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July/ August 2012

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From the Editor This Summer is the season of the superhero. With the Avengers, Spiderman, and Batman taking the box office to new heights; it’s is only natural that the hottest web-based publication bring some of that superhero action to our pages. I’m sure that after looking at our sexy layouts you will never look at these heroes the same way again. We appreciate all of the positive feedback that was given on the last issue and we constantly strive to bring you something new and fresh in each issue. I put on my Superman outfit last year...now my team has put on their suits and are ready for action. I would like to send a shout out to everyone that had a hand in making this project great. I am truly proud to work with all of you. After seeing this issue there should be no doubt in your mind that we have sexiest heroes on Earth… nuff said.

Harold “G” Abram, Jr.




All comic book characters and likenesses portrayed in this issue are property of DC Comics & Marvel Comics.



July/ August


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July/ August

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July/ August

We have one of Birmingham’s hottest talents here giving us an exclusive interview. This is one artist that you must see perform live! Thanks for coming out. Would you tell the readers a little about yourself. Regi: I was born and raised in Bessemer/ Fairfield, Alabama. I was raised in the church singing. I started singing when I was about four years old. I play keys and sax as well as other instruments. I am currently a band/ choir teacher at Davis Middle School in Bessemer, Alabama. You started singing when you were four? Yes. When did you actually first pick up an instrument? I would say about eight...I wanted to start when I was about six. I kept begging my parents after seeing the piano lady at my church. She was like 99 years old. ABC came and did a special on her because she was playing at that age. She live to be like 102.She inspired me and I begged for piano lessons since I was in the first grade (about six or seven). When I was in the third grade they went on and invested in me taking piano lessons. So you have been into music all of your life? Oh, yes sir… Did you sing in the church choir or the school choir? I was four, so you know I don’t remember, but my mother told me. My first solo was When I Survey the Wondrous Cross. Do you still sing now? Yes What type of music do you sing or play? Well, I would call t R&B Neosoul, and Jazz. I’ve had my hands in Blues as well as Gospel. While I was in school I’ve studied Classical. I’ve actually performed all styles of music over the course of my life.

Page 7

Have you opened up for anybody here in Birmingham or in surrounding cities? A few years back I opened up for Petey Pablo. I had a Hip Hop/ R&B band. We opened up for him in Montevallo. I’ve opened up and played with Dottie Peoples. When I was a senior in high school I opened up for 112. I play with an up in coming artist named Todd Simpson. Who else have you worked with? I’ve worked with a wealth of local artists. Are you working on anything now? Yes, I’m planning on dropping an album by the end of July. It’s titled Musical Independence. It’s a compilation of works that I started recording in 2001. I wanted this to be the first to show my progression in music. Will this album be Gospel, Hip Hop...Jazz? It’s more R&B and Neosoul. It has its Jazz feel and Rock feels too. How can people get in contact with you? You can find me on facebook Regi Yarbrough http://www.facebook.com/#!/ regi.yarbrough Do you have any shout outs? Actually, I just want to shout out to everybody out there doing the same thing. Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams. As a wise man once told me Carp Diem… Seize the day.

MUSIC REVIEWS If you would like to get more information about your music reviews, then you may contact DJ C.J. The Stickman at betternotbewack@gmail.com and Mayhem at holyghostcome@yahoo.com . These music reviews were brought to you by G-Entertainment Magazine. If you or someone you know would like to send in their music to be reviewed, then they may submit it to g.entmagazine205@gmail.com .

hit but a few things need to be fixed before you put yourself all the way out there like that. QUALITY over everything! and there’s 1 more thing I have to say but I’m gonna say it about all of these songs at the end. Shandrell- “Best Kept Secret” CJ says… the song concept I see where she was going with it , and I think the song would be better with a different track. The Mix sounds like it’s straight from the recording source. Hasn't been mixed or mastered, and there’s 1 more thing I have to say but I’m gonna say it about all of these songs at the end. Mayhem says… It’s passable the beat is very nice and she has a unique voice. The cons… the intro with the humming is annoying. I feel like I’ve heard this song over and over again. Vocal coaching is needed.

Derrick-D “Mojo” Mayhem says… I don’t have anything to say positive. It’s old school but not in the good way. The hook sounds like they came up with it on lunch break. I wouldn’t ride to it and I don’t think any DJs would spin it.

