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WEEKLY UPDATE #5 May 22-28, 2011

1. Superplanning Who said that summer is over?


GABAY SUMMER SUPERPLANNING May 27-30, 2011 Johneva Beach Resort (Purok 1B La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales) Payment: Php 400.00 (Pwedeng magbayad sa kahit kaninong EDGE. :D) Sign-ups: Questions? See FQA Attached :> Kailangan ng formal letter to convince your parents? See attached for soft copy :> Hard copy will be available sa GKR starting tomorrow :)

WAIVER WAIVER WAIVER! Below 18? See attached for waiver, or punta kang GKR to get a copy. 18 or above? Daan ka lang ng GKR to sign. Deadline: May 26, 4:30pm Any other concerns? Hanapin lang kaming EDGE or email us at :>

Arron Sese - May 26 Goodluck sa Finals Week Gabayanos! Konting tiis na lang, Superplanning na! :D

Weekly Update #5  

Weekly Update #5: May 22-28, 2011