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Gables Park Tower Austin, TX USGBC LEED Silver

Gables Park Tower, situated in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, was carefully designed and built with sustainability in mind from initial construction to the finishing touches. The rustic wood on the ceiling in the lobby and arcade was created using reclaimed wood pallets originally used for transporting tile to the job site at Gables Park Tower as well as other previous construction sites. The pallets were broken apart and applied to the ceiling, creating a visual focal point in addition to its functional purpose. The repurposing of this wood tells the story about maximizing green efforts whenever possible. *Ceiling photo featured on cover page















MESSAGE from the ceo

Good values never go out of style. 2015 was a year of transition at Gables. In February, our ownership format essentially converted from a closed-end fund to a perpetual life vehicle. While our team and our assets remained the same, there was a high level of attention focused on transition-related activities throughout the year. Our associates at Gables demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment and professionalism by expertly taking on these challenges while continuing to deliver extraordinary care and service to our residents and tenants, our investors, our fellow associates and our local communities. I remain humbled, proud and thankful for the efforts exemplified by our Gables associates. While many things have changed over Gables 30+ year history, one of the things that has stayed consistent throughout this time is our enduring belief in our core values. Our values are measured every day by each interaction our team undertakes on behalf of, and in service to, our internal and external constituents. This vision drives the way we think, interact, lead and grow our business. These principles guide the way we conduct ourselves and undertake our business in our local communities. We understand that the decisions we make today impact the future. At Gables, we recognized the importance of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts before there was such a phrase. Our standards lead us to continuously strive to do the right thing. As a result of the efforts of our team throughout 2015, Gables continued to thrive. The value of our organization grew from $3.2 billion to $3.6 billion at year-end as a result of NOI growth, acquisitions, and the development, construction and lease-up of our new communities. We stabilized the occupancy of three development communities over the course of the year and had another ten communities under development or lease-up at year-end. We currently manage over 100 communities, comprising approximately 30,000 apartment homes and 600,000 square feet of commercial space. Giving back to the multifamily sector is vitally important and our team and our communities continue to be recognized in our industry as leaders. Gables associates held many leadership roles in industry advocacy associations at local, state and national levels throughout the year. In addition, our COO, Cristina Sullivan, was identified as a Woman of Influence by Real Estate Forum in 2015 and our learning and development program was recognized for the eighth year in a row in the Top 125 Training Programs throughout all industries worldwide. As you become familiar with the information included in this report, I hope that you will come to recognize the unique value proposition that is Gables. We have something special as an organization. Our story is compelling, our associates are dedicated, and we are committed to constructively influencing our environment. I believe that the overall magnitude of our corporate citizenship efforts continue to make a positive difference for our local communities and the lives of our associates and our residents, which truly demonstrates that good values never go out of style.

Susan M. Ansel


Timeless Values Our company was founded on core principles that are still the cornerstones of who we are and how we operate today. Throughout the years, we have changed our ownership structure to adapt to changing real estate cycles, but our mission, values and vision remain constant.

Our Mission Our Core Values Our Core Values are our rock solid beliefs, regardless of trends or market conditions, and are based on delivering the following: Extraordinary quality and service for our residents Unparalleled employment experiences for our associates Utmost integrity and value for our shareholders and customers Enduring contributions to our local communities

Our Vision To be the industry leader for innovation, adaptability and entrepreneurship in providing high quality living experiences in premier apartment communities that are created from a culture committed to producing products and services that appeal to the evolving demographic in high growth markets in the United States.


Good Values Never Go Out of Style Our mission of “Taking Care� extends to our residents, associates, investors and communities where we operate. Our commitment to being a good corporate citizen is reflected in our policies and practices in every aspect of our business as highlighted below. We utilize these opportunities to inform and drive all of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives.






