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CHALLENGE The Newsletter of the Gay Activist Alliance in Morris County – Serving New Jersey’s GLBTI Communities Since 1972

Volume 36, Issue 8, October 2010

A Battle of Wits

American Idiots Cling Desperately to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Harass, Don’t Pursue” by Andy Skurna

I am going to begin by stating the obvious. This article contains facts uncovered by, and opinions of, Andy Skurna, President of GAAMC. Nothing within this article should be interpreted as the position of GAAMC. As with every opinion expressed within our media, unless clearly noted as the position of the Board of Trustees, opinions should be credited only to the author. In another break from form, I will publicly declare that I have been a registered Republican since I began voting. That should not be interpreted to mean that I always vote the Republican Party line. I vote in every election. By remaining a registered Republican, I get to vote in primaries, which I feel are the votes that have the greatest impact. When it comes to general elections, I vote for the candidates I feel best represent me. Lieutenant Gotthold Frederick Enslin was the first soldier discharged for sodomy from the U.S. military (at that time, the Continental Army), in 1778.[1] The U.S. military has evolved little since then. Throughout this nation’s history we have altered the codes of conduct and related laws regarding sexual minorities’ rights to defend our nation. In my opinion, these policies remain for one purpose, and that is to allow the American people to hold onto their ignorance. On September 21, 2010, once again the right to remain stupid trumped all the intellectual advancements made since 1778. Once again, Republicans in the Senate proved they would rather capitalize on the fears of the weak-minded than to demonstrate any capacity for strong, intelligent leadership. Ultimately, they chose to illustrate their weakness by remaining bullies. I doubt that they honestly believe in their votes, but rather, their votes were borne out of their fears for their political lives. Few people can rise to such powerful positions by being stupid, though many have held onto them by pretending to be.

In February 2005, the Government Accountability Office estimated the cost of the military’s ban on sexual minorities at $190 million[2} to remove and replace the 9,488 service members discharged from 1994 through 2003. In February 2006, a University of California Blue Ribbon Commission, which included members from the Reagan and Clinton administrations, concluded the actual cost was closer to $363 million.[2] Between the years of 2004 and 2009, it has been reported that another 3,707 service members have had their careers cut short by the same policy. I was unable to locate any studies or reports on the cost of these additional discharges. One of the most offensive aspects of this issue has been the hypocrisy with which it is applied. During periods of military conflict, our leaders seem to apply a much different standard than during peacetime. For its first 8 years (6 years during the Clinton administration) annual discharge totals climbed steadily from 617 in 1994 to 1,273 in 2001, or a 106% increase over 7 years. After September 11, 2001, the number of DADT discharges immediately dropped by 29%, and steadily declined from 906 in 2002 to 619 in 2008 (all during the Bush administration.) In the first year of the Obama administration, discharges declined more than 30%, to only 428.[3][4][5] That’s 428 too many, but it is the lowest number since the policy was set in 1993.

The ultra-conservatives of the “tea party” made greater advancements in the midterm primary elections of September 14, 2010, than anyone would have predicted. Since so many elected Republicans rely on the support of conservatives, they could not risk fragmenting their Inside Challenge base by showing that they have GAAMC Events........................... page 2 evolved beyond fearing gays and The Bulletin Board..................... page 3 lesbians. They voted to support In Memoriam ............................ page 3 continued discrimination of sexual Gleanings................................. page 4 minorities. They voted to continue Good Eatin'! 5 weakening our national security by Membership Application Form....... page 6 allowing qualified, and often Calendar .................................. page 7 highly-decorated, personnel be Memories of 9/11 ....................... page 9 removed from their positions withYour Land-Locked Civil Rights...... page 10 out cause. They voted to allow This Month's Contributors........... page 10 the US military to continue wasting Dancing to Architecture............. page 12 hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ GAAMC Information................... page 14 dollars on replacing the people whose careers they unfairly ended.

I find it ironic that the Republicans who forced President Clinton to accept “Don’t ask, don’t tell” as the closest thing to repealing the military’s ban on gay service had no difficulty in easing enforcement when they needed men and women to send into battle. As a registered Republican, I am sickened by the realization that once again we have a Democratic Commander-in-Chief who is trying to strengthen our military, trying to eliminate the (continued on page 9)

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GAAMC Events Every Monday OpenTalk Discussion Group This is a regular weekly discussion group, open to all. Moderators: Elias Scultori, Kerry Dinkin, Sherri Rase. 7:00, Library Circles-NJ Discussion Group This is a closed discussion group, lasting roughly eight weeks, with a limited number of participants. See "Bulletin Board", page 3. 7:00, room TBA First Monday of the Month Mature Men's Discussion Group This is a monthly discussion group geared to men age 45 and above. Moderator: Marty Grifone. Discussion topics: October 4th, "Dating"; November 1, "Retooling for Employment". 7:00, Terrace Room Main Events October 4: Vote Your Issues – Now, more important than ever, is GAAMC’s annual program where local candidates for public office from every angle of the aisle are invited to tell us how they will address the LGBT concerns of their constituency.  GAAMC invites everyone, so those who care to show up give you an idea of which lever to pull in November.  Information on how to register to vote, and why it’s important, will be available. October 11:  Perry Riff comes out to sing it all for you.  October 11 is National Coming Out Day and to celebrate, Perry will present his acclaimed program in the Terrace Room.  His song stylings are something you’ll remember for a long time to come.  Be on hand to hear some of your favorites.   October 18:  In the past two decades, LGBT families in NJ have obtained a variety of means for legal recognition for themselves as couples and for their families.  But the quest for full recognition continues.  Bill Singer will discuss the status of these laws, what issues remain, and the best ways to protect you and your loved ones. October 25:  GAAMC celebrates one of the most wonderful holidays in the season — Hallowe'en!  Charlie, Andy, and the Social Committee have planned an amazing evening. Come in costume and dress to impress!  Preview what you’ll be wearing at the Parade in NYC and show us your talents!  We’ll have a gay old time!   Coming Next Month! November 1:  Cheese Fest returns to GAAMC!  Ever wish you could actually say some of your comments out loud at a movie that’s less than Grade B?  Live out loud and talk out proud when GAAMC shows one of the cheesiest films ever made, Big Trouble in Little China!  Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall star, and you get to say what you think! A great time will be had by all!   November 8:  The Match GAYme!  Remember the classic 1970s TV show?  Join your host, Gene Rugburn, for the GAAMC version of this audience participation masterpiece, complete with celebrity panelists and fabulous prizes!

