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WELCOMETOGA|BIZ MAY2018- PASSIONANDCOMMUNITYOUTSIDETHEPERIMETER The ladies of Scoop OTP have created an on-line resource that has grown, and is continuing to grow not just OTP but also ITP. Michelle and Suzanne are two beautiful minds and souls who have demonstrated via Scoop OTP their collective passions for sharing with their audience anything that is happening OTP. But you need to meet them, personally to see that this is not just about developing an on-line resource for any particular local or HOA. Scoop OTP is your online source for news and information outside the perimeter of Atlanta, mainly the suburbs of Atlanta, with all of their unique characteristics, personalities and vibes. Also, read Balco's article this month. Question, are you ready to be an entrepreneur? The column is a good read for those who are considering jumping into business, whether it is consulting business or opening a bricks and mortar business. We have a lot of good contributions this month and a lot of good reads. Summer is here! So grab your iPad, Kindle or any smart device and download a copy of GA|BIZ to read the latest on how to do business in GA from experts and experienced professionals who will not only help you get started, but stay with you throughout your entrepreneurial journey of owning your business. To suggest a GA|BIZ Profile, email : thecoffeevineyard@gmail.com


Cheryl Vann Darnell


A resident of Canton, GA, Cheryl is the owner of The Coffee Vineyard and Vineyard Communications . Veteran, Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur. She has also written several undergraduate and graduate courses in marketing strategies and developing critical thinking skills in social media.

GA|BIZ savvy contributors own growing businesses throughout Georgia. These growing business will contribute articles that will provide you with some of the information you need to grow your business, network with other businesses and share resources that will assist and enhance each other's growth.

M ay 2018 GA|Biz Exper ts: -

Business Accounting - Eric Rivera Commercial Property - Hunter Ramsey Wines and Entertaining - Don Hackett Your Health - Dr. Ollie Edwar ds The Launch - Eric Velji Lifestyles - Jessica Carter


Clean Eating - Kara Coaching - Tobby Marketing - Cheryl Vann Darnell Business Strategy - Keith Minick

J King I mages

REACHINGAWIDERAUDIENCE- ANIGLAVODNASVOLUNTEERTRANSLATOR- STORYTELLER Anig, takes our GA|Biz Player profile and translates it into "Spanglish." This priceless addition to GA|Biz allows for more "reach," when it comes to sharing content with all businesses throughout Georgia. Anig is helping us to soon produce one English and one Spanglish version of GA|Biz. Her skills are priceless and her volunteer efforts are most appreciated.

Facebook: Jking I mages J King Images is an editorial, lifestyle and portrait photography team based in Atlanta. The J King Images team brings the studio experience to you on location, to make your photo session an enjoyable collaborative experience from start to finish. Jerry King and his wife Tabitha Birke are the driving force behind J King Images. Tabitha's and Jerry's love for art and photography can be seen in all aspects of their collaborative efforts.

Besides w h at you h ave on you r w ebsit e, w h at m om en t did you r ealize t h at ScoopOTP w as n ecessar y f or t h e r eader s of you r w ebsit e? When we started Scoop OTP, it was based on the concept that people would benefit from a one-stop website that had information about the suburbs. We knew we could find information about what was going on in town, but we felt like there wasn?t enough out there about OTP. We also wanted to create a site that included multiple cities, so that readers could see the news and events for more than just there own town. We aim to be a resource for our readers for everything OTP.


As OTP grows, we know people are eager for The Scoop because when we write an article about a new opening or a restaurant or retail shop coming soon and we receive hundreds of social media shares; we feel we are connecting to our fans. Our fans thank us for The Scoop and see us as a resource for the community. I am not sure we are necessary; but we provide a service that isn't offered anywhere else in a one shop stop as we have a comprehensive calendar of events, the latest openings, local casting calls, charity events, and more.

Wh at is t h e r ecipe f or a good par t n er sh ip? We were friends before we were partners, so we already knew many of each other ?s strengths and weaknesses. We have each found our niche within our website handling different responsibilities, while sharing the workload of writing the articles. And, if one of us has something going on in our personal life where Scoop can't be a priority, the other steps up and vice-versa.

Wh at goals do you h ave f or ScoopOTP w it h t h e gr ow t h of Can t on , Woodst ock an d Holly Spr in gs, GA Our goal is to continue informing our fans about new places opening in the area, while helping to promote the independent business owner, and partnering with local charity events that better the community. It's an exciting time in Canton & Holly Springs, as these cities future development plans come to fruition. The City of Woodstock is constantly evolving and is very focused on events to bring people into town. So there is always Scoop to share about this area!

