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February 3rd & 4th 2014 Maastricht


London Brussels


Hamburg Berlin

D端sseldorf Maastricht Luxembourg



Strasbourg Z端rich


Barcelona Lisbon




the Vision of fxe Food Executive

to discuss responsibility regar-

Europe (FXE) is

ding the hospitality industry.

the first event exclusively for decision

Sustainability and environ-

makers in the European

mental responsibility, the

hospitality industry. It

latest facts and figures from

provides a platform for net-

the industry, as well as explo-

works and associations in

ring new trends, technologies

the hospitality industry, to

and possibilities, are returning

encourage sharing experi-

themes within FXE.

ences and networking with like-minded people. The

During the two-day FXE

blue ocean, “out of the box�

programme, the G20 Hotel-

concept brings the captains

vision will take place, where

of industry from foodservice,

two current & influental

catering and hotels together

themes will be adressed.

W Fxe

here European Ho


ta l




3&4 february 2014


als meet




ionals meet

nding p








ion ess

Founding p Catering



re Eur opean Hospit

ali ty


Initiative of Food Executive Europe is

pillars, each of which is a

an initiative of three leading

combination of the initiatives

parties in the European hos-

and input of vast networks

pitality industry, who have

joining the event.

joined forces to reach their common goal of connecting

The initiators of FXE are

decision makers within

• European Party Caterer

the European hospitality


• Foodservice Network

Association (EPCAS) Europe (FSN)

This blue ocean, out of the

• G20 Hotelvision

box initiative consists of six

(powered by HotelloTOP)

6. Maastricht

5. Awards

4. Facts & Figures

3. Experience Center

2. content

1. Network

The 6 pillars of FXE

overall theme The Agenda for the Future:

For this reason, we must

There is no Time to Waste!

find new ways to keep the world liveable for everyone,

Living together, now and

even then.

in the future. In 2050, the world population will

To underline the global

consist of 9 billion people.

problems even more, trans-

This means that we need to

national cooperation is a

make changes now, in order

necessity. In order to create

to be ready tomorrow!

awareness and come up with sustainable solutions, we like to bring ‘The Agenda for the Future – There is no Time to Waste!’ to the attention, consisting of 5 global issues.

The Agenda for the Future



In 2013, 36% of the global population lives in water-


American and European

scarce regions.

More than half of the heat we pump into our homes


If we do nothing, this will increase to 50% by 2050

through walls, windows and roofs

could feed the

An average of

1,000 m3 of

The global

water is needed to produce the 2,800 daily calories required for a nourished diet

cost of

lighting is $230 billion per year

Laying the foundation

In Europe,

180 kg

Changing markets Consumer to consumer initiatives like Air B&B and Couch-

large area outside its own boundaries.

food waste

3rd world

Pollution A city affects a

London alone will need an area of

surfing are upcoming alternatives to hotel accommodation.

to satisfy its demands

has 1,2 million beds on offer, all over the world.

almost 300 times its size


and to dispose its waste and emissions

Air pollutants can

of food is wasted per

person per year


travel thousands of kilometres by air. In many cities, only a part of local air pollution is generated by the city itself

Booking sites such as Expedia and Booking. com are becoming increasingly influential. If a hotel wants to be mentioned on the first page, a booking site often demands a commission of 15% until 25%. Google plays a major role in the rise of these commissions.

Creating awareness

partners To make FXE possible,

The Founding Partners

financially as well as regar-

will be given an interest in

ding invitees, Partners and

the FXE Foundation (for a

Founding Partners are of

maximum of three years),

great importance.

meaning they commit themselves to the development of

There are several possibilities

FXE in the future and have

to become involved in FXE as

influence on the invitation

Partner or Founding Partner.

policy of the event.

The (Founding) Partners of FXE will be represented in

Both types of Partners are

the Experience Center and

asked for a fee in cash, as

are offered the opportunity to

well as in kind (by bringing in

invite their European key ac-

their products and services).

counts to attend the event.

epcas & foodservice network

EPCAS The European Party Caterer Association (EPCAS) offers a platform for leading European caterers in which networking and knowledge sharing on mutual and current subjects are key components. With this, EPCAS creates transparency within this line of business so that differences between regulations and legislation in the participating European countries can be addressed at the European Parliament.