LeeCon- “Spaceships and Dreams” CJ says… This Song could be made better but as it is ....... It Sucks , No sugar coating on this one. I hate to sound like is spitting on your project but really take this constructive criticism and fix this project. The Track is weak get it redone and beefed up , u can let go of the auto tune and put a female on this that can really sing . and there’s 1 more thing I have to say but I’m gonna say it about all of these songs at the end.

Gritti Boy- “Broke” CJ Says... Another Strip Club Classic , strong track , the hook is quick and repetitive will definitely make one remember this . sounds straight out of the studio , no mixing and mastering (that’s not good but it’s something that can easily be fixed) because its gutta , the hook is sharp , and the track is strong , this has the makings of a

LeeCon- “Booty Skat” Mayhem says… the song has a different sound that people need and want to hear. It has potential, but it wasn’t sung in the right key and the lyrics could’ve been better.

CJ says… this sounds like the typical track id hear in a strip club or like what someone riding in a crown vic with a system would be beating down the block. The Track is 75% of the song , its pretty hot. Eventhough they aren't talking about much but this song did make me bob my head. This one has Potential.... and theres 1 more thing i have to say but im gonna say it about all of these songs at the end.

Mayhem says… this song can be played in almost any club. Every young guy can feel it. On the flip side it sounds like everything else out now the lyrics were on a 1st grade level.

Contact us at g.entmagazine205@g mail.com for a FREE COPY of GEntertainment Magazine’s WHITE NOISE MIXTAPE featuring some of the hottest indie talent of today!!!

Lo-Cal “ Feel the Vybe” CJ says… Strong track, Good Flow, good party record But....... the record will only be hot locally all the roll tide references and 205 shouts are good but this particular joint will have the fish bowl affect and only get played in the 205 and in roll tide country. This can help you of you plan Go back and make another version for everyone to play across the country. and there’s 1 more thing I have to say but I’m gonna say it about all of these songs at the end.

Mayhem says… The Pros… Catchy and very commercial. This song can play at any venue, any age will like it, makes you want to dance, and the sound quality is good…not muffled. The Cons… The concept has been way to abused…far from original. You almost don’t have to listen to it…its like you know what’s going to be said next.

DJ CJ Tha Sticman Mixshow DJ, Board Operator Producer, On Air Personality at Cox Radio Station 95.7 Jamz, 98.7 Kiss FM , 102.1 WENN & 610 WAGG

Vic Jones “Remember” CJ says… I didn’t listen to this track because I don’t do WMA files .... I’m a Mac guy....... Mayhem says… Another title for this song could be “Do You Believe”. This is a beautiful song. I have it on repeat. It has mass appeal and puts you in a good frame of mind. The beat could be better and the recording doesn’t sound that great.

Now the One thing I’m going to say is actually several things and it’s a huge problem amongst artist in my local area. I talked about this on You Tube and I’m going to say it here too. I'd bet 20 to 1 that none of these songs have been registered, but at the same time all of you would ask the question, “Why cant I get my song on the radio”? Or will complain that the radio is hating on your project..... PAY ATTENTION ... I’m about to name some resources your songs should be registered with. If you have to ask "huh, what is that?" This is for you and you have work to do........ Is your music registered with ASCAP or BM!? BDS? MEDIABASE? If the answer is no to one or all of them .... you have work to do..........

Ms. Mayhem On Air Personality, WGFX Goodfellas Radio Station, CoCEO of Con-Tri Boi Studios, Poet/ Lyricist/ Rap Artist

Excellent= Good= Average= Needs Improvement= Poor=

Check Out These New DVDs

EDITOR’S PICKS The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving him to be raised by his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field). Like most teenagers, Peter is trying to figure out who he is and how he got to be the person he is today. Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Batman faces challenges from the brutal Bane and the stealthy Catwoman.

Welcome to Rekall Inc., the company that can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell), even though he's got a beautiful wife (Kate Beckinsale) who he loves, the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life - real memories of life as a super-spy might be just what he needs.

American Reunion

An Atlanta resident spends the summer in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.


Fourth installment of the Bourne franchise based on an original story. As writer/director Tony Gilroy explains, "This is not a reboot or a recast or a prequel. No one’s replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero, a whole new chapter…this is a stand-alone project." Jason Bourne will not be featured in the film; Jeremy Renner will play another assassin trained in the same program as Bourne.

