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Bugatti Chiron Sport By Eric Weisman Images courtesy by Bugatti Automobiles

Can you handle the speed?


ugatti recently premiered a meaner and leaner version of the Chiron at the Geneva Motor Show followed by the New York Auto Show. Known as Bugatti Chiron Sport, this one has the same power output and performance data as the old one but is 18 kg lighter along with significantly improved handling and even greater agility. The Chiron Sport runs on 16 cylinders with four turbochargers generating a total power of 1500hp, which helps it vroom 0-100 kph within 2.5 seconds! This coupled with improved handling and significant weight reduction has helped the Chiron Sport post lap times on Nardò handling circuit five seconds better than with Chiron. 08 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

The right weight is lightweight! On the exteriors, the Sport is distinguished from the Chiron with its new wheel design, four-pipe exhaust deflector and an industry first carbon fiber windscreen wipers! The use of carbon fiber in the wipers has shaved off around 1.5 kg of the total weight of the car. What’s more, these are built using futuristic weight-saving 3D printing process! Other areas where the use of carbon fiber has helped in weight reduction are in the new wheels, stabilizer and intercooler cover. The new exhaust deflectors and lighter glass in rear window have also helped the cause. An upgrade on its predecessor, the Chiron Sport comes with a dynamic handling package and a stiffer suspension. When compared to the Chiron, the suspensions

of the Sport react 10 percent more stiffly. Also modified is the steering of the Sport without compromising on the direct feel and handling of the vehicle. However, these settings are only applicable in the Handling mode of the Sport, thus offering a clearer differentiation from the EB mode. Additionally, optimization of the rear-axle differential and a Dynamic Torque Vectoring function distributes torque individually to the wheels on each side. This helps result in the remarkably improved steering behavior and agility in tight curves. This change is effective in all driving modes. At the Nardo circuit reference track, the Chiron Sport beats its predecessors lap time by 5 seconds and achieves full handling potential even at cornering speeds in excess of 200 kph! Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S explains it best, “The Chiron Sport has become perceptibly more nimble and its new agility, especially in tight corners makes for a much more emotional experience for the driver on winding roads and handling circuits.”

This is why the extreme power and performance data of the Chiron as well as the ease and convenience of driving remain unchanged. There is however a significant improvement in the handling of the Chiron Sport. Sport as the color and trim The France-based carmaker is allowing customers to pick their choice of colors and trim options for an even sportier appearance. The car features a classic dual tone color scheme distinguishing the rear end from the front. While the rear is mainly determined by visible grey carbon, there are several options to choose for the front end which include Italian Red, French Racing Blue, silver Gris Rafale and a dark grey Gun Powder shade. As for the interiors, it is dominantly black with anodized finish. While the steering wheel and selector lever are wrapped in suede leather, alcantara for the roof liner including the A-pillar and sun blinds, the rear wall trim, the sill trims, the lower part of the central console, the insides of the seat side cushions and the boot lining. As for the seats, the inside door trims, the

islands on the dashboard including the instrument cluster trim, the airbag container on the steering wheel and the armrest and insert of the central console feature smooth leather. Lastly, carbon fiber makes an appearance again in the dashboard itself, the door trims, the rears of the backrests and the steering column housing. The Chiron Sport is not just a Chiron with aa Sport badge, it indeed lives up to its name considering the improved handling, agility, sportier yet minimal design changes and most impor-

tantly its weight reduction compared to its standard model. This is best summed up by Stephan Winkelmann,�We have developed the Chiron Sport for customers wanting an even sportier driving experience with their Chiron, with improved lateral dynamics on winding roads. What was important for us was to leave unchanged the unique character of the Chiron, its combination of ultimate performance, longitudinal acceleration and maximum speed with luxury, comfort and everyday usability.� TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 09

Francis Kanneh CEO & Founder of UnderRecruited Preps, Inc. By Totalprestige Magazine


rancis Kanneh had dreams of playing big time college football, and like many American high school students, Kanneh worked hard to develop his skills. However, like many students at high schools across the United States, Kanneh found it was much more difficult to get spotted by college coaches.

about business along the way. I remember in the early days I stayed up for eight days at one point working nonstop. I was fortunate to attend Minnesota State University and met a lot of mentors and teachers that helped me along the way. I didn’t do this myself. I had mentors throughout this journey and I’m forever grateful.

Kanneh created his company as a way for student athletes to actively sell themselves to college coaches. With the competitive nature of the sports world, UnderRecruited Preps assists those seeking a future in sports at the college level. Kanneh has seen his company grow and exceed his own expectations. What started as a business during his undergrad years has turned into a company that he runs first hand every day.

Please let us know who can benefit from UnderRecruited Preps and how? Student athletes who are under recruited and want to be recruited by college coaches. Parents also save lots of money and time compared to other recruiting services.

Kanneh is now working on his graduate degree, but that doesn’t mean he has taken a backseat to running his company. Kanneh continues to build UnderRecruited Preps day by day, and so far, he has helped over 1,000 student athletes achieve their dreams of playing college athletics. Kanneh sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to tell us a little bit about UnderRecruited Preps and being a college student CEO. Francis, what is UnderRecruited Preps? The athletic recruiting process is time consuming, confusing, and very difficult if one doesn’t know where to start. An online recruiting profile is very important to have college coaches view academic and athletic abilities. UnderRecruited Preps connects student athletes to college coaches and teaches them about the athletic recruiting process. We currently have over 50,000 users and 100,000 social media followers. How did the company begin and what have been some of the highlights? My whole life I wanted to be a division one quarterback and I ended up going to four different high schools in the process. I went to a small 2A school, 4A school, 5A school and attended a 6A school. I realized there are lots of talented athletes out there who do not get recognized and slip through the cracks in the college recruiting process. I’ve always been an entrepreneur since I was a kid, so I promised myself in high school I would create something to help student athletes in the athletic recruiting process. I started the business in my dorm room at 19 with $-40 in my bank account. I worked very hard and also learned a lot

Francis, what really sets UnderRecruited Preps apart from competitors? The software is very easy to use and very user friendly. Student athletes have access to every college in the country (Gold and Platinum members) and recruiting tips and tools to help them conquer the recruiting process. What’s next for UnderRecruited Preps? We are currently seeking a seed investment round of funding. Also, adding more features to the site. What is the most challenging part of your work? As a college student running a business, it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Early mornings and late nights. I didn’t know anything when I first started the company, so I learned as I went. Lost a lot of money, but I learned a lot. What was your most rewarding professional experience? Helping over 1,000 athletes go to college while in college will always be something I’m most proud of. This website exceeded my expectations. Never would have imagined this, but I did work very hard. Hard work pays off.

What has been your greatest achievement? Starting a company with $-40 in my account and graduating college debt free. Also on track to graduate grad school debt free as well. Which is crazy, because where I come from they tell us that the only way to be successful is to play football, basketball, or do music. I’ve always been different. I remember when I was like 12 or 13 and had a lawn mowing business. In high school, I sold stuff on eBay. I realized the power of social media early on being an early adopter. Social media is why this business is even alive right now. Which historical figure do you most admire? Robert F. Smith, the founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, and Reginald Lewis. I studied those two all through my college career. I use to watch every video and book about them. Those are my role models and I hope to meet Robert F. Smith one day. Mark Cuban is also some one that I admire and somebody I studied in undergrad school. Francis, do you have any hobbies? Hobbies include reading, writing music, traveling, working out, and watching sports What are you never without? My phone. I work on my phone with majority of my time being on social media. Choose two of your favorite quotes and write them here “Intelligence can create huge profits, and in fact, you can actually make more money being smart than you can be strong or fast.”- Robert F Smith “Somewhere he is out there training while I am not, and when we meet, he will win.”Tim Tebow

Francis, what is a day in your life like? My day starts in the early mornings usually around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. Sometimes I have terrible insomnia and can’t sleep until 6 a.m. or 7 a.m. and take a two to three hour nap. Depends on what the problems are for the day. Some days you have to answer hundreds of emails and others you have to talk to the web developers about a new feature or about a problem that needs to be fixed. I usually work until 7 p.m. or 8 p.m.

What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business? Start. Launch the MVP and go from there. The first website that I created looked terrible but people still bought the product then I reinvested the profits back into the business and created a new website. You learn as you go. College is the best time to start a business. You have tons of free time and not a lot to worry about besides passing a class.

Study for two to three hours followed by reading books or the Wall Street Journal. Then back to work.

For more information on Francis Kanneh and UnderRecruited Preps, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 11

Michael Gaizutis Founder of RNO1 LLC By Totalprestige Magazine

Design and digital expert Michael Gaizutis founded RNO1 more than a decade ago. He created the agency as an alternative to the typical marketing consultancy groups found throughout the world. Using a distinct west coast philosophy, Gaizutis and his team have been grinding away as successful brand makers. Partnering with a number of major companies including Airbnb, LOLIIWARE and more, RNO1 has been on the forefront of brand strategy.

Gaizutis isn’t just a major player in the world of brands and digital design. He is also an accomplished writer. As an expert in his field, Gaizutis contributes to Forbes and shares his first-hand knowledge of business to readers worldwide. Gaizutis recently sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to talk about his company, RNO1, aligning with clients and the company’s west coast philosophy. Michael, can you please tell us about RNO1 and the services you provide? RNO1 is a brand experience and digital design agency deep-rooted on the west coast, with a global edge. With a focus on brand strategy and identity design, UX/UI, App Builds and e-commerce launches as well as search marketing strategies (SEO/ SEM/Social). You’ll usually find us aligning with game-changing startups, lifestyle companies along with larger enterprise brands, worldwide. Please tell us how brands and businesses can benefit from RNO1? We love what we do, and you love what you do. When we come together we combine our passion, redirected into a winning partnership. Our clients are our partners. We’re a true extension to their team. The net effect is a highly collaborative process, achieving breakthrough results across all customer and user touchpoints. Over the years, several of our client partners have leaned on our team to help them with ongoing design and digital strategies that have resulted in brand growth, more sales and company acquisition. Please let us know what sets RNO1 apart from competitors? We’re deep-rooted on the west coast, with a global edge. The west coast is filled with innovation, disruption and passion; which extends to the work produced and people involved. There’s an unexplainable ebb and flow here. It’s a vibe, a presence, that gets applied to each and every project we touch, and client we partner with. Something that you’re likely only to find on the west coast. We like to think of ourselves as West Coast brand makers. How did the company begin and what have some of the highlights been? We began as a brand consultancy in San Francisco, originally named Rule No.1. Over the years, we evolved into a full-service brand and digital agency, and shortened our name to best represent who we were: RNO1. Our team evolved to encom-

pass client reach in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Within a short period of four years, while aligning with our agency team, four of our agency clients were acquired by Airbnb, Ericsson, Cox Media Group and a well-known real estate brand. One of our clients aired recently on the hit US TV show Shark Tank and took funding from billionaire investor, Mark Cuban – and we supported their launch for the airing on the show as a lifestyle brand. Michael, what is next for RNO1? RNO1 is in growth mode. We’re tapping into new territory, each and every day. While we’re always design first and focused, our digital experience team is rapidly expanding. We’re now getting into very large e-commerce and application builds, and exploring how AI, VR and blockchain will make a huge impact in the design and digital space. Being positioned as a west coast agency, we’re fortunate to be heavily immersed in the space. What is the most challenging part of your work? The daily grind. We’re continuously immersed in a million daily tasks, so staying laser focused is always a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve built an amazing team who helps us stay grounded, and allows us to sustain and scale all at the same time. Were you ever influenced by other entrepreneurs? Absolutely. Some of the greats including Richard Branson and Elon Musk have always acted as a point of inspiration due to their game-changing focus and commitment to shift and shape old-school industries through innovation. What is a day in your life like? Busy, and never dull. We’re professional jugglers, always solving problems through design. Working alongside some of the most exciting and engaging brands in the marketplace, we’re continuously coming up with new ideas and strategies that yield meaningful and memorable outcomes. A typical day always begins with a good cup of coffee – west coast made of course – followed by a series of meetings, emails, Slack exchanges, Sketch designs, calls, calls, and more calls – and ultimately producing breakthrough design and digital work. What makes you smile? Doing great work, and seeing it make and drive impact. Outside of that, my family.

What scares you? In business, not much. We see what we want to see, and we always lead with confidence and conviction. Doing so has resulted in us achieving great success. What is your greatest achievement? I was fortunate to become a contributor on as an industry expert in the design and digital space. Doing so has boosted my own personal credibility and fueled the growth of our agency over time. What is your secret talent? I read people quite well. Most of my dayto-day conversations are virtual, as our client partners are all over the world. I have an amazing ability to read people in person or virtually, just as well. One of my favorite gifts and skills. Which historical figure do you most admire? The brilliant Marcus Aurelius. Michael, do you have any hobbies? I like to drink wine, watch movies, indulge in life. I also love to “beach-it” whenever I can, spending time with friends and family. What are you never without? Electronic devices – never without at least two to three. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “You can’t fail if you never give up.” “If you’re not creating waves, then you’re not pushing enough.” What have you sacrificed for success? Quite a lot of time with family, lifestyle, and more. It all comes with the territory. If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? Disease. Anything the affects your health makes life so much harder. Second to that, hate. It’s just not worth it. Life it way too short. What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business? If you’re ready, fueled by passion, and committed, don’t wait. Get out there and make it happen. You’ll have challenges and painpoints, but it’s worth the fight. Stay focused, stay driven, stay hungry. You’ll win. For more information on Michael Gaiutis and RNO1, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 13

Fore! By Drew Farmer

Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World


very year, new golf courses sprout up around the world and many of these patches of green are said to be “must play”.

Just as new golf courses are created, there are still classic venues that attract players from around the globe. These beautiful golf courses have retained their character, charm and unbelievable scenery over the duration of a lifetime. 14 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

What some of these new and old golf destinations have in common is the price it costs to play a round on their hallowed turfs. The most expensive golf courses in the world give players the chance to test their skills on the same grounds as the PGA’s elite. Even if you can’t get your PGA Tour card, you can at least play the same 18-hole courses that Rory, Tiger, Dustin and Phil do.

Shadow Creek – Las Vegas, Nevada: $500 Designed by golf course architect legend Tom Fazio, Shadow Creek is available to guests of the MGM Resort hotels in Las Vegas. If you are a guest and want to play the beautiful 18-hole course, then you can tee off Monday through Thursday. However, Friday through Sunday Shadow Creek is only available for special invited guests. Along with playing a round of golf, the $500 green fee pays for a limo to pick you up and take you back to your hotel. Each player will also get a personal caddy with expert advice on each hole of the Fazio created course.

