showerheads and toilets Irrigation system controlled by soil moisture sensors to manage water use Landscape is mulched to retain soil moisture to conserve water use Location and Transportation Alternatives Located close to public transit Mixed-use community features shops and restaurants within walking distance Indoor Air Quality 100% Smoke-free community All combustion appliances with carbon monoxide detectors in all apartment homes Living spaces sealed to prevent unwanted air contaminates

MERV 8 filters used in apartment homes and corridors Spaces are mechanically ventilated with fresh air Green cleaning program is administered by on-site team Interior paints contain low and no VOCs Carpet is CRI-Green Label Plus certified Materials and Resources Construction waste debris diverted from landfill Carpet is recyclable at end of life Landscaping Site is designed to manage storm water and erosion to prevent water pollution Non-invasive plantings Awards and Certifications Pursuing National Green Building Standard Certification

Gables Water Street LAS COLINAS, TEXAS

This new mixed-use community in Las Colinas sits on Lake Carolyn and offers onsite dining, shopping, entertainment and access to mass transit.



We have the ability to impact thousands of people’s lives at Gables Residential. By collecting valuable feedback and implementing innovative programs and services for our residents and associates alike, we harness the power to positively influence the living experience onsite as well as create a unique corporate culture in our offices. 2017 was a remarkable year for Gables thanks to a number of new people-focused programs and services, and the results have proven to solidify our mission of being leaders in corporate citizenship. By prioritizing and responding to the needs and desires expressed by our residents and associates, we’ve built a strong sense of community onsite and on the job. RESIDENTS Resident feedback is vital to how we successfully operate as an award-winning development and management company. We are able to listen carefully to our residents by consistently soliciting feedback using Kingsley satisfaction surveys to collect vital data to gauge how we are performing. The Kingsley Index is the most comprehensive performance benchmarking database in the real estate industry. Compiled from 30 years of analyzing the performance of industry leaders, our proprietary index is the standard for measuring tenant, resident, associate and client satisfaction, as well as broker relations and operational effectiveness. Gables is proud to report that the company has outperformed the Kingsley Index in overall resident satisfaction since the second quarter of 2012, for 23 consecutive quarters through the fourth quarter of 2017. We also benchmark our customer service performance by monitoring our ORA (Online Reputation Assessment) scores developed by J Turner Research. J Turner is the leading apartment research firm, exclusively serving the multifamily industry. The ORA™ statistical model aggregates and analyzes online ratings to generate a single score on a 0-100 scale, that is easy to monitor, rank, and improve.












Overall Impression of Community

Overall Satisfaction 5







Management - Overall Satisfaction Gables Residential





Maintenance - Overall Satisfaction Kingsley Index


CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT ENHANCES OUR RESIDENTS' LIVES Our mission is to do more than just build unparalleled apartment homes and amenities – it is to enhance our residents’ day-today lives with unique services that set us apart and increase resident engagement. Gables accomplishes this by hosting resident appreciation events with a strong focus on wellness, such as exercise classes held onsite and healthy cooking classes utilizing our chef-caliber demonstration kitchens, as we aim to create environments in which our residents can thrive. Gables Sugarloaf, Duluth, GA – Poolside Yoga During the Spring and Summer of 2017, Gables Sugarloaf had a recent yoga certification graduate come to the community and lead a beginner’s yoga class with foundational poses. Yoga mats were provided to all residents in attendance, and the serene outdoor space at Gables Sugarloaf combined with the calming free yoga sessions proved to rejuvenate the minds and bodies of the residents. Gables also celebrates Earth Day every April by hosting a number of various community events like planting trees and recycling electronics. We also provided reusable shopping bags to residents and promoted green living tips for residents and associates to take part in as a reminder to live with sustainability in mind each and every day of the year. EXCELLENCE EDGE In 2017, we continued to offer our Gables “Excellence Edge” services that include: • 24 Hour Maintenance Response Guarantee • Smooth Move program (offering residents the ability to seamlessly move from one Gables community to another anywhere in the country) • Gables Gateway (online portal for rent payment and service request submittals) • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee • Pledge to Customer Service • Gables Connection Services • CAPTIVATE! and Paws to Care ™, two unique-to-Gables programs (more information on these programs can be found in the following sections)