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The Bulletin Board Circles-NJ offers structured discussions in a safe space. At each meeting, we choose from a list of topics and answer questions designed to promote discussion in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The next eight-week Circles session will start in mid-October. Discussion topics include: being gay/ lesbian; growing up; family; marriage equality; prejudice; change; sexuality; role models; stages of life; women & men; parents & parenting; politics & activism; intimacy; and love & relationships. Participants are invited to suggest additional topics for discussion. For further information about Circles, contact Gordon Sauer by October 11 at discussions @, or call 973-342-2360. Jersey City's Chillfest Film Series kicks off its sixth season with Stonewall Uprising, a documentary about the events leading up to what has been described as "the Rosa Parks moment" in the struggle for gay rights. Interviews with Stonewall patrons, reporters, and the policeman who led the raid combine to paint a picture of the "bad old days" of aversion therapy, lobotomies, police entrapment, and the myriad other ways gays were made to feel less than other citizens. The film will be screened at LITM in Jersey City on October 10th at 4 pm. For more information, or to order tickets, go to Other scheduled films, all at LITM at 4 pm: Eyes Wide Open, November 14; Children of God, January 9. The Paper Mill Playhouse invites you to its second Lavender Night, an event for the GLBTI communities, to be held on Sunday, October 10th at 5:30 pm! The festivities start with a private pre-show cocktail party at the F.M. Kirby Carriage House across from the theatre, featuring specialty cocktails, delicious hors d'oeuvres, and a selection of fine wines. Following the party is the evening performance of Hairspray, winner of eight 2003 Tony® Awards including Best Musical! Tickets are $56, $74, and $84 each, and include admission to the party and the show. Space is limited, so RSVP by October 8th to Kendell Henle at KHenle @

The Arts Council of Princeton is hosting a book signing for "What's Love Got to Do With It: The Case for Same-Sex Marriage", hosted by Assemblyman Reed Gusciora and featuring the book's authors, Senators Raymond Lesniak and Loretta Weinberg, on October 10 at 3:00 pm. The $20 ticket price includes a copy of the book and a donation to the not-for-profit organization The Road to Justice and Peace. RSVP to Amy at 908-963-4413.

Gordon Sauer and Javier Montalvo will host a fundraising dinner at their home in East Hanover on Saturday, October 23rd at 7:30 pm. The $65 per person buffet will include drinks, appetizers, a full vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal, and dessert. Entertainment will be part of a very special evening for all. Proceeds will be used to provide funding for GAAMC's services. To make your reservation, please send a check for $65 per person, along with your name, address and phone number, to:  Buffet for GAAMC, P.O. Box 137, Convent Station, NJ  07961-0137. Contact Discussions @ for more information, to make a reservation, or to make your tax deductible donation by credit card. All reservations and donations are non-refundable. Garden State Equality presents Live at the Moulin Rouge, a French cabaret with dinner, flowing drinks, and a rousing entertainment extravaganza.  It will be on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 7:30 pm at the Starlight Ballroom, 7 High Street in Nutley.    Get ready for song, dance, comedy, spectacle, and splash from the wild world of variety, with not a speech in sight.   Even by Garden State Equality's standards, Live at the Moulin Rouge will be an unbelievable event.  Tickets, which are tax-deductible to the maximum extent of the law, are $160 and $175. For more information, or to purchase tickets, go to

In Memoriam It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that GAAMC member Carol Galofaro passed away on Monday, September 13, 2010. Carol's children, Linda Galofaro Gantz, John Galofaro, and Caroline Galofaro, came to GAAMC's meeting on the 13th to meet the friends Carol valued so much, and to deliver the news in person to the members of OpenTalk, the discussion group that meant so much to Carol. Carol was a newer member, joining GAAMC earlier this year. She wasn't the type to sit around and watch the world pass her by. Carol enriched our regular meetings and our socials by contributing her wit, wisdom, passion, homemade baked ziti, and homemade cream puffs… Whether in the library or the kitchen, the main ingredient was always love. Carol, born and raised in Brooklyn, was a teacher's aid at Memorial Junior School in Whippany, a girl's softball coach in Hanover Township, an avid bingo player, and a fan of her beloved Yankees and Giants. She is survived by her former spouse, her children, her brother, and her four grandchildren. Donations can be made in Carol's memory to The Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown, 36 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960. More information about The Community S o u p Ki t c h e n c a n b e f o u n d a t t h e i r w e b s i t e ,

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Queer news from around the world A Federal district court judge ruled in California that the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is unconstitutional. The case, brought by the Log Cabin Republicans, is the first successful challenge to the 1993 law requiring the policy. (Los Angeles Times) The United States Senate defeated, by a 56-43 vote, release of the National Defense Authorization Act, containing the repeal of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy, to the floor for debate and a vote. Under the Senate's rules, the bill needed 60 votes to come to the floor. Opposition to the bill was led by John McCain (R-AZ); all the Republican Senators voted against the bill, as did three Democrats: Blanche Lincoln (AR), Mark Pryor (AR), and Harry Reid (NV). Reid voted no as a procedural move which would allow him to bring the bill up later in the session. Lisa Murkowski (RAK) did not vote. (CNN) US District Judge Ronald Leighton ruled a former Air Force officer should be given her job back as soon as possible. Decorated 17-year veteran Major Margaret Witt, a flight nurse discharged under the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy in 2007, brought a lawsuit in Washington State challenging the constitutionality of the policy. (Seattle Times; Associated Press) An openly gay Saudi diplomat serving in the Saudi consulate in Los Angeles has requested political asylum in the United States. Ali Ahmad Asseri was fired from his job after Saudi officials found out he was both gay and friends with a Jewish woman. Asseri has claimed that he would be killed if he had to return to Saudi Arabia. (MSNBC) Nikolay Alexeyev, a Russian gay rights campaigner, was arrested and pressured to rescind an official complaint he filed against Russian officials in the European Court of Civil Rights. He was later released in a town 120 miles south of Moscow. Alexeyev has repeatedly attempted to stage GLBT demonstrations in Moscow despite a government ban. (Associated Press) Over 2,000 demonstrators in Dublin, Ireland marched in support of full marriage rights for same-sex couples. Ireland's civil partnerships law, enacted last year extends certain rights to gay couples; marchers called the law "a second-class system". A recent poll showed 67 percent of Irish people favor same-sex marriage.(The Irish Times (Dublin)) Maryland governor Martin O'Malley (D) is prepared to sign a marriage equality bill if it is passed in the Maryland Legislature. O'Malley, a longtime supporter of civil unions for samesex couples, stated his belief that public opinion and the opinion of a newly-elected Legislature will move beyond civil unions to marriage equality. (The Washington Post) A gay couple in Cheyenne, WY has dropped their lawsuit challenging the state's gay marriage law. The lawsuit claimed the law, defining marriage as a contract solely between a male and a female person, was unconstitutional.