How does ScoopOTP h elps bu sin esses in addit ion t o r esiden t s con n ect an d en gage? We are a voice for small businesses that maybe don't have a PR firm representing them. We enjoy letting our readers know about unique, exciting new businesses that are coming to the area, and that publicity is often beneficial to smaller businesses. It?s great when readers tell us they went somewhere because we wrote about -that's the ultimate connection.

Wh at you ar e doin g w it h ScoopOTP is aw esom e, h ow do you pr ovide su ch an aw esom e r esou r ce f or you r com m u n it y, w h ile also m ain t ain in g f am ily? Luckily, our children are at an age now in high school where they are older and self-sufficient (relatively speaking!). The benefit to being online is that we can write, edit and research any time of day. Since Scoop can break 24 hours a day, we can work on our timeline around family obligations. We are on our laptops at volleyball, dance, lacrosse ?you name it! Fortunately we do divide and conquer often and manage to get it done.

How does t h at r ecipe h elp t o also m ain t ain a good f r ien dsh ip? We are always together -- even our business cards say The Blonde & The Brunette! We attend many networking functions together, we get invites to openings together, but most of all, we can laugh at ourselves when issues arise knowing that our friendship trumps our business relationship.

~And that is the SCOOP on ScoopOTP

need to be patient with gaining credibility. You need to be patient with establishing a customer base. When running your business, always take a step back and look at the big picture. Take the time and patience to see how actions will affect your business.


Tip #3 Don?t feel like your business will be making millions the day after you started, but rather focus on being patient and following the right methods to be able to get your business to eventually make millions.

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? You are not alone. In fact, most people think that owning their own business means achieving freedom as well as having a better financial and professional outcome. The fact is that many of the people who want to start their own business don't go through with it either because of lack of stability or just plain fear. I started a business and I am here to give you 3 tips on the truth about starting your own business. Many failed startups arise from the fact that starting your own business takes dedication, time, and money. The order of those may vary, but I specifically listed those words in that order. When you start your own business, it requires your full dedication. It can be easy to lose momentum if the dedication is not there. The biggest lie you will hear about starting your own business is the immediate freedom it brings. Starting your own business will take up most if not all of your time. It requires full DEDICATION of your TIME. With this in mind, your business will eventually reach a place where it will bring you the freedom you long for. Money is the last factor in the equation. You want to make sure you are prepared for a huge impact to your income and therefore lifestyle. Be strategic with your startup investments. Think twice of personal funds that are being invested to fund your new business venture. Most importantly, keep track of every single penny that is spent. Tip #1 Don?t assume starting a business is easy, but rather be prepared to dedicate 110% of your personal resources and time to running your startup. Write a business plan detailing when, how, and on what your investment money will go. Keep track of all your expenses. Don?t be afraid to consult with a business advisor if you hesitate on any of these steps. Having business connections is essential when starting your own business. You want to not only focus on providing a great service or amazing products, but also have a positive presence in your business community. To run a successful business, you need to connect with other local business owners in your community. Having business connections can bring about advice on your local community including effective methods of thriving businesses in your community. Tip #2 Don?t avoid meeting local business owners, but rather visit their place of business and bring a small gift. You want to establish a positive presence with your business community. The last piece of advice I can give you is patience. It seems that patience is the key to every successful process there is and will be. We are so used to the instant gratification and having everything at our fingertips. Starting your business will require patience in every aspect. You need to be patient in the development of your idea. For me it took over a year to fully develop and execute my idea. You

Starting a business requires you to be fully aware that you need to establish rewards that outweigh the risks. You need to be fully conscious on how you will develop the ideas that make you unique. Seek guidance and don?t be afraid to ask for advice. Let?s Talk Soon!

Erick Rivera BalCo Business Solutions BalCo Business Solutions specializes in cloud based bookkeeping and accounting. Personal one-on-one consultations and experienced team of professionals ready to assist you with growing your business. Follow us on Facebook: Balco

The biggest lie you will hear about starting your own business is the immediate freedom it brings. Starting your own business will take up most if not all of your time. It requires full DEDICATION of your TIME. ~ Erick Rivera

SOMMELIER'SCORNER Becau se We Lik e Por k Bu t t s If I could only eat one animal for the rest of my life, it would be the pig. No question. Just think about all the goodness: bacon, pork belly, tenderloin, ham, sausages, prosciutto. And perhaps the ultimate expression of pork love and dedication, BBQ. Is anyone else hungry?

