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WEEKLY UPDATE SPECIAL ISSUE #6 June 14, 2011, Tuesday

1. Renewals Week

Handa ka na bang magtaya muli?


RENEWALS WEEK NA! How to Renew 1. Download Form A2 Renewal Form at

2. Send accomplished form to (before your scheduled Renewals IC) 3. Schedule a Renewals IC at

4a. Register for a website account at (starting tomorrow) -> NO 4b. Sign up for Exigo Invite Distribution Shift at 5. Grab a copy of Prof Evals Form, available at MVP216 6. Go to MVP216 for your scheduled IC 7. Submit the following to your interviewer: a. at least two sample long exams from last school year (2010-2011) b. accomplished prof evals form


2. Chill Head Applications

Handa ka na bang paglingkuran ang iba? Upang mapagmunihan ang buhay... ...makahalubilo ang kapwa... ...isang pagbibigay-pugay... ...kaisa ang Gabay?

3. Leadership Management Program - Skills Training Seminar

4. Acad Memo - Instructions for Releasing Books Date: To:

14 June 2011 Members of Ateneo Gabay



Instructions for releasing books: 1. 2.

3. 4. 5.

Borrower’s Identity. Check the name and ID number of the borrower. Make sure to check his/her ID. Book. a. Ask him/her if she knows the book code, book title, or author. If not, check his/her name in the posted list. b. Look for the book among the books placed on top of the cabinet below the white board and then give it to him/her. Contract. Get 2 copies of the contract, ask the borrower to fill out one, keep the copy she filled out and then give her the other and tell him/her that she can fill it out at her own time. Borrowing Fee. Get his/her payment for the book/s s/he borrowed (Php 10.00 per book). Book List. Stamp the respective box on the book list to indicate that it has been released. Sign and make sure to include the date.

For your information and guidance. Thank you very much. Sa ikatatlumpu’t limang taon ng patataya, [SGD]Eunice Papas Academics Committee Head Ateneo Gabay 2011-2012

[Special Issue #6] Renewals, Chill Head Application, LMP Skills Training, Instructions for Releasing  

Special Issue #6: Renewals, Chill Head Application, LMP Skills Training, Instructions for Releasing