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Shuchen Bai Student ID: 588098 semester 1 Tutorial 12

Beginning Task:

In the lecture, introduced to the concept of how we get a naturally occuring pattern.

Before we started our design, the most changllenging thing is accully how we find the rules from the nature pattern or the natural process, and formulate the design idea and explore emerging from. And use the knowledge we learnt from the readings, self-organise the basic pattern, to reconstruct a lantern.

First of my trying is basiclly to decode the pattern, and find the primary pattern this composition.


This is my first sketch model, through the sketch of creating the hexagon, I wanted to do something like a circle, so the light can be out from each side.

Final Sketch:

In a sketch design of combination with hexagonal latern, the elements I want to show in my design, is when I want to use the lights covering as much area as possible, how to make light uniform distribution and does not produce any gaps between each lines.


Making every individual piece, and stick them together.

This model is the clost one to my imagine.

Reflection: When I work on the module 1, the most

This is very close to what I imagine of a lantern, I want as much as possible of light througn all sides of the lantern.

difficult part is how to find the basic patterns. However, when I found the basic pattern, new problems attendant when I started to design my lantern, I wanted to break through the traditional pattern, which can make a new, technological and artistic lantern. I tried to use my imagination to the actual operation, including how to upgrade from 2D to 3D to deviate from the original imagine. But due to some sensory or the ideological limitations as well as the technical problems, which deviated from the original imagine, the final result of the design, can only meet a few elements of my imagination, so the lantern just got some of the features( e.g, the expansion of the light).

Module 1  

Week 3 presentation

Module 1  

Week 3 presentation