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Green O






Gables Upper Rock Rockville, MD

Gables Park Tower Austin, TX

Gables Tanglewood Houston, TX

Gables West Avenue Austin, TX


Gables Residential is an awardwinning, vertically integrated, real estate company and privately held REIT specializing in the development, construction, ownership, acquisition, financing and management of multifamily and mixed-use communities. Gables Residential owns, develops and manages communities in high-growth U.S. markets such as Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, South Florida, Southern California and metropolitan Washington, D.C. Gables also provides third party management services in the New York, Baltimore, Frederick, Tampa, Phoenix, Seattle, Charlotte, Central and North Florida markets. Gables manages approximately 30,000 apartment homes and 600,000 square feet of retail space

and has received national recognition for excellence in development, construction, management, sales, marketing, learning and development, benefits and corporate accommodations. These achievements reflect the impact of our experienced and dedicated team members, our superior knowledge of the markets served, and our expertise in development and management. Gables, not only as a company, but as a committed group of diverse and multi-talented individuals working towards a common goal, focuses on being exemplary corporate citizens. To us, being a good corporate citizen means caring and taking pride in our residents, associates, clients, investors, stakeholders, and our communities in which we operate.

11 Gables River Oaks Houston, TX


Gables University Station Westwood, MA


sustainable community spotlight

MATERIALS AND RESOURCES - Construction waste debris diverted from landfill - Recycled construction materials - Eco-friendly cleaning products - Recyclable carpet - Reflective roof to reduce Urban Heat Island Effect - CFC-free HVAC refrigerant INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY - Smoke free community - High-efficiency HVAC units with programmable thermostats - Sealed living spaces, combined with filtered outside air ventilation, prevent unwanted contaminates and improves insulation value - MERV 8 filters - Carbon monoxide detectors - Low-E glass reducing solar heat gain and improving energy efficiency

ENERGY & WATER EFFICIENCY -H  igh efficiency lighting package -E  NERGY STARŽ bath exhaust fans -E  nergy efficient refrigerators and dishwashers -L  ow-flow plumbing fixtures LANDSCAPING -E  rosion control site planning -N  on-evasive plantings -R  ain sensors on irrigation -M  ulched landscape for moisture retention TRANSPORTATION -W  alking distance to commuter rail station -N  ew urbanism design -C  ommunity located immediately adjacent to shops and restaurants -E  lectric car charging stations -P  referred parking for lowemission vehicles -B  icycle storage facility AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS -N  ational Green Building Standard – Bronze Rating


National Portfolio Status Stabilized


Apt. Homes (101)

Apt. Homes (12)




investment pipeline

Apt. Homes (10)

Apt. Homes (7)








Regional Office Development & investment pipeline

san antonio




washington DC/MD/VA

North carolina



North florida houston

south florida



Preserving Our Environment “Being green” is deeply ingrained in our daily practices and policies as a developer and property management company. How we treat our environment has a direct effect on the quality of life for both our residents and associates. THE KEY TO BEING GREEN: - Consider and measure every action we take - S  trategically build our communities near public transit and walkable neighborhoods - P  lan and implement use of green building materials - O  ptimize methods to reduce our carbon footprint Gables has identified waste, water, and energy as three main environmental impacts in daily operations and has targeted specific campaigns to reduce those impacts:

- A  chieved a 30% waste reduction target in 2015 with an extensive campaign to better understand and quantify water and energy usage by our residents in partnership with our utility service provider - T  hird-party provider audits our usage and ensures completeness and accuracy of our data - T  arget setting for water reduction and capital allocation to fund resident and community engagement and education programs Our waste measurement program and associated reduction targets were some of our first environmental initiatives under our “Taking Care of our Environment” strategy.


Our energy and water programs now under development include:

Gables Upper Rock: Rockville, MD

- Deployment of Measurabl’s software for sustainability measurement, benchmarking and reporting - A  utomate data collection to effectively set and communicate our water and energy targets

Gables Emory Point: Atlanta, GA



Building Classic Living Experiences DEVELOPMENT Our latest developments are all built to a green building certification standard. We realize that developing sustainable communities helps to ensure the well-being of our residents. Our communities are designed to maximize daylight, increase natural ventilation, provide occupant temperature controls, monitor indoor air quality, and provide green spaces in which our residents can thrive. CERTIFIED COMMUNITIES

USGBC LEED Gables 12 Twenty One LEED for Homes Silver Gables Centerpointe LEED for Homes Certified Gables Park 17 LEED New Construction Silver Gables Park Plaza LEED New Construction Silver Gables Park Tower LEED New Construction Silver Gables Takoma Park LEED New Construction Silver

EarthCraft Gables 820 West EarthCraft Multifamily Certified Gables Brookhaven EarthCraft Multifamily Certified Gables Century Center EarthCraft Multifamily Certified Gables Emory Point EarthCraft Community, Multifamily, and Light Commercial Certified

