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WEEKLY UPDATE #17 August 21-27, 2011

1. Rummage Sale

2. SBC: Speed Open Area Does your friend want to feel Special? Does your friend want to experience something different? Then invite your friend to SPEED's Open Area Week! Bring A Friend to Area from 24-26, Aug 31-Sept 2, Sept 7-9 Area Scheds: TCW Wed 130-430, Thurs 12-3pm, SH Fridays 830-1130am, BF Fri 1230-330pm! Sign-up at

1. Taktakan Finals

2. MidSem IC – Extended!

Gabayanos! Extended ang MidSem IC!

MidSem Individual Consultations. Link:

Know your current MidSem standing in Gabay, voice out your sentiments and concerns. Know more about the org's advocacies and most importantly... Let us know what you are going through. Note that this is a requirement for retention. Not being able to undergo this will merit you sanctions. Kaya naman,


3. AS Deed #8: Sports At least four members of the family must play any kind of physical sports. Pictures must be taken and sent to with subject SPORTS_(family name). 30 points will be incurred upon completion.

Ariel Valdez - August 22 Jerico Halaguena - August 22 Carol Ramis - August 23 Kat Ugalino - August 23 Al Rillon - August 24 Johann Timkang - August 24 Kat Mapacpac - August 26 Yan-Yan Fuego - August 27

Weekly Update #17  
Weekly Update #17  

Weekly Update #17: August 21-27, 2011