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SLOGAN: “Invading and cleaning up the hiphop culture”–Mark 16:15-16 MOTTO: “Take it by the horns” – Genesis 22:17b

BACKGROUND The Holy Hip Hip Clique was founded in November of 2007 by a group of youth ministers from various local Churches in Kabwe, Lusaka and the Copperbelt. This is an inter-denominational youth group that is led by youth leaders from Churches around Kabwe and Lusaka operating as a network for urban ministries and facilitating Capacity Building and Talent management for young people. Currently has up to 100 members spread across Zambia and other countries. The Holy Hip Hop Clique is a legally registered Interdenominational youth Club with the Registrar of Societies, registration number ORS/102/33/422 and Certified according to Section 7 (2) of the Societies Act Cap 119.


Today’s young people as well as adults across the world are constantly bombarded with messages that have their roots in the hiphop culture*(explanation at bottom of page). Most of these messages carry sexual undertones and innuendos that consciously and sub-consciously incite people to pursue a lifestyle of materialism, pride and greed. From music lyrics, commercials, radio adverts to music videos and movies young people are unwittingly seduced into worldliness** and often times find themselves drifting away from the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. “To our knowledge, this is the first study to test longitudinal associations between exposure to sexual content in music lyrics and changes in sexual behavior. Our results provide evidence that such exposure is related to advances in a range of sexual activities among adolescents, including intercourse and noncoital behavior. These associations were evident among male and female listeners and among whites and nonwhites and held even after accounting for a wide variety of other personal and social factors correlated with adolescent sexual behavior and with exposure to sexual lyrics. These findings contribute to the emerging body of evidence of the role of a variety of media in the sexual socialization of youth.****”

1 Invading and Cleaning up the Hip-hop Culture



To raise a God fearing generation of responsible and productive young people who are effective leaders in their calling and gifting.

MISSION STATEMENT Cleaning up the hiphop culture by injecting Christ-like values in it and promoting Christ centred art forms among young people.


1. Discipleship  INPUT: Preaching the gospel of Christ through hiphop art forms and following this up with discipleship classes; connecting them to the nearest Bible based Church.  ACTIVITIES: i) Open Air Shows ii) Concerts iii) Discipleship classes iv) Street Evangelism v) Sharing Music  OUTPUT: Hold one annual show, one joint concert, monthly discipleship classes, monthly street Gospel invasions, regular and monitored sharing of Christ centred music OBJECTIVE: To connect at least 50 young people with Bible based local Churches over a space of one year 2. Talent Management  INPUT: To identify, groom and promote upcoming urban ministers and provide a plat form for their exposure through events, websites and other media.  ACTIVITIES: i) Open air and indoor shows ii) Artist one-on-ones iii) Online postings/profiles  OUTPUT: One annual Open air show, One annual concert, one main website, one main magazine, one proposal each year 2 Invading and Cleaning up the Hip-hop Culture


OBJECTIVE: To show case at least 3 newly groomed urban ministers (groups or individuals) at 3 Triple H Clique events held in one year 3. Training and capacity building  INPUT: Facilitating capacity building workshops for urban ministers in leadership and ministry, fundraising and financial management, evangelism and discipleship etc  ACTIVITIES: i) Workshops ii) Conferences iii) Artist one-on-ones  OUTPUT: One capacity building workshop in one year  OBJECTIVE: To hold at least 2 training and capacity building workshops each year for at least 20 urban ministers, old and new alike. 4. Networking  INPUT: To facilitate regular planning and review meetings for the heads of the different urban ministries across the nation.  ACTIVITIES: i) Planning and review meetings ii) Joint events iii) Joint projects  OUTPUT: One annual planning meeting with partner organisation, one joint event with a partner ministry OBJECTIVE:


Solid, word filled and consistent prayer life Service to local Church comes first Accountability of members to Church leadership Christ centric decision making Belief in the potential of Young people Promotion of Christ-centred art forms Zeal and enthusiasm coupled with knowledge Quality and Excellency in all undertakings Financial accountability and transparency Neutral venues for events (in special cases, Church buildings may be used) Free events (members pool resources to make things happen except in special cases where the costs may be too much-a minimal fee may be charged)

3 Invading and Cleaning up the Hip-hop Culture


MINISTRY PHILOSOPHY The ministry operates on the 3 E’s;   

Evangelise Equip Expose

Evangelise 

All our activities are founded on the Great Commission – Matthew 28:19 – aiming at giving people an opportunity to receive and accept Christ as their personal Lord and saviour, in a package that will be most relevant to them.

Equip 

Once we have introduced people to Christ, our next assignment is to connect them to individuals and Churches that will help them get grounded in the word of God and provide them with a family and supportive environment for them to nurture their calling and gifting in readiness to start serving in their family, local Church and community at large

Expose 

When an individual has fully matured and is cognisant of their gifting as well as responsible enough to manage the challenges that come with it, Triple H Clique will carefully and gradually avail them a platform where they can put their skills to use. This helps individuals who have since been established in their local Church to gain exposure, attain growth, gain ministry experience and connect with ministry networks outside the four walls of the Church.

4 Invading and Cleaning up the Hip-hop Culture



This involves setting a stage in the middle of a town, market or residential area allowing artists to minister to onlookers before the Gospel is delivered. 2. PROVIDING SUPPORT ON CONCERTS Facilitate the organization and mobilisation of concerts in major venues across the country and globe allowing established/upcoming artists to minister Christ through their skills. 3. SUPPORTING ALBUM LAUNCHES To facilitate and/or organise album launches on behalf of the Triple H Clique artists as and when the need arises. 4. SUPPORTING CD, VCD AND DVD PRODUCTION Providing the necessary connections for artists to produce good quality CD’S, VCD’S AND DVD’S for their musical projects as well as any other activities captured on film from Triple H events and/or projects championed by Clique members. 5. PARTNERSHIP WITH DISTRIBUTORS OF MUSIC To partner with retail outlets across the country and globe that stock Christ centred CD’S, VCD’S, DVD’S and books. 6. SUPPORTING MUSIC PRODUCTION Supporting artists in accessing the latest state of the Art audio /video studios allowing them to produce good quality music CDS and videos. This would also facilitate the training of individuals in audio and video production. 7. CAPACITY BUILDING/MOTIVATIONAL WORKSHOPS To organize motivational talks for young people in an atmosphere of fun and holy hip hop music, where they will be trained and given know-how on several subjects of interest. 8. KLICKERZ MAGAZINE/NEWSLETTERS To produce a youth magazine and or a newsletter that gives opportunity for young writers to express their views and seek wise counsel about various 5 Invading and Cleaning up the Hip-hop Culture


issues affecting them and be able to draw inspiration from the insight provided from the various articles. 9. MANAGING INTERNET PRESENCE Making sure that all the Triple H Clique spots on the internet are up to date and of are of attractive quality. References: i) *Hip Hop Culture: The term Hip Hop Culture refers to a sub-culture or lifestyle that has its roots in a music form referred to as HipHop music. This music is known to have originated from the streets of the United States of America, predominantly in the Black community; carrying messages about appearing cool, tough and being an object of envy/desire in society. This music has since been an avenue/platform for expression for a lot of young people. It’s also popular for being a conduit for airing out matters that one would otherwise not be comfortable doing on other platforms. ii) **Worldliness: Living in conformity to worldy standards and not according to biblical principles

6 Invading and Cleaning up the Hip-hop Culture

Triple H Clique Defining Document 2014  

A detailed explanation of what the Clique is all about. Download Membership form here:

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