The Expendables are back and this time it’s personal...Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), Yin Yang (Jet Li), Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren), Toll Road (Randy Couture) and Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) -with newest members Billy the Kid (Liam Hemsworth) and Maggie (Yu Nan) aboard -- are reunited when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) enlists the Expendables to take on a seemingly simple job.

The Three Stooges

Hunger Games

July/ August

Green & White Productions

James Green top left, Cameron White bottom right.

Page 12

July/ August

Tell the readers a little about your company. James: My name is James Green. I’m one of the owners/ operators of Green & White Productions, which is a local theatre company that does art education in the community for the underserved. Our focus has been to reach the masses especially the young people. To provide that creative element that helps them to transfer that creativity from the stage to the class room as well. Cameron: My name is Cameron White I am the other half of green & White Productions. We try to reach all children from ages 7-17 not just on stage but off stage. If you want to be an actor, singer, dancer, writer, choreographer or set designer...if you want to do anything behind the scenes as well and teach those disciplines of the arts that will propel you forward not only on the stage but in the class room and corporate America as well. How did you get started? James: Cameron and I were in a show for another local theatre company and were having a conversation. I said to him, “Cameron, why haven’t I seen you star in your own show?” He said “nobody has ever asked me.” You don’t wait for somebody you create your own show. Hence, we got together and collaborated and our first production was him in his one man show. We want to offer that same opportunity to others. There is no physical training for this part of the industry. You just need to have the discipline. We’ve been blessed for these last two years to be able to serve the community. Cameron: Also, by creating those opportunities the majority if not all of the productions that we do are original

Page 13

not a lot of work for African American actors & actresses. There are so many times that you can do the shows we all love such as; We Ain’t Misbehavin, Smoking Joes Café, The Wiz and Dream Girls. There are so many times that you can do those with so many different people. So, now we, as I see it, in the mean time it’s something for our people to do to keep their chops wet and keep them up until those productions come along. Maybe one of ours will get on Broadway one day. James: I go back to me saying don’t wait for someone to bring you an opportunity create your own opportunity. Don’t wait for someone to say that your wonderful and great, no you say that I am wonderful and great and I have something to share. Cameron: We also have three entities that encompass Special Design Production Company, which is our parent company. We have our design or fundraising entity, performing arts and art-education division. James: It gives us the opportunity to give pack to the community, to focus on the community, build the community, but more importantly it gives us the part of the community that gives us that avenue of access for those individuals that are just beyond the church. There is more to life than just the church...there is more to life than just the club...there is more to life than just the stage. Through our business model we try to inspire people to utilize the arts in so many other areas. How can you be reached? Cameron: You can reach us at www.sdpcinc.com James: Or Google us Green and

White Productions in Birmingham. We have collaborations with several other entities that we are working with right now...Project Hopewell, Lockheart Entertainment and the biggest thing ACAB (Alabama Community Alliance at Birmingham). Cameron: We are also in collaboration with The Red Mountain Theatre Company producing The Color Purple. James: (laughing) Let’s dispel a myth upfront… “Maybe God is trying to tell you something” is not in the show. We are all familiar with the movie, but what you can do in film and in a live show are two different things. Come see the show you will get a new appreciation for it. Cameron: It’s geared more towards the book musically and the characters as well. James: This is a real opportunity for us because Red Mountain Theatre Company decided they wanted to do this all African American production. They came to Green & White Productions and said we want to be in association and collaboration with you to make this happen. The show is opening September 27, 2012 through October 14, 2012 at The Cabaret Theatre on 19th St. Do you have any shout outs? James: I want to give some encouragement to the masses. Whenever you start a company don’t let someone steal your dream. If you don’t commit to it no one else will either. Sometimes you have to walk alone. Whatever you want to do...do it.

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Photo effects by Harold Abram, Jr.