Gables Midtown EarthCraft Multifamily Certified Gables Sheridan EarthCraft Multifamily Certified

National Green Building Standard Gables Cherry Creek Pending NGBS Silver Gables McKinney Ave NGBS Silver Certified Gables Post Oak NGBS Silver Certified Gables River Oaks NGBS Silver Certified Gables Tanglewood NGBS Silver Certified Gables University Station NGBS Bronze Certified Gables Upper Rock NGBS Bronze Certified Gables Uptown Trail NGBS Bronze Certified

Florida Green Building Coalition Gables Ponce Certified Florida Green High-Rise Residential Building


Construction Gables Construction associates are well versed in green standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, NAHB NGBS, ENERGY STAR and municipal programs. Gables Construction encourages all associates to attend seminars, workshops and additional training including LEED training and accreditation, Green Advantage training and certification, and NAHB Certified Green Professional designation. PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONSIDERATIONS

Gables Villa Rosa: Dallas, TX

- New projects are evaluated for compatibility with both public and private green building standards - Gables Construction works with Third-Party Energy Specialists to understand requirements of available green building programs and their respective costs - Third-Party Energy Specialists are hired for each project to conduct advanced energy modeling, consulting, field inspections and testing. Advanced modeling includes HERS modeling of individual apartment homes. Testing includes duct leakage and blower door tests

Gables River Oaks Houston, TX


Building a Better Tomorrow We recognize the growing need to protect the environment. Our company believes that green practices impact every aspect of our business. We focus on four key area: - New development and construction - Ongoing on-site operations and maintenance - Corporate office initiatives - Associate and resident awareness In addition, all associates complete green training specific to their community as part of their personal development plan in Foundations Online, our Learning Management System. We are also committed to incorporating green business practices in both our on-site leasing offices and corporate offices. - Purchase and use recyclable products; recycle waste - Implement paperless procedures - Resident leases are not printed and are e-signed - Direct deposit paycheck stubs are not printed - made available online through the UltiPro Payroll System - Associates not enrolled in direct deposit receive payroll distributions through the use of P-Cards - Collection agency file transmissions are conducted electronically - Reduced waste at each community helps to conserve natural resources and reduce landfill loading - Implement recycling programs for residential, retail and corporate INDOOR AIR QUALITY - Communities operate to maintain indoor air quality practices

which allow for the inspection and documentation of system monitoring and maintenance GREEN CLEANING - A  lign with vendors that use environmentally friendly products - P  urchase green products and execute sustainable cleaning practices at all communities ENERGY CONSERVATION - M  easure and track consumption on a regular periodic basis and benchmark data against the appropriate industry standards - E  valuate usage data to improve efficiency - T  hird-party utility auditors utilized to verify accuracy of utility billing MARKETING & COMMUNICATION - G  ables Green Glove focus throughout company website - C  ommunity green pages listing sustainable features - G  reen training for on-site associates - G  reen certifications for building compliance - G  reen living tips and guidelines provided to residents at move in - G  reen initiatives shared via social media - N  ational green award recognition - A  nnual community participation in Earth Day

Gables uses paper products on-site and at our corporate offices containing


post-consumer recycled fiber.


Gables 2015 Recycling Program

Total weight of non hazardous waste (tons/month)

Owned assets recycling participation rate

ON-SITE RECYCLING - All paper trash generated from offices are placed in lockable shredding services bins to be collected, shredded, and recycled - Recycling containers for plastic and aluminum waste are utilized by all offices and on-site at our communities Gables 820 West Atlanta, GA

Total weight of recycling (tons/month)

Saved $8,153 in energy costs by using LED bulbs ENERGY SAVING EFFORTS

At Gables Sugarloaf alone, we replaced a total of 463 light fixtures with LE Ds.


Installation of high-efficiency equipment and appliances

Portfolio % Covered 75% - 100%

Source: 2015 GRESB Gables Benchmark Report

We conduct multiple power saving efforts such as converting all hallway and parking garage light fixtures to LED bulbs on our renovation projects. Along with our new developments and renovations, we ensure that our commercial tenants are well-versed in the sustainability efforts and goals of our company.

Estimated Savings MWh

Estimated ROI (%)




Entire Gables Portfolio


Caring for Conservation To have success, it is critical to measure success. Benchmarking our results is directly linked to our audit and data management work with American Utility Management (AUM), who track and report on our energy consumption, GHG emissions, and water consumption. In 2015, our portfolio showed a 2% MMBtu drop year over year in total energy usage with the associated Carbon Footprint dropping 2%. Our water usage drop of 1.1% translates to 4.7 million gallons of water savings.