Community Voices

“We have the ability to impact thousands of lives every day. Our goal is to give our residents a great living experience. In order to do so, we invest in our associates because they are a critical part in creating the experience.” -Cris Sullivan, COO

“The amenities are great! The leasing staff is always friendly and quick to answer questions. The service/repair staff go above and beyond. They are efficient, qualified and friendly.” -Gables Arsenal Street, Boston, MA

“Gables Aventura is a wonderful place to live. I love everything about it! The friendly staff, the well maintained grounds, and my beautiful home!” -Gables Aventura, Aventura, FL

“I love, love, love, the layout of my apartment. The office staff is very sweet, and they're really helpful, too.” -Gables Citywalk, Houston, TX

“We LOVE the location! The cleanliness throughout is very much appreciated and the quality of the people that live here is really high. We're very, very happy.” -Gables Park Tower, Austin, TX

“It's a special feeling to feel like you are truly HOME. And not only in your own apartment... when you walk the halls, relax in the common areas, sit by the pool, work out, or pop down to the mezzanine for that morning cup of coffee... always feels like a home to be proud of. The team takes incredible care of us. There's a feeling of community, and I love it here. Very happy.” -Gables McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX

“The extremely competent and proactive staff is the best part. I've lived in several great buildings but the staff here really sets Westbrooke Place apart. They're always friendly, helpful, smiling and proactive in addressing issues. Huge kudos!"

-Westbrooke Place, Washington, DC 22

CAPTIVATE! At the beginning of 2017 we launched our new, unique-to-Gables long-term resident points-based loyalty rewards program called CAPTIVATE!, powered by Community Rewards. This new program is designed specifically to boost resident engagement via online reputation management and social media. We believe an engaged resident will be happier, stay longer and have more meaningful relationships. Residents can choose from a number of “challenges” such as completing a Kingsley survey to provide valuable feedback about their living experience, posting about their community on social media, or attending a resident event. Residents in turn are rewarded with points that can be redeemed towards gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, iTunes, or redeem vouchers for apartment home related enhancements. A symbiotic relationship promoting engagement between our onsite teams and residents has been strengthened through this innovative program.

71.73 2016 ORA Score

76.23 2017 ORA Score

49% participation rate from residents 10,000 residents answered


resident retention increase in 2017

4.4/5 star reviews from residents

polls about: Favorite Social Media Site, Distance to Work, Community Events

22% increase in Gables Facebook followers 100% increase in Gables Instagram followers

"A very cool concept. I have never had this offered at previous apartments. I like the variety of gift cards available and the miscellaneous challenges. I hope they update them frequently." "I think this is very cool and useful. It's a great way to show residents you care and to reward us for our place of living. Excited to see how it plays out!" "Awesome! I really enjoy using this service and the perks it offers! Plus I love free money, can't ever be upset at that! Keep up the good work!" GUARDIAN ANGELS CHARITY The Gables Paws to Care™ pet program empowers our associates to facilitate pet-centric events and charitable efforts that extend beyond our immediate communities. Gables is proud to support causes that are important to our residents, and has partnered with the national charity Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc. - a non-profit that trains and donates medical