Pebble Beach Links – Pebble Beach, California: $475 Pebble Beach Links has been the host of professional golf tournaments since 1926, and for just $475, you can tee off at this course that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Pebble Beach is often regarded as one of the best golf courses thanks to its rugged scenery and the play that is influenced by the ocean winds. The price to play at Pebble Beach does increase during the year. Golfers who descend on its greens during peak season, which starts on April 1, will see the price of a round of golf top $500. The fee also includes a golf cart. If you are looking to play Pebble Beach Links and you are hav-

ing difficulty getting a tee time, try playing around a holiday. Experts claim fewer people attempt to play Pebble Beach Links during the holiday periods as they believe it will actually be busier. The Blue Monster at Trump National – Doral, Florida: $450 In 2017, the price to play The Blue Monster at Trump National increased to $450. The price increase coincided with Donald Trump’s inauguration as United States President. Regardless of where you land on the political spectrum, there is no arguing that The Blue Monster is an impressive golf course. Your $450 green fee includes a golf cart to help you around the course on those hot south Florida days. The course does require all players to have a forecad-

die, which will cost an additional $25. The Trump National Golf Club has three other courses available to play as well. The Red, Silver and Golf courses don’t cost quite as much; but they aren’t going to be played by the average golfer either. Old Head Golf Links – County Cork, Ireland: $400 Majestic, breathtaking and magnificent are just three of the adjectives golfers have used to describe the Old Head Golf Links course. The Irish course juts out into the sea and the beauty that surrounds you will make you feel like you are in golf heaven. The Old Head Golf Links also features a five-star restaurant and a brilliant Irish bar called the Lusitania. It is the perfect place to drowned your sorrows after a bad day on TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 15

the greens or to celebrate a win over your golf rival. The course is known to be a very challenging 18-holes, so be ready to have your golf game pushed to the limits by this delightful Irish course. The local caddie that accompanies you should be full of tips while playing this unbelievably beautiful patch of land. The Players Stadium at TPC Sawgrass – Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: $400 The Players Stadium at TPC Sawgrass can see green fees exceed $400 during the year. The fees have increased in recent time and that is most likely down to a renovation to the course in 2017. The Players Stadium is often selected as one of the top 100 courses in the world. Designed by Pete and Alice Dye, The Players Stadium is cited as one of the most difficult golf courses to play. For just $400, you can find out just how difficult it is to play on your next golf trip. Pinehurst No. 2 – Pinehurst, North Carolina: $375 The Pinehurst Golf Club contains eight golf courses on its grounds, and each has its own unique charm and challenges. 16 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Pinehurst No. 2 is often ranked as one of the world’s top 10 courses; but the same can be said about Pinehurst No. 4 and Pinehurst No. 8. Pinehurst No. 2 regularly hosts PGA tournaments and thanks to its beauty and play, it attracts golfers from all over the globe. Designed by Donald Ross and opened in 1907, Pinehurst No. 2 can be played for $375 per person. During peak season, however, the course can reach $460 a round. Regardless of the price, this course is one of the best in the world to play and enjoy. Kingsbarns Golf Links St. Andrews – Kingsbarns, Scotland: $342 Based on current conversion rates, Kingsbarns Golf Links at St. Andrews is seventh on the list of most expensive golf courses. Designed by Kyle Phillips, Kingsbarns was opened in 2000. Although the course is newer, the sport has been played on the same patch of land since 1793. While most golfers go to the Old Course at St. Andrews for its history and name, Kingsbarns

is considered by many to be just as good, if not better. The course takes its caddies very seriously and will refund your caddy fee if your golf experience isn’t improved by your golf toting sidekick. The Ocean Course – Kiawah Island, South Carolina: $320 The Ocean Course has been ranked No. 3 in Golf Digest’s top 100 American public golf courses. It was also ranked as the toughest golf course to play in 2010. While you may be frustrated with your play during an excursion, you will at least have some incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean to lose yourself in. The Ocean Course has been the site of numerous PGA Tour events and thanks to its popularity on the weekends, the price of playing a round can jump an additional $50. Built for the 1991 Ryder Cup, the course’s difficulty comes due to every fairway being designed to give a view that looks down at the Atlantic Ocean. Although the course is easier to play today than it was back in the early 1990s, The Ocean Course will still challenge your golf ability.

Spyglass Hill – Pebble Beach, California: $315 Described as an absolutely beautiful course that is extremely difficult to play, Spyglass Hill is a favorite for many golfers. Located near Pebble Beach Links course, golfers may find Spyglass Hill far easier to get a tee time at. Opened in 1966, one of the little quirks that makes Spyglass Hill memorable is the names of each hole. The course gained its name from Rober Louis Stevenson’s book Treasure Island. Each hole has been named after a character or place in the famous 1883 book due to Stevenson using the area as a place to make notes before writing Treasure Island. Whistling Straits – Sheboygan, Wisconsin: $300 Opened in 1998, Whistling Straits has been a regular host for PGA Tour events. The Wisconsin golf course will host the 2020 Ryder Cup as its reputation continues to grow as a must-visit venue. Designed by Pete and Alice Dye, Whistling Straits has been ranked as one of the best

golf courses in America. Golfers have two options when playing at Whistling Straits. You can choose to play the Straits Course or the Irish Course. The Straits Course overlooks Lake Michigan as it meanders along the coastline for two miles. Meanwhile, the Irish Course features a challenging layout of taller grasses and sand dunes.

Whistling Straits earned its name from the winds that blow from Lake Michigan, as playing golf becomes a challenge to players when it picks up. At $300 a round, Whistling Straits ranks as one of the most expensive courses to play, and one you shouldn’t miss. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 17

Chazz Clevinger CEO of One Click Politics, Inc. By Totalprestige Magazine


hazz Clevinger lives and breathes politics. A University of North Carolina alum, Clevinger has had his fingers on the pulse of Washington D.C. for nearly a decade. He began his career working as an intern for a United States Senator before moving into a job at the White House. He has had his hand in getting politicians elected to office and working in public affairs. With a wide ranging scope of experience, Clevinger is now CEO of One Click Politics. The former White House staffer now oversees the company’s strategy in the US, Canada, and Australia. One Click Politics is a technology platform which enables organizations to mobilize their constituents to influence policy and legislation. It is an innovative approach that looks to take politics into the 21st century. Under Clevinger’s watch, One Click Politics has flourished. Clevinger has turned One Click Politics into the leading digital advocacy platform. Both non-profit and for-profit organizations use One Click Politics to build engagement among their advocates to address their most important policy and legislative concerns. These organizations and their advocates can change the world from a smartphone. Totalprestige Magazine recently sat down with Clevinger to talk about One Click Politics, his career and life as a CEO. Chazz, please tell us about One Click Politics and the services you provide? One Click Politics is a non-partisan, enterprise level technology and consulting company that provides cloud based advocacy software solutions to political, public affairs and government relations professionals in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Our mission is to provide innovative, affordable, and integrated approaches to online advocacy across the world. Clients depend on our strategic insights and technology solutions to achieve a measurable impact on policy outcomes at every level of government. How can corporations and associations benefit from One Click Politics? Our platform allows corporations to mobilize their internal and external stakeholders – e.g., members, employees, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, vendors, investors, 18 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

and/or consumers – for the purpose of driving multichannel communications to elected officials in order to influence policy outcomes. The world of digital politics is poised for major growth. The next generation of government relations professionals will be able to leverage the largely untapped power of data-driven, multichannel engagement platforms like One Click Politics to engage their advocates and influence policy outcomes in a more effective way. Please let us know what sets your company apart from competitors? We primarily hire people with backgrounds in cloud based technologies as well as politics, public affairs, and government relations. This has allowed us to create a culture of people who understand advocacy, are passionate about policy and who understand the legislative process. We also have a heavy focus on sticking to our “One-Click” brand by being a platform that requires the fewest possible steps to take action for an end user. People are busy and our competitors have tools that require someone to spend 20-45 seconds to submit a web form. I can send an email, tweet, and Facebook post to my elected officials (or all elected officials) on my iPhone with one click of a button in less than five seconds using One Click Politics. How did the company begin and what have been some of the highlights? The company began in 2009 with a mission to enable companies to engage their constituents and simplify their communication with congress. We are proud to be a leader in the online advocacy space. Chazz, what is next for One Click Politics? We’re focused on creating the most advanced, user-friendly and robust multichannel communications technology platform for connecting an organization’s advocates with their elected officials across the globe. We have a solid footprint in the United States, Canada, and Australia and we are looking to expand our reach.

What is the most challenging part of your work? One Click Politics is a successful story of targeted, organic growth. A key challenge is maximizing our creativity, resourcefulness, and customer impact while maintaining a sound financial footing. Close to a decade of experience working on political and public affairs campaigns and technology have been invaluable to me in leading the company. Chazz, what led you to this unique career? My passion for politics. I began my career interning for my US Senator prior to working for the White House. Next, I ran a small political consulting and public affairs firm, before doing stints at a large government relations technology company and a well-respected K Street public affairs firm. My professional experiences and passion for the intersection of politics and technology led to my eventual role as the CEO of One Click Politics. What is a day in your life like? It’s always hectic. I pull down 70-80 hours a week of work. I usually jump between internal meetings with my sales, development, support, and marketing teams to external meetings with clients, prospective clients, and channel partners. Sometimes I’m at our company office. Other times, I’m working from home, at the airport, on a train, or cranking through LinkedIn, Slack, and Salesforce apps from the back of an Uber. I’ve learned to work from anywhere. What makes you smile? Lots of things: a good joke, a satisfied customer, a text from someone special, winning a big contract, helping others succeed, making a contribution to charity, or simple things like enjoying a long summer drive on the open highway. What scares you? My biggest fear is government interference in the lives and activities of its citizens. Whether it’s illegal spying, exorbitant tax hikes, or over-regulation of free commerce; I’m an adamant believer in individual liberty and free market economics. What is your greatest achievement? When I was 24; it was my thesis on the political use of religion and job at the White House. At 27, it was masterminding a

political campaign victory for a candidate who was down 26 points in the polls four months before a general election. At 33, it’s the impact I’ve had as the CEO of One Click Politics. What is your secret talent? I’m a good writer and pretty good singer. I have written over fifty poems, various short stories, essays, and industry articles. My first major writing project was my honors thesis in college on the political use of religion. My thesis advisor helped me hone my love for writing and research by teaching me the value of brevity when communicating complex ideas. Which historical figure do you most admire? I was a political theory and ancient history double major in college, so that’s a really tough question. I take courage from the stories and lives of countless historical figures, whose lives provide inspiration to me daily. If I had to pick one, I’d say William Wallace. I’m Scottish and a fan of the film Braveheart, so his story of determination and grit in against the atrocities of the Medieval English monarchy resonate with me. Chazz, do you have any hobbies? I love travelling both for work and pleasure. I also like to hit the gym to keep myself physically fit and mentally sharp. What are you never without? Its cliché for me to say this as a tech executive, but I’m never without my iPhone. Like many professionals, I’m always on the move. I might be on a plane, train, taxi, in 20 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

a hotel, at my company office, or working from home, and having my smartphone with me is essential for conducting business on the go. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Teddy Roosevelt What drives you? I’m the oldest of three male children, the grandson of two highly decorated combat veterans who received the Silver Star, and the son of a father with relentless focus and dedication. Excellence is part of my family culture. However, my entrepreneurial drive comes from my hatred for “bosses.” Most supervisors I’ve had were very demanding, power-hungry managers – not leaders – with a few notable exceptions. I always promised myself I’d ascribe to an empathetic, servant leadership style when I ran my own company. That’s probably why I have almost zero turnover with my employees. I hire the right people, pay them well, and then get out of their way so they can do their job, while providing appropriate guidance and accountability. If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? I would revolutionize access to education. If I had Bill Gate’s money; I’d develop a global learning platform that could be accessed on low-cost, solar powered devices

with built-in satellite internet that could be easily distributed and accessed anywhere in the world. My parents are both seasonal missionaries in Kenya and through their experiences I’ve seen how a few hundred dollars can feed, clothe, and educate a child in a third world country for almost a year. Education is a vibrant portal to opportunity and the best gateway for achieving global advancements for the underprivileged. What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business? Choose something you are passionate about to pursue as an entrepreneur even if the earning potential for that industry isn’t as high as others. I had the opportunity to attend an Ivy League law school with a clear path to high earnings as a corporate attorney, but I turned it down to pursue my love for politics and civic technology. Passion is “life fuel” that burns far brighter than mere motivation. If you don’t love what you do; you will always lose out to a competitor who is willing to work day and night to manifest their passion and vision into reality. I’ll never be Mark Zuckerberg, but I’ll always aim to be the very best version of myself. Is there anything else you would like to add? Thanks for the opportunity to be featured. If anyone wants to reach out, please do not hesitate to connect with me on Linkedin. For more information on Chazz Clevinger and One Click Politics, please visit:

Tag Heuer

Formula 1 Lady


fashion watch that embodies the meeting of sport and lifestyle. This glamorous model is designed for women who love to live at their own pace. The perfect marriage of fashion and functionality. In January this year, TAG Heuer reinterpreted this famous collection with a series of completely redesigned watches which can be personalised with an interchangeable strap. A new shape, new materials, new dials, new straps... a real breath of fresh air for this iconic women’s collection from TAG Heuer. Each detail of the watch now bears the hallmarks of the TAG Heuer Formula 1 series, and has been reworked to give the 22 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

piece elegance and feminine curves. Hence, the case, in polished and brushed steel or with black PVD coating, with an elegant diameter of 32 or 35 mm, features the tonneau shape which is indissociable from the men’s TAG Heuer Formula 1 model. The entire curve of the case and lugs has been refined, adding femininity to the watch. The bezel incorporates the collection’s characteristic notches. The main new feature of this model is the interchangeable strap. Switch from sporty to classic in one click. Available in brown, blue, white, red or black leather, or in metal, the choice of materials and colours give the collection a casual yet stylish look appreciated by to-

day’s busy woman. Another new feature of this model is the double-plate system on the dial, which adds contrast, improves legibility and creates an interplay of colours: blue sunray or silver-plated dial, total full black look, resolutely rock or set with diamonds for a dash of glamour. The new TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady is available in a range of modern, on-trend colours. Thanks to its quartz movement, the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady – now aligned with the men’s models – has become the brand’s entry-level model, priced from 1000 CHF, 950 EUR, 850 GBP, 1’000 USD, 8’250 HKD, 110’000 JPY.