Gables Uptown Trail: Dallas, TX




One of our most precious resources is water. Gables has practiced drip irrigation and xeriscaping at the majority of our assets. We also prioritize the installation of high efficiency plumbing fixtures and occupant sensors in our common areas to further improve our water savings.

Gables Takoma Park Washington, DC

Gables Takoma Park Washington, DC


Water Ideal Usage Sept. ‘14 - aug. ‘15



Score: 100








– Achieved an 11.5% reduction in Carbon Footprint in 2015 – Climate Region: Northern – Meter Type: Master – Unit count: 145 – Rentable sq. ft: 113,077 The ideal water usage shown approximates consumption to achieve an AUM Score of 100.






Gables Takoma Park


Benchmarking Our Corporate Citizenship Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts are continuously benchmarked by local, national and international organizations. The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, or GRESB, is a leading global source of comprehensive portfolio level sustainability data for the real estate industry. This organization is committed to working with institutional investors and portfolio managers to identify and implement best practices in all categories related to ESG. Year after year, Gables has outperformed its peer group average scores with our strong, all-encompassing passion and focus on our initiatives throughout the entire company. In 2015, Gables again surpassed the majority of its industry peers, further solidifying the tradition of being a multifamily leader in Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives.

2015 GRESB Benchmark Results


GRESB Average

Peer Average

Implementation & measurement


GRESB Average

Peer Average

Management & policy


GRESB Average

Peer Average

Overall 2015 gresb score


GRESB Average


Peer Average


Gables Park Tower: Austin, TX

Gables outperformed its peer group in all 8 GRESB categories in 2015

Gables University Station Westwood, MA

Gables Ponce Miami, FL



Gables Tanglewood: Houston, TX


sustainable community spotlight

ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND WATER CONSERVATION - Water conserving shower heads and faucet aerators - ENERGY STAR® rated appliances - Low flow commodes and faucets - Solar shades installed in all residences - Energy efficient lighting in common areas and throughout the community - Energy efficient building lighting - Programmable thermostats - Energy conserving business practices by management staff GREEN TRANSPORTATION - Walking distance to shopping, restaurants and services - Walking distance to trolley stop - Easy access to public transportation - Car charging stations in building for residents and Whole Foods Market customers - Walk Score® of 92/100 SUSTAINABLE BUILDING - Low VOC paint and sealants - Recycled content in concrete, steel and carpet

INDOOR AIR QUALITY -L  ow-E glass reducing solar heat gain and improving energy efficiency -D  ouble paned insulated windows -O  perable windows for fresh air LANDSCAPING AND ENVIRONMENT -N  ative landscaping -R  ain sensors on irrigation system -T  ree relocation to nearby park -R  eused existing on-site trees and materials in the new construction -P  arking below grade to minimize unnecessary land use RECYCLING AND ENVIRONMENT -U  se of eco-friendly cleaning products by management and cleaning staff -R  ecycling bins located throughout the community -S  eparate recycling chute for residents to recycle trash AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS -N  GBS Silver Certified -A  warded “Outstanding Multifamily Development” by D CEO Magazine


Gables McKinney Ave Dallas, TX


Our Retail Destinations The New Classic

Gables is proud to offer best in class mixed-use destinations throughout the country. Our communities are located in urban neighborhoods, providing our residents and visiting guests the opportunity to dine, indulge and dwell. In 2015, we gained noteworthy retail tenants such as Earth Fare at Emory Point (Atlanta, GA), Robb & Stucky at Gables Ponce (Miami, FL) and Whole Foods Market at Gables McKinney Ave (Dallas, TX).

At Gables West Ave (Houston, TX) and Gables Uptown Tower (Dallas, TX), composting is available for our restaurant retail tenant waste.

Gables McKinney Ave: Dallas, TX

New retail tenants at our Gables Urban communities are encouraged to use Low VOC materials during build outs.

