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to our residents and guests alike. “Home” is what we strive to create while Taking Care of our residents’ every need. Thanks to our resident feedback, via our independent professional surveys, we’ve exceeded industry standards for another consecutive year by providing excellent customer service.

“The management staff has provided me with exceptional customer service. Their professionalism and willingness to assist me in any way has been outstanding. I would recommend Cherry Knoll to my friends and family members if they lived here in Maryland.”

“This is an amazing facility with even more amazing staff. The folks at the Concierge desk are first class. Thanks much for all the above and beyond effort to help us move in.”

“My process of moving was exceptional. The manager and staff were totally professional, promptly answered all my questions via phone AND email. I’ve never worked with management that made sure all your concerns/questions are met so quickly. Thank you.”

RESIDENT SATISFACTION SURVEY “The response is always fast, professional and efficient and well done. I cannot speak highly enough about the entire staff at this community. They are simply outstanding and have always delivered responses and services higher than my expectations. I was apprehensive about returning to an apartment home, but Gables Residential and the Desert Club have alleviated all of my concerns. It is a real joy to live here. Thank you for the quality and professionalism you and your staff demonstrate every day.”

4.04 Gables

4.18 Gables

4.42 Gables

4.04 Gables


Overall Satisfaction

Kingsley IndexSM


Community Recommendation

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Overall Satisfaction (Maintenance)

Kingsley IndexSM

3.90 Kingsley IndexSM

Overall Satisfaction (Management) Source: Kingsley Survey Review, Q3 2014.

Taking Care of Our Residents

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Gables Residential Corporate Citizenship Report 2014  
Gables Residential Corporate Citizenship Report 2014