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Beat Generals Review – Can It Teach You FL Studio Mastery?

Thanks for checking out our review of the Beat Generals training program. This is merely an overview, so you can reach the official training website here if that’s what you wanted: Official BG Website These days, almost all of the biggest music is digital. It’s amazing to think about how mainstream the concept of writing and producing tracks on your computer has become. While playing instruments definitely has its benefits (especially when it comes to learning how to write great songs), you can really make anything happen, instruments or not, with the right digital tools. One of the hottest pieces of software on the market today is FL Studio (previously called FruityLoops). So many huge names in the hip hop world have used FL Studio for their own songs and it looks like this program is getting better and better with each update. Some of them

include Kanye, Jay-Z, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and a ton of

others. The biggest problem with FL Studio is that it’s really hard to learn if you buy it and mess around with it yourself. There’s no adequate training provided by FL Studio itself, which means that you’re left to fend for yourself when it comes to learning how to use the software. You can go about it in one of two ways at the moment. 1. Play around with it yourself. The problem with this is that as someone starting out, there are so many mistakes you’re bound to make and it can typically take months before you really have the program figured it out. Even then, there’s still probably a lot that can be done that you’ll never catch on to. 2. Look around online for Youtube videos and other articles. While you may be able to eventually learn how to use FL Studio this way, the bigger issue with this is the time you’ll spend searching around for

good advice. Most videos come in the form of 5 minute clips (or less) and most of those are put together by people whose level of proficiency is novice to intermediate at best. The most talented people out there are more concerned about making music than recording themselves or writing articles. The makers of Beat Generals saw a problem here and have put a lot of time and money into developing a solution – a monthly membership site that offers what’s now the best and fastest training program for FL Studios mastery. Some of the things you’ll find include the following: 

Well organized video tutorials that take you through every element of the software. Whether you’re just starting out making music or somewhat more experienced, there’s enough there for everyone to learn a ton. (See a few sample videos here)

Training from some of the most experienced and successful beat makers in the world. These are people who have never offered training like this before.

24-hour customer support. In case you ever get stuck with the software or have questions about what you’ve learned, they’re offering around the clock support. You can contact them via email, their Facebook page, or their Twitter page.

Monthly updates with new tutorials and drum kits. For every month of membership, you’ll get access to even more updates and training videos as they’re produced. Beat Generals also provides its members with new professional grade drum kits on a monthly basis. If you have any experience in this world, you know well by now that the quality of drum kits goes a long way.

The Beat Generals training program has already gotten tons of praise from well known producers like Doughboy, ENG, Djay Cas, and others (see some of the testimonials here). So how many months should you stick it out with Beat Generals before you’ll feel ready to move forward on your own, with no help? The answer is really going to vary with each person. It depends on how quickly you learn, how much time you put into learning and practicing, and what your personal goals are. There’s no minimum commitment, it’s a monthly membership plan. And another cool thing about it is that they even offer a free trial membership if you want to see what it’s all about. They’ll give you free viewing access to a limited number of videos (you’ll still be able to see a list of the rest but won’t be able to stream them), with the option to upgrade to paid membership anytime you want.

At $19.99 per month, Beat Generals offers you training at a price far less than private teachers would charge (probably hundreds per month). You’ll also save a ton of time because of how well organized their training modules are, and time is everything when it comes to this – your dream is to make music, not to learn software. With the help of Beat Generals, you’ll get there far more quickly. Link to the website

> Beat Generals Launch Date Announced: April 27th, 2012 13. April 2012 ·Write a comment ·Categories: Beat Generals

The Beat Generals training program launch date has been announced – it’s April 27th, 2012. Once the membership becomes available for sale, a more thorough Beat Generals review with details about the product will be shared here. Come back and visit soon for some more info, or feel free to follow me on Twitter for up to the minute updates.

> Things to Keep In Mind When Making Your Own Music 13. April 2012 ·Write a comment ·Categories: Music Theory Making music should be considered an equal mix of art and science. The brightest musical minds in the world certainly realize this, whether they come from a formal training background or not. The most important single thing to keep in mind is that while anything goes in the world of music, there are time tested elements and strategies that always seem to work. If you listen more closely to some of the most successful artists in the rock, rap, or any other world of popular music, there are hooks, rhythms, chord progressions, and song structures that are present throughout

many of them. The best artists are the ones who come up with the ability to make this sound fresh each and every time. Do you have the ability to do this yourself? Sure you do. The key here is to simply dissect every little element of your composition and do whatever it takes to make it sound as polished, logical, and original as possible. It’s also important to distance yourself from your work a bit. It becomes hard to hear music for what it really is when you’re working so closely with something, hearing it over and over in small bits and pieces. Sometimes you need to take a step back, focus on the big picture, and hear it fresh as if you’re listening to something for the first time – just as the rest of the world will should you have the opportunity to share it with them. Speaking of which, it’s never a bad idea to upload your stuff to Youtube. With such an active community of people from all around the world, it’s one of the best ways to get immediate feedback about your stuff, and an amazingly effective promotional vehicle. Think about some of the careers that launched simply through the presence of a Youtube video that people loved – Justin Bieber, Grayson Chance, and so many more.

If you keep these principles in mind, you’ll be pretty well equipped to produce the best music possible. Now it’s all about finding the best production tools for the job.

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