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Mr. Ryan Moore Construction Project Manager Aptura 6767 N. Industrial Road Milwaukee, WI 53223

December 17, 2009

Re: G2 Builders Recommendation Dear Ryan: I wanted to share my experience with G2 Builders, who are preparing a proposal to build your new facility in Des Plaines, Illinois. G2 recently finished our facility in Northbrook. There were SO many decisions involved with the build out, and choosing G2 was one of the best I made. It sounds like your facility is very similar to ours in that we both strived for a high-end design, and we both specialize in eye care. Originally, I hired adifferent contractor who didn't pass inspections, didn't communicate with me, missed deadlines, went off blueprints, etc. They were fired midstream as I looked for another contractor. Most didn't want to touch a job that was started. Finally, I was told about G2 from a physician friend of mine who hadn't had any problems with her build out and finished ahead of schedule and below budget. They were exactly what we needed -- very honest and dedicated to clients. They quoted me based on the work they saw remaining to be done. Then, after beginning, they found countless tasks that had to be re足 done. Other contractors might have come back to me saying, "Hey, we quoted you on 5 weeks of work, but now it has become 10 weeks, so we're changing our quote." Instead, they chose to honor their original quote saying that it gives contractors a bad name to not stick to their word. They took time to thoroughly devour the blueprints, knowing them inside and out. This allowed them to order appropriately and finish on budget. They even came to legal meetings to help my lawyer with his case against the first contractor. There was no charge for those meetings; it was all part of the "I'm your contractor" fee. Our office staff and I enjoyed the entire partnership process with G2 Builders. These are people that you would want to keep in touch with for years to come. They were in constant communication about various ways to do things. For instance, I had a dilemma about how to modify the kitchen design. The blueprints were incorrect for the ADA laws, and our sink was too small. Making the sink larger meant we would have to eliminate our dishwasher, and I didn't want to do that. G2 provided me with various options and costs so that we eventually were able to reconfigure and have it all. G2 has my full professional endorsement as well as my utmost respect. If you ever want to discuss their qualifications or visit our building to see their work first hand, feel free to call. Respectfully Submitted, Deborah Zelinsky, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. Owner

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Deborah Zelinsky, O.D., F.C.O.V.D. Owner

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