West Ave: Houston, TX


“Emory Point offers a great location and a welcoming community feel - from the complex design and layout, the other retail/restaurant businesses, security/facility support staff, to management “ - this mixed use community is done well. The community also integrates both professionals and students with women friendly businesses. The ease of access and centralized parking decks provide short, mostly covered access to all stores.� -Peter Song Owner, Emily J Aveda Salon

Emory Point: Altanta, GA


Our Community Service

A Timeless Tradition of Taking CARE Dallas: People Helping People Assisting 62+ years of age or disabled homeowners with exterior home repairs.

2015 Gables Day Contributions 2015 marked the 15th consecutive year of our annual day of community service we are proud to call Gables Day. Since inception in 2000, Gables Day has contributed $1,233,000 in goods and services and our associates have provided over 123,000 hours of labor to the greater community in all of our regions. Gables Day is a highly anticipated day for all of us at Gables. Not only is it a full day to focus on giving back to very worthy causes, our associates also look forward to being surrounded by fellow colleagues working together to complete projects that touch the lives of those in need. Boston: Room to Grow Dedicated to enriching the lives of babies born into poverty throughout their first three years of development. (

South Florida: HomeSafe Non-profit organization protecting Palm Beach County’s and South Florida’s victims of child abuse and domestic violence. (

DC: Sasha Bruce Youthwork

Houston: Jacquelyn House

Denver: Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Center for treatment and care of addicted women and their children. (

Helps young people find safe homes and explore opportunities in education and careers. (

Nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers. (


Atlanta: Path Academy Learning environment in which refugee, immigrant and local children can develop skills needed to succeed. (

Community Service COMPANY of the Year Southeast Florida Apartment Association

North Florida: The Russell Home for Atypical Children First non-profit institution in the country for brain-damaged children. (

Austin: River City Youth Foundation Creates meaningful learning experiences for area youth. (

San Diego: San Diego Rescue Mission Provides housing, hunger relief, mental health counseling and education to homeless people. (

Gables associates with Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States


Taking “CARE” a Step Beyond GCA’s (Gables Corporate Accommodations) proficiency in locating and managing corporate apartment homes is unparalleled in the industry. For temporary furnished housing that feels like home, anywhere in the nation, GCA provides flexible lease terms and customized packages with the simplicity of one point of contact. Whether the need is for one person or a large group, GCA will find the best in furnished apartment home living. In 2015, Gables Corporate Accommodations was named winner of the Cartus Global Network Commitment to Excellence Platinum Award for its exceptional service results, the highest level award a supplier can achieve through service performance. The Excellence Platinum Award recognizes a supplier’s measurable commitment to excellence and is presented to Cartus Global Network service providers who have distinguished themselves by achieving critical performance metrics.

GCA Awarded Company of the Year in 2003, 2012, and 2013 by the Corporate Housing Providers Association

Love with Food Move for Hunger Snack boxes are provided to each GCA guest from Love with Food as a welcome gift to their corporate apartment home. Each box contains unique, tasty snacks which vary based on seasonal themes. For every box sold, Love with Food donates a meal to several food banks such as the Feeding America Network and Share Our Strength - No Kid Hungry. (

In 2015, GCA focused philanthropic efforts on Move for Hunger. Move for Hunger is a hunger relief organization that works with relocation companies like GCA to collect food items and deliver to food banks across North America. GCA leaves a flyer in every GCA corporate apartment home encouraging our residents to leave any non-perishable food items in a provided bag at the end of their stay to donate to the cause. (


“The Gables team’s response time, flexibility and attention to detail are phenomenal. I am raving to my peers about the superior customer service in hopes that I can influence buy-in from all regions to establish a working relationship with Gables corporate wide…” 2015 platinum commitment to excellence cartus global network



“Hudson loves living at Gables Metropolitan more than he loves Halloween candy!�


Our Love for Pets An Everlasting Bond At Gables Residential, we view our residents’ pets as members of our extended family. We value how important they are to our residents and we want to make their pets feel right at home. In 2015, we focused on and celebrated our four legged friends by launching the “Paws to Care” pet initiative.

