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Volume 2, Issue 1


Editorial Istanbul certainly is one of the most enchanting cities that we have visited as a team. The city’s allure is in its layering of cultures– a mix of the East and the West. From the skyline dominated by the six minarets to the neon lights at Taksim Square- the sights and sounds were truly irresistible. For those who could not be with us on this trip, we bring to you images that capture this fascinating melting pot of cultures and religions called Turkey or Turkiye. In this edition, we would like to welcome the newest members of our team who join us from Siperian– Welcome to the GCS family! As we continue to grow from one strength to another, we also make sure that we share the knowledge that we have gained in the process. So while Ben Bates and Sunil S.A. are conducting deep-dive sessions for their respective local teams, Kerrin Russell and James Kenny our CEP experts, have put together an overview article to showcase the RulePoint® and Real-Time Alert Manager™ products.

Support Console

what makes a winner? Krishna Kumar, also popularly known as KayKay, shares with us some of the best practices that he has been following over the years. Kaykay has won the highest number of GCS awards and was also recognized as the Employee of the Quarter and InfaStar. In our potpourri section, Lluis Mercader from GCS Spain shares a different perspective of Brazil which otherwise is almost always portrayed in clichéd images of chic beach resorts, sun-bronzed beauties, aqua sports and wildlife watching. Last but not the least; thank you for your encouraging words on our first edition of the newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you!

Each team member brings value to the team, yet there are some match winners. Have you ever wondered 1

In the first week of March, we announced the general availability of our next generation proactive support application- Support Console. This tool is now available to be shipped to all our Enterprise and Mission Critical customers. Congratulations to the core team and also those spread across different regions who contributed to this success by way of testing the product! Team Support Console •

Gopi Murthy

Satwik Vasuki

Saurav Chatterjee

Rengarajan Margasahayam

Fayaz Mohammed

Krishna Rajappa

Vidya Madabhushi

ANNOUNCEMENTS New Support Programs Informatica GCS introduced its latest evolution of support programs, with effect from February 2010. Benefits of this new program: •

Education included in the support costs

Access to our latest management and diagnostic platform, Informatica Support Console

Robust system driven ongoing update strategies and commitments

A simple, online mechanism to escalate your problem to management at any time

Support for retired product versions

Personalized support for key activities or milestones

Support Account Manager to co-ordinate all of your support requirements.


Volume 1

PRODUCT SHOWCASE RulePoint® and Real-Time Alert Manager™ RulePoint® Overview

Complex Event Processing Server RulePoint® increases enterprise agility by combining multiple sources of data with user-applied logic, resulting in instant intelligence—enabling right-time responses to hidden opportunities and unforeseen risks.

user interface to provide rich server coupled to a Web 2.0-based application functionality. RulePoint includes support for a number of standards to simplify consumption of data (event) sources, including: •

Web Services

Databases (JDBC)

Java API

The Instant Intelligence Platform

JMS message queues

Decision makers need to act quickly to unforeseen threats and hidden opportunities. RulePoint enables decision makers to capture and automate manual analysis logic, producing responses that are intelligent, timely, precise, and consistent. Smarter still is the ability to enrich the responses with relevant data from all available sources inside and outside an enterprise.

HTTP/S, Telnet, FTP, TCP/IP streams


RulePoint is the proven way to quickly reach enterprise objectives and exceed goals, by automating analysis and delivering instant intelligence of threats and opportunities. Through an easy-to-use web interface, users can capture analysis logic and define the responses for their relevant scenarios. Users are able to create persistent, intelligent alerting solutions in minutes that meet the ever-changing needs and requirements for an agile enterprise—quickly exceeding goals by eliminating the time it takes to identify threats or opportunities through manual analysis. RulePoint Architecture RulePoint offers an enterprise-class Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Role-based security for rules, data services, analytics, and responding

No client-side install required.