The couple, acting as their own attorneys, did not coordinate their actions with other gay groups in the state; several state activists said the lawsuit would have raised fears among lawmakers and voters that a federal judge would force Wyoming to recognize marriages and jeopardize years of lobbying on a variety of GLBT issues. (Billings (MT) Gazette; Casper (WY) Star-Tribune) The legal team defending California's Proposition 8 in the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals said in an initial brief that Judge Vaughn Walker willfully disregarded much of the evidence they say supported their arguments. Judge Walker ruled Proposition 8 unconstitutional, reversing a voterapproved ban on civil marriage for same-sex couples. (Associated Press) A state appeals court in Texas refused to grant a divorce to a gay couple who were married in Massachusetts. The ruling overturned a lower court decision in the matter. (Associated Press) The Massachusetts federal court decision declaring a section of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional has gone on hold pending an appeal by the government. The Justice Department has 60 days to file a notice of appeal. A spokeswoman said no decision has been made yet on an appeal to the First US Circuit Court of Appeals. ( Students at a Catholic school in Springfield, MA held a rally outside St. Michael's Cathedral to protest the removal of school administrator Christine Judd. Judd had been forced to resign after 12 years of service for marrying her lesbian partner. (WWLP-TV (Springfield, MA)) A federal judge in Georgia allowed the expulsion of an Augusta State University student who said she would be unable to counsel gay people in a values-neutral manner, as required by the school's master-level counseling program. Jennifer Keeton contended being forced to remain neutral on the subject of homosexuality violated her free speech and religious rights. ( The office of Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) confirmed that a comment posted on LGBT blog "Joe.My.God." calling for the death of all gay people originated from a computer in the senator's office. The Senate's sergeant-at-arms is investigating the matter. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) Florida governor Charlie Crist (R), running for the Senate as an independent, issued a position paper stating his support for civil unions, adoption rights for gays and lesbians, and repealing "don't ask, don't tell". Crist's Democratic opponent, Representative Kendrick Meek, accused Crist of flip-flopping because of Crist's anti-gay rhetoric during his gubernatorial race in 2006. Meanwhile, Crist said the state will stop enforcing a law banning adoption by gays and lesbians following a state appeals court ruling that found the law unconstitutional. (Tampa Tribune; MSNBC) (continued on page 11)

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Good Eatin'!

Recipes from the Easton Farmers' Market Savory Pear Pizza 1 prepared pizza dough crust 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3 cloves garlic, minced

2 ounces grated fresh Parmesan cheese 3 ounces chopped prosciutto 1 Red Anjou Pear, cored and thinly sliced

Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Place pizza crust on baking sheet. Spread olive oil and garlic over the pizza crust. Top with cheese, prosciutto, and pear slices. Bake for 12

to 15 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Slice; serves six.

Italian Escarole Salad 1 large head escarole (broad leaf type) 1/3 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons wine vinegar 3 cloves garlic, pressed or finely minced and crushed Balsamic vinegar 1/3 teaspoon sea salt (adjust if using anchovies) Black pepper 1/3 teaspoon basil leaves Add wine vinegar to bottom of bowl. Peel garlic and, using a garlic press, add garlic to vinegar and allow to sit at least 10 minutes. (Alternatively, if you don't have a garlic press, mince garlic finely and then sprinkle with salt and rub the side of your knife across it to crush garlic to a fine paste, then add to vinegar as above.) Stir oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, and a pinch of black pepper into vinegar. Add chopped onion, stir to mix together. Wash and thoroughly dry the escarole and separate the leaves, tearing them into 1- to 2-inch

1/3 teaspoon oregano leaves 1/3 teaspoon (or to taste) hot red pepper flakes 1 can medium sized black olives, ripe or oil cured,chopped 1 large Vidalia or red onion, sliced thinly 1 large English cucumber, quartered lengthwise, sliced into 1 inch chunks 1 can anchovies (optional) pieces. Add to vinegar and garlic. Chop the cucumber into one inch pieces and season with black pepper. If using the optional anchovies, drain, break them into sections and add to the olive oil. Otherwise, pour olive oil over salad, sprinkle with salt, and mix gently but thoroughly. Taste and adjust seasonings. Top with Parmesan croutons or serve with bruschetta. Variations: When in season, optionally add fresh ripe tomato slices and use chopped fresh basil and oregano. Another nice addition is roasted red peppers. Or add 2" X 1/2" slices of salami, mortadella, or a sharp Italian cheese such as asiago, provolone or pecorino romano. Or include a can of cannelloni beans (drained), or a can of Italian tonno (tuna) packed in olive oil for a hearty lunch.

KEVIN P. SUSZKO, PC Certified Public Accountant


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October 2010 Calendar

Recurring Contact Information

* Hackensack Peer Support Groups: 800-508-7577; njbuddies @ † Pride Center, Highland Park: 732-846-2232; ‡ Hudson County Peer Support Groups: 201-963-4779; HCP @ λ LGBT Center Rainbow Lounge, Princeton: ♦ Jersey Shore Q-Spot, Asbury Park: Monday – Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - HIV testing, Asbury Park; 800-947-0020 9:00 am to 11:00 am - The Daily Grind coffeehouse, Princetonλ Every Monday 7:00 pm - GAAMC, Morristown (see page 2) 10:30 am - The Wellness Community, Newark; 973-5650300; info @ 2:00 pm - Sex in the Center, Princetonλ 7:00 pm - Bowling, Union; merenl @ 7:30 pm - S.E.L.F. HIV Men’s support group, Hackensack* 7:30 pm - New Jersey Gay Men’s Chorus choir practice, Princeton; 609-396-7774; 7:30 pm - Overeaters Anonymous, Pride Center† 8:00 pm - Bowling, Green Brook; 732-388-3548; qcrollers @ Every Tuesday 12:30 pm - The Wellness Community, Newark; 973-5650300; info @ 1:00 pm - HIV Support Group, Hackensack* 4:00 pm - Treatment Adherence Support Group, Jersey City; 201-432-1134; info @ 6:00 pm - GLITZ, Jersey City‡ 6:30 pm - Fresh Start HIV Trans support group, Jersey City‡ 7:30 pm - Tuesday Night Lesbian Connection, Bound Brook; 908-791-3764 7:30 pm - Men’s HIV support group, Asbury Park; 732-7755084; apstillpoz @ 8:45 pm - Bowling, Belleville; 973-256-5936; NJGLB @ 9:00 pm - Bowling, Jersey City; 201-933-6028; JoeyNJ @ 9:15 pm - Bowling, Edison; 732-548-4550; cnjgbl @

01 Fri 7:00 pm - Positive Women peer support group, Hackensack* 7:00 pm - Under the Rainbow, Pride Center† 7:00 pm - Karaoke Party, Pride Center† 8:30 pm - Time for Me, Pride Center† 02 Sat 2:30 pm - HiTOPS for GLBTI Youth, Princeton; 609-6835155; 03 Sun 4:00 pm - Dignity Metro NJ Mass, Maplewood; 973-8574040; Dignitymetronj @ 4:00 pm - Intro to Partner Dancing, Pride Center† 6:30 pm - Gay Men’s Opera Club; 732-249-9034; hagol @ 04 Mon 6:00 pm - LGBT International Student Dinner, Princetonλ 7:00 pm - Support Group for Lesbians with Cancer, New Brunswick; 732-235-6781; slirzero AT 7:00 pm - Lesbian Hot Topics, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦

