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Areli Denisse Valadez-Torres 2011-2012


f/13     1/500s   ISO  2500   24-­‐105@32  mm  

Theme-­‐  Deaf  Culture  

When  I  am  standing  to  take  a  photo  of   Alivia,  I  try  to  get  Alivia  laughing  like  a     model.  


I  take  photo  to  shadow    from  marker  and  try  to   zoom  also  softboxes.  

Theme-Motion Blur

f/22   1/10s   ISO  100   24-­‐105@60  mm  

Theme-Dark Creative

f/22   5.00s   ISO  6400   18-­‐55@18  mm  

Theme-Soft Focus

f/5   1/100s   ISO  125   24-­‐105@50  mm  

Theme- Architectural

When  I  first  take  photo  of  light   post  outside,  I  zoom  light  post.  

Theme- Personal Things

I  get  things  from  my  home,  and  bring   into  photography  studio.  I  set  up  light  for     photography.    

Areli's Portfolio  

Areli's Portfolio 2011-2012

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