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In this issue… Note from Dawn This week’s theme is planning ahead. I have also started a new faithbook with no photos, just my thoughts, feelings and prayers on various scripture or journaling prompts.

Windowpane Card Sketch Briana shares her favorite card sketch along with several alternative ideas on the same sketch.

Layout Idea Briana used the basic card sketch for a lovely layout idea featuring her grandmother.

Blessed Beginnings Cards This week we are featuring the basic card sketch and journaling prompts on Planning Ahead.

Latest Happenings Reminders, additions and more…

Products Used in this issue Supply lists linked for your convenience.

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Note from Dawn

I am a huge planner, I love it, down to the last detail! It is the execution I often have problems with. I am also a bit frugal and stubborn. When it comes to giving cards, I refuse to purchase them. Why purchase when I can create one? Well, the problem is I often run out of time or simply forget when an occasion arises. At birthday parties, we often say "oh, that is from us." Yikes! All because I didn't plan ahead. Today's issue will help me to plan ahead with all those card giving needs. I always say that when you are done scrapbooking a layout, to take the scraps and create a card. You can always add the sentiment at the last minute. I should practice what I preach, huh? I have decided to start a new faithbook. While I consider all my scrapbooks as “faithbooks�, this one is a little different. The pages consist of my thoughts, feelings and prayers on specific verses or journaling prompts. What makes it different is there will probably be no photos-just journaling. I hope to include one with each ezine issue. (see below) Faithfully,

Windowpane Card Sketch By Briana Kimmel This is hands-down one of my favorite cards to make—so simple, so easy, but looks great! I use this sketch all the time, because I can crank out a bunch of cards in almost no time at all. It’s especially great for using up scraps. Have fun playing with pattern combinations and using a variety of embellishments.

The basic sketch uses two patterned papers, a round embellishment or coordinating circle of cardstock, and a sentiment either written by hand or using a sticker, stamp, or tag. The key to the design is in the alternating pattern of papers: each pattern is catty-corner, rather than next to itself. Offsetting the focal point by shifting it to the left creates visual appeal, but this sketch is equally cute using four squares in a quadrant (more like the panes of a window). The cards I make are 5”x6.5” (because I buy them premade in bulk—worth the extra cost to me because the cards come with envelopes that are just slightly bigger (5.25”x7.25”), which gives plenty of room for ribbons that hang off the edge of the card or for bulky embellishments, like flowers). The sketch does not give dimensions simply because it depends on the dimensions of the card you make (4x6, 5x7, square, etc.).

Because I am a perfectionist, I didn’t want to just “eyeball” the placement or dimensions of the patterned papers—I wanted uniform (or at least close enough, so maybe I am not THAT much of a perfectionist!) white space around each of the squares, so I made a template using a scrap piece of paper. I first measured it against my card base, to determine the dimensions of the final design. In this case, the final dimensions came out to be 4.625”x6”. I then measured out a 2.25” square (this I did eyeball), and used that to measure out the remaining 3 shapes. I then drew the grid on my template (see picture), which I now use for both measuring out my patterned paper and for placement on the card base.

Each time I make this card, I first lay my template on the card base, and make pencil marks along the corners and to mark where the inside white space will be (the cross of white separating the 4 main shapes) (see picture). I then lay my patterned paper on the template and make cut marks, using the natural straight edge of the side of the paper as a guide (see picture). Then, it’s just a matter of a few cuts, adhering the paper to the card, placing my embellishment or tag in the center, and adding the sentiment—easy!

Change it up! Like the sketch, but maybe want to do something different with it? Try some of these ideas: 1. Ink the edges of the patterned paper to add depth and a touch of coordinating color 2. Turn the sketch vertically for a vertical card 3. Use the same patterned paper or cardstock on a vertical version of the card, trim the inside dimensions of the paper blocks to add more white space between the shapes, and use the white space to make a cross. Instead of covering the joint of the cross with the round embellishment, put it in the middle or offset on the lower right paper block, along with the sentiment. 4. Make a square card base, and then repeat the basic sketch, only using squares instead of a combination of squares and rectangles. 5. Write or place the sentiment in the white space along the bottom of the card (you will want to alter the dimensions to allow for more room). 6. Use three or four different patterned papers, rather than alternating only two, to create visual interest or to use up scraps. 7. The round embellishment over the joint of the patterned papers needn’t only be round; change it up by using tags, squares, frames, a group of flowers or shapes, just have fun with it! (Check out the cards in my gallery—there are a few there that play with this alternative.)

Inspired? Love the simplicity of the design? Try adapting the card sketch to your layout—I did, and I am thrilled with the result!

Journaling: I don’t have very many pictures of my grandmother, but this is definitely one of my favorites. I love the lighting especially, it adds a touch of warmth that simply reminds me of grandma. And that half-smile‌I wonder what she was thinking! Products used in this issue:

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Basic Card Sketch Planning Ahead Journaling Prompts

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