service dogs to Veterans and others in need. The worthy recipients struggle with a variety of disorders such as PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, or mobility issues. Since launching Paws to Care™ and sharing the connection to the Guardian Angels charity, our residents have become extremely active. Residents can donate to Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs via our CAPTIVATE! Gables Loyalty Rewards program, and since June 2017 through year-end, Gables has raised over $6,300 for Guardian Angels. ( ASSOCIATE WELL-BEING In 2017, Gables rolled out an exciting new technology component of the well-established Fit4Funds wellness program for our associates. With the addition of the Virgin Pulse app, every Gables associate who enrolled in the Fit4Funds program received a Virgin Pulse Max Buzz wristband. With the wearable Max Buzz device, one can track physical activity, sleep and so much more. Tools offered through Virgin Pulse like the Max Buzz, daily health information cards and the healthy habits builder, offers our associates the opportunity to get on track and maximize the benefits of the program. Because the Virgin Pulse platform is completely web-based, associates can track their points as frequently as they choose using the mobile app. • 75.7% of eligible associates are enrolled on the platform • 50% of associates engage on the platform monthly • Almost 300 associates participated in the first ever corporate-wide challenge in Q1 and took a total of more than 77 million cumulative steps • 34.8% of our members average at least 7,000 steps per day To add to the list of perks of being a Gables associate, Gables introduced the InBody scale at six of our corporate offices at the end of 2017 for unlimited use. InBody is a body composition scale that confidentially measures weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, percent body fat, ECW ratio, BMI, and visceral fat. It also has the ability to store progress information every time an associate uses the scale to check on their progress and physical fitness goals. Gables also hosts annual Heath Fairs for our associates in each region that offer a number of beneficial services including free flu shots and biometric screenings (BMI, cholesterol, weight, height and blood pressure). All attendees received a free Max Buzz wearable fitness tracker and a Gables Fit4Funds branded shirt. In addition, Mass Mutual, Aetna and Healthiest You reps were there to give presentations on our benefit offerings.


Associate Voices

Associate feedback, much like resident feedback, helps us be the best organization we can possibly be. We utilize the online platform to gauge associate satisfaction weekly with surveys e-mailed to all of our associates. Associates answer a variety of questions anonymously pertaining to things like pay, benefits, relationships with supervisors, and general work environment. We also have the ability to reply to comments and address specific issues instantly.

“Gables is more than just talk and they have even supplied us necessary tracking tools. They try to make it fun and you’re rewarded for being healthy” “Gables is very organized and has a lot of training for their associates. I'm very proud to work for Gables.” “I feel empowered and trusted to execute work at my pace.” “Great environment, supportive and uplifting along with challenging.”


“I am proud of our leadership, our associate programs/benefits and core values. We practice what we preach.” “Our culture is second to none, and I am proud to be a part of it.” “Gables is always looking at ways to improve on our ability to give recognition, and all of the leaders follow-up to ensure we know we have those abilities.”

Average Associate Tenure Diversity We believe an important benchmark of corporate culture is associate tenure.


Regional Manager

.29% Gen Z

Community Manager

48% 2% 28% 2% 19% 1% Caucasian



Mixed Race

African American



Overall Average



45% 55% Female Male


OVATIONS At Gables, we believe that associates should be recognized on a regular basis and also have the opportunity to recognize their peers. Launched in the summer of 2017, Gables Ovations is an innovative rewards and recognition program on a digital platform branded specifically and only for Gables Residential. Ovations offers an internal website where we facilitate sales competition, as well as reward and recognize exceptional customer service and teamwork. It functions as a way for our associates across the country to interact with each other in real time, providing digital compliments and recognition for the entire company to see, and discover a sense of healthy competition with a live feed of the leasing sales rankings. Recognition points are redeemable for incentives like paid time off, iPads, flat screen TVs, and more! Ovations gives all associates an opportunity to provide feedback to ANYONE in the company, no longer having to wait a year to only recognize a few. We now recognize instantly and consistently, as we feel there is more value to immediate feedback which drives further engagement.



over participation since inception

16,000 site visits since inception


over points given out in recognition

“We wanted to create a way to publicly recognize and reward our associates who live the company’s values regardless of their position in the company.” –Philip Altschuler, Senior Vice President, HR 27

