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Building a Better Tomorrow We recognize the growing need to protect the environment. Our company believes that green practices impact every aspect of our business. We focus on four key area: - New development and construction - Ongoing on-site operations and maintenance - Corporate office initiatives - Associate and resident awareness In addition, all associates complete green training specific to their community as part of their personal development plan in Foundations Online, our Learning Management System. We are also committed to incorporating green business practices in both our on-site leasing offices and corporate offices. - Purchase and use recyclable products; recycle waste - Implement paperless procedures - Resident leases are not printed and are e-signed - Direct deposit paycheck stubs are not printed - made available online through the UltiPro Payroll System - Associates not enrolled in direct deposit receive payroll distributions through the use of P-Cards - Collection agency file transmissions are conducted electronically - Reduced waste at each community helps to conserve natural resources and reduce landfill loading - Implement recycling programs for residential, retail and corporate INDOOR AIR QUALITY - Communities operate to maintain indoor air quality practices

which allow for the inspection and documentation of system monitoring and maintenance GREEN CLEANING - A  lign with vendors that use environmentally friendly products - P  urchase green products and execute sustainable cleaning practices at all communities ENERGY CONSERVATION - M  easure and track consumption on a regular periodic basis and benchmark data against the appropriate industry standards - E  valuate usage data to improve efficiency - T  hird-party utility auditors utilized to verify accuracy of utility billing MARKETING & COMMUNICATION - G  ables Green Glove focus throughout company website - C  ommunity green pages listing sustainable features - G  reen training for on-site associates - G  reen certifications for building compliance - G  reen living tips and guidelines provided to residents at move in - G  reen initiatives shared via social media - N  ational green award recognition - A  nnual community participation in Earth Day

Gables uses paper products on-site and at our corporate offices containing


post-consumer recycled fiber.

Gables Corporate Citizenship 2015 Report  
Gables Corporate Citizenship 2015 Report