July/ August July/ August

Page 15 Page 15

For the first time in the history of the publication we have a comedian on our cover. He has performed all over the South. The Dark Knight of comedy has risen. Birmingham’s own Shawn Crosskey Tell the people of lol Gotham about yourself. I’m comedian Shawn Crosskey, Mr. Play 2 Much Ent. You can see me everywhere. I’ve been at everyplace (venues) in the city of Birmingham outside the city of Birmingham...I’m at the house reading books. I really can’t read...look let me tell you what happened...my mama put me in Special Education. I was in there four years from 9th-12th. After that I’ve been good (laughing). Right now I’m down with GEntertainment man I love these folks. Where were you born? I was born in Kentucky, but I came here (Birmingham) when I was in the third grade. I’ve been acting a fool since the fourth grade. I was crackin’ and crackin’ and crackin’ and people told me to hit the Stardome when I got about twentyone. I hit the Stardome and I blew up since then. When you did the Stardome was that a competition? Yeah, it was a competition with thirteen people. That was my first time righteously hitting the stage. I should have won, but I cracked on the host and he got mad so he gave me second place. I can’t help that I was that funny. God made me this way...my mama and daddy made me this way. I truly bless them...God first. Have you opened up for any mainstream acts here in or around the city? Yeah, you know every year I’m in that Steve Harvey competition. I never opened up for Steve Harvey (laughing). I’ve opened up for Shawty Shawty, Lil Jay Jay, Spike Davis, Mo Williams...a lot of people. I will be in Philadelphia next month. I’m with Def Jam AR, I’m with Bad Boy AR, Interscope AR. I’m everywhere right now. What made you want to get into comedy besides people telling you that you should get on stage? I was retarded. I’ve been retarded since I was two (holding up two fingers). They let my mama know that I was going to be in Special Education since I was in Kindergarten. So, when I said I was going to do comedy people kept putting it in my head, but I was nervous. I hit that stage, did that first joke, everybody laughed and I went on from there. What are some of the venues that you have performed at? Club Flight, the Boutwell, M-Lounge, the Highnote, Platinum Club (Pensacola, Florida), Boutwell and (Panama, Florida). I’m everywhere right now. When we interview the music artists we asked if the

music industry has been hard on them. Has the enterPage 16 tainment industry been hard on you as a comedian? Yes, it is hard because you have to do these shows and you have to get these people to pay you to do these shows. They will tell you I got you but when you get done doing your show they will be like let me tell you what had happened was the door wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, but it was sold out. I go home with $30. I’m crying going home calling my mama and my ex-girlfriend. I call my ex-girlfriend all the time ‘cause she always gives me gas money when I need it (laughing). I got a real girlfriend, but I’m gone keep that ex-one. Her number is on speed dial (laughing). Have you worked with any other comics here in the city? Yes, comedian Charles Winston, G-Quinney, Terry T, Xavier, Eunice, Felicia, B. E. ...there are so many. If I forgot anybody you are going to see them. If anybody wanted to book you for a show. How could they get in contact with you? You can reach me on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/comedian.crosskey Twitter @shawncrosskey Do you have any shout outs? I would like to give a shout out to sperm because without sperm I would not be here. God first, my mama my daddy, then sperm. I appreciate my mama letting my daddy skeet all through her. I would not be here talking with you right now...I appreciate this...sperm...I love you.

Page 17

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Photo effects by Harold Abram, Jr. Models Bianca (top) Brittany bottom

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley

July/ August Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Model- Bianca

Page 18

“I rea lly can ’t read me tel ...look l you w , let hat ha mama ppened put me ...my i n Spec Educat ial ion. I w a years s in th from 9 ere fo th-12 ur that I th. A ’ve be fter en goo d.””

July/ August

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Model- Brittney

July/ August


Our heroes are all over the city fighting evil in every form. She-Hulk smashes janky promoters and clubs with an undying rage. While Spiderwoman shoots her web in the mouths of all those closet rappers saving our ears from that lame mess. Catwoman gracefully shows the ladies what a model looks like... puuurrrrfect. Even the Men In Black have begun erasing all the lames from our readers brains with technology that you will only find here.

July/ August

Page 23

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Photo effects by Harold Abram, Jr. Models opposite page: Brittney M, Brittany J, Bianca, Leecon & Barry. (this page) Brittany J.

July/ August

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Photo effects by Harold Abram, Jr. Models Brittney M (She-Hulk) Brittany J (Spider-woman)

Page 24

Once again the city has been saved thanks to the heroes of the G.E.M. Initiative. Citizen everywhere can rest knowing that entertainment is in the hands of these mighty few. technology that you will only find

Dating Economically in this Summer Season By LaToya Fletcher-Abram Summer time is finally here! And with the Summer season comes longer days. That means you have time to do more. However, in this financially challenged economy that we live in, can you really afford dates, events, and outings on your tight budget? Well, if your stressing over whether or not you can even afford a date or a significant other, then let me help you out with some of my fellow Facebook friend’s suggestions below.