So let?s take a minute and talk about pork butt (also known as Boston Butt and pork shoulder). We all know low and slow is the key to cooking it. And we could get into a discussion about the sauce but that?s a personal thing. So when it?s all been cooked and it?s on the table and we?re ready to eat, what are we going to drink with it?

With BBQ, I like a wine with a little fruit to it. Zinfandel, Côtes du Rhône, Primitivo, Tempranillo all work. I think a heartier Pinot Noir would also do well, as would a lighter Cabernet Sauvignon. In general, the tangier the sauce (how much vinegar) the more fruit you need to balance that vinegar. Think of it in terms of intensity; the more intense (flavorful) the sauce is, the more intense the wine needs to be.

Another consideration is alcohol. Your palate registers alcohol as both weight and heat. If your BBQ is spicy (hot) then pairing it with a wine that is high in alcohol (hot) can create flavors that are out of balance, the wine can sometimes taste bitter. Try to keep things balanced, keep the wine in the 13%-15% alcohol range.

And consider the temperature of the wine. When its 95° outside, a high alcohol wine can again taste out of balance. Put the bottle in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and bring the temperature down a few degrees. The difference can be dramatic.

Don Hackett, CS, CSW Avant Par tir - Ar tisan Wines Phone: 678.464.8269 SevenFifty.com/AvantPartir


Spring is in the air. If you?re like me, you want to be outside as much as possible. Are there really long lasting benefits to hiking? What draws us to nature, especially the forest?



The National Center for Biotechnology did a study and found that hiking not only reduces depression it also boosts overall mental health. Those that are depressed tend to stay indoors and lead a more inactive lifestyle. Hiking can help all of us improve our metal health in as little as two hikes per week

Jessica Car ter Essentially M ad About Oils I believe in the pur ity, potency and efficacy of d?TERRA essential oils. I ?m building a team that helps other s with their health and financial goals. I teach free classes in homes and offer great hostess incentives. Click on any of the links below to connect with me to set up an appointment. Click on this link to connect on Facebook

Would you believe hiking can also help us get a better night sleep? Have you ever felt like you only got 3-4 hours of sleep even though you were in bed for 7-8 hours? Chances are you woke up a few times during the night and may not even know it. The National Sleep Foundation found that as little as 25 minutes of exercise a day can help boost your energy during the day and greatly reduce the chance of insomnia. This includes hiking. Hiking can actually strengthen your bones! According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), in Maryland, since hiking is a ?weight bearing? exercise it helps your body create new bone tissue. Though cycling and swimming are great for your heart and muscles, they don?t have the same benefits to your bones as being on your feet. Hiking can even help keep us healthier and heal quicker! The Mayo Clinic states that hiking 30 minutes a day can help keep viruses at bay and certain studies show that it can even help cancer patients recover quicker. Long hikes have antioxidant properties to fight off disease. The Mayo clinic also suggest that it?s fine to start slowly with 10 minutes a day.

Does it matter where you hike? Reconnecting with nature is also a great way to reduce stress. Though you can still get great benefits from going on a walk, you can actually receive so many more health benefits by hiking in a forest. The Japanese call it forest bathing. Researchers in Japan and South Korea have found that just breathing deeply in a forest can have the following scientifically-proven benefits:


Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body's Natural Killer (NK) cells. Reduced blood pressure Reduced stress Improved mood Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness Increased energy level Improved sleep

This is because many trees give off organic compounds, monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, that support our ?NK? (natural killer) cells that are part of our immune system's way of fighting cancer and other diseases Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes are the main components of essential oils. Researchers have learned that forests contain an astonishing array of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are emitted into the air in mass quantities by trees and other plants. Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes are some of the principal VOCs emitted by forests. Do you recognize any of these terpenes: alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, limonene, carene, myrcene, alpha-Terpinene, beta-Phellandrene, sabinene, para-Cymene, ocimene, and gamma-Terpinene? They are top components of some of your favorite essential oils and are just a few of the many terpenes emitted by forests.

Make it a goal this Spring to get out and hike. You can start small with as little as 10 minutes a day or twice a week to reap all these benefits.

John Muir wrote, ?Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home. Wilderness is a necessity.?