Every Wednesday 10:30 am - The Wellness Community, Jersey City; 201432-1134; info @ 2:00 pm - "Generation Q", WRSU 88.7 FM; 6:00 pm - Positive People peer support group, Hackensack* 7:30 pm - Men’s Living Out group, Pride Center; njwarrior @† 7:30 pm - Gay Men’s Coming Out group, Pride Center; njwarrior @† Every Thursday 6:00 pm - Pride Thursdays, Hard Grove Cafe Bar, Jersey City; 6:00 pm - Our Youth weekly support group, Jersey City; 6:30 pm - Double Jeopardy peer support group, Hackensack* 6:30 pm - Living Beyond HIV Men's peer support groups, Jersey City‡ 7:30 pm - Rainbows on Cleveland Street, Orange; 973256-5936; rbowsoncleveland @ 7:30 pm - Writers Group, Pride Center† Every Friday 3:00 pm - Tea at Three, Princetonλ 3:30 pm - Youth Connect, Jersey City‡ Every Saturday 3:30 pm - Youth Connect, Jersey City‡ Every Sunday 10:30 am - MCC of Christ the Liberator, North Brunswick; 732-846-8227; mccliberator @ Noon - St. Francis of Assisi Church, Glen Ridge; 973-7317765; 2:30 pm - Liberation in Truth Unity Fellowship Church, Newark; 973-621-2100 05 Tue 6:00 pm - Gay Pride Business Network, New Brunswick; 7:00 pm - ComeOUT & Play, Pride Center† 7:00 pm - Quesdays, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 7:30 pm - LGBT Fellowship, Belleville; 973-751-0616 7:30 pm - PCNJ Board of Trustees meeting, Pride Center† 06 Wed 7:00 pm - North Jersey Prime Timers' monthly meetup;'; 201-841-0826 7:30 pm - Gay Dad's Coming Out/Support Group, Pride Center† 7:30 pm - Creating "Queer Comrades" in China, Princetonλ 07 Thu 7:00 pm - jsQspot Book Q-LUB, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 7:00 pm - JCLGO monthly meeting, Jersey City; 7:30 pm - Alternate Thursdays, Montclair; kjdinkin @ 7:30 pm - Coffee Night, Edison;

Page 8 CHALLENGE October 2010 4:00 pm - TrueSelves trans support group, Pride Center†

08 Fri 7:30 pm - NJ LGBT Cancer Support Group, Pride

7:30 pm - Gods in These Ghettos, Princetonλ


09 Sat Noon - North Jersey Prime Timers social; 201-841-0826; 1:00 pm - Youth Drop-In, Pride Center† 7:00 pm - Movie Social, Pride Center† 7:30 pm - Dignity New Brunswick gay Catholic liturgy; 732968-9263; dignitynb @ 8:00 pm - The Prisoner of Second Avenue, Hackettstown; 201-841-0826; 10 Sun 1:00 pm - 4th Annual Wurst Brunch, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 1:30 pm - PFLAG Northern New Jersey, South Orange; 973-267-8414; 3:00 pm - "What's Love Got to Do With It: The Case for Same-Sex Marriage", Princetonλ 4:00 pm - Chillfest film festival, Jersey City (see Bulletin Board, page 3) 5:30 pm - Lavender Night, Paper Mill Playhouse, Millburn (see Bulletin Board, page 3) 6:00 pm - Gay Men’s Classical Song Club, Kingston; pbrown02 @ 11 Mon 7:00 pm - Youth Initiative Teenager's Meetings, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 7:30 pm - PFLAG of Morris County, Mendham; 973-5437229; craig.bcc @ 7:30 pm - PFLAG, Princeton; 609-663-5155; 12 Tue 8:00 pm - Lesbians and Gay Men of New Brunswick, Pride Center† 13 Wed 7:30 pm - TGLCA monthly meeting, Trenton; 609-3969788; tglca @ 9:00 pm - Dine with Pride, Metuchen ; jennifer.horsey @ 14 Thu 7:00 pm - Qspot Book Club, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 15 Fri 7:00 pm - Positive Women peer support group, Hackensack* 7:00 pm - NJ Furries Art Workshop, Pride Center† 7:30 pm - Dignity New Brunswick social; 732-968-9263; dignitynb @ 8:00 pm - Out of the Box open mic night, The Cave, 19-21 Second Avenue, Highland Park (sign-up begins 7:30) 9:00 pm - DJ Chiono Dance Party, Pride Center† 16 Sat 2:30 pm - HiTOPS for GLBTI Youth, Princeton; 609-6835155; 7:00 pm - Rainbow Bowling, Bradley Beach; 732-774-4540 7:00 pm - NJ Gay Film Society & Potluck Dinner Club, location TBA; gayfilms @ 7:00 pm - OA Games Night, Pride Center† 17 Sun 11:00 am - Havurah museum tour and lunch, New York City; program @; 4:00 pm - Dignity Metro NJ Mass, Maplewood; 973-8374040; Dignitymetronj @

18 Mon 7:00 pm - Support Group for Lesbians with Cancer, New Brunswick; 732-235-6781; slirzero @ 7:00 pm - Lesbian Hot Topics, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 7:30 pm - Basic Self-Defense, Pride Center† 19 Tue 6:00 pm - Gay Pride Business Network, New Brunswick; 7:00 pm - Movie Night, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 7:00 pm - ComeOUT & Play, Pride Center† 7:30 pm - Lesbian Alliance of Princeton; 609-924-8174; Loisj @ 7:30 pm - PFLAG of Hunterdon County; 908-812-1558; pflaghc @ 8:00 pm - PFLAG Bergen County; 201-287-0318; 8:00 pm - NJ Women, Secaucus; info @ 20 Wed 6:00 pm - Queering the Color Line Family Dinner, Princetonλ 7:30 pm - United in Grace discussion/support group, Jersey City; 201-946-0650; greg.perez @ 8:00 pm - Capital Rainbowfest planning meeting, Trenton; capitalr @ 8:00 pm - Havurah board meeting, Highland Park; 21 Thu 7:00 pm - GAAMC board meeting, Morristown; all GAAMC members are invited to attend. 7:00 pm - Out All Night and Lost My Shoes, Princetonλ 7:30 pm - NJ Women Coming Out Support Group, Pride Center† 22 Fri 7:00 pm - Rock Hero, Pride Center† 23 Sat 1:00 pm - Youth Drop-In, Pride Center† 2:00 pm - Strategy Games Group, Edison; 2:00 pm - Youth Support Group, Pride Center† 7:00 pm - Gay Bowling, Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park; 732-776-6160 7:00 pm - Games Night & Dessert, Pride Center† 7:30 pm - GAAMC Fundraising Dinner, Florham Park (see Bulletin Board, page 3) 7:30 pm - Garden State Equality fundraiser, "Live at the Moulin Rouge", Nutley (see Bulletin Board, page 3) 24 Sun 1:00 pm - Rainbow Book Group Discussion, Jersey City; 25 Mon 7:00 pm - Funny Bingo, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 8:30 pm - Meditation Group, Pride Center† 26 Tue 3:00 pm - Health Center Drop-In, Princetonλ 8:00 pm - Lesbians and Gay Men of New Brunswick, Pride Center† 27 Wed 4:30 pm - "Historicizing Erotohistoriography", Princetonλ 28 Thu 7:00 pm - Gay Men's Hot Topics, Jersey Shore Q-Spot♦ 29 Fri 8:00 pm - Shabbat service, Metuchen;

