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Savvas Papadopoulos: Inside The Mind I’ve been officially an artist for about five years. But I have always drawn and painted since I was a young child. First I started doing pencil portraits and paintings of nature and people. I took my first steps at a small art shop in town, doing Byzantine Icons. I had a fantastic couple of art teachers that encouraged me to go on. Then I continued doing portraits and more paintings until I saw a huge improvement in my work. Then following my parents advise I started posting some pieces of my work on eBay. The respond I got was enough to make me keep on with my work. I was also earning some money from this job, witch was very important for me as a young artist that I was. Then what I did , was I tried to find some clients and sell them Icons portraits and paintings. The respond I got was amazing. I started reading books about the arts and I was seeing amazing improvements on my painting skills. After I made some money, and got some experience I decided to start working in a more free, artistic way. I started looking at peoples work on the internet especially illustrators, and what I did first was , I tried to get some elements from their work and combine it with mine. I also learned how to use programs on the computer such as illustrator Photoshop and in design. I started making compositions on the computer with those programs based always on famous illustrators and graphic designers work. One artist I got an influence from was James Griffin. His work always combines the reality with art. He uses bright colors and his esthetic is always very good tasted. He is also obsessed with detail. I admired his work so much that I tried to work hard on the details as well and sometimes use the same colors as he does. I think the influence I had from him is more visible on my latest work.


My latest work is based on Birmingham’s architecture. Basically I created some compositions including hand drawing pictures and photographs I took. The pictures I use as background most of the times are showing the night sky. The reason I do this is because I think night sky, transmits a mystery and also it makes the whole composition look more calm. The main idea of my compositions was to combine some old and some new buildings of Birmingham. The reason was because I wanted to show the continuation of architecture through the years and point the differences between new and classic architecture. I think the combination of those two different styles of architecture including the night sky brinks out emotions as nostalgia of the old city and admiration for the contemporary style of architecture.

And is really important for an artist to be able to communicate thought his work with the audience and provoke them to bring out certain emotions. That’s why we need to check other artists work all the time and borrow some elements from their work , to improve our work.





7 “It is really important for an artist to be able to communicate thought his work with the audience and provoke them to bring out certain emotions. “ Savvas 2011



Designed By Darren Holden Savvas Papadopoulos Lucy Watson


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