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w e i v r e t n I b r o k E How did you first get into graffiti? When I used to live near Birmingham city centre, just goin to school, when my mum would drive me an that, I just used to see tags, tags everywhere, I used to try and read em, and from lookin at them near enough every day of my life I become more and more interested in starting to write.

So you were inspired by all ready practising graffiti artists? Mostly yeh, aswell when I used to catch the train into the city with family I would see all the graffiti around the factories and in spaghetti junction. I didn’t think anything of the tags I was just interested. I didn’t realise it would lead to me being a writer but knowing these things did eventually made me want to start.

When you first started graffiti were you alone or did you do it with friends? No not really but after a bit I did introduce my mate and we just used to practise sketching different words and stuff like that. I was never really into tagging, Just the more complex style of graffiti, Pieces etc.

Would you say living in Birmingham helped you develop your style?



I think so yeh, I used to see one artist about a lot, But what I saw was very simple compared to the way I first imagined graffiti. But after seeing his style I became more and more aware of that style around by more than just him. I used to create visuals in my head of words that I would relate to for my style. When getting home I tried putting them to paper and actually coming up with the piece in that style, Adding bits here and there to make it more of unique to me.

So after creating these pieces on paper in the ‘Birmingham style’ did you just go onto the streets? At first no I was always nervous about leaving my house just incase my mum and dad found out, But after a bit I built up the courage to start goin out taggin with my pal. My mum and dad used to ask me why I was coming in late and I used to just tell them I was chilling. Answering your question yeh, after a while I used to take sketches with me so I would know what I was paintin because I still hadn’t developed a style I could do off the top of my head.

Have you always stuck to painting walls or did you take your passion for graffiti any further? At first it was only walls but going past one of the train yards and seeing a couple of pieces on the steel , I thought that I would be pretty cool to paint on a train as well.

Did you ever actually paint a train then? I don’t really want to say any details but for the sake of the interview, one night , yeh. This is a bit of a funny story. Me and my pal managed to finally get to the train yard and faced with a massive fence. I managed to climb over then told my pal to throw the bag of paint over so he could climb. He managed to get to the top but got the bottom of his trousers caught and slipped off losing his shoe and ripping his


trousers basically off.


Birmingham Graffiti


7 “Birmingham has a diverse and interesting graffiti scene, every corner you turn has something different to offer.�...

Gesa 2011



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