ASSOCIATE BENEFITS In addition to reaping the incredible benefits of our health and wellness program (Fit4Funds), our full time associates are offered excellent benefits including medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401(k), and a 6 week fully paid sabbatical after 10 years of tenure at the company. Following ten years of tenure, our associates can enjoy sabbaticals every five years thereafter! • Sunshine Fund: We are proud to have associates who take the opportunity to give back not only to our residents but to their fellow colleagues. The Sunshine Fund was established in 2003 all thanks to the generosity of our associates. Their voluntary financial contributions go directly to fellow Gables colleagues going through hardships such as a loss of a family member, natural disaster, or health problem. Overall in 2017, we disbursed more from the Sunshine Fund in one year than ever before – totaling almost $43,000 – due to Hurricane Harvey & Irma. • Forever Great Scholarship: We encourage our associates to continue their education and strongly support their families’ pursuit of learning. That’s why we have offered the Forever Great Scholarship, where our associates have the opportunity to apply for scholarships through Gables that help cover education costs for them and their children. 12 winners were recognized this year and awarded a total of $15,000! Ten individuals accepted their awards for the 2017 Fall Semester and two accepted theirs for their 2018 Spring Semester. Winners of this year’s scholarship studied subjects like Political Science and Nursing. • EAP (Employee Assistance Program): Our company tagline, Taking Care of the Way You Live™, encompasses everything from the lifestyle of our residents to the health and well-being, both mental and physical, of our associates. Our Employee Assistance Program: -provides 24/7 confidential service for professional counseling and referral sources -helps our associates with personal, job or family related problems -provides up to 5 free counseling sessions per year


TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Our award-winning Training & Development department provided numerous innovative ways to engage, support, and offer useful tools to our associates in 2017: • Trainer in Your Pocket: Gables associates have access to a virtual trainer in their pocket powered by our dynamic online Learning Management System, Litmos. Launched in 2017, this system consolidated five learning platforms and hosts micro-learning modular classes which are designed for today’s on-the-go learner. This approach to content management results in increased learner engagement, by making it easier to access (and update) the content they need, where and when they need it. • Talks4Techs: Talks4Techs is new live web show program introduced in 2017 accessible through a computer or mobile device that delivers the most up to date service related information to our onsite maintenance technicians. There is a new topic featured every month taught by our regional service trainers. • Onboarding: New associates experience an innovative mixed-media, ondemand, training program bundled with onsite coaching, so they master the skills they need to be successful in their role. Much of this proprietary training can be completed in just 15-20 minutes a day and accomplishes effective knowledge transfer while focusing on providing a new hire experience new associates can rave about to family and friends. • Compliance Training: Compliance training is necessary to ensure associates comply with all laws and regulations as well as follow the company’s policies and procedures. Our compliance training features short, video-based training modules that focus on just conveying what’s important, so associates can learn and retain what they need, while spending almost 50% less time completing this type of training. less time spent on training in 2017


thanks to web-based videos • Onsite Coaching: While content from videos and materials is an effective way to teach, the majority of knowledge transfer happens on the job through a combination of coaching and practice. A select team of high performers in various functions coach new hires to assist with answering questions, reinforce content, and providing supportive feedback to increase successful outcomes. • Onsite Maintenance Coaching: Regional Service Trainers coach maintenance teams on community-specific technical and leadership skills.