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Memories of 9/11 by Tony Puma

I represented a company in NYC in 2001. I sent this email to my associates across the country in October 2001. I found this email amongst some business correspondence in 2009. I have not edited its contents, it is as written. The subject is labeled "WTC II"; I must have sent a "WTC I", but it is lost. The Roman numeral II was not meant to be symbolic, but just used as a numbering sequence. SUBJECT: WTC II (10/02/01) I feel compelled to write this brief note. I attended on Monday (10/01) a breakfast meeting of the New York City Chamber of Commerce. The guest speaker was Senator Hillary Clinton, and the topic was "Rebuilding NYC". She spoke eloquently on the plight of NYC and the challenges facing the USA. She also had some unflinchingly tough words for the "murderers" who were involved with this "crime". After the meeting I was able to go down to Ground Zero (GZ) in lower Manhattan. I must tell you that tape/TV does not do the site justice (if justice is the right word). It was a total assault on the senses. To view the smoldering remains of the World Trade Center, and know that it is a tomb for 6000+ people, shakes you emotionally. Your sense of sight, to see, but not believe; this must be an optical illusion. Your sense of smell, when the wind blows in your direction, burning, sulphuric stench. Your sense of hearing, not the normal traffic sounds, but those of trucks rumbling up and down Broadway, and horns replaced by sirens, and the work of cranes removing the remains from the site. Maybe I know now what the passengers on the Titanic felt when told the ship was sinking: incredulity, this can’t happen. To my friend Glenn: Posted on a building on Broadway, approximately 2 short blocks from GZ, is a banner, about 3’ high x 12’ long. On top of the banner in bold letters it reads "Prayers From San Antonio". It is signed by the congregation of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio. If in your travels you happen to pass by this church, drop in and tell them that your compatriot in NYC, along with thousands of others, saw/read that heartfelt banner. To my friend Mike: A company out of Pittsburgh, Matthews International, donated a larger-than-life bronze statue of a kneeling (in prayer) fireman. If you happen by that company, also let them know that your friend in NYC, along with thousands of others, have seen that statue, bedecked with flowers, candles, and notes of condolences from all over. Also, the HSBC building (formerly Marine Midland), covered in soot and seemingly abandoned. What a sight.

To my friend Hardy: Who, after a hard day prospecting with me in NYC, decided to have a couple of beers atop the WTC in the restaurant Windows on the World. Those memories are indelibly etched; viewing the NYC skyline and surrounding country-side at twilight, from that vantage point. They say that this is a war; well, this section of NYC certainly looks like a war zone. As I write this on Tuesday morning, I still can’t believe what I experienced yesterday. I will, however, always remember. Yet, when you are down there, you have the queasy feeling that you want to be somewhere else; that you do not want to experience this; yet there it is. One quick story, to highlight the resiliency of people and how life goes on. Outside the Barclays Bank building on Broadway, approximately 3 blocks north of GZ, a group of people were gathered outside, obviously on break. They were wearing face masks covering their mouth and nose. Irony of ironies, they were all on a smoke break, removing their masks to take a puff every so often. Go figure! GOD BLESS AMERICA Regards, Tony

A Battle of Wits

(continued from page 1) hundreds of millions of dollars of waste required to enforce this unconstitutional, discriminatory policy, and who is trying to reduce the national shame of supporting such a patently stupid law, but whose efforts are being thwarted by Republicans. You know the Republicans, the party of lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, military might, and less government intrusion into our personal lives. Disgusting duplicity! Members of our community continue our war on inequality on several major fronts, and the right to serve openly in the defense of our nation is just one battle. But if we take a step back, if we pause to examine what it is we are really fighting against, the combatants are always the same. This is not a war of good versus evil. This is not a war of right versus wrong. This is clearly a battle of enlightenment versus ignorance, intelligence versus fear. 1. Herek, Gregory. [Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S. Military: Historical Background "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Revisited"]. Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S. Military: Historical Background. 2. "Report: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' costs $363M". USA Today, Washington/Politics. February 14, 2006 3. Associated Press (18 November 2008). "Admirals, generals: Let gays serve openly". 4. Shane, Leo (January 16, 2009). "Stars and Stripes: Obama Wants to End “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”". Stars and Stripes. U.S. Department of Defense. 5. Continued discharges anger 'don't ask, don't tell' critics: Gay-rights groups urge reversal now. Bryan Bender, Boston Globe; May 20, 2009.

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Your Land-Locked Civil Rights by Bill Singer

Yes, same-sex couples in New Jersey have a lot of rights. But those rights evaporate as soon as we cross the Hudson or Delaware Rivers. By crossing the Delaware River, same-sex couples lose any recognition of their relationship. Pennsylvania has yet to recognize a civil union or a marriage of a same-sex couple. In Pennsylvania, New Jersey couples in a civil union are considered legal strangers to each other. And don’t be misled by New York’s apparently friendly policy toward married same-sex couples. Recently, the New York State Attorney General determined that New York will recognize an out of state marriage by a same-sex couple. Unfortunately, that acceptance of a same-sex out of state marriage does not seem to extend to civil unions. New York courts have ruled that a civil union is not equivalent to a marriage. In 1990, Neal Spicehandler and John Langan, New York residents, traveled to Vermont where they entered into a civil union under Vermont law. They then returned to their home in New York. One day, while Spicehandler was walking in Herald Square in Manhattan, a motorist hit him. Spicehandler was taken to a hospital. Expected to survive his injuries, Spicehandler unexpectedly died as a result of medical malpractice. Under New York’s wrongful death act, only certain people can sue for the loss of a loved one as a result of medical malpractice. Among the eligible classes is a spouse. Langan brought suit under the wrongful death law for the loss of his civil union partner. The trial judge found the Vermont civil union analogous to a marriage and allowed the surviving partner to sue. On appeal, New York State’s highest court ruled that a civil union is not equivalent to a marriage and denied Langan’s right to sue. That ruling remains the law of New York State today. So, each day as thousands of New Jersey citizens in civil unions cross the Hudson for work, to see friends, or for amusement, they lose any rights as a married couple and are unprotected. In order to be protected in New York, a New Jersey couple in a civil union should really “elope” to Connecticut, Massachusetts, or another friendly state or to Canada where they can marry. Without that second “validation” of their relationship, they remain vulnerable in New York. What is even more bewildering is that the same facts have different results if you were to travel to Washington state or Nevada. In 2009, both states passed laws giving same-sex couples all of the same rights as married couples. In those two states,

that legal relationship is called a domestic partnership. However, the state constitutions of those states have provisions which specifically forbid recognition of a marriage between two people of the same sex. Thus, if a same-sex couple married in Connecticut goes to Las Vegas on vacation, their relationship will not be given governmental recognition. Yet, if that same couple were in a civil union (considered equal to a domestic partnership), their relationship would be recognized. Does this make sense? Are you confused? The laws which affect our community are a patchwork with no discernible consistency. In some ways our rights are secure; in others they are open to question. On October 18, I am speaking at GAAMC on cutting edge issues in LGBT law. Please come and bring your questions.

