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Cartomancy (using cards to tell fortune) - cartomancy, there are mainly 24-card decks (from the ace up to nines), 32-card decks (from the ace up to sevens) or 52-card decks (from the ace to twos), a tarot deck consisting of 78 cards is also used, also special cards for the foreseeing purposes only are known (e.g.: English or gypsy decks). The various meanings are being assigned to individual cards, and from their mutual schedule a prophecy is being read.

Meaning of cards Playing cards consist of four colours. Those are clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. Each colour has got certain property. There are 3 figures in every colour (in Tarot there are 4), symbolizing some personae. In this way a certain typology of the personality is being get. Other cards from 2 to 10 are denote certain events. However, cards are ambiguous which enable modifying possible answers.

Ways of telling fortune with the use of cards There are different arrangements of cards, from the simple one consisting of three cards, then seven or more cards to more complicated Tarot consisting of 78 cards. Cards are being laid in the fixed order.

Reading cards consists in associating their meanings and in this way the statement is received, sometimes in accordance with the expectations of the person for whom the fortune is told. The answer could be favourable or can arouse fear. The cards are clarifying the situation but the man is making decisions. Â

Positions of cards Some cards can be arranged in two positions - normal and upturned. Normal position is when amount of symbols of the colour is dominating at the top of the card so we are able to see card's symbol. Some cards are hard to to define the position - all diamonds, jacks, kings, queens, tens, eights, sixes, fours, twos. Â

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Cards by Julia