• Success Coach Program: Provides a peer coach, who is an experienced associate in the role, to a new hire or high-potential associate getting promoted to support them and help them achieve mastery while they learn new job-specific skills required for success. • Leadership Development: Supervisory associates master the technical skills related to their position, but strong leadership skills are necessary to embrace the company values, provide exceptional employment experiences, drive associate engagement and reduce associate turnover. To achieve that goal, we select from a pool of nominated high potential associates who if chosen, attend one of two separate leadership learning programs. • LEADER: This introductory leadership program promotes the development of organizational competencies by leveraging internal mentors who teach monthly classes and work with each learner’s supervisor to develop a successful leadership plan for our communities and corporate offices. Many first-time supervisors and mid-level supervisors learn fundamental leadership skills they are able to apply in both their current and successor roles with the company. • Gables Leadership Institute: Gables Leadership Institute focuses on developing high potential leadership successors across the organization. This cross-functional cohort style program provides learners with classes led by expert external facilitators along with increased exposure to senior management. After completing a battery of self-assessments along with a 360° assessment, learners work one-on-one with an executive coach to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). Using a mix of classroom, experiential activities, and team based projects, associates build upon their strategy, communication, critical thinking, and talent development skills preparing them for leadership positions in the company.


associates in the 2017 GLI cohort have been promoted since their GLI experience • Cyber Security: All associates with access to the Gables network learn about cyber-security through micro-learning modules and on-the-job learning. The entire experience conveys company-specific information about cyber-security, as well as how individuals and companies are targeted, which may compromise our network. Associates with company e-mail also receive test e-mails designed to check their skills. Associates that click a link in these emails are immediately notified and have an opportunity to learn what was missed to improve and maintain their cyber-security awareness.


SAFETY Associate safety is a top priority. Gables onsite construction associates take the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10-hour training course every two years. The training instructs Gables associates on how to identify and prevent hazards on construction sites. Standard operating procedures are in place to prescribe processes and procedures for general safety and maintenance work. Associates are encouraged to complete safety bulletins which are distributed across the investment group to support lessons learned. This information is used to develop best practices, policies and job aides to educate associates and sub-contractors. To further emphasize the value of the program, Gables has an associate dedicated to the oversight of our safety program nationally. RECRUITMENT Our innovative recruitment practices are vital to attracting top tier candidates that ultimately help shape how our company operates. In 2017, we participated in an industry-wide virtual career fair to promote apartment industry careers as a whole along with careers at Gables. We hosted our own regional interview days to connect hiring managers and candidates with current or future opportunities to join Gables. We also implemented new video interview software giving hiring managers the ability to meet virtually with candidates either live or in pre-recorded interview settings. On our Gables careers webpage, we added artificial intelligence chatting for candidates to interact with during the initial application process for ease and convenience. GOVERNANCE • Ethics: Gables’ core values are based on our associates conducting business to meet high standards of service and excellence centered on principles of ethics to protect Gables’ reputation and long term success. Gables empowers every associate to be proactive in seeking guidance on possible violations. Associates can choose to report such violations to the Compliance Officer or through Ethicspoint, Inc., an independent third party resource available 24/7 by phone, toll-free or by accessing their secure, external website. • Ethics and Compliance Training: Associates learn about our corporate culture, corporate citizenship, compliance and customer service during on-boarding and through on-going training. In 2017, associates participated in more than 2,346 hours of training on these subjects.

“It is of utmost importance that our associates have these communication avenues at their immediate disposal which include the option for the associate to remain anonymous. We treat any such communications with a high degree of importance throughout the diligence process until the ultimate resolution.” -Dawn Severt, CFO Gables Upper Rock (Rockville, MD)


• Compliance and Risk Management: The Internal Audit Department at Gables Residential is a fully-integrated support service group that provides operational reviews and monitors compliance at both community and corporate levels. The department follows Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) professional guidance and includes Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) and Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) among its staff. Owned, joint venture, and 3rd party communities are audited regularly. Gables' Director of Risk Management is a dedicated organizational resource. This role advises management to inform decision making by identifying and assessing areas of risk, oversees review of contractual issues and claims and manages property and liability insurance in order to obtain the best possible pricing and broadest coverage for our assets. Gables contracts due diligence services provided by a third party who manages liability insurance certificates, verifies credentials and performs government watch list searches.