Key Benefits •

Shrink the time gap between Volume 1 analysis and action

Quickly identify threats and opportunities

Increase agility through automation and faster responses

Collaborate by sharing captured analysis and decision logic

Instant Messaging and Email (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)

Users can quickly build valuable intelligence applications

Text and binary files

Real-Time Alert Manager™ and RuleCast™

Persistent detection of volatile data across sources, time, and geography

Leverage historical data and third party information

Key Features •

Web-based tools for capturing analysis and decision logic

Real-time alerts delivered to the appropriate persons or systems

Event generator for analysis scenario optimization

Responses can automatically initiate new processes.

User subscription to enterprise data streams

Consume (pull/push) data from any source or system

Push alerts and responses to any source or system

Enrich alerts and responses with information from any data source

Compare data changes across all data sources inside and outside the enterprise


Real-Time Alert Manager™ Overview

Alert Management Portal Decision makers, analysts, managers, and watch officers receive an overwhelming amount of information as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Real-Time Alert Manager™ provides a centralized view of intelligent alerts received from RulePoint’s persistent analysis.

PRODUCT SHOWCASE (Contd…) RulePoint® and Real-Time Alert Manager™ Overview

RTAM Architecture

Key Benefits

Real-Time Alert Manager (RTAM™) provides a web-based, persistent communications channel for receiving alerts about critical threats and opportunities received from RulePoint. With RTAM, the decision maker, analyst, manager, or watch officer is able to quickly and intelligently respond to an alert.

RTAM is built with Web 2.0-based browser technology (AJAX, DHTML, CSS) to provide rich application functionality through a lightweight web interface. Real-Time Alert Manager allows end users to easily sort, manage, share and prioritize alerts into dynamic channels, while limiting excessive messages.

Deliver instant intelligence decreasing individual response time to threats or opportunities.

Enriched, relevant information in real-time alerts makes the responses more valuable.Volume 1

Notify the right decision maker to address the issue

Key Features

Receive information-rich alerts in real time

Prioritize, classify, and route alerts automatically

Web-based alert browser in a familiar “inbox” format

Access all-source data to enrich notification alerts

Integrate into existing business process and workflows

Reduce training impact and increase productivity.

Being able to respond quickly to ever-changing events bring greater value to an enterprise’s actions. Typically, when a change in data (an event) takes place, information is stored, analyzed, delivered, and, finally, action is taken—a very timeconsuming and manually intensive process. RTAM along with RulePoint shortens that cycle, increasing the value and impact of responses to threats and opportunities.

• • •

Ability to re-assign priority levels, forward/escalate to other users, and initiate new events or processes

Seamlessly integrates with existing information security controls

Interactive Rich Internet Application (RIA) supporting drill down and external resource links.

- Kerrin Russell (CEP Product Marketing Manager) and James Kenny (Support Team Lead CEP)


Ben Bates (UK) is now working directly with Netezza to help develop a consolidated approach between Informatica, Netezza and our customers for open support issues. As part of this initiative he will be regularly conducting deep-dives sessions with Netezza.

Sunil S.A (ISC) is conducting a training a program on IDQ. The sessions cover features and functionality of the IDQ product.


BEST PRACTICES Perseverance is the Hinge of Success! SR handling When there are two or more high priority items in the marquee it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize and focus on one. Things can get tougher if there are action items in addition to the "respondimmediately-killer-priority" case! It is important that at such times you do not lose your cool. The key to handling such a situation is prioritizing and doing it the right way. Try and attend to action items which are direct and straightforward- be it P2 or P3. Put them to rest and then resume work on the P1 items. Cogitate on the time that you want to spend on solving the priority items. If you are unable to solve it in the estimated time, then request for a reassigning of the issue. It is important that the work is delegated at the right time so there can be a quick closure to the case. Don’t let the number of SRs and priority items in your queue worry you. After all, a P1 is a P2escalated item and P3 is a P2escalated one. The ubiquitous PS Review and Handoff Handing off and sending a case for review does not mean your work has come to an irreversible end. It just means that the case is being worked upon simultaneously by two people - one with all the historical data related to the case and the other with a better understanding of the source code. Together they can collaborate and solve the case faster. This is analogous to "pairprogramming" in Agile Development