This Month's Contributors Tony Puma: A career in sales/marketing/advertising and public relations influence my poetry style: less abstract and more to-the-point. Degrees from New York University and Fairleigh Dickinson University. A member of various poetry groups including Italian-American Writers Association, Red Wheel Barrow Poets, Paulinskill Poetry Project, Poets House (NYC), South Mountain Poets, and Hudson Valley Poets-on-the-Loose. A view of life through the prism of poetry; seeing, hearing, and feeling, trying to capture emotions and relate them via words. Bill Singer is a partner in the law firm of Singer & Fedun in Belle Mead. Mr. Singer is also the creator and chairman of the annual LGBT Family Law Institute, which brings together practitioners in LGBT family law to exchange ideas and strategies and advance the goals of the LGBT community. Bill Realman Stella writes Dancing to Architecture because writing about music is like that. He hosted the eclectic pop music show Highest Common Denominator in his mind for twenty years before getting it on the radio for six, and will host it again. Bill has been collecting music since age 4, when for each song he'd hear on the radio, he'd ask his mom, "Do they have a record?" Making a record good enough to play on the radio remains a small miracle after all these years. If you'd like Bill to write, DJ, or promote for you, get in touch. Comments and suggestions also welcome. Please send your correspondences to bearealman @ The Easton Farmers' Market is the oldest farmers' market in the United States. The Market, located on Centre Square in Easton, Pennsylvania, is open on Saturdays from May through November, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Visit their website at

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(continued from page 4) Tim Ravndal was removed from his post as president of the Big Sky Tea Party Association in Montana after posting Facebook remarks appearing to condone violence against gays and lesbians. The group's chairman, Jim Walker, stated Ravndal's remarks were "entirely outside the position of the Big Sky Tea Party." Ravndal has apologized for the remarks. (Independent Record (Helena, MT)) The State Department issued a report to the United Nations Human Rights Council outlining what actions the United States has taken to address human rights issues, including GLBT human rights. The report cites the enactment of hate crimes legislation based on sexual orientation; prohibiting employment discrimination in federal employment based on sexual orientation; administration support for the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" and the Defense of Marriage Act; and administration support for the enactment of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act, as government actions that promote equality. ( A transgender woman in Flint, MI has sued the city, claiming she was mistreated during a six-day stay at the county jail. The American Civil Liberties Union is defending Rochelle Mead, who said she was insulted by jail workers, denied medication, and not permitted to leave the holding cell where she was kept. (Flint (MI) Journal) Colorado governor Bill Ritter appointed out Latina lesbian Monica Marquez to a seat on the state Supreme Court. Ritter said he chose Marquez, a graduate of Yale Law School, for "her analytical ability and her keen intellect." (The Denver Post) The city of Oakland, CA hosted Oakland Pride, a day-long music, food, and cultural event. The event, which drew over 50,000 people, was last held in 2004. (San Jose Mercury News) NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous will make an appearance at the New York City LGBT Community Center, in preparation for One Nation Working Together, a progressive rally taking place in October in Washington, DC. The visit is believed to be the first by a sitting NAACP president to an LGBT center. ( Gay activists and civil rights lawyers have gone to court to prevent the New York Police Department from closing Chi Chiz, a Christopher Street bar catering to gay and transgendered black men. The police claim undercover officers witnessed four drug sales in six months in the bar. Chi Chiz supporters say the crackdown is motivated by racism and homophobia in a community increasingly becoming white, wealthy, and worried about property values. (New York Post) Berwyn, IL has launched a marketing campaign to lure new gay and lesbian residents to the Chicago suburb. Scott Lennon, a Berwyn resident who helped drive the campaign, stated, "That was the key demographic we were looking for. Not the only demographic, but the key one." (Chicago Tribune)

Fidel Castro, former president of Cuba, issued an apology for his regime's oppression of GLBT Cubans. While life is better now for Cuba's GLBT community, some are unwilling to forgive Castro for years of abuse, including harsh jail sentences and re-education camps. Meanwhile, gay icon Frank Kameny made the case that Castro's oppression of gays led indirectly to the Stonewall riots. News of Castro's incarceration of gays came out early in 1965; the Mattachine Society of Washington, of which Kameny was president, picketed the White House comparing treatment of gays in Cuba to that in America; the picketing created the protest-oriented mindset which made Stonewall possible. (Agence France-Presse; The "Radnor Raid", a pivotal moment in Philadelphia GLBT activism, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. A police raid disrupted a meeting of more than 80 gay-rights activists in 1960, leading to the creation of the local chapter of the Mattachine Society. (Philadelphia Gay News) Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell (D) expressed his embarrassment and surprise on learning the state's Department of Homeland Security tracked and reported on peaceful protests by groups supporting GLBT rights, animal rights, and the environment. Rendell is quoted as saying, "Tell me, what critical infrastructure does the gay and lesbian PrideFest threaten?" (Philadelphia Inquirer)

This is white space. It's not very attracive, is it? I don't think so, either. Would you like to get rid of it? Then contribute something for the next issue of Challenge. An article. An opinion piece. A review. A letter. A story. A poem. Even a classified ad (which is free for GAAMC members). Remember: Only you can prevent white space. (A public service message from the Editor of Challenge.)

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Dancing to Architecture

Michael Franti comes October 29 to the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ, & to The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA, October 30. Learn more about all things Franti & Spearhead at