GABLES ASSOCIATES AS 2017 INDUSTRY LEADERS • Sue Ansel (President & CEO): Chairwoman of NMHC

Gables Park 17 (Dallas, TX)

• Cris Sullivan (COO): Chairwoman of NMHC Optech Conference • Dawn Severt (CFO): Chairwoman of NMHC Investment Committee • Matt Bearden (VP of Construction): NMHC Construction Committee • Gigi Giannoni (VP of Marketing): Spoke at NAHB, MFE & AIM • Philip Altschuler (Senior VP of HR), Bob Lamb (VP of IT), Donna Summers (Senior VP of Operations), Juliette Apicella (Director of Sustainability), Tovah Agler (Compensation & Benefits Manager) and a number of other Gables associates have also participated in industry task forces and have spoken at conferences such as NMHC in 2017.


SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY Energy and Water Efficiency NEST™ Smart thermostats High-efficiency HVAC units use CFC-free refrigerant Energy efficient lighting systems ENERGY STAR® labeled bathroom exhaust fans ENERGY STAR® Whirlpool refrigerators, dishwashers and washers/dryers Reflective roof lowers building’s heating load and reduces urban heat island effect Building envelope is sealed and insulated, and combined with low-e glass windows, provides comfort, reduces solar heat gain and saves energy Water Efficiency High-efficiency faucets, showerheads and toilets Irrigation system controlled by soil moisture sensors to manage water use Landscape is mulched to retain soil moisture to conserve water use Location and Transportation Alternatives Daily errands do not require a car Located close to public transit Mixed-use community features retail within walking distance Electric vehicle charging stations Bike racks Indoor Air Quality Living spaces sealed to prevent unwanted air contaminates MERV 8 filters used in apartment homes and corridors

Spaces are mechanically ventilated with fresh air Green cleaning program is administered by on-site team Interior paints contain low and no VOCs Carpet is CRI-Green Label Plus certified 100% Smoke Free Community Materials and Resources Construction waste debris diverted from landfill Efficient use of construction methods and materials to minimize waste Carpet is recyclable at end of life Landscaping Site stormwater and erosion are managed to prevent storm water pollution Landscape uses native and regionally appropriate plantings to conserve water Awards and Certifications Pursing Florida Green Building Coalition Certification

Gables Columbus Center CORAL GABLES, FL

Gables Columbus Center is a distinctive high-rise community with 200 apartment homes and 4,000 sq. ft. of retail space located in the Coral Gables central business district. The community is convenient to Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue, the city’s retail and restaurant quarter.


P lace

We define a sense of place as the community we enhance. Not only the community our residents call home, but the community-at-large that they experience every day. This community is influenced and impacted not only by our residents, but also by our associates, prospects and general population. Real estate continues to be about location, and today, a prime location is in high demand given the challenges with transportation, value of time and overall convenience. Correlated also to the opportunity to influence wellness, Gables measures the quality of location with a focus on walk scores, bike scores and transit scores. The importance of these scores influence the surrounding community and quality of lifestyle people are able to enjoy. For our residents, the sense of place we create extends beyond the importance of location. Our sense of place is about the community we create for them every day. Their community offers opportunities for engagement with associates and fellow residents via the convenience of their mobile devices, pet programs, retail discounts and events. Connectivity is a strong component of community and creating that special place, and Gables offers opportunities to give back via multiple community service experiences throughout the year. We believe that people simply want to belong, and they have chosen to belong at a Gables community. MIXED-USE COMMUNITIES – WALKABILITY Our Gables apartment communities are not limited to the confines of our apartment homes and amenities. Oftentimes we integrate mixed-use retail into our developments along with always developing in EPNs (Established Premium Neighborhoods) that in turn creates a sense of place for our residents. A place where they want to live, work, shop and play without having to get into their car to do so. A place where they can connect with neighbors and friends within the comfort of their Gables community. Pictured below is one of our newest mixed-use developments, Gables Water Street, located in Las Colinas, TX.