Annual Pet Adoption

events and fundraisers

Dog Parks

available throughout our portfolio

Pet “Yappy”   Hours

at our communities


pet photo contests and prize giveaways #GablesPets #PawsToCare

Pet Treat Jars

standard at every community entrance


Gables Cherry Creek Denver, CO


sustainable community spotlight

MATERIALS AND RESOURCES - Construction waste debris diverted from landfill - Recycled construction materials - Eco-friendly cleaning products - Recyclable carpet - Reflective roof reducing Urban Heat Island Effect - CFC-free HVAC refrigerant INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY - Smoke free community - Combustion appliances - High-efficiency HVAC units with programmable thermostats - Sealed living spaces, combined with filtered outside air ventilation, prevent unwanted contaminates and improves insulation value - MERV 8 filters - Low-E glass reducing solar heat gain and improving energy efficiency - Outside air ventilation

ENERGY & WATER EFFICIENCY -H  igh efficiency lighting package -E  NERGY STARŽ bath exhaust fans -W  hirlpool refrigerators and dishwashers - Low-flow plumbing fixtures LANDSCAPING -E  rosion control site planning - Non-evasive plantings - Rain sensors on irrigation -M  ulched landscape for moisture retention TRANSPORTATION -W  alking distance to commuter rail station - New urbanism design -C  ommunity features shops/ restaurants within walking distance -E  lectric car charging stations -P  referred parking for lowemission vehicles - Bicycle storage facility CERTIFICATIONS -N  ational Green Building Standard – Silver Rating


Third-Party Services Thrive

Providing professional property management for Gables Residential owned assets, as well as for third-party owned communities is at the heart of our business. Third-party management has been an integral and valued part of our business model for over 30 years. Our clients include institutional owners, private equity groups, as well as private individuals. We have a long history and proven track record of delivering exceptional financial results. Because we believe in transparency of communication and customized deliverables, many of our relationships with our clients are long term. Our commitment to customer service with our residents and clients alike is what sets us apart in the industry.

Gables McKinney Ave: Dallas, TX


“Gables’ corporate culture has been a great fit with our company—each of us hold relationship-building in the highest regard, and understand that it is the foundation for any successful business endeavor. Their personal and engaging approach, enthusiasm for their work in their communities, and commitment to exceeding expectations make them a powerful partner to have in our competitive business. They are constantly innovating, and have brought a level of expertise to our developments that is second to none.” - Framework Group, LLC Phillip A. Smith, President


Our Associates

Our Best Asset Throughout the Years Gables’ mission of “Taking Care of the Way People Live” is driven by our associates’ ability to provide best-in-class service. Therefore, we must utilize the insight and judgment of our diverse workforce, by offering ongoing training and development programs to better understand the various cultures and expectations of our associates, residents and clients. SUNSHINE FUND







Over the past 5 years, the generous contributions of our associates have helped 30 associates during a time they needed it most thanks to our Sunshine Fund. Our associates’ care and thoughtfulness has resulted in more than $40,000 given to assist associates with difficult circumstances such as unexpected hospitalization costs, funeral expenses, helping to rebuild residences after tragedy and more. Gables associates, voluntarily, select a monthly amount to donate via automatic payroll deductions.



“On May 5th, 2015, I witnessed my son accomplish a great milestone: graduating from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and a minor in Criminal Justice. I would like to thank Gables Residential for contributing to his success through the Forever Great Scholarship program, which was awarded to my son over several semesters of his journey. I am proud to work for a company that not just takes care of its residents but also of its associates and their families.” - Alix Dobson, Community Manager, Cascades at the Hammocks

GABLES FOREVER GREAT SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Gables Residential believes that education is an important component of self-improvement and professional development. We have always encouraged and supported associates who choose to embark upon additional learning opportunities. The Forever Great Scholarship Program awards scholarships to Gables associates and their children who are committed to continuing their education through the pursuit of an undergraduate or vocational degree.

“Going away to college can be both an exciting and stressful experience. However, not having all of the resources needed to be successful in school can be even more stressful. The summer before my freshman year, my mother Tammy had an accident which left her temporarily unable to walk without support and out of work. Gables came together to ensure that my sister and I had more than enough school supplies to go back to school with. I am also a recipient of the Gables Forever Great Scholarship four years in a row! With the help of that scholarship, I am proud to announce that I will be graduating Cum Laude with a B.S. in Special Education from Alabama A&M University. Gables has made a huge contribution to my accomplishments.” -Ashley N. Smith, Daughter of Tammy Smith Atlanta Corporate Office Manager


Our Enduring Health and Wellness Program FIT4FUNDS


Fit4Funds offers incentives based on quarterly health challenges for our associates. Whether it be tracking a diet, steps, exercise, or taking health seminars online, our associates have the chance to earn Fit4Funds incentives as a reduction from their medical premium. Our Gables associates can also earn Fit4Funds incentives by participating in various wellness activities on their own, such as weight management programs, races, walks, mud runs, triathlons, and color runs.


