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The apple is one of the favorite fruits of Gabba, she has eaten since she was six years.

Gabba is fan of the band El Recodo, she loves their songs because not only speak of lost love,the also speak of love. There are amazing!

Carlos is Gabba´s friend. Gabba met Carlos, since she was in primary school. He is a person who has marked his life, he has taught her to smile in hard times and he has seen how she has grown in all aspects of her life, he has been an unconditional friend.

Since Gabba was seven years old, she longed to dance, It is something that makes ​her happy . She worn thousands of costumes and she participated in several dance competitions. His greatest dream was to be a ballet dancer

Gabba’s family have been the best of her life, they have given much happiness and love, They have cried and laughed with her, They sharing their triumphs and failures, and thanks to them she is what she is now.

Jazmin is Gabba’s firiend, she was the first friend Gabba had in the classroom. The ability that she have to do things is amazing! She always been able to succeed no matter what and that's why I admire and love her so much, she is my sister.

The favorite hobbie of Gabba is listening music. She love pop music, band music and she love reggaeton music, although many people think it's a disgusting genre, not all songs are bad. That’s why Gabba love this genre.

Mikipower is Gabba’s boyfriend. He is a fantastic person,He has filled her life in so many emotions, so many beautiful and unforgettable things, he is the only man who Gabba loves and therefore she always keep it. She loves him to be the same no more, no less.

Gabba loves to paint and draw. She doesn´t paint often, but when she paint she relax.

Rocio is a great woman, and classmate, she has always been when Gabba need her she has never left alone, so Gabba dares to call her a friend

At school she met diferent persons, she learned to laugh at bad times, to listened in sad times, she met the meaning of true friendship, but also met the treason They are unforgettable moments, filled with many emotions that she will always remember.

One day Gabba think that true friends don’t exist, but when she met Paolet and Dany she recognized that she was wrong

Viri is a special person for Gabba, she listened and give advice when Gabba is sad

Waldo is Gabba’s cat. It is very annoying and funny. It is rude but also it is tender, She love it

She spend a beautiful day next to her colleagues, They had fun, as it has long since she had gone to Chapultepec


it is a special work!

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