Happy Hiking! .

Won der in g How To Gr ow You r Bu sin ess? Many business owners are energized by the beginning of the new year. Big Goals, new P&L, and big hopes and dreams. While goal setting is extremely important, many business owners forget and/or don?t understand one critical component:

point to drive value to a different product/service. This will help you continue to DIFFERENTIATE. And yes, we have an acronym for you to help you remember to EXPAND and DIFFERENTIATE. You guessed it! You must stay FOCUSED! Follow One Customer Until Success, Expand and Differentiate!


Un der st an din g you r Cu st om er !

Ar e you w illin g t o FOCUS t h is year t o gr ow you r REVENUE?

Who buys your products and/or services? Your Customer! Who doesn?t buy your products and services? Your Customer! The reality is, your customer is out there searching for and assessing your products/services. The question is, how are you going to reach them and get them to buy. As consumers become more aware of marketing techniques and increasingly picky, your customers want more than just your product/service, they want to FEEL that YOUR product/service will resolve THEIR PROBLEMS. If you can connect the dots between how your brand is best positioned to solve their problems, you will see your revenues and brand awareness increase!

We spend thousands of hours each year working with businesses to help them speak the language of their customers. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of our job is watching the ?light bulbs? come on as they better understand their customer. Speaking their language is the most critical part of business growth. Companies don?t grow by just offering their products and services, they win by positioning their brand to solve their most pressing problems through their products and services. Want to get started? Here are 3 things you can do today to get started:

Companies focus on their products and services, BRANDS focus on their customers and solving their problems! Wan t t o w in in 2018? Ch an ge f r om pr om ot in g pr odu ct s/ ser vices t o pr om ot in g you r abilit y t o solve pr oblem s. FOCUS Just like in any relationship, it takes time to get to know them and what makes them tic (buy). It is critical to get laser-focused on figuring this out. That?s why we recommend you FOCUS this year to help grow your revenue. This is so critical that at the end of our Customer Value Proposition exercise, we find a picture that represents the customer, name, him or her, and then print out a picture, frame it and hang it on the wall in our client?s office. What does FOCUS mean? Follow On e Cu st om er Un t il Su ccess! Some may say, ?but I serve so many different customers, that is impossible.? We hear this argument all of the time. We agree with you but just from a different viewpoint. It is impossible to sell everyone on your product/service. Think about it, everyone doesn?t own an iPhone, do they? In fact, Apple does such a good job marketing to their target audience that others outside of their target market buy their phone. Wh en you FOCUS, plan f or collat er al im pact ! When I was in the military, they use a term called ?Collateral Damage? to describe any damage surrounding the desired target that was unintentionally damaged. In the marketing world, Aculign calls this Collat er al Im pact . Think about it. Do other people buy an iPhone that is not within their ideal customer profile? Yes! For example, my father-in-law is a 65-year-old former farmer who spends most of his time fixing equipment and walking on his property. Apple didn?t market to him. They did market to me and my wife who attracted him to buy one. My Father-in-Law has been affected by Collateral Impact by speaking our language, not his. Now, I must admit that I now use a Google Pixel and love it much more than the iPhone. On ce you get you r m odel r igh t , expan d an d con t in u e t o dif f er en t iat e! Once you experience the power of FOCUS and have succeeded. EXPAND your product/service to help solve similar problems. Take that model as a starting

1. Download our FREE Brand Catalyst Guide. All it will cost you is an e-mail. Yes, we do want your e-mail so we can send you other things that may help you! 2. Schedule a 2-hour Customer Value Proposition Exercise with our professionals. You and your team will come to our conference room or online and meet with our team to walk you through our 7 part framework that will help you grow your revenue by getting ridiculously clear on WHO you are serving. 3. Websites are critical to your brand message. We are offering a FREE website audit. Get your report today! There is no better time to start than NOW. Regardless of where you are in your business journey, if you do not have a clear vision of your customer, doing so will certainly increase your revenue in 2018!

