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Today I’m wearing a purple shirt, black leggins and black shoes. Daisy

Today I’m wearing blue leggins, a black and white jumper and pink and black trainers. I’m wearing a bracelet too. Candela

Today I’m wearing red t-shirt, red trousers and black shoes. Diego

Today I’m wearing golden earrings, white shirt, blue jeans and brown boots. Emely

Today I´m wearing a black t-shirt, black leggins, brown trainers and purple glasses. Duna

Today I’m wearing a white and blue t-shirt, blue trousers and black and yellow and white trainers . Brian

Today, i’m wearing a yellow shirt, a blue trousers, blue and orange trainers. NESTA

Today, I’m wearing a white shirt, a blue skirt, grey boots and a red scarf. Norah

Today, I´m wearing a colored t- shirt a black, white and red jacket. I´ m wearing blue jeans and black and red trainers. Gurpinder

Today, I’m wearing a blue t-shirt ,blue trousers and brown shoes. Hector

Today I’m wearing pink and white t- shirt, blue jeans, brown boots and pink and purple glasses. Georgina

Today I’m wearing pink leggings, white jumper, pink, grey, white and purple t-shirt and black boots. Júlia

Today, I´m wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, brown boots and a silver necklace. Yaiza

Today, I´m wearing blue t- shirt, blue jeans and black trainers. Vladi

Today I’m wearing a pink jacket, grey and pink trousers and white and pink trainers. Mariam

Today I’m wearing a black jumper, blue jeans and black boots. I’m wearin earrings and a stars bracelet. Gloria

Today I’m wearing a blue and red jumper, a white and green t-shirt , a brown and yellow track suit and green and white trainers. Adriån

Today I’m wearing a white t-shirt, a black trak suit and golden and black trainers. Abraham

Today I´m wearing a grey and white jacket, blue jeans and white and black trainers.


Today I’m wearing pink and white leggins, black t- shirt and black and pink trainers. Luisa

Today I’m wearing grey and white trousers , orange, green, blue and black t-shirt and black and white trainers. Armando


What are you wearing