Aquaracer Lady

Calibre 9 Automatic TAG Heuer’s sporty, elegant model relaunched with a Calibre 9 automatic movement.


ver the pioneer, in 1892, EdouardHeuer filed the first patent for a watertight case in the history of watchmaking. It was an immediate success. Since that time, the Aquaracer (a collection created in 2003) has continued to evolve, becoming a sports watch beloved by men and women in equal measure. Also cherished by TAG Heuer, this highly technical sub-aquatic collection is synonymous with reliability, freedom

and surpassing oneself. This year sees TAG Heuer launch a brand new women’s version equipped with a Calibre 9 automatic movement. Water resistant to 300 metres, this sporty watch displays the iconic codes of the Aquaracer collection. It has a 12-sided unidirectional rotating bezel featuring 6 polished lugs, and hands and indices covered with white SuperLuminova™ for enhanced visibility and optimal legibility in deep water. New features on this version include the striated dial, the date window with magnifier and the second hand with arrow. It also

boasts the distinctive technical characteristics of the Aquaracer Automatic collection. In steel with a magnificent dial in black or white mother of pearl, the diameter of this model is an elegant 32 mm. The Aquaracer Lady is also available with a dial set with eleven 1.40 mm diamonds (0.11 ct) for a touch of added glamour. The bracelet is also steel, for optimal comfort, and alternates brushed links on the outside with polished links in the centre. A highly technical model for today’s active woman who wants a watch suitable for all occasions. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 23

Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph 2018 marks the 55th anniversary of the iconic TAG Heuer Carrera collection. Since it was launched in 1963, this model has become synonymous with motor sport timekeeping. Several legendary drivers have chosen to wear a Heuer Carrera chronograph during their career. A sporty timepiece with a vintage signature produced by the three white counters, which stand out starkly against a dial featuring a white flange with a 60-second scale. The seconds counter is at 9 o’clock, the minute counter at 12 o’clock and the hour counter at 6 o’clock. The bezel is made from ceramic, and features a tachometer scale – a crucial component on an automotive chronograph.The blue version features a steel bracelet for maximum comfort.


Chronograph Gmt


pitomising the Avant-Garde from its creation in 1963 right up to the brand new Heuer 02 line, and including innovative pieces such as the ultramodern Connected Modular, the TAG Heuer Carrera collection celebrates its 55thanniversary in 2018. A fantastic occasion for the Swiss watch brand to unveil a new chronograph version equipped with a GMT function. This new model adopts the design codes and DNA of the Heuer Carrera, featuring the origi-

nal “3-6-9” counter layout from 1963. The chronograph minutes and hours are at 3 and 9 o’clock, with the permanent small second at 6 o’clock and the date window at 4:30, completed by the GMT function. It is the first time that TAG Heuer has added this complication to its prestigious manufacture movement. The second time zone, an ultra-practical feature that can be adjusted with the crown, is read using the lacquered red hand and the black and blue ceramic bezel, which has a 24-hour GMT scale. To ensure optimum legibility, the

GMT hand has been ingeniously mounted in a secondary position — between the hour and minute hands — enabling it to pass over the indexes and skim the GMT scale. The Heuer 02 manufacture movement, visible through the skeleton dial, is housed inside a solid 45 mm steel case, water-resistant to 100 metres. As daring as it is refined, this model boldly demonstrates the height of the Swiss watch brand’s avant-garde technology. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 25

Citlali Chevaili’s

Secrets to Success

(and Beauty) By Drew Farmer Images credit: Brian Byllesby


itlali Chevaili created Seabenefit in 2013 and in just five years, Chevaili has seen her beauty company grow from a small startup into a business preparing to open offices in Europe. Chevaili had years of experience under her belt in the beauty industry.

Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek words Thalassa (sea) and therapeia (treatment) is the use of seawater in a therapy form. It is the application of the sea’s beneficial effects, which include the ocean climate, sea water, sea mud, seaweed, sand and other substances.

Working with a variety of companies and businesses, Chevaili had learned the ins and outs of marketing high-quality beauty products. Using the ocean as her guide, Chevaili began using seaweed and other sea-inspired items in her line.

Thalassotherapy’s main asset is acquiring all the benefits of the ocean environment through the topical use of algae.

The result has been an assortment of beauty enhancing items under the Seabenefit name. But Chevaili’s beauty products aren’t just about enhancing one’s exterior. Seabenefit’s line also targets the inside of customers and promotes well-being. In just a short time, Chevaili’s Seabenefit line has become one of the most highly sought after beauty product ranges on the market. Citlali, how did you come up with the idea for Seabenefit? I have always had a passion for skincare. The idea came from my quest to find the best products and innovations in the market for skin care and merging them with ancient beauty secrets. While growing up, I was lucky to have spent a lot of time with my maternal grandmother, Ana Maria Gracida. She was born at the beginning of last century, and she taught me many of the feminine arts that used to be passed from mother to daughters before. She also went to beauty school, and she showed me many of the “old-school” beauty remedies and secrets. I mixed them with 21st-century ingredients to produce innovative products and created the Seabenefit line. How did you discover the beauty secrets of seaweed? I love the sea and the wellbeing it brings you after you’ve been in the ocean. I wanted to be able to replicate some of the benefits of the sea by using seaweed in beauty products that you could use every day at home. Knowing the ocean is rich in nutrients, I began to do some research about the benefits and qualities of the sea and found Thalassotherapy.

Thalassotherapy helps mainly to remove toxins, relax, slender the body and soothe the skin; it even helps relieve some aches and pains. In fact, seaweed has been across the world in different cultures. For example, the Chinese used it for curing burns, and for its nutritional and slimming properties; the Polynesians for treating wounds, bruises, and swelling; and by mariners who recognized its healing and medical properties. Some people go to the Dead Sea or pay hundreds of dollars to get seaweed treatments in spas. With my products, you can get many of the benefits of the sea whenever you want in the privacy of your own home. What is a unique feature and benefit your Seabenefit Seaweed soap delivers? My seaweed soap, used daily, can help you detox at home while exfoliating and toning your skin. Massage and seaweed combined help you reduce the appearance of cellulite and help get rid of water weight. The principle it is based on is that massage improves the efficiency of your lymphatic system and seaweed helps tone and tighten the skin. When you use both products at once, you stimulate your lymphatic system while you bathe and apply self-massage. The lymphatic system is the body’s inner “drainage system,” it has no “pump” of its own, but it can be activated mainly by exercise or massage.

ited by time and sometimes by resources. I am very proud of delivering a straightforward and efficient product that benefits men and women by enhancing their overall wellbeing in privacy of their own home and at an affordable price. Chevaili believes one of the aspects that sets her company apart from others is the ingredients. Chevaili promises Seabenefit products are filler-free. Customers will not only get the best, natural ingredients, but they will also get a product without expensive packaging. What are the biggest differences between using Seabenefit seaweed inspired products and other brands? My products contain real active ingredients, I don’t spend money on useless packaging or pass the consumer an enormous bill for marketing. I spend my money on high-quality raw materials so that the product delivers real benefits. Some manufacturers could say their soap includes seaweed, but instead of seaweed algae, they add oatmeal for texture and fake coloring. I never add what are called “fillers” in the industry. I only add the best active ingredients at high percentages for real results. I also believe in not polluting the environment with excessive packaging. That is why my packaging is minimal, and everything can be recycled. Not long after forming, customers of San Francisco’s historic San Remo Hotel were able to use Seabenefit products while staying. It was a major coup for Chevaili and her young company. She hopes to expand the Seabenefit reach into other areas of the hotel and travel industry.

This is why I recommend massaging your body with gentle, but firm pressure in circles to the left (counter-clockwise) and always toward the heart, to improve toxin removal.

You’ve seen success in the travel industry with your products. San Francisco’s San Remo Hotel carries Seabenefit. How big of an accomplishment was that for you at this stage of the company? Are there any other relationships like this one you have in the works? I enjoy working in the travel industry and having my products at the historic San Remo Hotel in San Francisco.

Think about it, most everyone loves going to spas - there are some wonderful treatments, lymphatic massages, de-stress massages, seaweed detox baths, and infusions, but how often can you do it? We are lim-

Guests at the hotel have left reviews about how much they enjoyed their stay and using my products. With such great feedback, I would like to expand to the cruise travel industry. Cruise ship travelers could TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 27

“I am very proud of delivering a straightforward and efficient product that benefits men and women by enhancing their overall wellbeing in the privacy of their own home and at an affordable price.�

benefit significantly with my products while they are on a boat and will get to see the real results in the seven or ten days they are captive on the ship. Chevaili has big plans for the future. She wants to introduce a sunscreen line to the market as the effects of sun damage are extremely dangerous. The sunscreen line will go nicely with the variety of products Seabenefit already sells. From shampoo and conditioner to body gel, Chevaili has reacted well to the demands of customers with an assortment of seaweed infused products. Regarding growing Seabenefit further, what do you have your eyes on next? I am planning on bringing a combination of sunscreen, seaweed extract, and collagen, into an all-in-one cream. I believe sunscreen is the most essential everyday beauty product for men and women. If you don’t want to have a complicated beauty regimen and would ask me what you should use, I would say use sunscreen religiously every day in every weather: sunny or cloudy, hot or cold. How can I prove sun damage is the worst enemy for your skin? Just check your body parts that have never been exposed to the sun and see how the skin is neither damaged nor wrinkled. 30 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

On the Seabenefit website, there are a number of other products besides the seaweed soaps. Can you tell us about them? I have different seaweed-based products like a body gel with two types of seaweed and 11 botanicals, a seaweed shampoo and conditioner and many more. I want anyone who goes to my website to find a product that is right for them, and variety is the key.

Makeup, dietary supplements and more are available. What led you to expand the line from just the original seaweed soaps? Beauty is intricate; it does not only come from the outside, but it also comes from the inside. It is not about doing one thing only. It is a delicate balance of many different elements. I’ve been adding products that I think will enhance my client’s lives. I want my customers to feel all right because when you feel good, you look better. Seabenefit has found its niche in the market thanks to social media and the way in which it reaches customers. The company sells most of its products via the Internet, but customers can also find it in spas and boutiques. It has taken some time to reach this point and Chevaili explained just how Seabenefit finds its clients today. When the company started, how easy was it to reach new customers in the beauty market? It has always been a challenge to reach your designated audience, but it is still about being creative and flexible more than anything else. Analytics can give you an incredible insight into your own business and help you decide if you need to deliver your content differently.

What methods did you use to reach customers? I started years ago with another company name. In those days, a cost-efficient way to find new customers was through TV. We sold our products through direct response for a few years. Mail order catalogs, TV shopping channels as well as infomercials - now it has shifted to the Internet. We sell on our website and through Amazon as well. As a brand, what has been the best way to reach new clients? Has it been social media, more traditional means or a combination of the two? It is always a combination of both, but I love social media; it gives independent brands like mine a voice and a way to reach customers directly. It also allows you to have a conversation with them and hear their concerns. Some people hate it, but it is here to stay, so as a brand it is best to embrace it. Do you see your target audience for Seabenefit changing, and if so, how will you respond to this change? I do see my target audience changing somewhat; I have more male buyers than before. I think men are now more conscious of

their skincare health and taking better care of themselves, which is excellent news, but I am also aware that the millennials are the ones to keep an eye on. I am planning to add a bathing gel version of my seaweed soap and an exfoliating glove, to appeal to this group, they prefer bathing gels to bars of soap. The Seabenefit website is the main venue for customers to shop for the company’s products. Do you have any new sales outlets in the pipeline or are there stores customers can buy the products from? We like to sell directly to the public, and the internet has proven to be a great avenue for us. We also sell through independent beauty and gift stores, as well as day spas, and of course The San Remo Hotel. Started in the United States, Seabenefit is now ready to take on the rest of the world. Chevaili is prepared to open up her business to Germany and the entire European market. It has only been five years since the birth of Seabenefit, but Chevaili has proven a great product line can grow quickly.

Do you have your eyes on the European market and will you be moving into it in the near future? As we are speaking, I am excited to let you know that we are working on establishing a subsidiary in Berlin, Germany for Seabenefit. We will be distributing from there to the rest of Europe, and the website will be Seabenefit’s success has been achieved through fulfilling the promises of enhancing customers’ beauty and well-being. In a world where products are bought and sold each day thanks to empty claims, Chevaili has found her seaweed-inspire items are making customers happy after every use. Seabenefit’s rise has been fuelled by Chevaili’s hard work and expert knowledge of the beauty product business. After just five years on the market, Chevaili’s seaweed items are ready to convert new customers to the wonders of natural beauty products. Seabenefit Tel. (415) 324-5024 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 31

First Look

2018 Ducati Scrambler 1100 By Totalprestige Magazine Images courtesy by Ducati Motor Holding

The Scrambler has come of age and the Land of Joy is now bigger and better.


he Ducati Scrambler 1100 aims to meet the needs of even the most demanding, expert motorcyclists - but without compromising the fun, style and freedom that the Scrambler stands for. A beefier bike with a bigger engine and an even better set of standard equipmentthat lets riders upgrade without leaving the Scrambler family. Just like in the ‘60s when the Scrambler was available with three different engines (250, 350 and 450 cm3 ), today’s Land of Joy bikes offer three different displacements (400, 800 and 1100 cm3 ), resulting in a complete range with a flair for fun, iconic style, simplicity and self-expression. 34 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Key features include a new 1079 cm3 engine, which delivers generous torque right from the bottom of the rev range, and an agile Scrambler chassis set-up that has been developed in parallel with the engine to put higher performance within reach of all riders. With excellent pulling power and outstanding chassis geometry, the Ducati Scrambler 1100 maximises freedom and combines it with the excellent safety that comes with Bosch Cornering ABS and Traction Control: two features that go hand-in-hand with the superbly comfortable riding position specially developed for this model. On this Scrambler model the

electronics package has evolved in line with Ducati tradition, maximising active safety thanks to the Bosch inertial platform. Just like every other Ducati Scrambler bike, the 1100 is designed for boundless freedom of expression. The bike has been developed so it can be modified with ease and comes in three different versions: in addition to the Scrambler 1100, in fact, there’s the Scrambler 1100 Special, which draws its inspiration from the custom world, and the Scrambler 1100 Sport equipped with Öhlins suspension for the sportiest Scrambler riders.

