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PORTFOLIO Anna Potanina

CV: Anna Potanina

I graduated from Kyiv National University of Building and Architecture. While studying at the university I participated in different workshops and schools to extend my knowledge. These are some of them:

«THE CITY AND THE WATER» Summer School ( July 25th – August 3rd 2016; Seravezza, Italy) The aim of the summer school attendance was to learn how to observe. As result we created architectural objects which attracted attention to the river and also made it accessible

Cardboard workshop (24-30 october 2014; 1-10 June 2015; Kyiv, Ukraine) Learning sheet material features based on cardboard. Result: I designed modular pavilion and assembled a lifesize model.

«Street Constructor on Podzamche» workshop (March 27-31, 2017, Lviv) Design of public space near Jam Factory Art Center

«Ukrainan Heroes park» competition for the best conceptual project of the park (July 1-5, 2017, Bykivnia) Our team won first place. The competition was held by the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture

«IMS» workshop (21th september-3th october 2015; Kyiv, Ukraine) Workshop was devoted to interlocking modular systems. Result: I created three modules which could be assembled into table or a space partition. «GRADIENTS» workshop (June 27th - July 8th 2016 Kyiv, Ukraine) The research of the transition and interrelation between public and private spaces

«Cycling Сities: Kyiv» workshop (May 28 - June 03, 2017, Kyiv) Exploration of the city and its problems from the cyclist’s point of view. Result: short film. Exploration of the city and its problems from the cyclist’s point of view. Bachelor degree in KNUCA (2017, Kyiv) Theme of the diploma was «Cultural and educational complex in the city Novgorod-Seversky» - creating of a building that would become a catalyst for complex ones changes in the city and its development.

EASA «Hospitality - Finding the framework» (July 22 - August 6, 2017, Fredericia, Denmark) Research on such topics as «hospitality, home, borders» in artistic and architecture context Architect in architectural office Buro-o (since September 2017 - until present) Student at CANactions School for Urban Studies (“ADVANCED STUDIES IN INTEGRATED URBAN DEVELOPMENT 2017/18”) (October 16 2017 – 20 of April 2018) Focus: Research, development of concepts and definition of concrete actions for the development of Ukrainian cities



design: 2017 February team: Anna Potanina, Maria Khmel my role in process: designing, drawing, schemes, layout the supervisor of the project: Irina Kravchenko

Multifunctional center which consists three buildings

Petrivka area is an important transportation hub which connects left and right banks of the Dnipro river. The site located in place of clothing market just near Petrivka underground and railway station


solar panels


While working on the project we were trying to make centre’s territory and its first floors as much open and integrated in to the street as possible. We designed green zone in front of the building and also a huge canopy which connects different parts of the center. Lower floors are intend for public function and upper floors are offices

areas for test benches exhibition


coworking, conference rooms, auditoriums, laboratory

exhibition administration parking canopy

coworking food court shopping area


design: November 2016


.П а

high-rise building

нк ре го

ри аГ


thickets around the lake


private building

к сь лів Ур л. ву

Project tasks -constructing scene near the Gandarka lake, as the place for events and recreation -holding cultural events (Festival «СусідиFEST», movie shows etc.)

developed area of the lakeshore


my role in process: designing the scene, public opinion polls

Physical and cultural platform for the development of local communities Previous experience - conducting СусідиFEST (in the Poznyaky park) - organization of educational events - movie shows near the Gandarka lake - research


ів лбун Здо


«СусідиPRO» competition project (semifinalist)

team: Tanya Abramova,Anna Potanina, Svetlana Konoplova

The Zhandarka Lake was chosen as a location for the project beacouse of - the Gandarka lake is popular rest place for the locals, and it should be developed - there are not many equipped recreation areas in this neighborhood and the available places are crowded with visitors


design: 1-5 July 2017

«UKRAINAN HEROES PARK» competition project (1st place)

team: Anna Potanina, Svetlana Konopleva my role in process: designing, drawing, schemes, layout

Conceptual project of a park for the competition, organized by the Department of Architecture and Urban Development of Kyiv

Connection between the design park and the green zone along the red metro line:





Bykivnia village

Brovarsky avenue


PLAYGROUND / Small children RAMPA / active recreation and communication of adolescents SQUARE / active communication, cultural events NATURE / quiet rest NATURE / small architectural forms MEMORIAL / mention of heroes


Educational and community centre in Novhorod-Siverskiy diploma project

design: march - june 2017 (8th school semester) team: individual project the supervisor of the project: Natalia Vladichenko

Desna river meadows city beach

path to the river


Community center that meet the needs of the city and its residents Novgorod Seversky is a small town in the north of Ukraine. Which has a lot of architectural landmarks and surrounded by beautiful hilly landscape. So the town has quit big potential for tourism

private houses

site sport centre

park cementery


shops and cafes children’s center

tourist centre

auditorium gym


community center

The site was chosen together with the chief architect of the city. And the program was developed based on research


team: as a member of Buro-o

Nova Kontractova is a big city project of the Kontractova square reconstruction – one of the most important Kyiv’s squares. Project has been going since 2012. It has got many stages and a lot of offices and specialists in different areas are involved in it

my role in process: designing, drawing, schemes, layout

My personal contribution to the project was on a stage of preliminary design in Buro-o architectural office. My duties included designing, 3d modeling, making schemes.

design: september - december 2017

Nova Kontractova

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