“Fitness has always been a part of my life. After graduating, I got married and we had our first child a year and a half later. I gained a lot of weight as so many do. At age 37 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. While the news was so incredibly devastating, my husband and I found strength and a new outlook on life through it. After undergoing countless tests and surgery, I was given the all clear. I had beat cancer! Together my husband and I began a journey to get fit again. The answer to my ‘few extra pounds’ would come with a healthier diet of meat and veggies and lifting heavy weights. Now it’s a lifestyle. Anyone can reach their goals.” - Kristeen Gage Community Manager, Phoenix Midtown


Investing in Our Associates

2015 Training and Development TOTAL ASSOCIATE TRAINING HOURS Instructor led and Web based:

20,768 hours


Gables custom online video e-learning portal

3,533 video views 5,701 minutes

top-ranked learning & development program Training magazine top 125 - 9 years in a row!



Our associates have the rare opportunity to embark on a leadership learning program to gain perspective on their leadership style, practice teamwork among colleagues they may rarely interact with on a day-to-day basis and learn about the importance behind being a good leader and overall person. Gables Leadership Institute (GLI) is Gables’ year long learning program that focuses on developing and further preparing Gables talent as future leaders of the company.

A top priority for Gables as a responsible corporate citizen and company is the safety of our associates on the job. Gables Construction has developed a safety program, along with required training, to further enhance the safety and health of all associates, subcontractors, vendors and residents.

6 of the 24 GLI participants have already been promoted as senior leaders

- O  ccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 hour outreach training class - F  ire Prevention and Protection class, Fall Protection, Trenching/ Excavation, and Scaffold Training classes during the course of each new project. Gables Construction had 1 incident and 0 illnesses in 2015.


Gables Associate Satisfaction Associate Testimonials

Associate satisfaction and engagement is an integral part of Gables culture of caring. We use ongoing feedback from associate surveys to improve processes related to human resources, training, benefits, and numerous other areas throughout the company. Our ability and willingness to quickly respond to associates needs helps us live up to our value of providing an unforgettable employment experience to Gables associates at all levels of the organization. Ultimately, we believe our strategic advantage starts with our talented multi-generational team, who brings expertise and experience from many different backgrounds and disciplines. Collectively leveraging and blending this diverse input with our willingness to continuously evolve and improve the company has aided us to proudly exceed industry associate engagement and satisfaction benchmarks for the last 15 continuous quarters.

“I love the training that Gables provides their associates. I feel as though this is a company I can make a career at and be with for a very long time. Gables has proven to promote within and shows that they really do CARE about their associates.

“I LOVE Gables!! Would not want to work anywhere else. The company takes care of the associates and I am so proud to be part of this great family. I have grown so much personally, my problem solving skills have escalated, and going above and beyond the call of duty is almost second nature.�




Gables 2014 -15

Kingsley Index

Overall Satisfaction



Recommend Gables to Friend



Cares about my well being



Proud to work for Gables



Rating Area


(average years at Gables)

Leadership 14.6 Regional Managers 7.6 Community Managers 6.8 On-Site Associates 4.7 Overall 5.7




We offer a professional environment that values fairness and inclusion. Our workforce is diverse, as it is made up of men and women with a myriad of experiences to share. The associates who represent our company embody the broadest possible range of age, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and culture, mirroring the diversity of our residential communities, clients and markets in which we operate.

Gables Residential is committed to hiring high caliber talent and supports efforts to increase awareness industry-wide inspiring careers in property management. In 2015, our recruitment team served on the NAAEI careers committee, guest lectured at a number of collegiate level property management specific courses, and provided mentorship to high school students considering the industry as a career opportunity. Career fairs were attended at the following universities in 2015: University of

60% 40%





Baby Boomers




Generation X




Georgia, University of Texas, University of Houston, University of Maryland, and American University, where we encouraged students to “work outside the box� with Gables Residential. Regional fairs to support Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician and National Apartment Leasing Professional certification graduates from local community colleges were also instrumental to our associates in Austin and DC. In addition to college recruitment efforts, Gables supports Veteran recruitment by participating in military career fairs in Atlanta, Houston, and the DC Metro area. INTERNSHIP Gables values internship opportunities to promote interest in the organization and industry as a whole. Interns were hosted from Cornell as well as The University of Georgia in 2015. We have found the internship program to be extremely successful as it exposes college students to career opportunities in the multifamily industry.