methodology where two people brainstorm in developing a piece of functionality. One can make use of this process to learn how a seemingly-puzzling problem is broken into pieces for analysis. Maintaining Audit trail for a case Follow the mantra be transparent! Ensure that all information you have gathered related to the case is available for others to see. If the case is reassigned to another engineer then your researched material should be readily available for the engineer to jump start. This way, you can also avoid the "not-so-heartening-questions" from your manager! Audit trail will make your work available for all to see and if you are not headed in the right direction your manager can guide you further, with expert review or handoff, if required. Sharing knowledge It is very important that you share what you have learnt. Writing 'solution-oriented' articles, scripting a whitepaper on a particular topic etc. will help other engineers facing the same issue troubleshoot faster. Solving a problem, then, becomes a comparatively non-laborious task and will result in quicker closure of a case. Apart from writing articles, giving feedback for a published-article, attending sessions on current topics, participating in forums and DL: Help, can all be considered as knowledgesharing. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained!


Constantly hone your technical skills Regularly checking CRs, SRs and KBs related to your domain expertise, will make you aware of the latest developments/issues related to a product. In due course of time, you can become a specialist for that Volume product. 1 By following CR trails, you can understand fixes provided by the development team– this will help you provide faster workarounds to an issue. Interacting with your juniors, peers and seniors In short, befriend your peers, juniors and seniors. Be an inspiration for all. Motivate and guide the juniors in the team. Respect your peers and seniors- take suggestions from them and provide constructive criticism. Have regular meetings with your leads and managers to get feedback. Also, use the forum to discuss issues which are technical or otherwise. Talking helps- you can de-stress and unburden if there is something bothering you. Always keep your manager aware of what you are working on. If you find yourself in no-man's land, working on a issue, let him know of it - this can reduce future escalations and bristles. Enjoy what you do Last but not the least, enjoy the work you do. Come to work with a clear, unwavering mind and retire cheerfully. At all times, stay positive and never give up. Always spread a positive energy around you. Remember, Perseverance is the hinge of success!

-Krishna Kumar



I wanted to pass on the excellent support that I received this weekend from Manigandan Paramasivan. We moved/upgraded two major servers from Merrimack, NH to Raleigh, NC. On those servers we have distinct Development, Integration, Acceptance and Performance testing environments, running 8.6, supporting over 100 developers and many projects in flight. What I thought was going to be a lengthy, but easy task of getting the environments back up and running on the new servers on Saturday, turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Manigandan called back and walked me through what needed to change to get the development environment's up and running on both servers (one gateway), and from there I was primed with the knowledge and information that I needed to upgrade the remaining environments. I was very impressed with Manigandan's knowledge of the internals of the PC product, but I was most impressed with his professionalism and patience. I have worked in support for over 20 years, so I know what it is like to get a call from a 'customer' who is tired, up all night, upset, and not having a good day. I appreciate the rescue and support.

GCS Awards

Congratulations to all the Winners! INFA STAR Krishna Kumar


Great job !