With the 1100, the Ducati Scrambler sees the introduction of new, specially designed accessories and a dedicated apparel line that includes a leather jacket, a fabric jacket and an open-face helmet co-produced with Roland Sands. Design The Scrambler 1100 is essential, mature and carefully thought out, taking inspiration from the iconic ’70s model while remaining faithful to the “Land of Joy” spirit. Larger than the other Ducati Scrambler brand models, the bike’s balanced proportions make it compact yet beefy and ensure outstanding rider comfort as well as unprecedented handling. The upgraded fork and rear shock absorber are, like the 320 mm dual front brake discs, indicative of a leap forwards in terms of both performance and mature styling. A high-performance swingarm merges smoothly with the lines of the footrest plates, enhancing the essential styling of the Scrambler 1100. Moreover, quality-conscious finishing reaches new heights thanks to the use of authentic materials such as steel and aluminium. Attention to detail and the quest for simplicity have minimised the number of pieces used, leading to fewer covers and plastic components. A focus on styling has allowed up-sizing without compromising on iconic brand features: a more rugged, beefier teardrop tank and interchangeable aluminium side panels, that are classic yet have a new line, make this Scrambler model immediately recognisable. The seat - different on each version - is more generously shaped than its Scrambler 800 counterpart and has been designed to provide the utmost comfort for rider and passenger alike. A beautifully stitched cover and an embroidered Ducati logo at the rear make this seat particularly eye-catching. The two silencers merge smoothly with the rear of the bike and the high plate holder while the dual tail pipes give the Scrambler 1100 a more muscular, instantly recognisable look. In keeping with the self-expression that is the raison d’etre of the Scrambler brand, the rear subframe is separate from the chassis to make personalisation easier. Made of aluminium, the subframe also features a gleaming, machine-finished aluminium trim. The front mudguard is held in place by two die cast aluminium supports while the rear one incorporates LED indi-

cators. Another distinctive Scrambler 1100 feature is the round headlight. This retains the glass parabola shared by all Ducati Scrambler models and is now enhanced by a new aluminium rim. Its interior mounts an aluminium X-grille with a clearly visible Ducati logo. The grille divides up the DRL (Daytime Running Light) system on the Scrambler 1100 to create the four trademark Land of Joy light segments. Careful design has produced a two-element instrument panel: a classic round section, as seen on all the Scrambler bikes, and an additional oval element to display a broader info range. Every single part of the Ducati Scrambler 1100 has been meticulously designed down to the very last detail. A painted aluminium logo adds a stylish finishing touch. Machine- finished aluminium bar plugs match the headlight assembly, as does the logo on the spark plug caps. The rear brake lever - made, like the clutch lever, of aluminium - has specifically been designed for easy replacement or personalisation. Aluminium is also used for the airbox covers while machine-finished wheel spokes add a further distinctive touch to the Scrambler 1100. Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special Taking its cue from customisation, the Scrambler 1100 Special has a decidedly “modern classic” feel thanks to blackspoked wheels, chrome exhausts and aluminium front/rear mudguards. The “Custom Grey” colour is unique to this version, as is the brushed-effect swingarm and the adjustable front fork with gold-coloured anodized sleeves. Other distinctive Scrambler 1100 Special elements include low-slung tapered handlebars and a brown seat with dedicated lining. Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport As the name implies, the Scrambler 1100 Sport takes a sportier angle. Inspired by the numerous “racer” bikes put together by Scrambler owners, this model is easily recognised by its forks and adjustable Öhlins shock. The Scrambler 1100 Sport comes in “Viper Black” with yellow tank sides and dual yellow striping down the middle of the tank and mudguards. It also features aluminium wheels with machine-finished spokes, tapered handlebars and a seat with a dedicated lining.

Precious Moments - “Winds in the east, Mist coming in, Like something is brewing and about to begin. Can’t quite put my finger on what lies in store, But I fear what’s to happen, All happened before.”

2016. However, in just a short amount of time, Smoothie Beauty has become the talk of the skincare world. Heiber recently sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to talk about the company and its goals for the future. Jason, can you please tell us about Smoothie Beauty and its products? It’s Smoothie Beauty’s mission to take beauty back to basics by providing you with 100% fresh-food based skincare, combining the trends of face masks, organic beauty and ready to enjoy subscriptions. Clean beauty is on the rise, rightfully so, and we even go one step further and offer beauty that is so clean and 100% free from any additives that it needs to be refrigerated and has a shorter shelf life. We essentially offer food for your skin, delivered on ice. It’s 100% transparency and full circle sustainability are the cornerstones of this company with a “back to the roots” take on beauty. Can you tell us how Smoothie Beauty began and what some of the highlights have been? Smoothie Beauty launched in 2017, founded by Stephanie Peterson. Stephanie saw a need in the beauty market, as this level of fresh skincare did not exist commercially. So, the first obvious highlight has been that we were able to prove the concept, and that there is growing demand in the market for this level of fresh skincare. We also raised an angel round early on, which helped our nationwide expansion into retail stores through Riley Rose’s Beauty Concept Store. We are currently the only refrigerated product in their stores.

Jason Heiber Marketing Director at Smoothie Beauty, Inc. By Totalprestige Magazine


moothie Beauty has changed the idea of what a beauty product should be. The company creates 100% freshfood based skincare products using organic, “clean” ingredients. The concept of clean beauty isn’t new, but Smoothie Beauty and marketing director Jason Heiber have taken it to an all-new level. Smoothie Beauty provides food for the skin, and products use


natural fruit and vegetable ingredients to create products for the body’s largest organ. No Toxic chemicals and no harmful ingredients are used to make the amazing products designed by company owner and former model Stephanie Peterson. Heiber has been behind much of Smoothie Beauty’s growth thanks to his marketing expertise. The startup has only been creating its one of a kind products since

How important are digital strategies for a company like Smoothie Beauty and which digital trends do you have to prepare for? It is our mission to educate the consumer about the benefits that mother earth’s potent ingredients have for our skin and about the importance of treating your skin, our largest organ, accordingly. Anything that you wouldn’t put into your body, you should probably also not put onto your skin. Delivery of those educational pieces is key to drive awareness, increase our SEO score and ultimately increase conversions of our marketing efforts.

The nature of our product requires an inbound marketing approach, which is the future of advertising as opposed to traditional sponsored content. I can see video continuing to go strong in 2018 and we will see a sharp increase in “voice search” for which we have to prepare for. Jason, please tell us what makes Smoothie Beauty unique and stand out from competitors? We are the only skincare that needs refrigeration and that is made from 100% organic fresh food grade ingredients. Obviously, our differentiator is also our biggest challenge. What is next for Smoothie Beauty? The cold-pressed juice cleanse was yesterday, our beauty cleanse is the new juice cleanse. We are excited to continue to develop and perfect new product lines and we are expanding our range into hair masks, face scrubs as well as Body masks – all made from 100% fresh food-grade ingredients so that you can literally bathe your skin in foods that best suit your skin and hair type. Wellness and beauty go hand in hand and gone are the days where we pick up products from the shelf without looking at the back label, not knowing what we are consuming or slathering all over our body and face. We have a solid foundation after working out operational kinks and are now ready to raise a seed round to expand the business. Our founder has a strong vision for clean and fresh beauty and we are determined to change the way we look at skincare products for long lasting and sustainable skin and health benefits. Jason, what is a day in your life like? I get up at 6 a.m. and read for inspiration, mostly entrepreneurial books or magazines. I do Muay Thai at 8am and then I am ready to start the day, inspired and motivated to fight through all the challenges. Believe me, there are many. And as with any startup, I wear many hats, so not one single day is the same as the previous one. What is the most challenging part of your work? Being on top of daily emerging technologies or software, evaluating their signifi-

cance and if, or how, to implement them. You have to stick to what works for your business, but you have to factor in the future and how that will affect you. Specifically in digital advertising you look at the importance of VR, AR and AI as well as social media, of course. Apart from that, it is my goal and challenge to remove the word “marketing expense” in the traditional sense, which I work towards with positive returns in paid ads and with organic keyword rankings that bring in steady traffic. What has been your most rewarding professional experience? I co-founded a charitable community in Germany called “Come Back Stronger” where we support injured athletes during their recovery by providing a platform where know-how and motivation are aggregated and we donate funds to support this cause. The feedback we get through this channel and the difference we make in people’s lives is a very rewarding and motivating experience and has definitely strengthened my desire to pursue a path where giving back to the community should be part of an overall business concept. Smoothie Beauty is working on many fronts to follow this ideology as I think all up and coming brands should. What drives you? I have always been driven by challenge and by the fact that anything is possible. New York is the epicenter of excellence and the ultimate challenge in business, that’s what pushes and drives me. What makes you smile? When George Costanza from Seinfeld pretends to be an architect. What scares you? The ticking of the clock. What is your secret talent? The art of silence. Knowing when to speak and when not to speak. Which historical figure do you most admire? Nelson Mandela. I urge anyone to read his autobiography “Long Walk To Freedom”, it has put everything into perspective for me – life, achievements and failures – and I’ve received inspiration, education, and

amazement from reading this book. I suggest any aspiring entrepreneur or just anyone that likes to complain a lot to read it. Do you have any hobbies? Sports, fencing and Muay Thai. I used to be a semi-professional fencer and I love to cook. What are you never without? My Macbook, sadly, and noise cancelling headphones – figuratively speaking. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lay defeat and death.” – Nelson Mandela “Limits exist only in the mind,” – Author unknown Instinct versus expertise: Which is more important and why? Instincts are based on judgments, which are the result of experience. So for me, expertise is more important for a better outcome as it impacts instinct. If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? I would advocate a living standard where people take responsibility for their actions and decisions. We live in an environment where our decision-making is based on price and not “actual cost” in the greater sense, which is very dangerous. We don’t take responsibility for casual decisions that have huge repercussions on the environment or on the people in general. We live a life where willful “ignorance is bliss” is acceptable, think about that for a moment. Everyone has the power to change things, every second of every day. People just underestimate the power of voice and behavior. For more information on Jason Heiber and his amazing beauty brand Smoothie Beauty, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 39

Patti, can you please tell us about Personalized Lesson Plans and the services you provide? Personalized Lesson Plans provides schools and educational organizations with professional development and implementation services. We help educators come up with a targeted plan to increase student achievement and teacher effectiveness. We analyze data, conduct onsite professional development and coaching sessions, assist with curriculum revision, development, and execution. We work with individual teachers, grade level teams, building coaches, after school personnel, and leaders to achieve literacy goals. Can you tell us how your career began and what some of the highlights have been? I started my career as fourth grade teacher. I was always intrigued with how children become literate. After receiving my master’s degree in reading, I transitioned to the role of literacy coach and also began to teach graduate education courses.

Patti Gill Author and Owner of Personalized Lesson Plans By Totalprestige Magazine


atti Gill has centered her life around children and education for the last 25 years. As an educator, Gill has worked with a number of different age groups and grades; but her mission has always been to deliver the best education possible to students.Gill has taken her vast experience in education and created her own business. Personalized Lesson Plans offers schools around the United States comprehensive professional development. Patti and her team work onsite and help schools fill in the gaps to improve student performance. Gill’s work 40 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

doesn’t just end with education. She is also an accomplished author and in 2017, released her first children’s book, “Paddy’s Forest Trek”. Since its release, Gill has received praise from all corners. The book was strategically written around the academic status of elementary schools in the US. Gill hopes her book will help students aged five to eight-years old become more proficient readers and learn core science concepts. Gill recently spoke to Totalprestige Magazine about her work in education, children’s book and life.

I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be a facilitator for the Penn Literacy Network within the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania, where I taught for over 10 years. I was also an adjunct professor at both of my alma maters for a period of time. It was so exciting to go back to where my path started to inspire a new generation of educators. What moment in your career do you look back on most fondly? A former colleague of mine was an administrator at a low performing school with a high poverty population. She reached out to me in October 2005 and asked if I had time to come and work with her third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms, supporting curriculum development to improve teacher effectiveness and increase student performance. In one year’s time, we were able to increase fifth grade state test scores by 28% and move the lowest performing fourth graders to the next level. We accomplished this by working together as a cohesive team and made teaching and learning fun and engaging, for students and teachers. This was the first time I had this type of leadership role where I had autonomy to create and execute an instructional plan with an entire school. This experience gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to pursue my goals.

Patti, please tell us about your children’s book “Paddy’s Forest Trek”. “Paddy’s Forest Trek” is an engaging and informative narrative nonfiction story about a young porcupine, named Paddy and his friend Rab, who spend a fun-filled day on a forest adventure, learning fascinating information about trees. The characters develop a genuine friendship as they pursue their quest. This book is targeted for ages five to eight or children in pre-kindergarten to second grade, and creatively introduces scientific concepts about plants and plant growth. The question and answer format along with specific kid-friendly vocabulary is seamless to allow essential information to be delivered in a concise manner to enhance comprehension. Schools rarely have time to go in-depth at the elementary level with necessary science and history content critical for helping students become proficient readers. I wanted to provide parents and teachers with an innovative solution on how to build background core knowledge, while exposing children to domain specific language. Where can your book be purchased? “Paddy’s Forest Trek” can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Litfire Publishing Bookstore. How do you find inspiration? My children are my inspiration. They are both young adults now, but they always have served as my motivation personally and professionally. Everything I do and every action I take, I think how it will impact them and their lives. Like every parent, I want what’s best for my children. As I evolve as an educator, my desire is to ensure that every child in our country will have access to the same opportunities and education that my children have had, so they can pursue their dreams and live with hope. What is the most challenging part of your work? The most challenging part of my work is that change on a large scale takes time. Encouraging the educators we partner with to be patient and trust the process can be demanding. What do you have your sights set on next? Finishing the narrative nonfiction Paddy series for grades K-2 – ages five to eight – where Paddy and Rab travel around the globe and throughout time learning about different informational topics. I want to do a similar series for upper elementary grades, too. Ultimately, my goal is to create

an animation series based on or inspired by my books to reach a larger audience with this essential information to build the core knowledge necessary for success in school and life. Patti, what drives you? At an early age, I was a competitive runner determined to do better and be better. I learned the importance of setting goals and the gratification you feel when you reach them. This philosophy is still my mantra personally and professionally. My focus is to promote equality in education and close the achievement gap. I have been able to make an impact on a smaller scale in my region, but I want to expand on a national and global level. What is a day in your life like? I start my day with a cup of coffee and my journal, jotting down my intentions. Most of my hours daily are spent supporting and communicating with schools. I always squeeze time in my schedule to do research for my current projects and books. My nights are spent writing. Busy days, creative nights. What makes you smile? People having fun, laughing, and enjoying life! What scares you? What frightens me is that the change we need in our world and our schools will not happen in the proper time frame. I am fearful that people and politics will stand in the way of our growth and development. What is your greatest achievement? Personally, my greatest achievement is the relationship I have with my husband and children. Professionally, I have had many successes over the years helping teachers and students be successful. The first 25 years in my career has prepared me for the work I am currently doing and will continue to do. I feel that my greatest achievement is yet to come.

