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Gables 2015 Recycling Program

Total weight of non hazardous waste (tons/month)

Owned assets recycling participation rate

ON-SITE RECYCLING - All paper trash generated from offices are placed in lockable shredding services bins to be collected, shredded, and recycled - Recycling containers for plastic and aluminum waste are utilized by all offices and on-site at our communities Gables 820 West Atlanta, GA

Total weight of recycling (tons/month)

Saved $8,153 in energy costs by using LED bulbs ENERGY SAVING EFFORTS

At Gables Sugarloaf alone, we replaced a total of 463 light fixtures with LE Ds.


Installation of high-efficiency equipment and appliances

Portfolio % Covered 75% - 100%

Source: 2015 GRESB Gables Benchmark Report

We conduct multiple power saving efforts such as converting all hallway and parking garage light fixtures to LED bulbs on our renovation projects. Along with our new developments and renovations, we ensure that our commercial tenants are well-versed in the sustainability efforts and goals of our company.

Estimated Savings MWh

Estimated ROI (%)




Entire Gables Portfolio

Gables Corporate Citizenship 2015 Report  
Gables Corporate Citizenship 2015 Report