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Fixed Fight by Gill Thomas on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 7:50pm Papa could see God was ready for'em again. God always had His boxing gloves on. They looked liked they weight 1,000 lbs a piece. He wore the same gray boxing pants with the blue line on the side, they looked home made and they seemed a bit big for His frame. Papa motioned me over to help tie his gloves and I crawled into the ring under the bottom rope we made from mama clothes line. I grabbed one of the gloves and I almost dropped it, it was heavier than it had ever been and when papa noticed my surprise he leaned over and stuck his hand in the glove bouts' half way down and whispered in my ear, " Boy don't you say nothin just go on and tie the glove up. I got a surprise this time, a chunk of you uncle Clarys' raw iron from his blast furnace n' made me a equalizer" I'm gonna see how God takes this lick when I bust Him side that ole' thick skull of His,...I ain't loosin tonight boy, not tonight, nah get to tying that glove. Papa was gonna cheat !,...there ain't supposed to no cheatin. I got real scared and just wanted to run. I looked over at God and His corner man Jesus, they was huddled over praying and I looked back at papa and got even more scared if there is such a thing. Papa had never cheated before. He always got whooped up real good by God n' partly cause he so stubborn and bull headed. I never thought he would do nothin like this trying to beat such a nice fellow.

Jesus and His daddy had a nice place far off somewhere Jesus said that was all lite up and gold was everywhere and people ate good n' was never sick or nothin. he said children like me was always first in line for anything and grown ups had to love us. I wished I could just yell out "my papa bouts to fix this fight God, he cheatin", but I'd just get my butt torn up and papa would look like fool in front of all them angles that came with God and Jesus.

Fixed Fight  

Creative writing, expressions of faith.

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