*Paddle boat ride at Oak Mountain.

*$1.50 Carmike Movie Theatre in Hoover on Lorna Rd. *Picnic in the park Free wine tasting

*Free Summer concerts at Railroad & Linn Park. * Free poetry reading/ Open mic at the Coffee Shop 5pts West location every Friday At 8pm. *Free Friday Flicks at Homewood Park. *Take dance lessons together.

*Late night drive to the lake

*A stroll through the park.

*Sharing an appetizer. *The Museum of Art in Downtown B’ham.

July/ August

Page 28


Photography by Barry Noack Make up by Yohonna Seventyeight Faces Mua Johnson Stylist: Tomesheia Dailey Model : Avyon

Page 30

Short & Sassy Summer Blow Out By Tomesheia Dailey Ladies if you are tired of the curly texture of your natural hair? If so here are some quick steps to achieving that sassy straight look without any harsh chemicals! Even though whats presented is on a short length this can be done on long lengths as well. Layered hair is most flattering, but its not a necessity. Step 1 Shampoo hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Condition with a moisturizing conditioner as well. You will need the moisture since the hair is about to receive and excessive amount of heat.

Step 2 Apply a heat protectant serum and or oil. Blow dry hair. You can use either a comb attachment, paddle brush or a nine row brush. This will pre-straighten the hair allowing the flat ironing to be easier.

Step 3 Section hair with small sections at a time and flat iron hair with medium heat to your desired style.

Tips If your ends appear to be dry, brittle, or frizzy and will not straighten to desired texture, this simple means that these are split ends and they need to b trimmed. If this is the case with and inch or more of your hair you need a hair cut and this style will not be at its best unless this is properly done.


Let’s Talk Abs By Crystal Andrea Vertical Leg Crunch 1. Lie on the floor and extend the legs straight up with feet crossed. 2. Place your hands behind the head for support, but avoid pulling on the neck. 3.Contract the abs to lift the shoulder blades off the floor, as though reaching your chest towards your feet. 4. Keep the legs in a fixed position and hold that stomach in! 5. Lower and repeat for 1-3 sets of 12Ok Ladies, so the one thing that we all worry about is our tummy! Not so much in the Winter and Fall because we don’t have to worry about our beach bodies, but we all want to have it tight for the Spring and Summer Events so…what can you do from home to get that sexy six pack or flat stomach you want? Below I will list a few at home exercises and how to instructions on how to start get that flat tummy you want. Enjoy!

16 reps. Extended Arm Crunch 1 .Lie on a mat and extend the arms straight out behind the head with hands clasped, keeping the arms next to the ears. 2. Contract the abs and lift the shoulder blades off the floor reaching towards the ceiling.

Bicycle Abs 1.Lie face up on the floor and place your hands behind your head, lightly supporting it with your fingers. 2. Bring the knees in to the chest and lift the shoulder blades off the floor without pulling on the neck. 3.Rotate to the left, bringing the right elbow towards the left knee as you straighten the other leg. 4. Switch sides, bringing the left elbow towards the right knee. 5. Continue alternating sides in a ‘pedaling’ motion for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps.

3. Keep the arms straight and avoid straining the neck. If you feel neck pain, take one hand behind the head while keeping the other arm extended. 4. Repeat for 1-3 sets of 12-16 reps. These are just a few sample ab exercises that you can do at home to get that tummy trained back into shape. Keep in mind that ab exercises do NOT remove fat from your stomach. Ab exercises are designed to strengthen your core areas and add definition. What removes fat from that area is cardio and the proper diet. Drinking water and eating less sugar and fried foods with heavy grease will help eliminate access fat in the stomach area.