KEITH M INICK SERVANT AND CEO M: 404.314.9067 www.aculign.com


Ch er okee Cou n t y Is Th e Fast est Gr ow in g Cou n t y In Th e M et r o At lan t a Ar ea Cherokee County is the fastest growing county in the Metro Atlanta Georgia Area. According to the Atlanta Regional Commission 7,300 residents choose to call Cherokee home in 2017. This brought the population to 247,000 and in crease of 3 percent. This rate of increase topped the all other counties in the Atlanta Region. Cherokee is leading the metro according to Commission Chairman Buzz Ahrens. This is great news for everyone. Resident are reaping benefits in lead by a fiscal responsible leadership that has developed a twenty five year growth plan. Many are moving to the area to take advantage the great schools, public safety, and more at a low tax rate families and even lower tax, over 62 years of age. In the next five years and years to come the combined efforts of Cherokee Office of Development and other business owners will lead to the development of a comprehensive master plan to encourage growth in the area that?s organized and sustainable. Sustainability is most important as we look to build a career and family in the area. In today?s work climate workers want work life balance as well as top pay. As companies grows adding people the need for space increase. This increase is two-fold, the company needs space to expand and employees a place to call home. As the area grows, companies are looking to lower cost and find top talent. In today?s environment. The first place companies look to lower cost is to reduce capital investment. They accomplish by selling existing and relocating to a property that offers lower taxes, tax incentive, deferred tax, and even a lower cost of living for employees. Your career will only go up if you relocate to Cherokee County. To find out more about opportunities in the area reach out to anyone you know that works in the area, Department of Labor and job posting sites.

Hunter Ramsey Associate Broker, Realtor Phone: 770-519-1897 Click to follow us on Facebook


Adem ás de lo qu e t ien es en t u sit io w eb, ¿en qu é m om en t o t e dist e cu en t a de qu e ScoopOTP er a n ecesar io par a t u s lect or es? Cuando iniciamos Scoop OTP, pensamos que las personas se beneficiarían de un sitio web único que tuviera información sobre los suburbios. Sabíamos que podíamos encontrar información sobre lo que estaba sucediendo en la ciudad, pero sentimos que no había suficiente por ahí sobre las zonas Fuera del Perímetro (OTP, por sus siglas en inglés). También queríamos crear un sitio que incluyera varias ciudades, para que los lectores pudieran ver las noticias y los eventos de algo más que su propia ciudad. Nuestro objetivo es ser un recurso para nuestros lectores que viven OTP.

A medida que OTP crece, sabemos que la gente está emocionada por The Scoop, porque cuando escribamos un artículo sobre una nueva apertura o un restaurante o una tienda minorista recibiremos cientos de reacciones en las redes sociales; sentimos que nos estamos conectando con nuestros seguidores. Nuestros seguidores nos agradecen por The Scoop y nos ven como un recurso para la comunidad. No estoy segura de que seamos necesarios; pero proporcionamos un servicio que no se ofrece en ningún otro lugar en una tienda, ya que contamos con un calendario completo de eventos, inauguraciones, castings locales, eventos benéficos y más.

¿Cu ál es la r ecet a par a u n a bu en a sociedad? Éramos amigas antes de ser socias, por lo que ya sabíamos muchas de las fortalezas y debilidades de la otra. Cada una de nosotras ha encontrado nuestro nicho dentro de nuestro sitio web manejando diferentes responsabilidades y compartimos la carga de trabajo de escribir los artículos. Y, si tiene algo que requiere de mayor atención en nuestra vida personal donde Scoop no puede ser una prioridad, la otra asume la carga.

¿Cóm o ayu da esa r ecet a a m an t en er u n a bu en a am ist ad? Siempre estamos juntas, incluso nuestras tarjetas de visita dicen The Blonde & The Brunette (La rubia y la morena). Asistimos a muchas funciones de red juntas, recibimos invitaciones a inauguraciones juntas, pero sobre todo, podemos reírnos de nosotras mismos cuando surgen problemas sabiendo que nuestra amistad triunfa sobre nuestra relación comercial.

¿Cóm o ayu da ScoopOTP a las em pr esas adem ás de a los r esiden t es a con ect ar se y par t icipar ? Somos una voz para las pequeñas empresas que quizás no tengan una firma de relaciones públicas que las represente. Disfrutamos de informar a nuestros lectores acerca de las nuevas empresas que están llegando al área, y esa publicidad a menudo es beneficiosa para las pequeñas empresas. Es genial cuando los lectores nos dicen que fueron a algún lado porque escribimos sobre eso, esa es la conexión definitiva. Lo que estás haciendo con ScoopOTP es increíble, ¿cómo proporcionas un recurso tan increíble para tu comunidad, al mismo tiempo que mantienes a la familia? Afortunadamente, nuestros hijos tienen ahora una edad en la escuela secundaria en la que son mayores y autosuficientes (¡hablando en términos relativos!). El beneficio de estar en línea es que podemos escribir, editar e investigar en cualquier momento del día. Dado que Scoop puede romper las 24 horas del día, podemos trabajar en nuestra línea de tiempo sobre las obligaciones familiares. Estamos en nuestras computadoras portátiles en voleibol, baile, lacrosse, ¡tú eliges! Afortunadamente dividimos y conquistamos a menudo y logramos hacerlo.

