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2018-2019 Uniforms for the

Marching Athlete™

There’s a reason it’s called a

Marching Band. The Band you direct combines musicianship with athleticism. They bend. They stretch. They turn and step and stop on a dime. They do it in unison, on grass and turf, in every type of weather. And they do it better when the uniform they’re wearing is designed for an athlete.

standard shoulder coat

G2 Performance is the go-to designer and manufacturer of performance grade uniforms for Marching Athletes. Using the most advanced technology and methods allows us to deliver high quality, purposefully engineered uniforms at the most competitive prices in the industry. And since all of our Marching Band uniforms are made in the U.S.A., we can offer an even speedier turnaround time for your custom performance gear. Speaking of performance, we’ve heard you. It’s not enough for a uniform to look good—it has to work as hard as your band does. That’s why we’re committed to equipping Marching Athletes with uniforms that will enhance their comfort, safety, and performance. Our innovative designs incorporate engineered, breathable materials that wick away moisture, dry faster, fit better, and move and stretch with your athlete’s movements. The next generation of marching apparel is here. It’s smart, strong, flexible, and performance-driven. It moves when it needs to move and holds when it needs to hold. It performs. Like your Marching Band.

We’re looking forward to creating the uniform that will take your Marching Athletes to the next level of performance!


g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

Canopy coat

Our TERRASHELL® ultra resilient double knit is engineered with state-of-the-art soil and moisture management finishes. The fabric is durable, breathable and lightweight, maintaining a classic look with modern technology. A custom inner foundation gives form and structure to the uniform design without hindering movement or overheating the performer. Our Mayaspan® gives an incredible combination of strength, softness, and stretch providing a sleek tailored look. Locations are engineered to maximize comfort and durability giving the finished garment an athletic and professional feel.

Washer and dryer safe Sturdy yet breathable Comfortable Athletic feel and professional look long lasting 3

Spirit of Atlanta has joined with G2 Performance to present our exciting new look for 2017. Director Chris Moore says that working with G2 was a the corps costume for 2017. The design team at G2 Performance, guided by our Program Coordinator Sal Salas, did a wonderful job of creating a classic yet contemporary design that screams Spirit of Atlanta,” Moore said. “The quality of work, attention to detail and comfort is very impressive and will enable the members to focus on performance.”


great decision for Spirit. “We are very excited to unveil

Field tested by:

Spirit of Atlanta

3 Custom costuming 3 Unique combination of digital and non digital print


g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

3 Metallic accents

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



Canopy Coat 3 Sublimated faux metallic trim badges & metallic accents 3 Standing collar 3 Contrasting underarm color

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



flight Canopy Coat 3 Sleeve trim 3 Rounded mandarin collar 3 Removable waist drop 3 Appliquéd metallic ornamentation on coat and waist drop

Canopy Coat 3 Sublimated faux metallic baldric with logo 3 Offset front hem line

3 Button accents 3 Standing collar

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



Canopy Coat 3 Custom front drop with matching engineered print from coat to front drop coat 3 Squared mandarin collar 3 Custom shako with removable wrap and removable mirror emblem 3 Visorless shako

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

circuit break


SHIELD Athletic Shoulder Coat 3 Back zip coat 3 Button accents 3 Custom offset front hem 3 Wrap collar 3 Custom over tall shako wrap 3 Gauntlets with extended plume

Athletic Shoulder Coat 3 Back zip 3 Extended shako wrap 3 Removable and reversible baldric and cape 3 Standing collar 3 Front chain accents 3 2-Tone plume 3 Custom sublimated bibber design for added GE g2performance.com • 800-554-8523


buckle up

laced up Athletic Shoulder Coat 3 Front zip 3 Custom sublimated shako wrap and drop coat 3 Oversized hooded design that fits over shako 3 Grommet inserts on coat, drop coat & shako 3 Custom sleeve & chest piece with removable lacing 3 Custom color plume with center accent plume insert

Athletic Shoulder Coat with Custom Overcoat 3 Athletic Coat 3 Custom matching blue bibbers • Back zip design • Wrap collar with button accent 3 Shako wrap • Belt loop with removable Belt • Flat front hem line 3 2-Tone plume 3 Overcoat


g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

• Removable over coat with front buckle design • Exaggerated collar

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



3 Custom matching shako 3 Additional shako wrap

Canopy Coat 3 Back zip design 3 Sublimated faux baldric 3 Button accents 3 Rounded mandarin collar

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



precision Shoulder Caps 3 Back zip design 3 Appliquéd metallic accent on coat 3 Dual layered removable drop coat

3 Custom matching bibbers 3 Gauntlets for french cuff look 3 White plume

Athletic Shoulder Coat with connected overcoat 3 Industrial front zip design 3 Inverted U front hem line 3 Custom fully wrapping attached tail coat 3 Chain accents 3 Sublimated gauntlets 3 Custom matching shako with reflective mirror 3 Attached overcoat with added wings and exaggerated collar g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



Canopy Coat 3 Inverted one point front hem line 3 Appliquéd lamé accent on coat

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



Shattered Athletic Shoulder Coat 3 Back zip design 3 Removable two layered drop cape 3 Wrap collar 3 Custom printed gauntlets with lamé and button accents 3 Visorless shako 3 Custom shako wrap with mirror accents

3 Removable armor front and side drop 3 Matching sublimated bibbers

Style #6914-2 • $89.95

Athletic Shoulder Coat with removable shoulder shield 3 Custom sublimated gauntlets & shako wrap 3 Removable two layer cowl 3 Custom sublimated bibbers with art elements that extenuates the visual length 3 Visorless shako

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



Style #6914-2 • $89.95 3 Luxury matte jersey empire bodice and skirt 3 Scoop neckline 3 Cap sleeves accented with satin band 3 Tieback 3 Bodice and sleeves are lined 3 Constructed with stretch fabrics for ease of movement and to accommodate slight sizing changes 3 Machine washable 3 Accentuate the design with a custom color satin band 3 Custom order yours today




In-Stock Style #7078-2 • $78.00 Stretch velvet empire bodice with sweetheart neckline and elbow length sleeves accented with stretch satin trim. Bodice and sleeves are lined. Skirt is matte jersey. Dress is constructed with stretch fabrics for ease movement and to accommodate slight sizing changes. Machine washable.



Coat $49.95 100% polyester tuxedo coat that is fully lined. Single breasted with a classic notch lapel. Telescopic sleeves for easy adjustment. Pants $24.95 Men’s 100% polyester pleated tuxedo pants. Trousers feature a 3” adjustable waist, two front pockets and two back pockets. Satin stripe down the outseam and deluxe hook and eye closure. Shirt $14.95 Wingtip poly cotton shirt with ¼” front pleats, french cuff. All shirts feature a set of black plastic studs. Tie $12.95 Black Long Polyester satin window tie. Available in a variety of colors: Black, Silver, Purple, Gold, Royal, Burgundy, Red, Scarlet, and White Vest $29.95 Poly satin, five button, fully lined vest with two front Welt pockets. Available in: Black, Silver, Purple, Gold, Royal, Burgundy, Red, Scarlet, and White


g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523



Chose from our field-proven palette or custom-match to your colors for a design that looks as good as it performs!

At G2 Performance we stand behind the quality of our performance gear, and are proud to offer a 5-year limited warranty.

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

g2performance.com • 800-554-8523

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2018-2019 Uniforms for the Marching Athlete

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2018-2019 Uniforms for the Marching Athlete