FSN Foodservice Network Europe (FSN) is a platform for foodservice professionals and has a proven track-record of successful Foodservice Network events. They have been organising their events since 2002 and great content is always guaranteed. Their sister company, Food Inspiration Magazine, is an online magazine for Hospitality professionals focusing on trends and new developments.

G20 Hotelvision; For who? The G20 Hotelvision consists, Expedia and

of two parts. The morning


breakfast session is exclusively for the CEO’s of

During the plenary part of

the largest European hotel

the G20 Hotelvision, the

chains, the VP’s of Human

General Managers from the

Resources, Sales and E-

European hotel chains and

commerce & Marketing and

independent hotels will join

the CEO’s of RoomKey,

for the G20 convention.

selection G20 hotel chains

subtheme G20 The influence of OTA’s

for hotels all over the globe.

The topic of G20, the in-

The ranking of offers on

fluence of Online Travel Agen-

OTA’s is often determined

cies, relates to the sub-topic

by the amount of commis-

of FXE ‘changing markets’.

sion that a hotel is willing to

OTA’s such as Expedia and

pay. If a hotel wants to be are becoming

mentioned on the first page,

increasingly important. As

an OTA often demands a

the numbers of reservations

commission of 15% to 25%.

made keep on growing, they

Google plays a major role

continue to gain influence.

in the rise of these commis-

Search Engine Optimalization


(SEO) is high on the agenda

subtheme G20 Changing workforce

kers from different cultural


backgrounds and countries,

Youth unemployment in

mostly Southern and

Europe is at an all-time high

Eastern Europe.

(~23%) and Spain is leading the charts with unemploy-

The question rises; what

ment figures of 55,7%

effect does this have on

amongst youth and 26,3%

company culture? Is this

amongst the total workforce.

the right way to go, and what is the best strategy

The demographics of the workforce are changing! With the borders dissolving, more and more hotels are making use of flexible wor-

for the future?

facts & figures An increasingly important

be approached to be able

topic, which FXE strives

to give the participants a

to further improve, is the

detailed overview of the

comparison of facts & figures

current situation in the Euro-

of the European hospitality

pean hospitality. Some of the

industry. Various consulting

companies / initiatives that

and research companies will

will be approached:

European Awards Columbus Trophy

European Catering Award

The Columbus Trophy is an

Together with the International

award, granted to a young entre-

Caterers Association (ICA),

preneur who is active as supplier

EPCAS initiates the European

to the hospitality industry, or

Catering Awards (ECA). The

who has created an innovative

2014 theme of the ECA will be

hospitality concept. The Co-

“food waste”. Food waste is

lumbus Trophy does not focus

an important topic for EPCAS,

solely on the product or service,

and is an important part of “The

but focuses on the entrepreneur

Agenda for the Future”. The no-

behind it. The 10 finalists of the

minated caterers will be tested

Columbus Trophy will be repre-

conform the EPCAS food waste

sented in the Experience Center

standards. During FXE, the win-

of FXE, where the winner of the

ning caterer will be announced.

10th edition will be announced.

FXE programme Monday February 3rd 2014 12.00

Registration opens


Start official programme

with G20 – EPCAS – Foodservice

Network (FSN) panel discussion


Network drink at Experience Center


Columbus Trophy Award Ceremony

19.00 – 22.45

Culitour in Maastricht

22.45 – 02.00


FXE programme Tuesday February 4th 2014 08.00 – 10.00

G20 Breakfast session

10.00 – 11.00

Plenary programme by FSN

10.00 – 12.30

G20 Convention

11.00 – 13.00

Masterclasses - Workshops


Lunch at Experience Center

14.30 – 16.00

Keynote Speaker

16.00 – 17.00

Masterclasses – Workshops -

Speeddates 17.00 – 17.30

Network drink at Experience Center

17.30 – 18.00

European Catering Award

18.00 – 21.00

3*** Live Cooking

Impression Experience Center

maastricht Maastricht is an ‘experience’ – something that the Romans already knew. The city today has lost nothing of its charm, cachet or appeal.

On the contrary, it is economically and culturally more vibrant than ever, and ready to tackle all international challenges that the future holds. Maastricht is building bridges to the future.


See you at FXE, where European Hospitality Professionals meet!

Initiated by

Organised by

Supported by

Hoogbrugstraat 1 | 6221 CN Maastricht P.O. Box 4260 | 6202 WC Maastricht | The Netherlands T: +31 (0)43 3561091 | F: +31 (0)43 3264263 |

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