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____________ November 5, 2010 Mr. Chris Hansen Principle Kluber Architects 901 N. Batavia Avenue Suite 301 Batavia, IL 60510 From: Dr. Derrick D. Wallery President/Member, Marque Medicos, LLC, Medicos Pain & Surgical Specialists, S.C., Member, D-Real Estate, LLC. RE:

G2 Builders, LLC

Chris: This letter is written to provide a recommendation for G2 Builders, LLC. I have had the distinct pleasure to have worked with G2 Builders on a number of capital construction projects with an approximate total expenditure exceeding $1.5 million. Marque Medicos first contracted G2 Builders for a new physical medicine outpatient based healthcare facility located in Aurora, Illinois. G2 Builders was involved from design forward through the beginning stages to completion. The scope of work for this project included architectural review, design, permit application, permit submission, and permit acquisition, participation with numerous City of Aurora department meetings, demolition, and construction, selection of all subcontractors and coordination of all work schedules. G2 Builders continued to be involved through the end of the warranty work to our complete satisfaction. G2 Builders completed and submitted all required construction related documentation to our bank in a timely, complete and efficient manner. This allowed for a total and complete accounting for all involved. G2 Builders attended all construction related meetings and was continually on site monitoring all aspects of our construction project. G2 Builders provided us with reliable, trustworthy and qualified representation for all City of Aurora inspections. Not one time did our project be detoured, stalled or negatively impacted during the entire course of our engagement. This is a direct result of the expertise and professionalism represented by G2

Builders, and in my opinion, could not be replicated by any other contractor or construction professional. G2 Builders has conducted themselves in exactly the same manner as our Aurora project with each and every one of our capital construction and remodeling projects. G2 Builders is simply the best! They are people of honor, integrity and individuals who always keep their word. Again, the expertise and services provided by G2 Builders have been exceptional and we will not hesitate to contract with G2 Builders for our future construction projects. I look forward to continuing the relationship which Marque Medicos has with G2 Builders and would highly recommend G2 Builders for any capital or minor construction projects you may be considering. Sincerely,

Dr. Derrick D. Wallery


G2 Builders completed and submitted all required construction related documentation to our bank in a timely, complete and efficient manner....

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