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Obesturpeople, associates are our most valuable asset. We believe it is important to recruit the invest in them and develop their skill-sets as our future generation of leaders. We accomplish Taking Care of our associates via our innovative recruiting, training and leadership programs. We maintain our top-notch team thanks to our leading-edge recognition programs, awards and benefits, as well as a strong company culture recognized industry-wide. GABLES LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE The Gables Leadership Institute (GLI) is a year-long blended learning program centered around developing the high potential talent at Gables and preparing them as future leaders of the company. Each GLI applicant participates in a rigorous process to be admitted including sponsorship from a Gables officer. The first GLI class began in October of 2013 and contained a cross-functional representation of Gables’ corporate and on-site leaders. The GLI leadership program consists of four separate training sessions facilitated by renowned subject matter experts in their field. Each session of GLI focuses on a different attribute of becoming a leader.

Taking Care of Our Associates

The results are fantastic. Three of the twelve participants have been promoted as senior leaders in 2014, which is directly linked to their GLI learning experience.

RECRUITING Gables Residential is committed to hiring high caliber talent. In 2014, our recruitment team served on the NAAEI Careers Committee, guest lectured at postgraduate level property management courses, and provided mentorship to high school students considering the industry. Career fairs were attended at University of Georgia, University of Texas, University of Maryland, American University, and more. In addition, Gables supported Veteran recruitment efforts by asking Veterans and their family members to “join our ranks” while participating in fairs in Atlanta, Houston, and the DC metro area this year.

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Gables Residential Corporate Citizenship Report 2014  
Gables Residential Corporate Citizenship Report 2014