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Home UK students may qualify for a Professional and Career Development Loan (Previously called Career Development loans) which is a fixed amount and is offered by two banks only under the UK Gov-



(+44) (0)20 7955 7765


(+44) (0)20 7955 7427

ernments ‘Learning Direct’ plans. A PCDL is a loan and must be repaid, but repayment does not start until the whole course is finished. The LSE code for PCDL is 2044.

* Please note the Fees Office will not be able to handle phone calls and emails during the registra-

Fees Office

tion period as all staff will be located in the Student For further information on the loans detailed in this

Services Centre for registration.


leaflet please visit the Fees Office WebPages. All Written correspondence should be sent to: The Fees Office, Room AH300. London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE


Please always state your student ID number.

Fees Office DropDrop-ins (in the Student Services Centre) 2pm to 3pm Mon to Fri - during term

US Loans

Canadian Loans

SLC loans


Mon, Weds, Fri - outside term

V 1 10.9.09


US Loans

US Loans continued


Student Loans Company

LSE administers Federal Stafford Loans, Graduate

All cheques are in US $ , we endorse the cheques

All Home/EU undergraduate students may apply for

Plus Loans, Parent Plus Loans and Smart (Private)

to you for you to get the best exchange rate possi-

a tuition fee loan, up to £3225.00 which is paid


ble. You will receive details with your loan cheque.

directly to the School. Application is made through

Plus Loans are used as a means to cover the differ-

You are required to use your loan for educational

Student Finance Direct not the LSE.

ence between the Stafford loans and the cost of

purposes, fees first. All loans have to be repaid. You

Home/EU Students: UK and EU students are re-

attendance. Private loans may also be taken out

can’t choose not to repay if you do not like the

ferred to as having ‘Home’ status. Home status is

either on top of, or instead of, Plus Loans or Staf-

course or if you fail. They are not discharged by

not based only on nationality but also on ‘settled’

ford Loans, subject to normal credit checking, and

bankruptcy. Interest is charged on all loans, there

place of residence in the UK or EU. That is, you

only to the value of the cost of attendance. The de-

may be penalties for defaulting.

must have your home in the UK or EU for at least

If you withdraw from your course or take a break,

three years before starting your course.

cision on which loan you take out is ultimately yours, please read all of the available information about Plus and Private Loans before deciding which best suits you.

the LSE will inform your lender and any ‘unspent’ part of your loan has to be immediately repaid by you. The unspent part of your loan has nothing to

To certify US loans you must send the LSE Fees

do with how much money you have left. The portion

Office an Original 10 page Student Aid Report (SAR)

of the year left is the unearned portion of your loan.

A wet signed Master Promissory Note for both Staf-

You must inform your lender of any changes, such as address or change of course.

ford and Plus Loans. E signed copies are not ac-

If a student opts to apply for a tuition fee loan or grant, and if, for any reason, the application is rejected, the student is then liable for the whole of their tuition fee contribution and must make arrangements to pay the fees directly to the LSE.

ceptable. US government regulations require that only original (wet signed) copies are processed. (Just wet sign over the email signature)

Students who take out a tuition fee loan must pro-


Canadian Loans

vide a Financial Notification to the Fees Office. Please note that you will be classified as self fi-

Federal regulations state that students cannot have their loans before registration or outside of the loan

Canadian students have the ability to borrow gov-

nanced until confirmation has been sent to the LSE

period ( 1st October 2009 –30th September 2010).

ernment loans via their province. The LSE code for

Fees Office.

Regulations only allow for students to have 1/3 of

all provinces in PUEQ, with the exception of Quebec

their Loan each term.

which is H8522A.

The Fees Office will send an email to your LSE ad-

Canadian tax forms can be downloaded from the

dress notifying students that their loan cheques are

LSE website—Leaflets page. Forms must be signed

ready for collection. Cheques can be collected from

by a member of the Fees Office. Please drop your

the Student Services Centre.

form into the Fees Office at registration and we will email you when it us ready for collection.

Students who take out a tuition fee loan with the Student Loan Company (“SLC”) are able to decrease the amount they borrow, please contact the SLC for further information. (Please note there are restrictions).


Information on loans available at the LSE