Keep reading for a Favorite Albums of 2010 PREVIEW! But first: Expectations unmet: they've been my downfall. On the flipside, expectations defied and overwhelmed have rewarded me, provided fulfilling surprises and heart-stoppingly beautiful favorite albums of the year. Today I expected my expectations would rush like a tidal wave and threaten to overwhelm my better judgement. The new Michael Franti & Spearhead ~ The Sound of Sunshine album arrived. Gulp. I have loved deeply every one of Franti's Spearhead albums over the last decade. My joy for their four major studio albums is special, unparalleled. (The live albums, the compilations with extras, and studio outtakes he has released have all brought their own happinesses.) Only The Beatles (who taught me the best of and the basics of what makes great music — and happened to accomplish their life as a band before I was pubescent), and Talking Heads (who arrived when I was a high school senior, saving me from a purely retro experience of the music of the 70s and 80s) — with due credit to Monty Python (although primarily not a musical act, they functioned much like my favorite band of my adolescence) have ever been my "favorites." But for Paul Simon and (later) Bruce Springsteen's decades-spanning consistency as songwriters, I've loved many bands and musicians but had no torchbearer for what's best, a favorite band, a current band, My Band, for decades. From about 1985 until about 2005 I thought that kind of experience was over for me: I'd never have a favorite band again. Musicians that buck the odds of circumstance and business realities to produce music that consistently fills my heart every time out? Music that inspires and challenges the musicians to a new level every time out? I associated that experience with childhood and adolescence, with naive ears and inexperience. In 2001 the few tracks I heard from Franti's Stay Human caught my attention. In 2003 his Everyone Deserves Music completely blew me away. Astonishingly 2005's Yell Fire! struck at least as strong a chord. And 2008 brought All Rebel Rockers, a tad uneven but the high points made up for it. With Yell Fire! I'd realized that Franti had become that special band, someone I could mention in the same favored company as The Beatles and Talking Heads. The crossover popularity of All Rebel Rockers due to the bonafide chart hit "Say Hey (I Love You)" in 2009 gave me pause. As untethered a song of unbridled love and optimism as has crossed onto the pop charts since "Don't Worry Be Happy" (and, following in "DWBH"'s steps, a prosperity engine for the talented and otherwise hitless creator, currently as the music in a Corona Lite commercial), "Say Hey" raised the specter of those "expectations unmet." From all reports, Franti wanted to follow up on this success with more of the same. He felt the universe was giving him feedback, that it would be hubris at best, commercial suicide at worst, to ignore it. He'd pushed his boundaries with each album becoming more rich and packed with variety over the last decade. My concerns centered on the myth-busting worry that "Say Hey (I Love You)" would lead him to retreat from discovering new ground, or, worse, from sounding like himself, and he'd plunge into vapid commercialism. The first two tracks of The Sound of Sunshine, songs Franti advance-released, promised success — no plunge in quality! But I worried about the remainder. Today, I'm listening to the full album for the first time... here come the two pre-released songs: the dazzling title track… then "Shake It" ("We shake it like we got no bones" - Nuff said!)… Then comes the sound of the song with the unpretentious title "Hey Hey Hey"… and my heart fills and is glad. Today, Michael Franti saved my life. Again. "Hey Hey Hey" restores me, revives me, invisibly protects me, must be heard to be believed. My fears were groundless. (Mostly. But another time for that.) Listen to it yourself (as this goes to press) at MySpace Music — use

It's coming. Temps turn cooler and, too soon for some, the season of giving is upon us. For Dancing To Architecture, that has meant a "(More than) 50 Favorite Top Ten Albums of 200X" column in December. The new improved year-end compilations this year now begin with this preliminary list of noteworthy releases, unranked for now, all bound for a slot, ranked from very good to best, in the full year-end list. It's not comprehensive (can't be; not enough hours in the day for listening; I'm only one man!), but it's as exhaustive as I can make it. All entries include "Top Songs" — either suggestions for where to start listening to samples, or tracks to focus on buying if (lets be real) the entire album isn't clicking with you, or simply tracks I love. Special offer to ALL GAAMC MEMBERS this year for the first time: I will send you a FREE MP3 at your request, by email to bearealman (at) gmail (dot) com, of ONE song from any one of most of the albums listed. ("Most" means I'll suggest via email an alternate album or track for anything I don't have. All mp3s are good quality, but are not as high-quality as what you'd pay for. This offer is meant as a promotion of good music and a free service to members; it's not meant to deprive musicians of income.) Feel free to send your comments too. I look forward to hearing from you all. You can read more about albums previously reviewed — indicated with a star ✩ — at Get a jump on your holiday shopping with these suggestions for the best in new listening pleasures:

Music reviews & news with a Queer ear by Bill Realman Stella

Favorite Albums of 2010 PREVIEW

Favorite Albums of 2010 — So Far, Part 1 of 2

(In alphabetical order by artist (by band (sans "The") or last name))

Laurie Anderson ~ Homeland Top Songs: "Only An Expert," "Bodies In Motion" Arcade Fire ~ The Suburbs Top Songs: "The Suburbs," "Modern Man," "Rococo," "Suburban War" Bachman + Turner ~ Bachman + Turner

Yup, it's the BT Overdrive guys (and before that The Guess Who), back and almost unbelievably as good as ever. Top Songs: "I've Seen The Light," "Rollin' Along," "That's What It Is"

The Bad Plus ~ Never Stop Top Songs: "Never Stop," "You Are" The Black Keys ~ Brothers Top Song: "Tighten Up" Blue King Brown ~ Worldwize

Great thick heaps of exciting reggae & world beat. The production values are top-notch. Top Songs: "Stand Up," "Moment of Truth," "Water," "Come And Check Your Head," "Keep It True"

The Budos Band ~ III Top Songs: "Crimson Skies," "Reppirt Yad" (read backwards) Clare Burson ~ Silver and Ash

Morning music, often sweetly plaintive, plenty of space to drift in. Top Songs: "Baby Boy," "Goodbye My Love," "In The Sea," "The Only Way"

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim ~ Here Lies Love

A concept album based on the life of Imelda Marcos. Really. Those Latin rhythms Byrne first embraced on the much maligned Talking Heads album Naked come to fruition here in sophisticated, elegant, bawdy arrangements and vocals. Top Songs (Guest vocalists): "Why Don't You Love Me? (Cyndi Lauper & Tori Amos)," "Please Don't (Santigold)," "Dancing Together (Sharon Jones)," "Men Will Do Anything (Alice Russell)," "The Whole Man (Kate Pierson)," "Never So Big (Sia)"

Channel Faergolzia ~ Channel Faergolzia Top Songs: "You," "Trace," "Voice of Allah," "Come On Brain" Coheed & Cambria ~ Year of the Black Rainbow ✩ Top Songs: "Far," "When Skeletons Live"

October 2010 CHALLENGE Page 13 Court Yard Hounds ~ Court Yard Hounds Top Songs: "Skyline," "The Coast," "Delight (Something New Under the Sun," "Ain't No Son"

Luke Doucet & The White Falcon ~ Steel City Trawler — Top Songs:

"Thinking People," "Ballad of Ian Curtis," "You Gotta Get It," "Love and a Steady Hand" Drive-By Truckers ~ The Big To-Do ✩ Top Songs: "Eyes Like Glue," Birthday Boy," "This Fucking Job" The Drums ~ The Drums — Top Song: "Let's Go Surfing"

Eminem ~ Recovery

I've liked Eminem tracks before — enough to get him into a previous Best of the Year of mine, if memory serves — but I admit this is the first time it hasn't come begrudgingly. The album's maturity attracts me. Maybe part of it's just that my ears have finally adjusted to his style. Maybe he's developed fine melodic skills. Or maybe it has something to do with the deep impact of the featured women's striking performances on the album's best tracks. Top Songs: "Love The Way You Lie (Rhianna)," "Won't Back Down (Pink)" Melissa Etheridge ~ Fearless Love ✩ Etheridge's new songs flirt with the edge of even my tolerance for earnestness — so that's a heap of earnestness right there. But her big rock sound stays on the side of the angels. Heavy angels, sporting armored skirts and leather kilts, but aloft, spirited and propulsive. Top Songs: "Nervous," "Heaven On Earth," "We Are The Ones"