What is your secret talent? I love to cook and host gatherings. I grew up the youngest of eight children and helped my mom get ready for family dinners and holidays. I learned how to cook for a crowd at an early age, especially macaroni and cheese casserole. Holidays were always fun and special in our home. I try to recreate that same festive environment whenever possible for my family and friends. What historical figure do you most admire? Abraham Lincoln. He was an avid reader and self-taught lawyer. Lincoln faced many obstacles throughout his lifetime and overcame adversity. His strength, perseverance, and fight for equality are beliefs I value and try to emulate. Patti, do you have any hobbies? I love interior design. Decorating individual rooms or an entire house, gives me joy and allows me to use my creativity in a different way. Making a space beautiful, yet comfortable to reflect the personality and style of the people living in it is a fun process. Shopping for home goods and accessories is therapeutic for me. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou I have this quote hanging in my home office as a gentle reminder of the importance of creating positive rapport with others. “Your work is to discover your world and then with all of your heart give yourself to it.” – Buddha Discover your purpose, pursue it with passion, and share it with others. If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? If I could change one thing in this world it would be to make quality education universal. Aristotle’s quote summarizes the importance of learning: “All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” All children deserve access to information and opportunities to develop their talents so they can contribute their unique gift to the world. This incredible investment will yield dividends to all mankind. For more information on Patti Gill, Personalized Lesson Plans and her new book, “Paddy’s Forest Trek”, Please visit and TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 41

Our services range from commercial and residential services to IEQ Management. We have a number of great services for our exist and new clients. Can you tell us about AirMD Franchises and explain the profile of the ideal franchisee? AirMD personnel have a wide range of experience in the scientific and engineering fields. Our staff of professional scientists and engineers have backgrounds in bacteriology, mycology, aerobiology, microscopy, environmental science and toxicology and will train and certify AirMD franchisees in required disciplines for their day-to-day operations. The ideal franchisee does not have to have a background in science. Training and certifications are required to open an AirMD Franchise. To stay ahead of the curve for our franchisees, our scientists and engineers receive ongoing training and the required education on the latest technology, procedures, industry advancements and developments.

Samantha J. Theaumont high-quality services backed with AirMD’s guarantees.Theaumont recently spoke to Totalprestige Magazine about the AirMDcompany and the services clients can expect from industry leader.

Our readers would like to know more about the AirMD Area Representative opportunities. Area Representative opportunities are available in all 50 states, including Puerto Rico. Area Representatives are given the opportunity to own a regional territory of one or more states while partnering with the franchisor to assist the franchisee’s business planning, operations, marketing and sales expansion. Area Representatives will be a valuable resource in every functional area of the business to help guide the expansion of their franchisee’s territories.

Samantha, can you please tell us about AirMD and the services you provide? The AirMD Franchise, is an environmental company specializing in indoor air quality testing and building assessments. Our franchise is based on its affiliate company, AirMD Inc., which began operations in Boca Raton, Florida in 2008 and currently serves all of Florida and other states nationally.

Please tell us what some of the company highlights have been? What are the goals and objectives of the AirMD? As an indoor environmental testing and assessment company that offers full back-end operations to the franchisee, the AirMD Franchise is well positioned to add value at every turn. Targeting the United States for compelling investment opportunities in commercial and residential properties, the

Managing Director of AirMD Franchise LLC By Totalprestige Magazine Image credit Greyscale Photography


oor indoor air quality is at the heart of many health problems in the United States. In fact, poor indoor air quality costs the US economy around $168 billion a year. The loss of money is staggering and Florida’s AirMD wants to change the poor air quality being experienced around the country. AirMD Managing Director Samantha Theaumont wants her company to be the go-to player in the air quality game. AirMD opened its doors in 2008 and has worked hard to establish itself in an industry that is highly fragmented. Due to the fragmenting of the industry, AirMD offers franchise opportunities. This allows investors from all over the US to provide clients with 42 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Franchisees are required to have the following attributes: A strong business acumen, excellent customer service skills, demonstrate the core values of AirMD and have passion to succeed,candidates must be able to meet the AirMD financial requirements and successfully complete the AirMD franchisee training and certification requirements.

company brings a disciplined approach, exceptional depth and market insight. Since 2008, our team of environmental scientists have tested over tens of thousands of projects, backed by factual data and laboratory analysis. AirMD’s personnel have a wide range of experience in the scientific and engineering fields. Our team is consistently staying ahead of the curve by receiving ongoing training and the required education on the latest technologies, procedures, industry advancements and development. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, the AirMD Franchise is on track to advance investors’ opportunities in the United States’ most dynamic markets. AirMD’s goal is to make indoor environments safer for the people who live and work in them. AirMD was founded because of the limitation of indoor environmental services available on a national level. The AirMD franchise will establish a national environmental testing and consulting company which was missing in the current market. Samantha, what really sets AirMD apart from competitors? AirMD provides a “results story theme” for the franchisee’s business, indoor environmental testing and consultation assessment is performed by environmental consultants in residential or commercial environments, producing certified and trusted results delivered electronically that are validated by laboratory analysis and technical report writers. Our franchise can’t be compared to other service franchises. The affiliate AirMD Inc. is headed and founded by a published and respected scientist, who built a business based on science, encompassing all disciplines of indoor environmental science while being an independent advocate for our customers. What’s next for AirMD and AirMD franchise? To compete effectively in franchising, the franchisor must have a very clear vision of who they are and where they want to be. Each project component of the AirMD franchise is designed to advance a clearly detailed strategic plan to build an extremely successful franchise. Our next project partners with veterans in our Florida market. Our objective is to award six franchise licenses with a deferred and heavily discounted franchise fee with all equipment and training expenses paid for by the franchisor to six qualified veterans and assist them in the launch of their business.

Samantha, instinct versus expertise: Which is more important and why? Instinct in my personal life. I spend most of my time moving full speed ahead, both physically and mentally, and I literally bulldoze over the answers I seek because they can’t be heard above the din. When I spend time to sit quietly and ask, I hear from my inner guidance and stop second guessing myself. I can then make a decision, decide and gracefully walk away trusting that I made the right one. What is the most challenging part of your work? AirMD is in their own niche market and is poised for considerable growth with our extensive programs for field operations, testing and assessments and marketing. As an emerging franchise, I am working to maximizing the unique strengths and customized strategies that are available to all new franchises that wish to achieve specific objectives and seize our available opportunities. What has been your most rewarding professional experience? During my tenure at my last franchise, I served as the president of an emerging spa franchise. The spa franchise market is incredibly tight, we needed an innovative concept that would prove to be a viable business, introducing new products and services using lasers, which transformed our model into a dynamic franchise. In 2015, the vision was recognized publicly as the Phoenix Business Journal awarded my company an honorary achievement for the “Best New Concept” in franchising. As the managing director of AirMD Franchise, what is a day in your life like? I find myself lost in what I am doing with growing the franchise. I lose all sense of time, this is my Vortex. I love to look at my life and figure out how to make the impossible, possible. I believe life can take you wherever you want it to go, so I grab it by its nether regions and make doing the things I love a priority. What makes you smile? There is nothing more beautiful than smiling and making others smile. People who smile in distress are the strongest. They gain strength merely by seeing their reflection in the mirror. Even if I am not feeling over-the-moon happy, just glancing at my beautiful children, listening to their giggles, squeals elevates my mood. Yes, there is something undeniably magical about the laughter of children.

What scares you? Failure. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept missing an opportunity to fail. The only failure is quitting, everything else is gathering information. “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill What is your greatest achievement? As far as achievements, I just did what I needed to do as the challenges and opportunities were presented. What is your secret talent? I have many hidden talents, I just wish I could remember where I hid them! Which historical figure do you most admire? Nelson Mandela. Samantha, do you have any hobbies? Yoga. All of my hobbies before I discovered yoga had been the same function: to try and distract me from reality for a while in an attempt to help me feel relaxed. Yoga made me aware that the real way to reach a level of relaxation was to not to run away from reality but to become one with it. Becoming more conscious of one’s actions and more mindful of one’s surroundings is where true relaxation begins. What are you never without? MAC Frosted Fluid Lipstick. My go-to glam lipstick that has a high pearl and a semi-lustrous finish. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.” – David Bly “Love is like the North Star. In a changing world, it’s always constant.” – Gordon B. Hinckley If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? If I could change one thing about the world I would make more people empathetic. For more information on Samantha Theaumont and AirMD, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 43

bank-grade security. Our core technology includes eSignature, enterprise-grade workflows and automation, intelligent forms, and document management system. Our unique value is our ability to verify and authenticate eSignatures and eSigned documents using our proprietary Document 4n6 (Forensics) technology. We call it post-execution fraud and tamper detection.

Akbar Jaffer CMO of ZorroSign, Inc. By Totalprestige Magazine


odern technology continues to evolve and the safety and security of electronic documents is one of the most important aspects for any large organization. ZorroSign’s founders saw the problems related to electronic document safety and the need for more security in terms of signature forgery and document tampering for major corporations, lawyers, and governments. To fill the void in the marketplace, ZorroSign was started in 2015. Since its establishment, ZorroSign has become one of the most sought out document security and digital transaction management platforms. It may be the new kid on the block, but ZorroSign’s reputation has grown exponentially since it debuted. Jaffer has had a long history of working with financial services institutions such as Charles Schwab and developing technology solutions for the FINS while at Siebel Systems, Oracle, McKinley Consulting Group and others. Jaffer is now bringing his vast experience to build a serious leader in electronic signature and digital 44 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

transaction management software. eSignature products have been around since early 2000’s however there hasn’t been a serious reduction in use of paper and total digital transformation. The platform that ZorroSign has created could change the world by eliminating paper when it comes to high value transactions conducted around the world. Jaffer recently sat down with Totalprestige Magazine to explain ZorroSign’s amazing technology and tell us a little bit more about the company. Akbar, what is ZorroSign? ZorroSign is the next generation electronic signature and digital transaction management platform. Our vision is to eliminate paper with a digital transformation solution. Our technology is grounded in security and privacy. ZorroSign, Inc. is the pioneer of electronic signature technology when one of its co-founders invented the first revision of electronic signature back in the mid 90’s. ZorroSign streamlines end-to-end digital transactions with its

Please tell us about the services you provide. ZorroSign is available as a software-as-aservice Cloud application. It is also available as a fully managed private Cloud POD and as an on-premise deployment. Our customers also use our API to integrate ZorroSign into their applications as well as out-of-the-box integrations such as Salesforce App. In addition, we offer a number of customized services designed to help our customers adopt our solution quickly. Our Kickstart service is designed to bring new customers online and start using ZorroSign in one day. Our professional services, expert services, and training services help our customers make the most out of our solution. Lastly, our “follow the sun” premium support is designed for our world-wide customers who use our solution as part of their mission-critical applications. Please tell us what some of the company highlights have been? And what are the goals and objectives of ZorroSign? We re-launched our brand in the middle of 2017 and in less than six months were recipients of six awards and recognitions in the areas of fintech, bankingtech, and also as an Advanced DTM solution provider – a relatively new category. Our goal is to be recognized as the unique and disruptive electronic signature solution provider that protects our customers documents against post-execution fraud and forgery. We solve serious high-value digital transaction business problems. We aim to become the household eSignature and DTM brand for global legal and broader financial services industries, and for government agencies. Akbar, what really sets ZorroSign apart from competitors? ZorroSign’s proprietary Document 4n6 (Forensics) technology uniquely protects our customers by highlighting whether their paper and digital versions of electronically signed documents have been forged, tampered, cancelled, expired, or rejected. It also provides full Sarbanes-Oxly compliant audit trail, biometrics information, and at-

tachments. At the core, ZorroSign has its roots in computer security. We put security and privacy at the forefront of every design and policy decision we make. Our workflows are also designed for organizations to automate their tried-and-tested business processes and adhere to their policies and not the other way around. ZorroSign has been awarded with many prestigious titles. Please tell us about these Awards and what they mean to you? We have been recognized in the following areas: Aragon Research Hot Vendor in DTM in 2017 for our Advanced DTM solution, Top 10 Banking Technology Provider in the Middle East by CIO Applications, Top 25 FinTech Companies in APAC by CIO Outlook, Aragon Research Globe as “Innovator”, and the Great User Experience and Rising Star by Finances Online. In addition, we recently learned that ZorroSign has been selected for 20 Most Promising Corporate Finance Tech Solution Providers 2018 of CIO Review and 50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2018 by The Silicon Review. These recognitions are essentially a testament of the vision and execution of the entire ZorroSign team and its founders. In particular, being recognized as a hot vendor of Advanced DTM Solution and Innovator in the Globe report by Aragon Research confirms our unique innovative solution and also the robustness, scalability, and high security of our platform. This makes ZorroSign ideal for our target markets which are legal, financial services, government, and organizations that conduct high value document transactions using electronic signatures. Financial services organizations and banks in particular have been traditionally difficult to develop technology solutions for because of their propensity to be conservative regarding security, privacy, and legality of their transactions. Also, it’s a fact that leading organizations in Middle Eastern and Asian countries adopt technologies ahead of their counterparts elsewhere in the world. To be recognized as a leading provider of banking and fintech solutions in those regions indicates that our solution is ideal to implement serious enterprise digital transformations. What’s next for ZorroSign? Having implemented the encrypted ledger-based transactional security measures (read private Blockchain), I think the next set of challenges to overcome will be in the area of user experience and AI/ML. The industry as a whole is also going to see tre-

mendous advancements in the area of mobile technology. There, we are just getting started. ZorroSign does not make specific forward looking statements related to its strategic focus. Akbar, instinct versus expertise: Which is more important and why? At a startup that is disrupting major industries and challenging incumbents, you need instincts slightly more than expertise. However, I believe that instincts get better with expertise. I’d say instincts coupled with data is more important for us at this juncture. What is the most challenging part of your work? Currently, I’d say educating the market on a new way of thinking about eSignature and their document-based transactions would be high on my list. To demonstrate to the users that there is a different and better way to do things. To have them think “security first.” What has been your most rewarding professional experience? As a builder of brands and an entrepreneur at heart, I draw the most satisfaction by watching a product become a company. A startup with five employees becomes a successful big organization with lots of employees, customers, partners, and revenue. I have had an opportunity to do that multiple times in my career and every time the fruit becomes a little bit sweeter. As the Chief Marketing Officer of ZorroSign, what is a day in your life like? It’s more organized chaos than I like it to be, but that’s because we are a fast-growing startup. In a typical day, I wear many hats. Marketer, sales person, quality assurance person, HR person, events planner, contracts lawyer, accountant, a board member, and a strategist. My least favorite, and yet a necessary evil, is reading emails. Best part about my job is showing (demo) a customer how ZorroSign can easily solve a particular challenge they are facing. What makes you smile? Professionally, a very unique creative genius idea or a very smart way to solve a real life problem. Personally, my one-year old daughter. What scares you? What scares me the most is the possibility of misuse of amazing technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, neural networks, and nuclear

energy. These things can offer us a more beautiful and positive future if used in the right way. Knowledge is power, but a man’s integrity and virtue is what determines whether he uses it to serve the mankind or hurt it. What has been your greatest achievement? I will tell you when I get it. What is your secret talent? I enjoy building a network of resources and act as a connector. I am also very intuitive. Which historical figure do you most admire? Ada Lovelace, she was the first computer programmer and the first woman computer programmer who published the first algorithm. Back in the 19th century, in a male-dominant society, that’s pretty impressive. I admire Steve Jobs perhaps the most, because he showed the world how you can connect seemingly unrelated dots and build new amazing things that change the very core of who we are and how we live our lives. Akbar, do you have any hobbies? I love Jeep off-roading and I love mountain biking. I am a student of comedy. What are you never without? Something to read. I am seriously afraid of wasting even a minute of my life. So I am always reading something. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “In life you must always choose between what’s right and what’s easy.” I think Dumbledore said that. <smile> “The man with the most interesting stories wins.” Is there anything else you would like to add? These days I spend a lot of time contemplating the following which I’d like to share: Computers can be very powerful but remember that it’s the humans who build them and program them. Packaging up super intelligent computers to control and takeover man is only going to end in a serious disaster – for the machine. Man vs Machine, Man wins! Hands down. For more information on Akbar Jaffer and his ZorroSign digital transaction management company, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 45