PAWS TO CARE ™ Our Gables Paws to Care™ program is designed to celebrate our pet-centric focus by showcasing our Gables pets in pet events, on social media, and charity efforts. As soon as they strut through the door, we “treat” our pets to a pet treat, pet toys, and a personalized Paws to Care™ welcome. We also design our communities with pet-centric amenities in mind, incorporating onsite dog parks, pet spas, and other custom amenities tailored around our furry friends. In addition to ongoing charity efforts with Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc., we continue the ongoing celebration of our love for pets by hosting various events throughout 2017 nationwide at our communities. These events were promoted onsite and on our community and corporate social media sites using the hashtag #PawsToCare. -National Pet Day (April 11, 2017): Gables celebrated National Pet Day by, naturally, giving back to the pet community as well as our Gables pets onsite. In addition to hosting an event to pamper our pets at all of our communities, we spread the love at animal shelters across the country by donating Paws to Care water bowls for both dogs and cats to enjoy. We promoted the shelters we visited on social media in hopes of spreading awareness of pet adoption throughout all of our regions. -Clear the Shelters (August 19, 2017): Along with nearly 700 shelters across the country, we encouraged our residents to "Clear the Shelters" and adopt a pet by offering pet fee discounts at our communities for pets adopted in this month. -Veterans Day (November 11, 2017): We provided our residents the opportunity to earn DOUBLE the CAPTIVATE! Gables Loyalty Rewards points when donating to our Paws to Care™ charity, Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. It was a win-win for our residents and charity alike, as it spurred an instant $400 bump in donations from our residents in one day. Our product offers a sense of place for our human residents as well as our Gables pets. By incorporating pet-centric amenities like pet wash stations and dog parks within our Gables communities, we can make the lives of our pet owners easier and create a convenient and social space for them to interact with fellow pet owners.

10 Light (Baltimore, MD)

Gables Sheridan (Atlanta, GA)


GOOD AS GOLD RETAIL PROGRAM Gables Residential prides itself in being in key urban cities around the US. We’ve created a retail discount program exclusively for our residents called Good as Gold that supports local retail vendors and promotes walkability throughout our mixed-use communities and neighborhoods. We have partnered with several local retailers, restaurants, services and entertainment providers all around the country to offer our residents unique discounts that they can take advantage of right outside their apartment home and while they’re on-the-go. For more information, visit

SOCIAL MEDIA Gables focuses on building community both on-site and on-line, and saw a large increase in engagement on our Gables Residential social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest). The Gables Facebook Page saw a 13% growth in fans in 2017 compared to the year prior, as well as an 11% higher engagement rate. We attribute this growth to our other programs that promote social media, such as CAPTIVATE! Resident Rewards program and our Paws to Care™ pet program. Social media is a powerful tool that connects our residents and associates across the country with the use of videos, updates, photos and hashtags (#GablesProud) that encourages our residents to share their Gables stories, living experiences, and interact with fellow neighbors to keep in touch with community events and announcements.


DISASTER RELIEF Hurricane Harvey & Irma tragically devastated the Houston and Florida regions in 2017. We can hardly comprehend the losses that so many people incurred. The strength of individuals working together is powerful, and we are seeing that power at work every day. We are fortunate to have associates and residents who are caring and compassionate, and who are giving so much of themselves to others during this tragic time. This past 2017 in the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, we worked diligently to ensure that our Houston and Florida associates were safe and accounted for during this hectic period. At our Gables Residential communities, we continued to operate and were available not only for our residents and associates, but for the broader population of the areas affected as well. In addition, we had many Gables associates ask how they could help during these tough times. Some offered to travel to Houston and Florida to assist with the cleanup efforts, while others donated to assist associates and the people in the communities impacted by those storms. Gables also offered direct assistance to our associates through the Sunshine Fund. This associate-funded charity was established to help ease the financial burden for people during their darkest hours. To ensure that the Sunshine Fund had enough money to assist those in need that were impacted by this storm, interested associates were given the option to donate any amount through a payroll deduction. We gave more than $18,000 to 6 associates who requested assistance following Hurricane Harvey. The requesting associates utilized the funds to repair destruction to their primary residence and replace items lost to the hurricane. Gables Corporate Accommodations offers furnished apartment home rentals to individuals or corporations throughout the nation. GCA also offers a reputable hotel program. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we leased over 200 hotel rooms to Dow Chemical, in addition to providing corporate housing assistance to Hess and Republic Waste. Gables Corporate Accommodations was also the recipient of the 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award as presented by one of our clients, Graebel Relocation.


