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GABI SARHOS GABI SARHOS Based in Albany, New York, Gabi Sarhos is an architectural designer and editor with com-


bined expertise in design, marketing, and communications for private clients, and entrepreneurial, design, academic, and publishing organizations. Gabi’s architectural projects engage the ecologies of human settlements and the cultural, economic, legal, social, and


environmental forces that shape natural and manmade space. She has worked on projects that include a design competition to revision Fort Mason in San Francisco, landscape architecture for waterfront park in Saudi Arabia, and a series of architectural interventions in the repurposing of a Long Island City, NY greeting card factory, the Flux Factory Artists Collective. Her academic and speculative work include Eco-xchange, a cultural knowledge and material exchange in Rio de Janeiro; the United States Embassy in Berlin; and HyperMart, a multimodal market-transit hub in Philadelphia. 18 CIRCLE LANE, APT 36A, ALBANY, NEW YORK 12203 / GABI@GABI-SARHOS.COM

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