Excellence V A yacht like no other

Enters the sales market $104,770,000 Also available for charter By Totalprestige Magazine Images courtesy by Burgess

B noisseur.

uilt in 2012 by renowned industry leaders Abeking& Rasmussen in Germany, EXCELLENCE V was created for a yachting con-

At 60m, this pedigree yacht is a great option for an owner looking for a well-respected and world-class superyacht, not only in the private sector but has earnt her stripes in the charter market too. With a gross tonnage of 1,632, she owns the interior volume of a 75-metre yacht. EXCELLENCE V enters the sales market as one of the few high pedigree yachts available for sale in this size sector of the market. The renowned German yard of Abeking and Rasmussen seamlessly achieved a number of key features including a central elevator servicing all five decks, encircled by a dramatic central staircase, a dedicated cinema, a water-front gym, an oversized beach club, a full ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s deck and multiple outdoor lounge areas with spa pools. Her sweeping lines and exterior styling were penned by the award-winning Reymond Langton Design, who was also responsible for her exquisite interior too. Points of interest include a central elevator servicing all of her five decks encircled by a dramatic staircase, a dedicated cinema room, waterfront gym, and an oversized beach club. Since delivery, EXCELLENCE V has been well maintained and recent yard periods include a repaint to the superstructure, full main engine service and a rebuild of the generators in 2017. EXCELLENCE V presents in immaculate condition and is ready for immediate sale ahead of the Mediterranean season.$104,770,000 EXCELLENCE V is also available for charter.

live. McKinley’s days are never dull as a member of the TicketCity family, and she wears many hats. She takes pride in connecting fans with much sought after tickets. It means all the more to her, when McKinley helps a sports fan obtain tickets to an event she would attend, too. TicketCity connects people with over 100,000 events, making it one of the best marketplaces for buying tickets online. Recently, McKinley spoke to Totalprestige Magazine about her career, TicketCity and much more. Shannon, can you please tell us about TicketCity? TicketCity’s mission is to make it easy for our customers to buy good tickets for their favorite events. As the largest privately held ticket company in the world, our mission continues to be to provide a personalized ticket buying experience that is reliable and convenient. Using our industry expertise, technology and commitment to fostering a long-lasting relationship with our customers, TicketCity connects people to millions of available tickets for bucket-list events. Can you explain just how TicketCity began and what some of the highlights have been? TicketCity began in 1990 in Austin, Texas when our CEO and Founder Randy Cohen had extra tickets during March Madness to a University of Texas Longhorn’s basketball game.

Shannon McKinley Director of Communications at TicketCity By Totalprestige Magazine


n 1990, simple timing, a little bit of fate and a lot of hard work led to the creation of TicketCity during March Madness in 1990. Started by University of Texas Alum, Randy Cohen, TicketCity is the original ticket marketplace and is the longest running secondary market in sports and event tickets. Shannon McKinley joined the TicketCity family in 2015, and after just 50 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

one year with the company, became its Public Relations and Brand Management Executive. McKinley’s love of sports led her to the company and its Austin, Texas headquarters. A graduate of Texas Tech University in Public Relations, and Media and Communications, McKinley helps sports fans achieve their dreams of watching major sporting events

The game had high demand and he ended up selling the tickets he owned for more than he purchased them for… and just like that TicketCity was born. He took his entire savings and created a company where upper management averages a tenure of 21 years. What are the goals and objectives? Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to buy good tickets to their favorite events. We offer this through our website, and our mobile app. Shannon, what sets TicketCity apart from competitors? TicketCity was the first online ticket marketplace. Before any of our competitors were around, we created a platform that allowed the world-wide web to connect

sellers to buyers for event tickets. As we continue to connect people to these events, we have gained valuable years of experience and a large amount of consumer data. This data has allowed us insight into what our customers want and how to make it easier for them to purchase. That’s something only experience can get you. TicketCity also vets their sellers, and does not allow individuals to list. We only work with trusted sellers who have been assessed. Because of this, we can standby the TicketCity guarantee.

could consider who a baseball fan is, what are they like, what’s their average age, and where do they live? But instead, we sell tickets to thousands of events from Justin Timberlake to Hamilton, Monster Jam, the Masters Golf tournament and the Super Bowl. If you draw out who the customer is for each event, they rarely overlap. So, it’s finding a way to reach every customer as an individual without leaving other customers out!

This guarantee states your tickets will be delivered on time and will be authentic. We have won industry awards voted by our peers and competitors for the level of customer service we offer.

What has been your most rewarding professional experience? Hosting a SXSW event and panel that introduced secondary ticketing as a modern marketplace.

What is next for TicketCity? TicketCity is working to make our event pages more customer-centric. This is done through an algorithm that allows us to recommend the best seats in the venues based on the price the customer sets.

Panel members included employees from ESPN, Uber, HomeAway and more.

Shannon, what led you to this career? I always knew I wanted to work in sports and entertainment. Nelson Mandela said it best, “Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire and unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a way they understand and can create hope where there was only despair.” There have been few things as rewarding as handing someone a Master’s badge in Augusta, Georgia to walk the hallowed grounds of golf, or watching a father and son enter the doors of the Super Bowl. My job is incredibly rewarding and overseeing a brand that connects people to unforgettable moments is what is most gratifying. How do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in other’s stories. When customers return to us and share with us the moment their tickets connected them with, I feel inspired. Inspired to do better, create more and continue to strive to make the customer’s journey at TicketCity seamless. What is the most challenging part of your work? One of the challenging, but also incredibly wonderful parts of our jobs at TicketCity, is that we help millions of customers who come from backgrounds of all sorts. If we were just the New York Yankees, we

As the Communications Director at TicketCity, what is a day in your life like? It’s fun. I get to wear so many hats and overlap with each department. Although I fall under a marketing umbrella, I get to work with everyone. I get to study customer data while working with the media on storylines, and finally on creative campaigns to reach our customers in a more effective way. There’s always something new. What makes you smile? Personally, Sunday at The Masters and opening weekend of college football makes me the happiest version of myself. Professionally, it goes hand and hand. Understanding how much the Master’s means to me makes handing the badge to a patron that much more fulfilling. The faces of people heading to the gates of Augusta National Golf Club might be some of the happiest in the world. What scares you? Personally, snakes. Professionally, knowing we could have done more for a customer but a mistake on our end prevented the customer from having the best possible experience. What is your greatest achievement? Creating content aired during Jimmy V week. Using sports to connect people and hopefully inspiring people is why I love working in this industry so much.

What is your secret talent? I can balance almost anything on my head and hula hoop for hours. Which historical figure do you most admire? Professionally, George H. W. Bush. He handled international relations with class. Bush guided the country through the end of the cold war and led a coalition to liberate Kuwait after Saddam Hussein’s invasion. But personally, in memoirs written about him, he is regarded by friends and family as extremely loving and loyal. Through it all, he remained hard-working and grounded. He did things the right way and took no shortcuts. That’s something to be remembered. Shannon, do you have any hobbies? Soccer, tennis, anything that allows me to mix exercise with a ball that helps me forget I’m exercising. What are you never without? Like most people in PR – my phone. Specifically, in sports, with changing narratives all the time and our ability to connect with people, it’s increasingly important to stay connected. Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.” – John F. Kennedy “I think we should all be like John Wayne. Be really great, be tough, and be kind” – General Charles Wald If you had the power to change just one thing in the world what would it be? Bullying. Unfortunately, children or teens who are considered “different” from their peers are the most bullied. Whether children or teens come from a different social class, suffer from a disorder like ADHD, autism or identify in the LGBT community, the differences in us all is what makes humanity so wonderful. If being different was cool instead of being mean, the long-term effects of kindness might outweigh the long-term effects of being bullied. For more information on Shannon McKinley and TicketCity, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 51

Japanese Culture Experience Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, and Yukata Casual Kimono By Totalprestige Magazine Images courtesy by Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo


eio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, one of Japan’s most prestigious international hotels located in Shinjuku, Tokyo offers a wide range of different cultural experiences for guests to enjoy and learn Japanese culture. These cultural experiences are just one of the many attractive reasons that foreign visitors, who now account for 75% of all the guests, from over 100 different overseas countries choose to stay at the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. The“ Japanese Culture Experience Program ” also includes special exhibitions of traditional Japanese culture displayed in the lobby, and has come to be highly regarded by guests. 52 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

One of the experiences is an “Ikebana” traditional Japanese flower arrangement experience held once every other week at a cost of JPY3,000 per participant.

monos on a rental basis to be worn both inside and outside our Hotel. Also, photographic services for guests to take commemorative pictures wearing Yukatas at various scenic points within the Hotel are also available. Participation in these experiences is not limited to guests staying at the Hotel, but also used widely by visitors staying at other hotels.

A maximum of six participants are provided with a 45 minute long lesson in the “Sougetsu School” of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, along with a lecture by renowned “Ikebana” flower arrangement artist Hiroki Maeno. Another experience is THE “Sado” traditional Japanese tea ceremony experience held four times a day, five days a week excluding Thursdays and Sundays (Also excluding days when events have been fully booked in advance). Tea ceremony experiences are held in the “Sho-fu-an” tea room located on the 10 th floor of the Hotel, with English explanations provided by the tea ceremony master. Each tea ceremony lasts for about 30 minutes and is provided to four participants for a fee of JPY2,000 each. Another highly popular experience is the “Yukata Easy Kimono Experience Plan” that provide guests with opportunities to wear traditional Japanese Yukata casual kiTOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 53

Genesis Essentia Concept By Eric Weisman Images courtesy by Genesis Motor America

Athletic Elegance


enesis unveiled its groundbreaking Essentia Concept at the New York International Auto Show. The all-electric, high-performance concept elevates and reimagines the “Athletic Elegance” design paradigm, while providing a vision of future Genesis product performance and technology. Essentia is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle and features a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque, a robust, multi-motor electric powertrain, and a custom-tailored interior. Essentia is the brand’s initial concept for a true GT car and challenges the status quo as the ultimate manifestation of Genesis design and engineering. As a capable, thrilling sports car designed to counter the complexities of a modern lifestyle, Essentia offers serenity, clarity, and beauty. 56 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Exterior Inspiration: Updating an Icon Throughout the design, the philosophy of “Athletic Elegance” has a prominent role, marrying power and precision through artistry. Essentia takes its inspiration from iconic Gran Turismo proportions, with a long bonnet and a swept-back cabin. Finished in Stardust Gray Metallic, the carbon fiber-bodied Essentia is positioned low to the ground intentionally, to make it instantly recognizable through a graceful silhouette. Its front fascia introduces an evolution of the Genesis Crest Grille that highlights efficiency and aerodynamics. Visible through the transparent hood is the advanced carbon fiber chassis, pronounced formula car-style nose cone, as well as the exposed, pushrod suspension. Intakes positioned left and right of the Crest Grille function as air curtains, streamlining airflow around the front corners. Flanking the Crest Grille

are signature Genesis Quad Lights, first introduced on the GV80 Concept. Made possible by laser optical technology, the extremely thin, flush headlights are integrated into the body of Essentia. Extending onto a side blade aft of the front wheels, the lights create a unique light signature for Essentia. Functional air outlets located just behind the front wheels reduce pressure buildup and contribute to reduced drag. The side profile of Essentia is dominated by the iconic parabolic line that provides visual structure to the body while also emphasizing its overall length. The anti-wedge parabolic line gracefully runs along the shoulder line of Essentia until it meets the muscular rear wheel arches. Butterfly doors enable effortless and elegant ingress and egress. A sensor mounted in the B-pillar integrates fingerprint controls and biometric facial recognition for opening and closing the doors. The rear of Essentia is defined by an aerodynamic cut-off surface that houses the flush rear Quad Lights and emphasizes the muscles of the rear haunch. An elegant rear diffuser surrounded by carbon fiber acts as a clev-

GT proportions with an extremely low, transparent hood that flows seamlessly into the windshield and the “bubble” roof. The battery pack is housed in the center tunnel in an I-shape structure, as opposed to underneath the passenger compartment. This allows Essentia to achieve the super-low, 50-inch roofline and spacious, GT-style cabin. With an estimated 0-to-60 time of 3.0 seconds, Essentia brings sports car-level performance to the realm of electric luxury coupes. Disconnectivity: A New Standard Essentia was designed to be thoroughly connected to the world around it, while providing its occupants a virtual escape. The technology housed in Essentia surpasses the industry standard, focusing on the connection between the vehicle and its environment in the near future.

er, integrated venting solution for the rear wheel arch. Midas metal copper, which is also used as detail trim on the bespoke wheels inspired by the Genesis G-Matrix philosophy, surrounds the entirety of the daylight opening.

achieved through the latest technology of layering individual pieces of carbon. Ahead of the driver is an 8-inch widescreen display with piano black surround. The information in the cluster includes only what is necessary for driving.

Interior Functionality: Elegant De-cluttering The underlying design theory behind the cabin of Essentia was to maximize the connection between car and driver. Reducing clutter and focusing on beautifully executed details, while displaying the elegant, transparent cockpit cell, was critical.

The widescreen display is operated by a jewel-like central controller, providing a fulfilling user experience for both driver and front passenger.