COMMUNITY SERVICE • Gables Day We believe that as part of being a good corporate citizen, it is imperative that we give back to the communities where we operate. That’s why since the year 2000, Gables has an annual tradition of hosting a very special day of community service called Gables Day. Collectively, Gables has raised $1,430,700 in donations and volunteered 134,500 hours over the past 17 years. During 2017, Gables focused specifically on the following categories:

Homelessness & Poverty

Denver: Project Homelessness Connect

South Florida: Feeding South Florida

Dallas: Dallas Bethlehem Center

DC: Chesapeake Veterans House

Support for Those At-Risk

N. Florida: Bakas Equestrian Center

Atlanta: Foster Care Support Foundation

Boston: Samuel Adams School


in donations raised by Gables for various charitable organizations


volunteer hours served since the inception of Gables Day in 2000

• GCA Drives Gables Corporate Accommodations also partakes in the following community service efforts to give back whenever possible:

-Love with Food boxes: GCA gives the welcome gift to residents and in turn, for every box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to a food bank such as Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength – No Kid Hungry

-Focusing Families: GCA also collects clothing and toys for children annually who live at the Focusing Families Crisis Center GABLES SUSTAINABILITY ADVISORY COUNCIL The Gables Sustainability Advisory Council, assembled in 2017, was created to facilitate the transition to greater sustainability and ensure an organization-wide approach consistent with Gables’ mission of Taking Care of the Environment. The 14 members represent all areas and different geographical regions of the organization . In its first year, the Council identified strategic initiatives and developed the first draft of a Sustainability Master Plan for Gables Residential.


2017 Company Awards 2017 Builder of the Year - Most Homes Certified Multi-Family Category Florida Green Building Coalition 2017 Best & Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation 2017 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX (2017, 2016) Houston, TX (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014) Atlanta, GA (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014) 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008 Training Magazine Top 125 Top-Ranked Learning and Development Program 2017 Environmental Stewardship Award Graebel Relocation Alliance Conference GCA/Gables Residential 2017 Litmos Lenny Award- Best Employee Training Program 2017 Gold Award Best Property Management Company of the Year Multi-Housing News 2017 Multifamily Executive Awards- Marketing & Advertising Category ApartMEANT Campaign


2017 Aetna’s Workplace Wellness Award 2017 PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards Marketing Campaign - ApartMEANT Campaign 2017 PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards Corporate Brochure - Gables Corporate Citizenship Report 2016 2017 PMA Marketing and Advertising Excellence Awards Runner-Up – Corporate Website – 2017 Best Places to Work Multifamily 2017 Pulse of the City News Award for Excellence in Customer Service Atlanta, GA Dallas, TX (2017, 2016)


Regional Offices

Atlanta 3399 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 600 Atlanta, GA 30326 404-923-5500

Dallas 3811 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 1500 Dallas, TX 75219 214-252-2600

Austin 6850 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 200 Austin, TX 78731 512-502-6000

D.C. Metro 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 650 McLean, VA 22102 703-918-2500

Boca Raton 225 NE Mizner Blvd., Suite 400 Boca Raton, FL 33432 561-997-9700

Denver 101 University Blvd., Suite 240 Denver, CO 80206 720-616-6830




Houston 5847 San Felipe, Suite 3250 Houston, TX 77057 713-784-4144


Contact: Juliette Apicella | Director of Sustainability |