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a manifesto


hello. my name is gabi hastings and I am a communications designer

that’s me

and this is my manifesto.

as a designer, I vow to create intentional work

...but never to be afraid of


2013 june



and to always be inspired by the world around me

If Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 were a skateboard, it would look like one of these. Easily not understood, these boards are more of a feature piece to be framed on the wall in ones home then skated on. The longer they are examined the more you can fall in love visually. In a world full of skateboards lathered with gooey vector images and stretched bubbling typography, these boards are a refreshing change from the usual.

behind the scenes with the cash

THE CORPORATE UNDERGROUND BEHIND THE 2013 X GAMES The spring and summer of 2013 mark the globalization of the X Games. Brazil, Spain, Germany, and the United States will all host the competition over a span of five months, bringing a sort of “worldly” feel to the whole spectacle. While the sports featured in this annual event are certainly enjoyed around the world, the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily enjoy fervently watching them as they do, let’s say, soccer. But ESPN, under their parent network ABC, seems to be making the decision for their viewers as they continue flood their variant channels with the action sports.


Globalizing the X Games, sort of giving it the same feel of an extreme Olympics or what not, really just seems to be an excuse to force feed related products down consumer throats. Take, for example, the energy drink market. For some reason, companies like Monster Energy and Red Bull tend to associate their products with extreme sports. Their logos are plastered all over the competition’s promotional material and are constantly endorsed by the star athletes. But why are people buying it? Red Bull is about as established as


Created with and originally inspired by the artist large scale graphite drawings each board is unique in its own way. First a graphite drawing is created then using a specialized photoprint transfer process, the drawings are copied and transferred onto a gessoed or treated wood deck. After this more graphite is applied to work further on the image and repair any part of the drawing that was lost in the transfer.

especially music.


i vow to find the solutions in the brief

but never be afraid to have a little fun.

i vow to always brainstorm

and then brainstorm some more

and i believe that working in a sketchbook first is key

and most of all i vow to be creative



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* all opinions expressed are in association with the designer