The interior of Essentia utilizes a mixed-material approach influenced by high fashion and classic color combinations. Cognac leather seats with chevron quilting envelops the driver and passengers in true cockpit fashion. A slim center console covered in Oxford Blue leather bisects the cabin. The front and rear seat belt slots are out of the ordinary, as well, composed of glass pearl finished/treated aluminum and polished aluminum. Layered carbon fiber décor adds a sporty and technical element to the interior details, with a 3D optical effect

The rear seats, which are accessed through Essentia’s butterfly doors, are covered in contrasting, Oxford Blue velvet. In line with Essentia’s purpose as a true grand tourer, a luggage compartment behind the rear seats affords plenty of cargo room for a weekend road trip with no particular destination in mind. Electrification: Evolving the GT Benchmark Underneath the carbon-fiber monocoque of Essentia is a state-of-the-art, high-density battery pack and multiple electric motors that enable a powerful, confident driving experience. The electric powertrain allowed Genesis Design to redefine classic

For those moments when knowing what’s ahead is critical, Essentia features advanced vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle technology. Essentia can inform the driver of up-to-the-minute road conditions, and help avoid accidents and traffic jams. Further to that, instead of simply providing the quickest or most efficient route, Essentia uses machine learning intelligence to recommend routes based on driver inclination. And when the route is chosen, Essentia automatically tailors the driving character to its owner’s preference for that road. From seat position to powertrain performance and audiophile system to chassis settings, the joy of the journey deserves technology to match. Essentia also integrates with smart homes and devices, offering situation-based, personalized recommendations. Entirely customizable, the system also allows Essentia to connect seamlessly with the driver’s smart home systems to preprogram HVAC settings, turn on lights, allow for package deliveries, and automatically take the stress out of mundane tasks. AI also plays a critical role in the technological capabilities of Essentia. Voice recognition and the next-generation Genesis Intelligent Assistant allow for two-way dialogue and full vehicle control through voice command, as well as individual driving behavior analysis and driver mood determination. Essentia can transact mobile payments through its center screen, making electronic payments possible for all kinds of situations. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 57

THE NAVITIMER 8: A TRIBUTE TO ONE OF WATCHMAKING’S GREATEST LEGACIES Breitling, famous for its chronographs and its strong link to aviation, has just launched a new pilot’s watch collection: the Navitimer 8. The 8 in its name is a nod to the Huit Aviation Department, which was set up in 1938 to produce cockpit instruments as well as classic pilot’s watches for civilian and military use. At the time, Willy Breitling chose the name “Huit,” the French word for “eight,” as a reference to the eight-day power reserve offered by its storied cockpit instruments.

Navitimer 8 B01 in 18 k red gold with a bronze dial and a brown alligator leather strap.

THE NAVITIMER SUPER 8 The Breitling Navitimer Super 8 was inspired by the Reference 637, a stopwatch that pilots in the 1930s and 1940s wore strapped to their thighs. The Navitimer Super 8 expresses the distinctive, practical design elements of the Reference 637 in a big, bold wristwatch that is one of the stars of this year’s collection. Every Breitling watch has a tale to tell, but the story behind this one could fill volumes.

Navitimer Super 8 in titanium with Military green dial and brown Nato leather strap.

THE NAVITIMER 1 Since its release in 1952, the Breitling Navitimer has been one of the world’s most beloved chronographs. With some brilliant additions to its Navitimer 1 family, Breitling is introducing a true watchmaking legend to a whole new generation.

Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46 with black dial and black alligator leather strap.

THE SUPEROCEAN HÉRITAGE II In 2017, Breitling redesigned its Superocean Héritage line to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand’s legendary diver’s watch. This year, with some remarkable models in a new 44 millimeter case, as well as a 42 millimeter version in gold and stainless steel, the success of this iconic watch family continues to grow.

Superocean Heritage II B20 Automatic 44 with blue dial and blue Aero Classic rubber strap. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 59

THE ULTIMATE PILOT’S CHRONOGRAPH, REIMAGINED FOR AIR, LAND, AND SEA A stunning interpretation of the Chronomat, featuring a satin-brushed case presented on a stainless-steel Pilot bracelet and equipped with the extraordinary Breitling Manufacture Caliber 01.


THE BREITLING EXOSPACE B55 YACHTING With the launch of the Exospace B55 in 2016, a multifunction pilot’s chronograph that enabled a Bluetooth connection to the wearer’s smartphone, Breitling reinforced its clear leadership role in electronic technology for watches. The Exospace B55 Yachting represents the reimagining of an extraordinary timepiece for yachting enthusiasts and other forward-thinking seafaring explorers.

Exospace B55 Yachting

any scale can be enabled for an entirely incremental revenue stream via programmatic and traditional media demand, without any changes to the existing websites and with no technical expertise required. LIQWID essentially enables the market to buy, sell, and run only 100% viewable ads without any disruption to the viewer’s experience, eliminating the concept of “below-the fold”.

NikolaiMentchoukov CEO & Co-founder of LeftsnRights, Inc.


By Totalprestige Magazine

ikolai Mentchoukov knew from his experience in creative technology and advertising, that monetizing websites was becoming more and more difficult. In 2010, along with his partner Jim Rowan, Mentchoukov came up with an idea to provide immediate revenue for websites through a great new idea. The duo created the LIQWID ad.Inject platform, and it quickly allowed websites to make money they otherwise missed out on. Mentchoukov has accumulated more than three decades in the advertising industry. A widely recognized innovator in the field, Mentchoukov created the first ever webmercial in 1999. Since then, Mentchoukov has stayed on the cutting edge of Internet advertising as a creator and entrepreneur. 62 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Totalprestige Magazine recently caught up with Mentchoukov to learn more about LIQWID and just how websites can earn revenue by using the ad.Inject platform. Nikolai, can you please tell us about your brand LIQWID? LIQWID is an award-winning, ad broadcasting technology that, via its original library, injects display, skins, and video ads into the viewport of the viewer’s browser programmatically, without the use of manually predefined in the webpages banners. We provide websites and blogs with an easy and entirely automated monetization option based exclusively on the virtually positioned ads targeted to the specific parts of the content or a specific logic and rendered only when it’s scrolled in view and only when the ad can be viewable by humans. In just a few minutes digital publishers of

Please tell us about the ad.Inject and the ad.Inject Library, how does this works? Digital content is becoming more creative and complex in its technical implementation. It’s also becoming responsive and longer on a myriad of different screens and devices, it looks different for each user experience. The ad.Inject Library is essentially a library of presets that are programmed to inject additional markup and stylesheets needed to render ads and manage their positioning and appearance within a custom creative webpage design, using single-word placement parameters – a perfect tool to monetize infinite-scroll and lazy-loading pages, responsive layouts, long listings, long articles and rails, even the content of the footer – all based on the ultimate viewability on desktops, mobile and tablets. It allows for a precisely managed way to accommodate existing content even with very sophisticated layouts. Publishers can convert the unused or previously considered undesirable space into the most premium viewable advertising inventory automatically with no changes to the website, and enhance their site viewability rating. The ad placements will create and clone themselves intelligently based on the opportunities determined on each individual viewer’s screen, maximizing the revenue potential. Nikolai, please tell us what makes LIQWID unique? These days people think of online ads as boring banners predefined in the markup of the pages at the same location on most websites, regardless of the design and layout of the content. LIQWID ad.Inject allows publishers complete control on which type of ads can be injected into any specific part of the scrolled, in-view content, and publishers are now enabled to manage monetization of these dynamically created, on-the-viewer’s-screen inventory opportunities via direct sales or programmatically with no limitation to the creative formats. Proven, in-practice ad.Inject library allows for ultimate creativity in terms of dynamic viewable inventory creation with no limitation to the placements or units ideas. With LIQWID, the internet user experience is

closer to a magazine where advertising lives with the content in harmony as a standalone content by itself. Nobody is trying to strip ads from the magazines or to install adblock. Tell us how LIQWID began and what some of the highlights have been. We, my partner Jim Rowan, and me founded LIQWID in 2010. The continuing, 20-year discussion on what can be considered as a premium offering in the online medium and how and why it should be different from traditional print advertising models influenced our idea and challenge to create and offer to the market a totally new structure for content and advertising on the Internet. On the surface, there is a main difference that was obvious – nobody sells the same size leaderboards or banner boxes by shoveling them right into the auditorium of magazine articles in the same location on every page. So here are we are today, LIQWID is a global provider of digital viewable inventory via an array of technological solutions and advertising formats enabling the market to sell, buy, and run premium ads and monetize creative web design easier than with a banner using a common ad server. What has been your most rewarding professional experience? When I was acclaimed as the “Father of Viewable Impression”. I described the methodology that later led in the core of a new standard, viewable impression, and in 2009 brought the viewable impression technology through the audit for the first accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC). Today, most agencies require high viewability criteria for their client campaigns – advertising made much more effective – and I am proud that my professional contribution has been proven and is in demand these days. How do you find inspiration? I think I actually do not have to find it. I think I have an opposite challenge. I have too much inspiration already and need to slow it down somehow, because there is no way to implement everything that I am already excited to work on. I guess I just like what I do. What is the most challenging part of your work? The measurement of the success. One the one hand, we are in the internet technology industry where people naturally expect an innovative and disruptive approach to a new product or offering on the market. One may think logically, you need to be more innovative to be competitive. But on the other hand, the experience shows

that a mainstream approach is successful in most cases. So, the key is to learn how to slow down and wait when your innovation will cure, so to speak, and be considered on the market as a mainstream, or at least not disruptive, so you can actually sell it to people. What is next for LIQWID? Today, publishers are being forced to limit their advertising inventory to locations at the top of the webpage, considered as “above the fold”, because they arguably have a better opportunity to be viewable when the page is loaded. This obviously is a tricky concept, as the “fold” will be different on different screens. Once the webpage is scrolled, everything that was initially in view, including the “above the fold” ads, leaves the viewport of the browser, and the content that was located initially “below the fold” will then come into view with no opportunity to monetize with advertising. Websites concerned with their “viewability ratings” are being forced to reduce the number of “below the fold” ad slots. This is challenging for publishers, but ironically, it is equally challenging to advertisers and creates an additional expense associated with “verification” which informs essentially on what has already happened with no opportunity to make something better. Well, an old saying has been confirmed: any great new thing is most likely a forgotten old one. With LIQWID, publishers can finally start pricing, structuring and selling advertising the same way they have in traditional media for the last 50 years. Agencies will be enabled to have a bigger pallet than a banner, so we’ll see the superball or magazine quality ads on the digital properties. Were you ever influenced by other entrepreneurs? Sure. Probably because of my background I was mostly influenced by business minds in the creative fields. For example, my favorite is Charlie Chaplin. People think of him as an actor, but he was a co-founder of the distribution company United Artists. What is a day in your life like? I am trying to plan my daily life based on little projects that could be achieved in the same day. If I have a project that requires more than one day, I cut it in my mind into pieces each of which can be implemented the same day. I do it that when I wake up in the morning that way I have a very clear idea of what will be implemented today. That makes every day interesting and dif-

ferent, and I have many things done over the course of the month or a year, even if I do not see it in that long of a perspective. What makes you smile? Pets and kids. I have four kids and they come with two dogs, two cats, two ferrets, a snake, a rat, and a tarantula just ran away recently – right after the other snake ran away. So, I have a lot of moving parts chasing each other and they all make me smile. What scares you? If my children will not learn how to work hard. This is something very difficult to teach. What is your greatest achievement? My family. What is your secret talent? Optimism. I can keep myself cool even if I have a reason to be seriously frustrated. Which historical figure do you most admire? Michelangelo. Nikolai, do you have any hobbies? Yes, I love to cook. It does not mean I am good at it, but I cook almost every night. I use all sources of recipes I can find online, so my family members never know what they will eat the next day. What are you never without? I’m never without a dream. This is different from the goals, this is something I cannot achieve just by myself and that is very inspiring. Can you share two of your favorite quotes? “No-one needs cheap advertising, everyone needs effective advertising.” – me “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius How do you define success? When you do something you really like, and you are getting paid to the level when you can live comfortably. What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business? I have two recommendations from my life experience. Firstly, don’t be afraid of the risk, but think about the risk as a real risk all the time. One of the parts of that approach will help in any situation. Secondly, to build a small business and to build a big business is equally difficult and takes the same effort. So, why don’t you start building big business from the start? For more information on Nikolai Mentchoukov and LIQWID, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 63

San Francisco Luxury by the bay By Drew Farmer


an Francisco is home to just over 860,000 people which makes it the fourth largest city in California. However, if you take into account the nine-county bay area that San Francisco is the epicenter of, you will find a population of around seven million people. Once a city that attracted hippies, hipsters


and individuals practicing free love, San Francisco now lures wealthy startup owners and investors. According to Forbes, the Northern California city is home to an estimated 150,000 millionaires.

most historic and its luxurious confines are set right in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The original hotel was opened in 1875 and its architecture and stylings reflect the era it was constructed in.

Due to San Francisco’s wealth and the large number of companies just down the road in Silicon Valley, the city is on the rise once more as a place to live and visit.

The hotel excels with its afternoon tea and delicately made cocktails. Travelers can enjoy these in the Garden Court during their stay.

For anyone traveling to San Francisco and in search of a classic California hotel, then they need to look no further than the Palace. The Palace Hotel is one of the city’s

Situated on the top of Nob Hill, the Fairmont is one of San Francisco’s most extravagant hotels. The Fairmont has been seen in numerous Hollywood films and it has

Combining Korean and Chinese food into an unbelievable taste. The Benu website states diners should plan for a three-hour meal, so come hungry and be ready for the experience Lee offers.

attracted celebrities from around the globe during its 100-plus years in existence. The hotel’s Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar is one of the most famous venues to enjoy a drink in San Francisco.

Saison is opulent and one of San Francisco’s most expensive restaurants. Chef and owner Joshua Skenes changes the menu everyday as his team prepares a 15 to 20 course tasting menu for diners.

The bar’s Mai Tai is a can’t miss drink to sample while visiting. San Francisco has a rich food history as people from all over the world have descended on the city and helped to develop its cuisine identity.

At around $400 per meal, Saison pushes the limits of what diners believe a meal should be. Despite the price and the number of courses in one meal, Saison is quite down-to-Earth. Watching the Skenes and his team prepare the meals is almost as enjoyable as eating their works of art.

Chef Corey Lee has crafted a unique menu at Benu, which has garnered the restaurant critical acclaim and three Michelin stars.