Gables Upper Rock: Rockville, MD


Gables McKinney Ave Dallas, TX

ETHICS Our company culture at Gables is one of inclusion and transparency in our communication. We appreciate and encourage feedback at all times in order to address issues and improve how our associates interact with one another. Our open door policy helps us cultivate a better environment to conduct business every day. EthicsPoint, a confidential hotline, gives associates an outlet to voice their concerns for any misconduct they may witness or suspect throughout the company. We also offer an EthicsPoint website in which associates may file a formal complaint online. INTERNAL AUDIT The Internal Audit Department at Gables Residential is a fullyintegrated support service group that provides operational reviews and monitors compliance at both community and corporate levels. Gables designates an auditor for each region and maintains Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) and Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) on staff. All owned and thirdparty communities are audited every 12 - 18 months to ensure we continue to exceed standards. Collectively, our Internal Audit department has over 66 years of experience with Gables.


Hot Topic: Packages With online shopping becoming increasingly popular in recent years due largely to the advancement of mobile technology, package delivery has become a hot topic in the property management industry. Package delivery has been an increasingly important service for our residents. Concierges and package lockers are two ways we ensure that our residents can easily and conveniently access their deliveries. Gables has focused on this service even more in order to accommodate this ever-growing demand. Gables was #GablesProud to be featured on the Today Show and in the Wall Street Journal regarding this topic.


sustainable community spotlight



- ENERGY STAR速 appliances -W  ater conserving shower heads

-U  nderground cistern collecting roof rainwater and HVAC condensation

-E  nergy efficient lightcolored flat roof


- Energy efficient windows -E  nergy conserving business practices - Watersense toilets -H  igh efficiency heating/ cooling system -E  nergy efficient/LED lighting in apartment homes and common areas -L  ow-E glass reducing solar heat gain & improving energy efficiency -A  ll HVAC ductwork located in conditioned space -H  igh efficiency elevators using 75% less energy than traditional hydraulic elevators INDOOR AIR QUALITY - Zero VOC paint used in apartment homes - MERV filters for HVAC units - Fresh air intake

-C  hlorine-free saline pool treatment -C  FC-free HVAC refrigerant -E  -friendly cleaning products -D  iverted more than 75% of construction waste from land fields to recycling facilities GREEN TRANSPORTATION -E  lectric vehicle charging station -P  referred parking for lowemission vehicles AWARDS & CERTIFICATIONS -E  arthCraft速 Multifamily Certified Community (


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the use of LED fixtures saves on overall operating costs


Gables Resident Satisfaction Resident testimonials The leasing office staff is exceptional - they always greet me by name and are extremely at tentive if I’m ever in the office with a question or concern. The concierge staff is also extremely helpful and friendly.”

“I love the modern look of the space, the quality and at tentiveness of the staff, and the location to everything I want/need.”

“The overall convenience is the best part. Gables offers a great location and wonderful amenities.”

I love my apartment ’s floor plan, wood floors, and stylish quality fixtures and appliances. I can’t say enough: the service at Gables is the best I’v e ever experienced in my 12 years of apartment living.”


Our 2015 Honors 2015 “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” Houston, Texas 2015 “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” Atlanta, Georgia 2015 “101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas #21 Ranked Learning and Development Program 2015 Training Magazine Top 125 #3 2015 Top 50 Online Reputation List Multifamily Executive #19 2015 Greenest Companies Commercial Property Executive 2015 Pillars of the Industry- Multifamily Development Firm of the Year Finalist National Association of Homebuilders 2015 Circle of Excellence – Community Service of the Year Company Southeast Florida Apartment Association 2015 Platinum Commitment to Excellence Award Cartus Global Network Gables Corporate Accommodations 2015 Women of Influence by Real Estate Forum Cristina Sullivan, Executive Vice President & COO 2015 National Best and Brightest in Wellness National Association for Business Resources

Gables was a top contributor to Multifamily Housing, the first ever multifamily property management textbook of its kind. NAA (National Apartment Association), NMHC (National Multifamily Housing Council), and IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) created this “comprehensive resource guide offering insight into the magnitude and strength of the apartment industry”.



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Gables Corporate Citizenship 2015 Report  

Gables Corporate Citizenship 2015 Report