Bart Davis Rickey Link


Marcelo Alvarenga Prashanth Kesava

A warm welcome to the newest team members! TEAM PLAYER (Mercury) INDIA


Thirunavukkarasu Selveraj

Sanjay Tandan

Myla Venkatesh

Jitendra Malhotra

Anu Bhoriwal

Darius Kemeklis Laxminarasimhan Veeraraghavan

Rithvik Chandrashekar Lucas Bogarte Praveen Mittal

KB CONTRIBUTION (Athena) Vinoth Kumar Johnny Waite Krishna Kumar



Antonio Pires

Paul Swann Rachid el Matil Alessandro Desogus


CST MVP Vivek Kompella





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Potpourri Brazil Summer 2008- A different perspective What was the purpose of your trip? An interest of many years and the coincidence that PowerData, the previous company I worked for, offered me the opportunity to participate on a ‘Solidarity Camp’. I grabbed the opportunity and said “This is the moment”! The trip was organized by SETEM (; a Spanish NGO founded 40 years ago. SETEM is an organization that works towards creating awareness in society about the North-South inequalities, promoting social transformations, individual and collective exhibitions, to achieve a fairer world. Which has this trip meant to you? To be honest, it was a real challenge for me but the final result was phenomenal. This trip was an opportunity for me to see a different perspective

about a country which is otherwise almost always projected in a very clichéd manner. We were based in the State of Maranhão, situated to the north of Brazil. It is one of the poorest regions of the country with some socioeconomic indicators (literacy, richness, access to the health) similar to that in Congo. A real inconsistency here is that Brazil is one of the G-20 countries. We were a group of 9 members accompanied by people from a local organization, visiting peasants’ camps and settlements of the movement called Sem Terra (MST). We lived with them for a better understanding of how the organization functions. Frankly, we were moved by the hospitality that we received from these families each day. What is the message you have for all of us?


The difference between wealthy and poor nations is huge. We live in an equipped society of comfort and abundance. Many a times we do not value the means at our disposal. Small things such as opening a tap and getting drinkable water, in many places of the world is impossible! We should be more conscious of the blessings we have, especially when the majority of the world lives in conditions of poverty. We are truly privileged! Last of all, what is the most memorable episode of this trip? Their smiles are etched in my mindthe joy with which they received us in their houses reminds me of the Spanish dictum Quien menos tiene es quien más te da which means Who fewer has is who gives more... - Lluis Mercader

Potpourri Cosmic Connection

I do believe in fate and divination for that little peep into my future but am not an ardent follower of the stargazer columns in newspapers. Yet, there was an element of freakishness when I read Bejan's Feb forecast for Virgoans in the Sunday Mid-day newspaper. It was amazingly close to my experiences in the month of Feb. I thought of sharing this with everyone else. Read on: This month is full of major changes in professional and personal situations. The value of your assets and stocks will appreciate. You may think about buying a vehicle. You will prepare for an upcoming trip overseas. You may visit a holy place, and learn about new arts and cultures. Patience has truly paid off and a low feeling ends. Do not indulge in heavy food, drink, and late night parties. Avoid any kind of verbal conflict with spouse. It looks like you will be on the road, far from home. Surprise your sweetheart with a gift or flowers on Valentine's day. Jupiter's placement will help you in your relationships. This is not a good month for speculation. This month will see the personal pressure rise and a gradual shift away from domestic matters to new areas in career, which could increase the level of stress for you. - Ram Bysani

In-Quiz-it? Answer this! 1. If 212o is “the extra degree� what according to Earl is 100o?

2. In the INFA 300 video, which GCS member was portrayed as Xerxes? 3. On Feb 14th, which GCS member celebrated his/her birthday at Istanbul? 4. In the skit presented by the UK team, there were two companies. If one was Informatica, name the other company.

5. Identify the people in this picture?

Hurry! Send in your answers to DL: GCS: Newsletter. The top three winners will be profiled in the next issue.


Potpourri Turkish Delights!

Meet the Latest Members of the GCS Family

Congratulations to Vishnupriya on the birth of a baby boy, on 02/25/2010 Congratulations to Sushma Venkatesh on the birth of a baby girl, Aditi, on 01/12/2010 Congratulations to Ram Varadarajulu on the birth of a baby boy, Daiwik, on 01/01/2010 Congratulations to Paul George on the birth of a baby girl, Charissa Angelyn George, on 12/22/2009

Feedback: Send in the Bouquets and Brickbats to DL: GCS: Newsletter. Contributions are welcome too! 10

GCS Mirror Volume2 Issue1  

Released March 2010