Forerunner Foods is a dist ributor of local fresh produce and food service supplies. Focusing on small local farms, seasonal freshness, unique product s, qualit y and customer service. P: 404-725-0374 - Web: www.forerunnerfoods.com

Ar e Th ey In You r Net w or k

Farm Fresh Food, Delivered

Day Pr ogr am Next Step Ministries Day Program provides therapeutic activities, social interaction, and community activities. Skilled staff ensure that all clients participate and grow as individuals regardless of their abilities. The ministry strives to maintain and improve the quality of life for client families. Drop-in and After School Program also available.

Job Sk ills Their Skills Program is designed to provide clients with ongoing work experience interacting with the community through a range of activities and Activities of Daily Living. These activities include making programs such as Hope Bones dog biscuits and distributing them to local retailers, projects for local businesses, shopping trips for the programs, as well as fun field trips to concerts and the bowling alley.

Sat u r day Respit e Their Saturday Respite Program every other Saturday is a great option for families needing a Saturday for errands or rest while knowing that their loved one will be in a fun and safe program. We order pizza, play games and Happy Tails therapy dogs attend once per month! Click on this link to visit their website for more information.


Th e Baker s Dozen of Con sen su s Bu ildin g

8. 20 m in u t es - Tell your story, listen to commonalities, molding your perspective creating an environment for consensus and ?sk in in t h e gam e?

Many see ?it?, some are aware of ?it? and few can guide ?it?. ?It? is accompanied by the crucial ?head nod?, the subtle ?lean in?, and the coveted, ?hand shake?. ?IT? is con sen su s bu ildin g an d if con sen su s bu ildin g is a du ll t ool in you r r esou r ce k it , t h en keep r eadin g becau se it is a n ecessar y t ool f or leader s.

9. Be genuine and authentic

Bu yin g in t o an ot h er ?s idea is t h e begin n in g of bu ildin g con sen su s? .this is how contracts are built, organizations are birthed, and communities enhanced. Building consensus with a few ?ear ly adopt er s?, has been practiced by our ancestors for millennia visualize early man grunting to a couple of hunting buddies? ?Grrrr, fire, good, eat, sleep?. Next thing you know the hunting group grows from 3 to 5 and they all have a bigger fire, more meat and happier families? .Consensus.

12. 5 m in u t es - Adapt the idea statement, goals to if needed, and ask for referrals.

* Author?s note - One of the best tricks that can help build consensus is story telling. The best leaders in the world practice the technique of telling compelling stories to anyone that will listen (Hmm, let?s correct that to, the right people that will listen). Consensus building takes practice to master and telling stories can help.

10. 10 m in u t es - Ask for their council of ?ear ly adopt er s? as you develop the idea for a big and positive impact 11. Be aware of future opportunities

13. Repeat. By moving through t h e Baker ?s Dozen steps to building consensus, you are creating ?Sk in In Th e Gam e? and building trust. This group of ?ear ly adopt er s? will hear your story, your idea, and is now a part of your success. Conversely, you are a part of their success which preps everyone for a high standard of accountability. Moving through the Baker ?s Dozen a few times will hone your idea in such a way that the n ext st eps f or su ccess ar e bu ilt t h r ou gh t h e gr ou p you ?ve con ven ed which gives it a higher opportunity to be successful and goals accomplished.

If building consensus is a new concept, or one that is elusive, take a moment and become aware of times when someone asked you to be a part of their team? .How did it make you feel? What was their compelling story that excited you and compelled you to take a chance with them?

Good luck and remember that consensus building is an art that must be practiced.

Con sen su s bu ildin g is abou t at t r act in g t h e r igh t people w it h sim ilar n eeds, w an t s or desir es as you an d accom plish in g a goal or m ak in g an im pact . Now f or t h e big bold ch allen ge? .Ar e you r eady?