Fake Problems ~ Real Ghosts Caught On Tape

Without wearing their influences on their sleeves, Fake Problems have clearly kept their minds wide open, revealing the big impact U2 and The Clash had while evoking a mix-tape mentality that pulls from other punks like Bouncing Souls, back to the surfer tunes of Dick Dale and The Surfaris. Fun. Top Songs: "Grand Finale," "Ghost To Coast"

Ben Folds & Nick Hornby ~ Lonely Avenue

An album that holds together as an album — as a unified whole, not merely a collection of tracks, Folds adds music and melody to author Nick "" Hornby's words. Often simply brilliant. Don't miss it. Top Songs: "Claire's Ninth," "Belinda"

Michael Franti & Spearhead ~ The Sound of Sunshine Top Songs: "Hey Hey Hey," "The Sound Of Sunshine," "Shake It" Galactic ~ Ya-ka-may ✩ Top Songs: ALL. OK, especially: "You

Don't Know," "Speaks His Mind," "Friends of Science," "Boe Money," "Heart of Steel," "Wild Man," "Cineramascope," "Dark Water," "Do It Again," "Muss The Hair," "Bacchus," "Katey vs Nobby"

The Gaslight Anthem ~ American Slang Top Songs: "Stay Lucky," "Boxer," "The Diamond Church Street Choir" Gogol Bordello ~ Trans-Continental Hustle ✩ Top Songs: "My Companjera," "Immigraniada (We Comin'

Rougher)," "Sun Is On My Side," "Rebellious Love," "To Rise Above," "Break The Spell," "Trans-Continental Hustle"

Grinderman ~ Grinderman II Top Songs: "Bellringer Blues," "Heathen Child," "Palaces of Montezuma" Heart ~ Red Velvet Car — Yes, that Heart. Top Songs: "Queen City," "Safronia's Mark," "There You Go," "WTF" The Hold Steady ~ Heaven Is Whenever ✩ Top Songs: "We Can Get Together," "The Sweet Part Of The

City," "Soft In The Center," "Hurricane J," "The Weekenders" Hole ~ Nobody's Daughter ✩ Top Songs: "Pacific Coast Highway," "Nobody's Daughter," "Samantha," "Skinny Little Bitch"

Indigo Girls ~ Staring Down the Brilliant Dream

31 live performances spanning four years depict the many sides of the Girls. Top Songs: "Go," "Watershed," "Kid Fears," "Wild Horses"

Freedy Johnston ~ Rain On The City Top Song: "Don't Fall In Love With A Lonely Girl"

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings ~ I Learned The Hard Way ✩ Top Songs: "I Learned The Hard Way," "When I Come Home," "Mama Don't Like My Man"

Jonsi ~ Go ✩ Top Songs: "Go Do," "Boy Lilikoi" The Kinsey Sicks ~ Each Hit & I ✩ Top Songs: "I Kissed a Gull," "All Boy Singer Ladies," "Fertilizer," "Dead," "Necrophilia"

Ray LaMontagne & the Pariah Dogs ~ God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise ✩

LaMontagne's sweet, breathy tenor is free-of-restraints, and together with the Pariah Dogs (that's Pariah now, not Prairie) sounds comfortable with bluegrass and country-soul ballads alike. RIYL classic Neil Young (both acoustic and electric), Tracy Chapman folk, or Sting's sophisticated but softer sides. The pain-riddled but beautiful sensibility throughout helps cleanse the heart of injuries, without erasing the experiences that caused them. Top Songs: "Repo Man," "New York City's Killing Me," "Beg, Steal or Borrow," "Are We Really Through,", "For The Summer" Bettye LaVette ~ Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook ✩ Top Songs: "Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad," "The Word" Ted Leo & The Pharmacists ~ The Brutalist Bricks ✩ Top Songs: "The Mighty Sparrow," "Ativan Eyes," "Woke Up Near Chelsea," "Last Days," "Gimme The Wire," "Mourning In America," "Where Was My Brain" Shelby Lynne ~ Tears, Lies & Alibis ✩ Top Songs: "Alibi," "Rains Came," "Why Didn't You Call Me," "Family Tree," "Home Sweet Home," "Loser Dreamer," "Old #7" Tris McCall ~ Let The Night Fall ✩ Top Songs: "Sugar Nobody Wants," "The Ballad of Frank Vinieri," "The Throwaway," "WFMU," "First World, Third Rate," "Midnight (Now Approaching)" New Politics ~ New Politics ✩ The best 1986 album of 2010, 10 fantastic tracks out of 10 — When was the last time any one of you heard me say that about an album? — It's New Politics, the debut of Danish band New Politics Great from beginning to end, it's perhaps my favorite record of the year so far. I can't imagine a better rock record will arrive this year. GO BUY IT NOW! Top Songs: ALL. OK, especially "Yeah Yeah Yeah," "Dignity," "Burn," "Nuclear War," "Give Me Hope," "Love Is A Drug"

of Montreal ~ False Priest

Indescribably delicious. [Try.] OK, uhm, place Prince, Bowie, Tom Tom Club, The Stylistics, Aerosmith, and The Beach Boys in a blender. Frappe. Garnish with edible flowers. Serves more than it appears. Top Songs: ALL. OK, especially "Godly Intersex," "I Feel Ya Stutter," "Coquet Coquette," "Sex Karma," "Famine Affair," "You Do Mutilate"

Original Broadway Cast ~ American Idiot Top Songs: "21 Guns," "When It's Time," "Last Night On Earth" Passion Pit ~ Manners Top Songs: "Moth's Wings," "Eyes As Candles," "Sleepyhead" Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers ~ Mojo

Mojo is the sound that Petty has been trying to get out from his head and into his fingers, his bandmates, his instruments and his recordings for all his life. Top Songs: "Jefferson Jericho Blues," "I Should Have Known It"

Preservation Hall Jazz Band ~ Preservation: An Album to Benefit Preservation Hall

Guests include Tom Waits, Yim Yames (of My Morning Jacket), and Pete Seeger, singing with the legendary but by no means dusty New Orleans band. Top Songs: "Louisiana Fairytale (Yim Yames)," "Freight Train (Ani DiFranco), "Old Rugged Cross (Brandi Carlile)," "I Ain't Got Nobody (Buddy Miller)," "Taint Nobody's Business (Steve Earle)" Space-(and the printing deadline) requires the list pause here for now — until it continues next Challenge! Next issue I promise still to come are a minimum of SEVEN of the Top 25 of my Favorite Albums of 2010, and we're sure to preview at least twice that much more. Plus, album reviews of The Gaslight Anthem, Ben Folds, of Montreal, more Sounds of Sunshine, and local grrl group Plastiq Passion! Until then, "Keep It Warm". Dancing To Architecture® contents © 2010 Bill Stella. ™, ® & © items included in the column for review purposes are ™, ® & © their respective owners.

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