July/ August

Page 33

Simple Facial Summer is here! We sweat, apply make up, stress, work, and so much more! And all can be hazardous to our skin, if we don't take care it. Here are some basic facial tips you can use everyday to help cleanse, tone, and moisturize which leaves your face feeling clean and more radiant. Step 1 Using an astringent, go over the entire face in and upward and circular motion. (Never down) This opens the pores and removes sebum (oil) from your skin. Step 2 Using a cleanser cleanse the face.( upward and circular motions). Step 3 Repeat step 1 Step 4 Using a facial scrub, exfoliate the skin. This step removes dead skin cells. Step 5 Repeat step 1 Step 6 (optional) Add a massaging cream. Apply in circular motions, during this phase you may apply slight pressure to trouble areas such as sinus pressure points if you suffer from sinus or temples if you suffer with headaches. This helps you relax while stimulating the blood flow. Avoid this step if you have high blood pressure. Step 7 Repeat step 1 Step 8 Add a moisturizer to give skin back its moisture giving it a natural shine. To upgrade your facial from a basic facial, wrap your face in a hot towel while your exfoliant is on, add a facial mask, either mud or peel off. Be very careful not to get any product in your mouth, nose or eyes.

By Tomesheia Dailey


Who’s the Sexiest? You voted and we listened

No facial is complete without make up. Watch as one of our make-up staff does her thing. Beyonce


Make up by Yohonna Seventyeightfaces MUA Johnson Model: ShaVonne

77% say that Beyonce is the sexiest. Tyrese

Tyson Beckford

57% say that Tyson Beckford is the sexiest. Go to www.g-entmagazine.com and cast your vote for our next poll. Leave comments on the site, we want to hear from you.

July/ August

July/ August

Page 37


Page 39

Edgy, chick and refined are just a few words that can described LaToya’s vision for this shoot. More often than not when people think of fashion they think of the popular clothing at that time. Many fail to realize that the vision for that item may have been twenty or more years in the making. Lets not forget that many items that seem to go out of style quickly reemerge on the New York runways. Sit back as the Gem models guide you, the reader, through an encounter with couture. Photographed by Barry Noack.


July/ August

Shimmering Peach Christian looks like a Disney princess in this yellow and peach ball gown accessorized by rhinestone heels. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: Randall Wilder Hair by: Devan Woods

Page 40

July/ August

Page 41


July/ August

White Elegance White is always in style when It comes to making a grand entrance. This white and silver Dress is made in the flapper style From the 1920’s giving it a style that is never dated. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: LaToya Fletcher-Abram & Randall Wilder

Page 43

Pure & Simple Shimmering in an aristocratic look. This blue sun dress sends cool comfort luxe. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: LaToya Fletcher-Abram Fascinator Hat by: La’Toya Fletcher-Abram


July/ August

Page 44

Deep Thought This wedding style dress gives a “Gone with the Wind” sense of memory and majesty. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: LaToya Fletcher-Abram Hair by: Devan Woods

Photography by Paul H. Franklin Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram & Tracie Davis

July/ August Page 45


Purple Passion The roaring 20’s is alive and well with this purple -fitting evening gown. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: Tracie Davis Hair by: Devan Woods

Page 47

Good As Gold This is as Hollywood as it gets. This gold floor-length dress is the perfect after six. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: Tracie Davis Hair by: Devan Woods

Page 47


Bull’s Eye A black suit on a man is always in order for any occasion. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: Randall Wilder

Dark Seduction Sexy is simple in this vest, bra and fishnet set. Photography: Barry Noack Make-up: Randall Wilder Top Hat by: La’Toya FletcherAbram

July/ August

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Model : Sha’Vonne

Page 50

July/ August

Page 51

SIMPLY FASHIONS www.simplyfashions.com

July/ August

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Models : Brittney (left) Avyon (right)

July/ August

Page 53



July/ August

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Models : Sha’Vonne (left) Avyon (right)

Page 55



Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Model : Stormi

July/ August


Page 57

Photography by D. Jerome Smedley Make up by LaToya Fletcher-Abram Model: Stormi

July/ August

Page 59


July/ August

Page 60

G-Scenes… See What’s

These are a couple of photos from the G-Entertainment Magazine’s Second Annual All White Party. As always the event was well attended. The event was full of great people, amazing entertainers, wonderful food and music. Go to the website to see

July/ August

Page 61

Going On In The City

more pictures www.g-entmagazine.com Photography by Barry Noack

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July/ August 2012  

G-Entertainment Magazine is dedicated to aspiring models, actors, and artists. Providing a platform for indie and undiscovered artists to sh...

July/ August 2012  

G-Entertainment Magazine is dedicated to aspiring models, actors, and artists. Providing a platform for indie and undiscovered artists to sh...