Founder/CEO of Slade ? Facilitating Organizational Success

Identify a need that inspires you and visualize what life will look like if this need is completely met. Take about an hour and run through what I call, Th e Baker ?s Dozen . 1. 5 m in u t es - Write your idea/need down in less than 3 sentences. 2. Be flexible and patient 3. Ask yourself what the top 2-3 goals are, to fulfill the idea/need 4. 5 m in u t es - Write down those top 2-3 goals 5. 5 m in u t es - Write down people, 3-5, you know that already hold some believe in your idea or have similar desires. 6. 10 m in u t es - Organize opportunities to share your idea and/or unmet need with others 7. Be politely persistent

Toby Bramblett

54SladeFacilitates.com | 54SladeFacilitates@gmail.com

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IN- HOUSEOUTSOURCEOR HYBRID? HOW TO BUILD YOUR M ARKETING TEAM As growing businesses we face difficult choices every day, however one choice should be easy, and that is deciding the best approach to marketing. Really there are only two options, hire an outside consultant, or develop capable in-house team. However, some also consider implementing a hybrid of in-house and outsourced marketing. Will an in-house team suffice or is outsourcing the smart and timely decision? What if a hybrid approach is the best way towards achieving the company?s priority goals? Decision makers should develop a team of marketing individuals who will help steer themselves in the right direction using critical thinking skills that will help them determine the right framework and marketing choice for your business? If your marketing strategies require a group of people working for consistent and predictable targets and you have an extensive budget, perhaps you need an in-house team of capable individuals. You should consider outsourcing, when your marketing campaign(s) require expertise you do not have. However, be careful when outsourcing to companies that will also, outsource your market campaign. Outsource companies allow you to focus on internal marketing tasks while their marketing specialists work to attain the goals of your campaign and company. Often times, when your needs are varied and will benefit from both outsourcing and in-house efforts, then a hybrid approach is the

most feasible option. Consider your business model, and think about the objective or your marketing campaign and business. Think critically (looking at the whole picture) before strategically so that you all considerations are upfront and you can come up with the right targets, goals and objectives for your campaign. In-house. Outsource or Hybrid? Really, it all boils down to why you are developing a marketing campaign and who you are targeting. Do you have the right HR resources and budget to hire the right skills and experience in order to have a good in-house team? Will outsourced really care about your company and marketing campaign the way you will? Is your outsourced team also, ?outsourcing? your marketing activities? Once you have this knowledge, you will select the right team of people, whether they are on staff or outsourced to develop a successful marketing strategy and campaign.

Pineapple Glaze: 1 Tbsp. coconut oil, melted but cooled to room temp 2 cloves garlic, minced T Tbsp. date paste* or raw honey 1 Tbsp. coconut aminos 2 tsp. spicy brown mustard 1 tsp. chili powder ? c. 100% pineapple juice To make the date paste, blend 1/3 c. dates (softened in hot water if too dry) with 2 Tbsp. water in a high-speed blender until puréed. Add drops of water as needed to create a smooth consistency.


For t h e ch ick en: 1 ½ lbs. boneless skinless chicken breasts, pounded to ½ inch thickness and cut into strips or chicken tenderloins Sea salt, to taste ½ tsp. onion powder ½ tsp. smoked paprika Optional-Pinch red pepper flakes for spice

For the pineapple (if grilling along with the chicken): 1 small pineapple, sliced into ½ inch think rings Coconut oil to brush on the grill and pineapple Sprinkle of sea salt

~Cheryl Vann Darnell Graduate Marketing Lecturer Consultant

Optional-1-2 tsp. honey, to brush on 1. Prepare the glaze first by whisking together all the ingredients, then divide in half and set aside. You will use half while grilling and the other half to serve. 2. To prepare the chicken, sprinkle the cut strips or tenderloins with sea salt, pepper, onion powder, and smoked paprika on both sides, and brush with the glaze (from the half batch reserved for grilling). 3. Preheat your grill or grill pan to medium high heat and generously brush with coconut oil. Add the chicken and immediately brush with the glaze again. Cook on one side for 3-4 minutes, or until nicely browned grill-lines are present, flip, brush on more glaze and continue to cook until just done, about 3 more minutes, depending on the thickness of your chicken. Do not overlook ? test to see if juices run clear and remove immediately. 4. If grilling pineapple along with the chicken, brush the grill with coconut oil and grill pineapple on med-high heat until nicely caramel iced. Sprinkle with sea salt and brush with a small amount of honey, if desired.

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