San Francisco is a cornucopia of things to do. Visitors can enjoy the city’s outdoor offerings or head inside to find a full day, or

evening, of activities. Being that the city is so close to Napa Valley, travelers can enjoy wine country and sample some of the world’s best reds and whites. The Napa Valley Wine Train is a great way to spend a day and it gives travelers the chance to see the countryside while sipping wine an eating a gourmet meal. San Francisco is known for its theaters and visitors to the city can take in a Broadway musical or play during a night out. The Orpheum Theatre regular hosts plays touring the world. “Broadway Season” sees some of the biggest names in theater arrive in San Francisco. If you are going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair; and don’t miss out on some of the most luxurious hotel, restaurants and attractions Frisco has to offer. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 65

World’s First Luxury Space Hotel By Samuel Lewis Image courtesy by Orion Span

Aurora Station

In orbit 200 miles above the Earth’s surface The first-ever luxury space hotel was introduced during the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California. Named after the magical light phenomenon that illuminates the Earth’s polar skies, Aurora Station is being developed by Orion Span and the company’s team of space industry veterans, who have over 140 years of human space experience.

aurora through the many windows, soar over their hometowns, take part in research experiments such as growing food while in orbit (which they can take home with them as the ultimate souvenir), revel in a virtual reality experience on the holodeck, and stay in touch or live stream with their loved ones back home via high-speed wireless Internet access.

The first fully modular space station to ever debut, Aurora Station will operate as the first luxury hotel in space. The exclusive hotel will host six people at a time – including two crew members. Space travelers will enjoy a completely authentic, once-in-a-lifetime astronaut experience with extraordinary adventure during their 12-day journey, starting at $9.5M per person. Deposits are now being accepted for a future stay on Aurora Station, which is slated to launch in late 2021 and host its first guests in 2022. The fully refundable deposit is $80,000 per person and can be reserved online.

While in space, Aurora Station guests will soar 200 miles above the Earth’s surface in Low Earth Orbit, or LEO, where they will find stunning views of the Earth. The hotel will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, meaning those aboard will see an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets every 24 hours. On return to Earth, guests will be treated to a hero’s welcome home.

During their stay on Aurora Station, travelers will enjoy the exhilaration of zero gravity and fly freely throughout Aurora Station, gaze at the northern and southern 66 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Prior to take-off, those set to travel on Aurora Station will enjoy a three-month Orion Span Astronaut Certification (OSAC). Phase one of the certification program is done online, making space travel easier than ever. The next portion will be completed in-person at Orion Span’s state-ofthe-art training facility in Houston, Texas. The final certification is completed during a traveler’s stay on Aurora Station.

Orion Span officially made the Aurora Station announcement at the Space 2.0 Summit in San Jose, California. The company’s leadership team includes Chief Executive Officer Frank Bunger, who is a serial entrepreneur and technology start-up executive credited with multiple startups under his belt; Chief Technology Officer David Jarvis – a lifelong entrepreneur, human spaceflight engineer, and payload developer with breadth and depth in the management and operations of the International Space Station (ISS); Chief Architect Frank Eichstadt, who is an industrial designer and space architect credited with being the principal architect on the ISS Enterprise module; and Chief Operating Officer Marv LeBlanc – a former general manager and program manager with decades of executive space experience running operations and mission control. The luxurious accommodations will include private suites for two, the most number of windows ever created for spaceflight, weightlessness, and the world’s only authentic astronaut experience. Aurora Station will launch in late 2021 and host its first guests in 2022. Waitlist is now open at

The Lincoln Aviator By Samuel Lewis Images courtesy by Ford Motor Company

Comfort is Paramount


s more consumers choose the spaciousness and capability of SUVs, Lincoln unveiled Aviator, a distinctive three-row plug-in hybrid production preview. The “teaser” model served to preview the direction Lincoln plans to take with its newest SUV when the production model goes on sale next year. With its slim, tapered lines, roomy interior, twin-turbocharged powertrain available with an advanced plug-in hybrid option, the three-row Aviator targets the heart of the premium market, entering the medium luxury SUV segment that represents more than a quarter of all premium SUVs sold. 70 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Appealing to millennials starting families, with the majority of vehicles sold to people ages 35 to 44, the medium luxury SUV segment saw sales of more than 585,000 vehicles in 2017. Aeronautical inspiration The synchronicity of Aviator’s name and form language is intentional; aeronautics has long inspired automotive design. The iridescent Flight Blue exterior color complements Aviator’s elegant, flowing lines, while the signature Lincoln grille is executed in high-gloss black and chrome accents. A wraparound windshield helps complete the aviation-inspired theme.

Comfort and convenience The effortless experience begins even before entering the Aviator, as owners can use their smartphone as a key. When it debuts on the production SUV, Phone as a Key technology is expected to be one of the industry’s leading systems. Activated through the Lincoln Way™app, it allows owners to lock and unlock, open the trunk and, most importantly, start and drive the vehicle – no smart key fob is necessary. Phone as a Key is designed to offer other amenities similar to a smart key fob. For instance, drivers can activate a locator chirp to find Aviator in a crowded parking lot, or recall their personal profile. Should the phone battery go dead, a backup passcode can be entered on the standard exterior keypad to gain access, then clients can start and proceed to drive the vehicle via the center touch screen. And,

An all-new Lincoln Black Label-inspired theme harmoniously combines Shearling Beige and Lunar Gray to further elevate the ambience.

tomize the drive experience, while a 12inch standard cluster display confirms the choice with beautiful and dynamic, easyto-read graphics.

Machine-turn aluminum appliqués, brushed in small circles to replicate the shape of early aviation instruments, enhance the theme. The supple leather of the seats is minimally processed to retain its natural texture.

Client-focused technologies, services Aviator delivers a wealth of advanced technologies designed to assist the driver every step of the way. With Aviator’s advanced forward camera scanning the road ahead, Lincoln’s first-ever Suspension Preview Technology seamlessly adjusts the suspension for upcoming road conditions.

Power, capability and choice Built on a rear-wheel-drive platform, Aviator allows for the power and capability luxury clients require in a three-row SUV. The platform also serves to enhance Aviator’s elegant proportions, with a long wheelbase allowing for a spacious second and third row. The Lincoln powertrain is designed for clients interested in options. if the phone is lost or stolen, Phone as a Key can be easily deleted, providing additional peace of mind. Inside, Aviator’s spacious, airy cabin accentuates horizontal lines, minimizing visual clutter to deliver a soothing sanctuary. A thoughtfully designed steering wheel is intended for ultimate ease of use, with only subtle finger movements needed to access the many functions it houses. As comfort is paramount with Aviator, the amenities continue with Perfect Position seats offering 30-way adjustability and massage capability, while flexible second-row seats can recline and slide forward for easy access to the spacious third row. Wireless phone charging is located in the front armrest, while a convenient media bin is available for passengers in front as well. Multiple power outlets are located throughout the cabin, while standard WiFi ensures everyone stays connected.

A twin-turbocharged engine can be paired with the brand’s first advanced plug-in hybrid technology, marking the first time the company will offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain mated to a twin-turbocharged engine. This combination of power and electrified capability will help Aviator deliver Lincoln’s quietest, smoothest, most powerful drive yet. Offering the capability of its twin-turbocharged engine in combination with a hybrid electric powertrain makes Aviator mightier than many supercars on the road today. The plug-in hybrid experience provides for a responsive, refined ride, with no powertrain-induced noise and vibration when operating on battery charge, yet is capable of using its twin-turbocharged engine if needed, easing range anxiety. Lincoln Drive Modes allow clients to further cus-

This can help reduce driver stress caused by potholes and bumps in the road. Aviator will be equipped with Lincoln Co-Pilot360™, an advanced suite of standard driver-assist technologies including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert, lane keeping system, reverse camera and auto high-beam lighting. Aviator offers Reverse Brake Assist, an enhanced driver-assist technology that integrates rear sensors and a camera to provide automatic braking if an obstacle is detected behind the vehicle. Aviator also debuts a selection of considerate prompts delivered through the newest version of SYNC®. With the introduction of these prompts, or cues, Lincoln advances the brand’s holistic approach to vehicle ownership by bringing those services into the car. The prompts are designed to deliver helpful information to drivers visually on the cluster display, recommending appropriate actions to help them overcome whatever situation they’re facing. Should they run low on fuel, for example, Aviator will notify them and seamlessly connect them with navigation to offer them the closest gas station options. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 71

Onetime Sunset Strip home of songwriter Bob Crewe for sale at $4.9 million


ocation, lifestyle, and provenance are the hallmarks of this sophisticated modern home with sweeping city to ocean views.

Offering over 5,400 square feet of interior, the tri-level contemporary offers four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a living room with fireplace, a pearl-white chef ’s kitchen, an elevator, and a garden courtyard. The sumptuous master suite boasts a freestanding soaking tub, rain shower, and enough space for a home office. Built in 1993, the hillside residence also features 12-foot ceilings, terrace balconies on each level, a rooftop patio and two garages. Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1985, Crewe was best known for his work with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels and Bobby Darin. Among scores of unforgettable songwriting and producer hits are “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” “Lady Marmalade,” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” 72 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

Rachel Czyzynski Owner of New Light Communication By Totalprestige Magazine


achel Czyzynski wanted to build a public relations and marketing company with a heart. Her creation was New Light Communication, a company that works with ethical brands and startup businesses. Czyzynski wanted to help these companies reach new people and get the recognition they rightfully deserve. Located in Englewood, Colorado, New Light Communication works with companies who are defined by their morals and not by money. New Light Communication prides itself on taking its unique clients and spreading their messages to the public. New Light Communication has worked with a number of companies striving to make positive changes to the world. With a strong mission to work with ethical brands and start74 TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE

ups, New Light Communication is helping companies build a better tomorrow. Recently, Czyzynski sat down to tell Totalprestige Magazine all about New Light Communication and the work it does. Rachel, can you please tell us about New Light Communication and the services you provide? New Light Communication is a full-service marketing, PR, and communications company. We help our clients increase consumer awareness and create brand recognition. We specialize in partnering with ethical brands and startups. Our mission is to share the stories of these amazing brands to help them be seen and heard.

Can you tell us how your career began and what some of the highlights have been? I have a background in both sales and marketing, so I have always had that unique understanding of just how important strong marketing presence can be for a company and their overall sales growth. I discovered long ago, however, that my passion was on the marketing side and focused my career on just that. Once I began to follow my passion, the path sort of created itself and here we are today. What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on? I would have to say the moment I decided to branch out and start my own business. It was always important to me to give each and every client the attention and commitment they deserved and I knew I could only truly do that on my own terms. Now, I have the freedom to work with my clients how they deserve. I control the time and effort spent on each client, so I know they are getting the best possible results.

ways been passionate and driven, and I saw similar characteristics in these stories and knew I was meant for more to help see a positive change in the marketing world. Instinct versus expertise: Which is more important and why? In my field, you really need both. You need the instinct to run with something and find a fun and interesting way to tell the story to catch people’s eyes, but you also need expertise of how, when, and where.

Rachel, please tell us what makes New Light Communication unique and stand out from competitors? The reason I started New Light was because I wanted to offer 100% support for my clients and partner with brands that stand for something. So many companies nowadays are making decisions based on ethical choices and I wanted to help share their stories.

sign-in book in our guest room. It was kind of a joke, but kind of wasn’t. We host almost every holiday as well. There’s just something really satisfying for me to see 15 of my closest friends and family come together in my home and be so happy.

How do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in my clients’ stories. Each in their own right is trying to bring something fresh and new to their perspective industries and I find it inspiring to see their desire and commitment for change.

Which historical figure do you most admire? There have been so many incredible women who have helped to create the world we live in today. A world where anyone can do what they want without limitations. I think of women like Amelia Earhart who was not only ahead of her time being a female aviator, but pushed herself to break barriers for the entire aviation industry. I admire those who have stood up for what they believe in and not let others hold them back.

What’s next for New Light Communication? We want to continue to support the brands we believe in. If we can help grow the awareness of these ethical businesses and inspire others to join, all of our efforts will have been worth it.

Rachel, do you have any hobbies? I love to cook. I’m not much of a baker, but I could probably go on one of those cooking shows where they give you a basket of random stuff and you create a meal. I love the creativity that comes out of me in the kitchen.

Rachel, what drives you? I believe in people and I believe in change. I am driven by the possibilities of tomorrow. People need to work together to see a better future, and we are doing our part by helping to share these stories.

What are you never without? I wish I could say I wasn’t, but I am completely attached to my laptop. I run my entire life from there. I also have a mild addiction to chapstick, and never leave home without at least two on my person.

What makes you smile? When I see our efforts pay off for our clients, I have to smile at a job well done. My only goal is to boost their brand, and when I see that happen, I know we have another story told and another happy client.

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us? “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself, any direction you choose. “ – Dr. Seuss

What scares you? It scares me to think that if we don’t support the businesses trying to make positive changes today, that tomorrow might be an even uglier and scarier place to live.

We believe that these companies will pave a better future for us all, and it makes us proud to know we stand behind them and support their growth. There is a huge need for more ethical businesses in this world, and we want to continue to tell their stories and share their brands.

What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement has been to leave behind the comfort of working for a large company and having the courage to start my own business, so that I can work with and promote clients and brands I can be proud of.

Were you ever influenced by other entrepreneurs? I wouldn’t say I was ever influenced by any individual entrepreneur, but I would read stories about people disturbing whole industries by doing something differently and I knew I could do the same. I have al-

What is your secret talent? I think, if I didn’t go into marketing, I would have gone into event planning. I can throw a pretty amazing party at a moment’s notice, and I love it. I love hosting. At one point, we had so many friends and family staying with us all the time, I had a guest

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. “ – Socrates What advice would you give to anyone starting a new business? Working for yourself is harder than working for anyone else, because only you are responsible for your outcome and your success. There is no one to blame but yourself and no one to keep you on track but yourself. I started with small goals so I could feel success early on and made bigger goals as I went. If you set your goals too big at first and feel like you’re not reaching them, you may have a hard time staying motivated and driven. Now I set short and long term goals to keep me going at all times. For more information on Rachel Czyzynski and New Light Communication, please visit TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 75

$45,000,000 Heather House Beverly Hills


riginally built in 1937, the grand estate is marked by European charm and iconic Hollywood glamour. Formerly home to Hollywood’s super-agent, Ed Limato, Heather House offers 10 bedrooms throughout the the French Regency-style main house and newly built Neo-Georgian guest house. Six years in the making, the property was constructed with a rich palette of the finest finishes and unparalleled craftsmanship including antique oak floors imported from France and tiles imported from Morocco. Crafted with the intention to impress, the original art deco 16-seat screening room, extravagant ceiling fixtures, flood-lit tennis court, indoor golf simulation room, luxury wine cellar with fully ventilated cigar room, Olympic-style swimming pool and lavish Moroccan style spa are just a few of the home’s standout amenities. Not only is the compound an entertainer’s dream, Heather House is a luxury retreat of its own. TOTALPRESTIGE MAGAZINE 77

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